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A Creationist's Defense of the King James Bible
Biblical Text Preservation Chart
Comparing Translations
Dismantling The Da Vinci Code
Early Witnesses to the Received Text
God Wrote Only One Bible
In Defense of Erasmus
Is the King James Version Nearest to the Original Autographs?
Modern Versions and 19th Century Critics
Modern Versions and Ancient Manuscripts
Moving Away from Preserved Scripture – Examining the Hodges-Farstad Majority Text
Position of John Burgon on Greek NT
The Four Fold Superiority of the King James Versions
The Manuscripts of Scripture
The New Testament – Which Text?
The Received Text
The Revised Version
The Superiority of the King James Version
Westcott and Hort's Greek Text and Theory Refuted
What is the Textus Receptus?
Where Did the King James Bible Come From?
Which Edition Of the Received Text Should We Use?
Who Was Dean John William Burgon?
Why I Use the King James Version

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