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Anne Hutchinson

by Anne Hutchinson Organization
October 07, 2003

Anne Hutchinson is a woman to be admired by any of us who believe in the
rights of the individual to freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and
freedom to worship.

Real heroes are people who in the face of adversity, refuse to betray
their ideals or ethics, no matter what the cost.

Anne Hutchinson was such a woman. It may be difficult for us to imagine
exactly how it must have been like living under Puritan rule in the newly
established American colonies, especially if you were a woman, as at this
point in our history, women weren't even allowed to think for themselves.

Anne Hutchinson was a wife, mother, religious leader, and perhaps the
first American feminist.

It is important to note that even though her views were construed as
dissent by the rulers of the Puritan colony, Anne had never intended to
offend anyone. Her views were simply those of an educated individual with
a healthy attitude towards a Church she wished to actively participate in
and help flourish. Anne's creed was simple, perhaps too simple, and this
is what worried the leaders of the colony; after all, how could you
control a flock which did not feel they had to abide by a strict set of
rules to gain admittance to heaven?
This website covers the important events which defined the life of Anne
as well as her creed, and the infamous trial that ultimately sealed her


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