William Bradford Institute
for Study of the
Early Settlement of America

The Devil in New England

by Cotton Mather
The Wonders of The Invisible World

HE New-Englanders are a people of God settled in those, which were once
the Devil's territories; and it may easily be supposed that the Devil was
exceedingly disturbed, when he perceived such a People here accomplishing
the Promise of old made unto our Blessed Jesus, That he should have the
Utmost parts of the Earth for His Possession. There was not a greater
Uproar among the Ephesians, when the Gospel was first brought among them,
than there was among, The Powers of the Air (after whom those Ephesians
walked) when first the Silver Trumpets of the Gospel here made the Joyful
Sound. The Devil thus Irritated, immediately try'd all sorts of Methods to
overturn this poor Plantation: and so much of the Church, as was Fled into
this Wilderness, immediately found, The Serpent cast out of his Mouth a
Flood for the carrying of it away. I believe, that never were more
Satanical Devices used for the Unsetling of any People under the Sun, than
what have been Employ'd for the Extirpation of the Vine which God has here
Planted, Casting out the Heathen, and preparing a Room for it, and causing
it to take deep Root and fill the Land, so that it sent its Boughs unto
the Atlantic Sea Eastward, and its Branches unto the Connecticut River
Westward, and the Hills were covered with the shadow thereof. But All
those Attempts of Hell, have hitherto been Abortive, many an Ebenezer has
been Erected unto the Praise of God, by his Poor People here; and, Having
obtained Help from God, we continue to this Day. Wherefore the Devil is
now making one Attempt more upon us; an Attempt more Difficult, more
Surprizing, more snarl'd with unintelligible Circumstances than any that
we have hitherto Encountered; an Attempt so Critical, that if we get well
through, we shall soon enjoy Halcyon Days with all the Vultures of hell
Trodden under our Feet. He has wanted his Incarnate Legions to Persecute
us, as the People of God have in the other Hemisphere been Persecuted: he
has therefore drawn forth his more Spiritual ones to make an Attacque upon
us. We have been advised by some Credible Christians yet alive, that a
Malefactor, accused of Witchcraft as well as Murder, and Executed in this
place more than Forty Years ago, did then give Notice of, An Horrible PLOT
against the Country by WITCHCRAFT, and a Foundation of WITCHCRAFT then
laid, which if it were not seasonably discovered would probably Blow up,
and pull down all the Churches in the Country. And we have now with Horror
seen the Discovery of such a Witchcraft! An Army of Devils is horribly
broke in upon the place which is the Center, and after a sort, the
First-born of our English Settlements; and the Houses of the Good People
there are fill'd with the doleful Shrieks of their Children and Servants,
Tormented by Invisible Hands, with Tortures altogether preternatural.
After the Mischiefs there Endeavoured, and since in part Conquered, the
terrible Plague, of Evil Angels, hath made its Progress into some other
places, where other Persons have been in like manner Diabolically handled.
These our poor Afflicted Neighbours, quickly after they become Infected
and Infested with these Daemons, arrive to a Capacity of Discerning those
which they conceive the Shapes of their Troublers; and notwithstanding the
Great and Just Suspicion, that the Daemons might Impose the Shapes of
Innocent Persons in their Spectral Exhibitions upon the Sufferers (which
may perhaps prove no small part of the Witch-plot in the issue), yet many
of the Persons thus Represented being Examined, several of them have been
Convicted of a very Damnable Witchcraft: yea, more than one Twenty have
Confessed that they have Signed unto a Book, which the Devil show'd them,
and Engaged in his Hellish Design of Bewitching, and Ruining our Land. We
know not, at least I know not, how far the Delusions of Satan may be
Interwoven into some Circumstances of the Confessions; but one would
think, all the Rules of Understanding Humane Affairs are at an end, if
after so many most Voluntary Harmonious Confessions, made by Intelligent
Persons of all Ages, in sundry Towns, at several Times, we must not
Believe the main strokes wherein those Confessions all agree: especially
when we have a thousand preternatural Things every day before our eyes,
wherein the Confessors do acknowledge their Concernment, and give
Demonstration of their being so Concerned. If the Devils now can strike
the minds of men with any Poisons of so fine a Composition and Operation,
that Scores of Innocent People shall Unite, in Confessions of a Crime,
which we see actually committed, it is a thing prodigious, beyond the
Wonders of the former Ages, and it threatens no less than a sort of
Dissolution upon the World. Now, by these Confessions 'tis Agreed, That
the Devil has made a dreadful Knot of Witches in the Country, and by the
help of Witches has dreadfully increased that Knot: That these Witches
have driven a Trade of Commissioning their Confederate Spirits, to do all
sorts of Mischiefs to the Neighbours, whereupon there have ensued such
Mischievous consequences upon the Bodies and Estates of the Neighbourhood,
as could not otherwise be accounted for: yea, That at prodigious
Witch-meetings, the Wretches have proceeded so far, as to Concert and
Consult the Methods of Rooting out the Christian Religion from this
Country, and setting up instead of it, perhaps a more gross Diabolism,
than ever the World saw before. And yet it will be a thing little short of
Miracle, if in so spread a Business as this, the Devil should not get in
some of his Juggles, to confound the Discovery of all the rest.


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