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Early Settlement of America

Satisfaction in God

by Cotton Mather

Our continual apprehension of God, may produce our continual satisfaction in
God, under all His dispensations. Whatever enjoyments are by God conferred upon
us, where lies the relish, where the sweetness of them? Truly, we may come to
relish our enjoyments, only so far as we have something of God in them. It was
required in Psal. xxxvii. 4, "Delight thyself in the Lord." Yea, and what if we
should have no delight but the Lord? Let us ponder with ourselves over our
enjoyments: "In these enjoyments I see God, and by these enjoyments, I serve

And now, let all our delight in, and all our value and fondness for our
enjoyments, be only, or mainly, upon such a divine score as this. As far as any
of our enjoyments lead us unto God, so far let us relish it, affect it, embrace
it, and rejoyce in it: "O taste, and feed upon God in all;" and ask for nothing,
no, not for life itself, any further than as it may help us, in our seeing and
our serving of our God.

And then, whatever afflictions do lay fetters upon us, let us not only remember
that we are concerned with God therein, but let our concernment with God procure
a very profound submission in our souls. Be able to say with him in Psal. xxxix.
9, "I open not my mouth, because thou didst it." In all our afflictions, let us
remark the justice of that God, before whom, "why should a living man complain
for the punishment of his sin?" The wisdom of that God, "whose judgments are
right:" the goodness of that God, who "punishes us less than our iniquities do
deserve." Let us behave ourselves, as having to do with none but God in our
afflictions: And let our afflictions make us more conformable unto God: which
conformity being effected, let us then say, "'Tis good for me that I have been

Sirs, what were this, but a pitch of holiness, almost angelical! Oh! Mount up,
as with the wings of eagles, of angels: be not a sorry, puny, mechanick sort of
Christians any longer; but reach forth unto these things that are thus before


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