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ACLU Analysis of Terrorist Legislation
Analysis of Sensenbrenner–Conyers Bill Comparison
Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001 Analysis
Anti-Terrorism Bill
Children's Internet Protection Act
Civil Liberties Restoration Act
Colin Powell Letter
Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement
Domestic Security Act
Free Congress Foundation Statement
House Majority Leader Dick Armey letter to AG Reno
Is It Possible to Put a Human Face on Globalization and War?
Justice Department Letter
Letter of PNAC to President George W. Bush
Letter to Bush from the Intelligence Panel
Letter to Congress Urging Changes in Provisions of Anti-Terrorism Legislation
Letter to John Jay – Wickedness of War
Letter to President George W. Bush
Letter to Reps. Goss and Sensenbrenner Urging Rejection of the Kyl Amendment
Letter to Senate Intelligence Committee
Letter to Senator John McCain
Letter to Speaker of the House from Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Coalition
Letter to the House Urging Rejection on the Final Version of the USA Patriot Act
Letter to the House Urging Them to Vote 'No' on the Patriot Act
Letter to the Senate Urging Rejection of U.S.A. Patriot Act
Letter to the Senate Urging Rejection on the Final Version of the USA Patriot Act
Letter Urging Action in Iraq
Memo to Central Intelligence Agency
National Security Letters
Opposition to Patriot Act
Private Security Firms Call for More Firepower in Combat Zone
Senator Feinstein Urges that CIA Employees
Sign-on Letter to Congress Urging Opposition to the Draft Domestic Security Enhancement Act (Patriot Act II)
Sign-on Letter to House and Senate Judiciary Committees On Covert Searches Provisions in Anti-Terrorism Legislation
Sign-on Letter to Senators Leahy, Grassley and Specter Urging Support for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Reporting Act of 2003
Sign-on Letter to the Judiciary Committee Urging Rejection to S. 113, Expanding FISA Surveillance
Sneak and Peek Search Warrants on Anti-Terrorism Legislation
Ten Senators Send Letter on Downing Street Minutes to Senate Intelligence Committee
The Iraq War Debate
The Land Letter on Iraq War

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