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The Advantages of Pleasing God Rather than MenFire and Ice: Puritan and

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The Advantages of Pleasing God Rather than Men
by Richard Baxter

1. If you seek first to please God and are satisfied therein, you have but one
to please instead of multitudes; and a multitude of masters are hardlier pleased
than one.

2. And it is one that putteth upon you nothing that is unreasonable, for
quantity or quality.

3. And one that is perfectly wise and good, not liable to misunderstand your
case and actions.

4. And one that is most holy, and is not pleased in iniquity or dishonesty.

5. And he is one that is impartial and most just, and is no respecter of
persons, Acts x. 34.

6. And he is one that is a competent judge, that hath fitness and authority, and
is acquainted with your hearts, and every circumstance and reason of your

7. And he is one that perfectly agreeth with himself, and putteth you not upon
contradictions or impossibilities.

8. And he is one that is constant and unchangeable; and is not pleased with one
thing to-day, and another contrary to-morrow; nor with one person this year,
whom he will be weary of the next.

9. And he is one that is merciful, and requireth you not to hurt yourselves to
please him: nay, he is pleased with nothing of thine but that which tendeth to
thy happiness, and displeased with nothing but that which hurts thyself or
others, as a father that is displeased with his children when they defile or
hurt themselves.

10. He is gentle, though just, in his censures of thee; judging truly, but not
with unjust rigour, nor making your actions worse than they are.

11. He is one that is not subject to the passions of men, which blind their
minds, and carry them to injustice.

12. He is one that will not be moved by tale-bearers, whisperers, or false
accusers, nor can be perverted by any misinformation.
Richard Baxter on Man-pleasing


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