William Bradford Institute
for Study of the
Early Settlement of America

Electronic Books
A History of American Literature
Black Elk Speaks
Book of Martyrs
Colonial Policy of William III
Cotton Mather - Memorable Providences, Witchcrafts, Possessions
Constitutional Documents of the Puritan Revolution
Church and State in North Carolina
Dutch and Quaker Colonies in America
Early Rhode Island
Economic History of Virginia
Founding of New England
History of Slavery in Connecticut
History of Protestantism
Indian Slavery in Colonial Times
Literary Culture in Early New England
New England and New France
Pilgrims Progress
Provincial America, 1690 - 1740
Provincial Governor in the English Colonies
Puritan Economic Experiments
Quakers in Belief
Six Nations: Oldest Living Participatory Democracy on Earth
Sketches of Printers and Printing
Samuel Rutherford and some of his Correspondents
Salem Witchcraft Papers - Vol. 1
Shipboard Journal of John Winthrop
The American Colonies in the 17th Century - Vol. I
The American Colonies in the 17th Century - Vol. II
The American Colonies in the 17th Century - Vol. III
The Book of the General Lawes and Libertyes Concerning the Inhabitants of the Massachusets 1648
The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
The Romantic Story of the Mayflower Pilgrims, by Albert Addison
William Penn (1644-1718) Some Fruits Of Solitude In Reflections And Maxims
William Bradford - Excerpt from History of Plymouth Plantation
William Bradford, History of Plymouth Plantation (1620-1647)

Promoting a Greater Understanding of the Pilgrims and Puritans