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Early Settlement of America

Jesus' Credentials

from "The Poor Man's Portions" by Robert Hawker



"According to the promise, God raised up for Israel a Saviour: Jesus." Acts 13:23

Mark, my soul, the blessedness of these words. Jesus is not only Israel's
Saviour, and has fully lived up to, in every point, that glorious description-
but here we are led to discover his credentials. This is faith's warrant. I
believe in Jesus. Why? He brings with him the name, the authority, the
commission of God the Father. Jesus is the appointment, the enactment, the
method Jehovah has sent forth for salvation. Sweet thought! So that, added to
all that I behold in the Lord Jesus, adapted to my case and circumstances, I
here see that Jesus as the Father's gift, the Father's sent, the Father's
anointed, full of grace and truth.

Jesus is therefore the great promise of the Bible; for in him are enfolded and
contained all the promises. And I see also, that God our Father was, and is, the
great Promiser. And I see that God not only gave this rich Saviour to poor
sinners, but, according to his promise, raised him up also from the dead, when
he had made his soul an offering for sin, to bless them: for it is said, "that
he was delivered for our offences, and raised again for our justification." My
soul, pause over this blessed account, and look for your own interest in it. If
God has raised up to Israel this Saviour, what do you know of him? Have you felt
your need of a Saviour? Do you accept the Father's Saviour? Is Jesus your
Saviour? Are you come to him for salvation? Now that God the Father has raised
him up, does he appear to you in all his beauty, in his suitable and complete


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