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Study of World Empires

A Brief History of Empires from Rome to America
A Commonwealth in 21st Century?
A Short History of Germany
A Study Guide to the Four Freedoms
A Taste for Empire
America’s Empire at a Crossroads
American Empire, the Bush Administration's Strategic Policy – as Will and Idea
American Empire
America's Age of Empire – The Bush Doctrine
America's Imperial Temptation
Anatomy of the American Empire
Ancient China – The Great Unification
Ancient China – The Mongolian Empire
Ancient Chinese and Mediterranean Empires
Ancient Chinese Theories of Control
Ancient Egyptian Chronology – Dynasties
Ancient Eqyptians
Ancient Greece – The Age of Pericles
Ancient History Sourcebook – Egypt under the Roman Empire
British Empire in India
Bush's Grand Strategy
China – Ch'n and Han
Chinese Dynasties
Dangerous Religion – George W. Bush's Theology of Empire
Decline of Islam and the Ottoman Empire
Deconstructing 'the West' – Competing Visions of New World Order
Early African Empires and their Global Connections
European Voyages of Exploration – Christopher Columbus
Europeans Overseas
Fourth World - Nations without a State
From the Evil Empire to the Empire for Liberty
German Genealogy – Habsburg Empire
Global Capitalism and American Empire
Hellenistic Greece – Alexander
History in Focus – EmpireHistory in Focus – Empire
History of Ancient Greece
History of the Spanish Empire from beginning to end
Imperial Era – II
Imperial Musings in Washington
Imperialism of Our Time
Imperialism, American-style
In Search of Monsters
Instead of Empire
Is America an Empire?
Military Strategy – The Next American Empire
Otto von Bismarck – Founder of the German Empire
Power and Size
Reasons for the Fall of the Roman Empire
Roman Empire
Rome – From Republic to Empire
Rome – The Late Empire
Spanish Empire
Spanish empire
State Church Of The Roman Empire – A Summary Chronology
The American Empire and the Emergence of a Global Ruling Class
The British Empire - A Survey
The British Empire – Historical Background
The Burden
The Collapse of the Roman Empire – Military Aspects
The Electronic Passport to Chinese History
The Fall of the Roman Empire Revisited – Sidonius Apollinaris and His Crisis of Identity
The Folly of Empire – What George W. Bush Could Learn from Theodore
The Future of World Society – American Empire
The Holy Roman Empire
The Ideology of American Empire
The Issue is Empire
The Medici Family
The New Empires of the Europeans in Asia and Overseas
The Reader's Companion to American History
The Rise and Decline of the Ottoman Empire
True Globalists (Should) Reject Empire
Why Britain Acquired Egypt in 1882 – The Earl of Cromer

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