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A Medal for Christopher Columbus
Africa - A Place in the Discovery of the Americas
America's Ancient Mariners
Beachhead in the Bahamas - Columbus Encounters a New World
Brief Account of the Devastation of the Indies
Christopher Columbus - His Birthplace and His Parents
Christopher Columbus - A Bibliographic Voyage
Christopher Columbus - Genius of the Sea
Christopher Columbus and His Enterprise to the Indies Scholarship of the Last Quarter Century
Christopher Columbus in United States History - Biography as Projection
Christopher Columbus
Christopher Pellegrino or Christopher Columbus - A Critical Study on the Origin of Christopher Columbus
Columbian Encounters - 1992-1995
Columbus Colony in Haiti?
Columbus Landed Somewhere Else, Maybe
Columbus Mythbusters by Joseph M
Columbus Mythbusters
Columbus The Man - A Psychologically Modern Man of the Middle Ages
Columbus Used Dead Reckoning Navigation in His 1492 Voyage of Discovery to the New World
Columbus and Columbia - A Brief Survey of the Early Creation of
Columbus and His Creator
Columbus and His Four Fateful Voyages
Columbus and Spain - Accident or Destiny?
Columbus and the Labyrinth of History
Columbus and the World
Columbus in American History
Columbus on Trial - 1492 v. 1992
Columbus the Man - Modern Psychology on a Medieval Basis
Columbus' Colony Believed Found
Columbus' First Landing Moved 65 Miles
Columbus's Medinah
Columbus's Spain
Columbus, Christopher
Construction and Analysis of the 1492 Columbus Log
Conversion Among Puritans and American Indians - A Theological and Cultural Perspective
Death and Taxes - Every Empire Has Its Price
Death by Disease
Dominican Bluff Yields Columbus's First Colony
Don't Blame Columbus for Indians' Troubles
Ethnos and Jubilee - A Personal Epilogue
Ferdinand Magellan - The Greatest Voyager of Them All
Geographical Background of the First Voyage of Columbus
History's Great Surprise - The American Indian
In Quest of the True Columbus
In Search of Columbus
Isabella of Castile - Reflections of a Queen
Marco Polo - An Inspiration to Christopher Columbus and the Age of Discovery
Mourt's Relation
National Council of Churches Condemns Columbus
Of the Tabaco and of His Greate Vertues
Paupers in a World Their Ancestors Ruled - South American Indians Still Live Under the Thumb of the Conquistadors
Preparations and Problems of Preparing for the 500th Anniversary
Reflections on the Coincidences of Christopher Columbus's 'Libro de Las Profecias' and the American Dream
Samuel Eliot Morison, Historian
Science, Religion, and Columbus's Enterprise of the Indies
Should Columbus' First Carta de las Indias Count as a Work of Catalan Letters?
Sources for the Life and Times of Christopher Columbus
Spain Ahoy - Reborn Columbus Ship Heads Back
Stop Hero Bashing
The Admiral and the Chief
The Age of Discovery
The Ambiguity of Legitimacy - Entitlement and the Legacy of Colonialism
The Colony At Roanoke
The Columbian Mosaic in Colonial America
The Columbian Quincentenary - A Necessary Reassessment
The Columbus Chronicles
The Columbus Doors - A History
The Discursive Encounter of Spain and America - The Authority of Eyewitness Testimony in the Writing of History
The Emperor's Giraffe
The Exegesis of Empire – El Libro de las Profecias
The Great Disease Migration
The Great Explorers - The European Discovery of America
The Journey of Coronado
The Lucayans - The People Whom Columbus Discovered in the Bahamas
The Naming of America - Vespucci's Good Name
The Role of the Vatican in the Encounter
The Scholarly Benefits of the Columbus Quincentenary Will Reach Far Beyond 1992
The Three Caravels and Their Return to America
The Unmanned Wild Country
'Wallowing in a Theological Stupor or a Steadfast and Consuming Faith - Scholarly Encounters with Columbus' 'Libro de las Profecias''
Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?
Was Christopher Columbus Jewish
Were the Spaniards That Cruel?
Whom Did Columbus Discover in the West Indies?
Why Did Columbus Sail

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