William Bradford Institute
for Study of the
Early Settlement of America


Bradford's Letterbook - 11

To our most dear, and entirely beloved bretheren, Mr. William Bradford and Mr.
William Brewster, grace mercy and true peace be multiplied, from God our Father,
through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Most dear christian friends and brethren, as it is no small grief Unto you, so
is it no less unto us, that we are constrained to live thus disunited each from
other, especially considering our affections each unto other, for the mutual
edifying and comfort of both, in these evil days wherein we live: if it pleased
the Lord to bring us again together, than which as no outward thing could be
more comfortable unto us, or is more desired of us, if the Lord see it good; so
see we no hope of means of accomplishing the same, except it come from you, and
therefore, must with patience rest in the work and will of God, performing our
duties to him and you assunder; whom we are not any way able to help, but by our
continual prayers to him for you, and sympathy of affections with you, for the
troubles which befal you; till it please the Lord to reunite us again. But our
dearly beloved brethren, concerning your kind and respective letter, howsoever
written by one of you, yet as we continue with the consent (at least in
afection) of you both, although we cannot answer your desire and expectation, by
reason it hath pleased the Lord to take to himself out of this miserable world
our dearly beloved pastor, yet for ourselves we are minded as formerly, to come
unto you, when and as the Lord affordeth means, though we see little hope
thereof at present, as being unable of ourselves, and that our friends will help
us we see little hope. And now, brethren, what shall we say further unto you;
our desires and prayers to God, is (if such were his good will and pleasure) we
might be reunited for the edifying and mutual comfort of both, which, when he
sees fit, he will accomplish. In the mean time, we commit you unto him and to
the word of his grace; whom we beseech to guide and direct both you and us, in
all his ways, according to that, his word, and to bless all our lawful
endeavours, for the glory of his name and good of his people. Salute, we pray
you, all the church and brethren with you to whom we would have sent this
letter. If we knew it could not be prejudicial unto you, as we hope it cannot;
yet fearing the worst, we thought fit either to direct it to you, our two
beloved brethen, leaving it to your goodly wisdom and discretion, to manifest
our mind to the rest of our loving friends and brethren, as you see most
convenient. And thus intreating you to remember us in your prayers, as we also
do you; we for this time command you and all your affairs to the direction and
protection of the Almighty, and rest,

Your assured loving friends

And brethren in the Lord,



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