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Aren't there Archaic Words in the Bible Needing Modern Translation?  

Should we make an issue of Bible translations?

The Authority of Scripture

Weren't there several revisions of the KJV Bible since 1611?

Where was the Bible before 1611?

Why We Reject This Version

Codex B - Its History

In Defense of Erasmus

Is the King James Version Nearest to the Original Autographs?

Is The New King James Version Just Another Translation?

The Living Bible

Modern Versions and 19th Century Critics

Modern Versions and Ancient Manuscripts

The Received Text: A Brief Look at the Textus Receptus

The Revised Version: The Debate Over the Text of Scripture

Which Bible is Preserved of God?

Who Was Dean John William Burgon? (1813-1888)

Why the King James Version Should Be Retained


Principles Of Bible Preservation

The Four Fold Superiority of the King James Versions


Psalm 12:6-7 and Bible Preservation

Which Edition of the Received Text Should We Use?

Do the Modern Versions Change Doctrine?

The New King James Counterfeit

The New Testament: Which Text?

Westcott & Hort's Greek Text and Theory Refuted

What is the Textus Receptus?

Should Creationists Abandon the King James Bible?

Comparing Translations: Understanding Greek Texts

19th Century Apostles?

Examining the King James Only Controversy – Part 2

Our Final Authority

The Textual Position of Dean John William Burgon

A Brief History of the King James Bible

1 John 5:7 (Johannine Comma) Defending and Promoting the KJV

A Survey of the Uncial Manuscripts

Acts 8:37 - "I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God"

Additions or Deletions? The Last 12 Verses of Mark

Early Witnesses to the Received Text

Mark 16:9-20 (The Last Twelve Verses of Mark)

The New American Standard Version And The Deity Of Christ

Original Manuscripts, the Majority Text, and Translations

Should We Trust The New International Version?

The Preeminence Of Christ

The Superiority of the King James Version

The New International Version & Christ

The New International Version & Jesus

The New International Version & Sisters

The New International Version & No Longer With Child

The New International Version & the Missing Fathers

The New International Version Removes Man 550 Times

The New International Version: Translation Treason

The New International Version: Pro Homosexual Translation

The New International Version: Various Translation Blunders

Use the Bible God Uses King James A.V. 1611

Why we Use the King James Version

Didn't the Roman Catholic Church give us the Bible?

Erasmus, King James, and His Translators – Part 1

Erasmus, King James, and His Translators – Part 2

Erasmus, King James, and His Translators – Part 3

Moving Away from Preserved Scripture: Examining the Hodges–Farstad Majority Text

Revision Revised

The Authenticity of 1 John 5:7

The Text of the King James Version – Questions and Problems

What About Erasmus and the Anglican KJV Translators

Which Edition of the Received Text Should We Use

Creation versus Evolution  

Breaking The Da Vinci Code

Cracking the Anti-Catholic Code – Part 1

Cracking the Anti-Catholic Code – Part 2

Dismantling The Da Vinci Code

The Johannine Comma (1 John 5:7) & The A.V. 1611 Code

Cracking The Da Vinci Code

‘Da Vinci Code’ Author Left Out Most Controversial Part

Dan Brown at Transworld

Decoding The Da Vinci Code

No Gospel in "Da Vinci Code" Claims, Scholars Say

The Truth Behind "The Da Vinci Code"  

A Creationist's Defense of the King James Bible

Cardinal's plea: Don't read 'Da Vinci Code'

Da Vinci Code Named British Book of the Year

Didn't the Textus Receptus appear after 1611?

Is the Fight for the KJV Necessary?

Many Changes Required to Copyright New Bible Versions

The Birth of Jesus – Part 1

The Birth of Jesus – Part 2

The Birth of Jesus – Part 3

The Birth of Jesus – Part 5

The Birth of Jesus – Part 6

The Birth of Jesus – Part 7

Secrets behind 'The Da Vinci Code'

The Da Vinci Code: Hoodwinking the World

The Da Vinci Code: Of Magdalene, Gnostics, the Goddess and the Grail

The Da Vinci Code, the Catholic Church and Opus Dei

The NKJV Examined

Two years later, ‘Da Vinci Code’ still going strong – Part 1

Vatican Plots Against 'Da Vinci Code'

Where Did the King James Bible Come From?

Who Killed Jesus? – Part 1

Who Killed Jesus? – Part 2

Who Killed Jesus? – Part 3

Who Killed Jesus? – Part 4

Why I Use the King James Version

Why We Use The King James Version of the Bible


Jesus: Tales from the Crypt

Jesus Tomb Film Scholars Backtrack



Promoting the Principles of Genuine Textual Analysis