William Bradford Institute
for Study of the
Early Settlement of America


Bradford's Letterbook - 8

London, November 25, 1625.

My last Unto you, was of the death of Mr. Robinson and what else then needful,
since which I have received divers letters from you, and perceive at large what
things you want, and do desire, and with what grievances you have been
oppressed. And had the Lord so disposed, as to have sent us the pinace home, no
doubt myself would have seen you well supplied; and some of your grievances
should have been removed, but so it is, that all power therein to do you good,
is wholly (by God's providence) taken from me. And so I much fear, that this
year you will hardly be able to do yourselves, or your friends much good, but
patience, &c.

And for other affairs either touching myself, and my necessities I am put unto,
besides disgrace and reproach from many; as also touching the rest of our
adventurers, who fall from me like the water brooks, as Job complains. I say for
all these things, and many more here passed, I refer you to your Agent, and my
loving friend, Captain Standish, who can certify you all things at large; as
also of the feigned and perfidious dealings of Mr. John Peirce towards me, and
others, who now hath manifest himself, at least to some, not to mind that good
for you, or us, as was fit, and oft pretended. But all these things, they come
from God for diverse reasons as first, to humble us, and subdue our corruption;
2d, to win us from the world. 3d, to add unto our joy to come. 4th, to shew
forth the great power, goodness and mercy of our God, in preserving us in, and
delivering us out of the same. Wherefore let us be patient, and thankful without
murmuring, Amen, Amen. And so with my hearty well wishes for you all, and your
geeral good; for which I shall often approach to the throne of grace, and expect
the like from you, and so I leave you with this salutation, fare you well, my
brethren all, fare you well; and God of grace and peace, bless you, and your
posterities to the coming of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Your loving friend, in what I can.



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