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Nag Hammadi Library
The Gnostic World View – A Brief Summary of Gnosticism
Gnostic Library
Early Christian Writings – New Testament, Apocrypha, Gnostics, Church Fathers
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The Gospel of Thomas
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The Ophite Diagrams
The Secret Book of James
Treatise on the Resurrection
Trimorphic Protennoia
Book Reviews
Adam, Eve, and the Serpent
Beyond Belief - The Secret Gospel of Thomas
Bloodline of the Holy Grail - The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed
Dead Sea Scroll Deception
Gnosis and Faith in Early Christianity - An Introduction to Gnosticism
Gnostic Philosophy - From Ancient Persia to Modern Times
Holy Blood, Holy Grail Illustrated Edition - The Secret History of Jesus, the Shocking Legacy of the Grail
Holy Blood, Holy Grail
In Search of the Holy Grail and the Precious Blood
Jesus and the Lost Goddess - The Secret Teachings of the Original Christians
Lost Books of the Bible
Lost Scriptures - Books that Did Not Make It into the New Testament
Magdalene's Lost Legacy - Symbolic Numbers and the Sacred Union in Christianity
Misquoting Jesus - The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why
Orthodoxy and Heresy in Earliest Christianity
Rethinking 'Gnosticism' - An Argument for Dismantling a Dubious Category
Rosslyn - The Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail
The Ancient Mysteries - A Sourcebook - Sacred Texts of the Mystery Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean World
The Chalice and the Blade - Our History, Our Future
The Da Vinci Code, Special Illustrated Edition
The Da Vinci Code
The Elements of Gnosticism
The Gnostic Discoveries - The Impact of the Nag Hammadi Library
The Gnostic Gospels of Jesus - The Definitive Collection of Mystical Gospels and Secret Books about Jesus of Nazareth
The Gnostic Gospels of Philip, Mary Magdalene, and Thomas - Inside the Da Vinci Code and Holy Blood, Holy Grail
The Gnostic Gospels
The Gnostic Paul - Gnostic Exegesis of the Pauline Letters
The Gnostic Religion
The Goddess in the Gospels - ReClaiming the Sacred Feminine
The Gospel of Judas
The Gospel of Mary Magdalene
The Gospel of Mary of Magdala - Jesus and the First Woman Apostle
The Gospel of the Savior
The Gospel of Thomas - New Perspectives on Jesus' Message
The Jesus Mysteries - Was the 'Original Jesus' a Pagan God -
The Jesus Papers - Exposing the Greatest Cover-Up in History
The Lost Christianities - The Battles for Scripture and the Faiths We Never Knew
The Messianic Legacy
The Nag Hammadi Library in English
The Origin of Satan
The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture
The Secret Books of the Egyptian Gnostics
The Secret Teachings of Jesus - Four Gnostic Gospels
The Sion Revelation - The Truth About the Guardians of Christ's Sacred Bloodline
The Templar Revelation - Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ
The Woman with the Alabaster Jar - Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail
When God Was a Woman
When Jesus Became God - The Struggle to Define Christianity during the Last Days of Rome
Films / DVDs
The History Channel – Beyond The Da Vinci Code
The History Channel – Behind The Da Vinci Code
The History Channel – Templar Code
The History Channel – The Da Vinci Code Collection
Da Vinci Code Debate
An Interview with Dan Brown
Archbishop Attacks Da Vinci Code Obsession
Authors Wait for Da Vinci Ruling
Baigent v Random House
Beijing Gets First Look at Da Vinci Code
Brown Plays Down Code Controversy
Brown Vindicated by Code Ruling
Cardinal Urges Legal Action Against Da Vinci Code
Catholics Form Da Vinci Film Team
Church Fights Da Vinci Code Novel
Code Claim 'A Storm in a Teacup'
Court Rejects Da Vinci Copy Claim
Cracking the Biggest Mystery of The Da Vinci Code - Its Success
Cracking The Da Vinci Code
Cracks in the Da Vinci Code
Critics Crucify 'Da Vinci Code' in Cannes
'Da Vinci' - Cannes Archbishop Gives Blessing
Da Vinci Is No Masterpiece
Da Vinci Author Hints That His Faith is Crux of Lawsuit
Da Vinci Author Scorns Copy Claim
Da Vinci Author Scorns Copy Claim
Da Vinci Author 'Stole Plot'
Da Vinci Book Shows Ignorance
Da Vinci Code
Da Vinci Code Actor - Bible Should Have 'Fiction' Disclaimer
Da Vinci Code Challenger 'Copies'
Da Vinci Code Claim 'Exaggerated'
Da Vinci Code 'Copied Book Ideas'
Da Vinci Code Court Case Opens in London
Da Vinci Code Is 2nd Biggest Opening Weekend Of All Time Worldwide With $224 Million
Da Vinci Code is 'Lousy History'
Da Vinci Code Lacks Book’s Momentum
Da Vinci Code Lacks Book’s Momentum - Video
Da Vinci Code Meets With Catcalls
Da Vinci Code Misses Mark for Cannes Critics
Da Vinci Code Movie Subtly Softens Material
Da Vinci Code Movie Subtly Softens Material - Video
Da Vinci Code – On the Trail of Holy Grail
'Da Vinci Code' Plot Is Similar to Earlier Work
Da Vinci Code's Premise Based on a Hoax, Scholars Say
Da Vinci Code Reviews Frustrating, Director Says
Da Vinci Copy Claim 'In Tatters'
Da Vinci Countered by Catholic Outreach
Da Vinci Film to Star Tom Hanks
Da Vinci II - Studio Lines Up the Next Blockbuster
Da Vinci Lawyer - No Copyrights Violated
Da Vinci Lawyer Defends Author
Da Vinci Provokes Widespread Protests
Da Vinci Publisher In Court Case
Da Vinci Undermines Faith, Survey Claims
Da Vinci Uproar Will Boost Film
Dan Brown Accused of Plagiarism
Dan Brown Avoids Book's Dramas
Dan Brown Grilled in Da Vinci Code Copyright Case
Dan Brown on ''Da Vinci''
Dan Brown Stars in High Court Tale of Treachery
Dan Brown Wins Da Vinci Battle
Date Set for Da Vinci Court Case
Decoding the Da Vinci Code Author
Despite Reviews, 'Da Vinci' Should Be Big
Did Dan Brown Borrow Ideas for DaVinci Code?
Director - 'Da Vinci' 'Not Meant to Offend'
Dismantling The Da Vinci Code
Enough 'Da Vinci' Protests, Boycotts Spread
Expectations Dashed by Legal Reality
Film Da Vinci film to Star Tom Hanks
Film Tautou 'to Star in Da Vinci film'
Hanks Reacts to Da Vinci Critics
Hollywood Banking On Da Vinci
Holy Blood, Holy Grail
How Dark the Con of Dan
Howard If ‘Code’ Will Upset You, Don't See It - Da Vinci Code - Video
I Did Not Lie, Says Code Author
I Did Not Lie, Says Code Author
If ‘Code’ Will Upset You, Don't See It
Interview with Dan Brown
Judge Puts Code in Da Vinci Ruling
Legal Challenge Set to Delay Da Vinci Code Movie
Louvre Allows Da Vinci Code Shoot
Magazine Revisits Claim of 'Da Vinci' Borrowing
Millions Flock to Da Vinci Code
Movie Critics Frustrate Da Vinci's Howard
Nice Guys Don’t Always Finish First
Nice Guys Don’t Always Finish First –Video
'No surprise' in Da Vinci Judgement
Opus Dei Asks for 'Da Vinci' Disclaimer
Partial Bibliography for The Da Vince Code
Perdue – Random House Legal Resources
Reaction to Da Vinci Code Ruling
Readers Try to Unlock Code to 'Da Vinci' Sequel
Reality Guru Finds Religion
Rival Writers Start Last Chapter in War of Words Over Da Vinci Code
Ron Howard - No Need for Da Vinci Disclaimer
Ron Howard Answers 'Da Vinci' Critics
Row in India Delays Da Vinci Code
'Similarities' in Da Vinci Books
Sony Predicts Da Vinci Code $$$
Studio Orders Script for ‘Da Vinci’ Precursor
Tautou Joins Hanks to Crack Da Vinci Code
The Battle of The Da Vinci Code
The Da Vinci Code - A Novel
The Da Vinci Code – Captivating the Masses
The Da Vinci Code – Official Website of Dan Brown
The Da Vinci Code & the New Gnostics
The Da Vinci Code Case Judgement
The Da Vinci Code Mystery Revealed!
The Da Vinci Code Put 'On Trial'
The Da Vinci Hoax
The Da Vinci Juggernaut
The Last Da Vinci Mystery
Touring ‘Da Vinci’ Haunts With Howard, Stars - Video
Ungodly Errors – Scholarly Gripes About The Da Vinci Code's Jesus
'Vanity Fair' Muses - Is There More to 'Da Vinci' Plagiarism?
Vinci Opens Cannes Film Festival
What’s the Secret?
World Enters 'Da Vinci' Mode
Gospel of Judas Debate
Adventure Tale Surrounds Gospel of Judas – Video
Book of Judas - Was Jesus Asking for Betrayal?
Gnostics Believe Judas Helped Jesus Save Mankind
Gospel of Judas Ofers Contrarian View of Jesus
Gospel of Judas Offers Contrarian View of Jesus - Video
Gospel of Judas Stirs Scholarly Spat
Last-Minute Deal Sends Lost Journal Home
Portion Of Gospel Of Judas Manuscript In Akron Vault
The Lost Gospel of Judas
The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot – 2

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