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U.S. Constitution

A New Republic - The Progressive Assault on the Founders’ Principles

America’s Founders and the Principles of Foreign Policy

Biblical Law in America - Historical Perspectives and Potentials for Reform

Constantly Approximating Popular Sovereignty - Seven Fundamental Principles of Constitutional Law

Constitution of Massachusetts - 1780

Construction of the Massachusetts Constitution

Establishing A Federal Republic - Thomas Jefferson - Library of Congress

God and the Constitution

How the Bible influenced the Founding Fathers

James McClellan - Liberty, Law, Order and Justice - Constitutional Principles of American Government

James McClellan - Liberty, Order and Justice Study Guide

John Adams and the Massachusetts Constitution

John Adams, Architect of American Government

Key Ideals and Principles of the U. S. Constitution - Power Point Presentation

Liberty and Virtue in the American Founding

Liberty under Law Was Always Rooted in Biblical Principles

Republican Government

Rule of Law - The Great Foundation of Our Constitution

Rule of Law and US Constitutionalism

Samuel Adams - The Rights of the Colonists

Seven Principles of Liberty

The American Founders Knew a Virtuous Republic Requires Virtuous People

The American Founders and Their Relevance Today

The American Founding and Limited Government

The Bible in the Political Culture of the American Founding

The Central Meaning of Republican Government - Popular Sovereignt

The Founder’s Constitution – Philip B. Kurland and Ralph Lerner

The Founding Fathers and the Constitutional Struggle over Centralized Power

The Law of Nature and Nature’s God – One Moral Law Revealed by God in Two Ways

The Life of James Madison

The Modern Day Roman Republic

The Moral Foundations of Republican Government

The United States Is Not a Democracy — and It Wasn't Meant To Be One

To Better Understand the Constitution, Read Your Bible

What America’s Founders Really Thought about the Bible

Why God is in the Declaration but Not the Constitution

Why the Founding Fathers Loved Ancient Rome


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