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$1.1 Trillion Missing from DOD - DoD Independent Auditors Report
100 Companies Receiving The Largest Dollar Volume Of Prime Contract Awards
100 Day Plan for Integration and Collaboration - US Intelligence Community
2008 Presidential Election
911 Commission Report – Executive Summary
9-11 Commission Staff Statement #11
A Brief History of US Interventions in the Middle East 1949-2002
A Case to Answer - Impeachment of Tony Blair
A Conservative Total for U.S. Aid to Israel: $91 Billion—and Counting 
A Deadly Interrogation
A Decade of Deception and Defiance – Saddam Hussein
A Failed Transition: the Mounting Costs of the Iraq War
A Failed Transition
A Few Issues Concerning Logistic Support for the Cross-strait Amphibious Landing Operation
A Matter of Life, Death - and Oil
A Middle East Primer
A Normal Country – Russia After Communism
A Quantitative Survey of Corporate Governance in Russia
A Secure America in a Secure World
A Tale of Three Arms Trades - the Changing Dynamics of Conventional
A US – Taiwan Free Trade Agreement
A Very Private War
About Face - The Role of the Arms Lobby
ACLU Fact Sheet on Patriot Act II
ACLU in Courts
Action Plan for Nigeria
Addendums to the Comprehensive Report of the Special Advisor to the DCI on Iraq's WMD
Addicted to Oil
Afghans Cracking Down on Security Firms
Africa - US Oil's New Target - Audio – Audio
Alleged Secret Detentions in Council of Europe Member States
Amending the Pen Register and Trap and Trace Statute
American Chamber of IRAQI – May 26, 2005
American Tragedy – the Quagmire of War
America's New War
America's Virtual Empire
An Introduction to Psychological Warfare and Propaganda
Analysis– Patriot Act
'Ancient History' - U.S. Conduct in the Middle East Since World War Il and the Folly Of Intervention
Are Mercenaries Worth the Cost -
Arms Transfers
Assessing the New Normal
Assessment of Executive Order
Axis Of Influence
Background and Shockwaves of 911
Background Information on Oil and US Iraq Policy
Balancing Our Bank Book - The Missing $9 Billion and More
Banned in Baghdad - Reactions to the Blackwater License Being Pulled
Base Structure Report
Bechtel – Profiting from Destruction
Beyond the School of the Americas - U.S. Military Training Programs Here and Abroad
Beyond Top Secret - Corporate Security
Big Oil – Part 1
Big Oil – Part 2
Bigger Monster, Weaker Chains - The Growth of an American Surveillance Society
Bin Ladin Determined to Strike US Declassified Briefing to the President
Biographies of Key Figures in Middle East History
Boeing, Boeing, Gone
Breaking the Vicious Cycle
Briefing Slides Used By Doug Feith's Office in Presentation to Senior White House Officials on So-Called Iraq-Al Qaeda Relations
British Empire - The Map Room - Middle East - Iraq
British Petroleum
British Secret Report – Legality of Military Action Against Iraq
Bush Lets U.S. Spy on Callers Without Courts
Bush Wages Psychological Warfare On Saddam
Bush-Cheney Heading For Nuclear Rendezvous At Desert One
Bush's Former Oil Company Linked To bin Laden Family
Bush's Grand Strategy
Bush's New Chess Game
Butler Report on Review on WMD
Call for Checks and Balances
Carlyle Group - Wikipedia
Carlyle Group
Central Intelligence Agency
Chain of Command
Changing the Army for Counterinsurgency Operations
Cheney Energy Task Force - Amici Brief
Cheney's Guy
Cheney's Nemesis
China and Internet Filters
China and the Middle East
China Tightens Controls on Internet News
Chinese Electronic Strategies
CIA Accountability Report
CIA Admits Foreknowledge of 911
CIA Executive Director Krongard Managed Firm that Handled “Put” Options on UAL
CIA History
Civil Liberties After 911 – ACLU
Class III Information Warfare - Has It Begun?
Clear Channel Communications - Wikipedia
Coalition of the Willing or Coalition of the Coerced?
Coalition Opposes Net Wiretap Design Mandates
Commentary on the US Defense Department Report on the PLA Military Strength
Comments on the Carnivore System Technical Review
Committee for the Republic - SourceWatch
Commonwealth v. Carkhuff Ruling – ACLU
Communication Privacy in the Digital Age
Comparison of Electronic Surveillance
Competitive Sourcing - David M. Walker - Testimony - July 24, 2003
Complicity Connection –1
Complicity Connection –2
Concentrated Ownership, Market for Corporate Control and Corporate Governance
Conclusions of Senate's Iraq Report
Conduct of Joint Operations
Confessions of a Hollywood Propagandist
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - Memo from the Publisher
Confessions of on Economic Hit Man - Confessions or Fantasies - US Department of State
Conflict Diamonds
Contractor's Rules of Engagement
Controlling Private Military Companies
Conversation with Chalmers Johnson
Cornerstones of Information Warfare
Corporate Media – TV News
Corporate Welfare for Weapons Makers
Costs of Empire
Critical Infrastructure Protection
Critique of Rumsfeldian Approach
Crude Designs - The Rip-Off of Iraq's Oil Wealth
Crude Power
Crude Vision
Crude Vision–Investigative Report
Deadly Legacy - U.S. Arms to Africa and the Congo War
Deadly Legacy Update - U.S. Arms and Training Programs in Africa
Deep Politics
Defending America
Defending Freedom
Defense Contractors - SourceWatch
Defense Review Report
Deliberating Preventive War – the Strange Case of Iraq's Disappearing Nuclear Threat
Department of National Defense
Did Washington Try to Manipulate Iraq’s Election -
Director of National Intelligence
DOD Transformation Challenges and Opportunities
Dogs of Peace – Private military Companies
Dollar Shift - The Iraq War and the Changing Face of Pentagon Contracting
Domestic Intelligence Agencies
Domestic Intelligence and Civil Liberties
Domestic Intelligence in UK
Donor Country Support for Iraq Reconstruction – September 15, 2005
Draft – Patriotic Act II
Empire Building and Rule
Employment of Psychological Operations
Encyclopedia History of the Middle East
End of Cheap Oil – Part 2
End of Cheap Oil – Part1
Ending the Iraq Quagmire
Ending the US War in Iraq
Enron – Part 1
Enron – Part 2
Enron's Pawns– Globalization Game
EPIC Analysis of Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001
EPIC Comments on Carnivore Technical Review
Estimated Costs of Potential Conflict with Iraq - September 2002
Executive Order – Development fund for Iraq
FBI Programs and Initiatives - Carnivore Diagnostic Tool
FBI Strategic Plan –2004-2009
Follow the Money Project
Foreign Missile Threat Through 2015
Foreknowledge of September 11 Attacks
Forfeiting Enduring Freedom
Forfeiting Liberty for Security
Fourth Gulf War
Freedom Under Fire – ACLU
From Anglo-Persian Oil to BP Amoco
From Enemy to Pacemaker – Role of Private Military Companies
Future of US - China Strategic Relationship
General Petraeus Testimony - September 10, 2007
General Petraeus Testimony - Slides - September 10, 2007
Geographical Distribution of Iraqi Oil Fields
Geopolitics of Energy
Ghost Prisoner -- Two Years in Secret CIA Detention
Gilmore – Report 1
Gilmore – Report 2
Gilmore – Report 3
Gilmore – Report 4
Gilmore Commission - Panel Members
Gilmore Commission Report
Gilmore Report – Appendices
Gilmore –Report 5
Global Dominance Group
Global Empire - Blood for Oil?
Global Trends 2015
Globalization and Governance
Globalization Threat or Opportunity? An IMF Issues Brief
Goodbye Houston - Alternative Annual Report on Halliburton - 2007
Gore Vidal – The Enemy Within
Government's Green Paper on Private Military Companies
Guide to the Provisions of the Patriot Act
Guiding Principles for US Post Iraq
Hans Blix Report to UN
Hatch Bill to Combat Terrorism
Higher Education Issues After the patriot Act
History of Oil In Russia
History of OPEC
History of Psychological Operations-Warfare
History of the Petroleum Industry
Hitler's Carmaker - The Inside Story of How General Motors Helped Mobilize the Third Reich
Homeland Security Act
Homeland Security
House of Commons – The Decision to Go to War in Iraq
How “Patriot Act 2” Would Further Erode the Basic Checks on Government Power
How Bush Got Bounced from the Carlyle Board
How Can China Subdue Its Enemy Without Fighting
How the War on Terrorism Could Escalate
Hydrocarbons and a New Stragtegic Region -- the Caspian Sea
Hysteria Over Iran and a New Cold War With Russia
Imbalance of Powers – How Changes to US Law and Policy Since 911 Erode Civil Liberties
IMF report – Statement by Executive Director for Iraq – 2005
Impact of Patriot Act on Foreign Banks
Impact of Terrorism on Higher Education
Independence Day 2003
Independence Day
Independent Technical Review of the Carnivore System
Information Security - FBI Needs to Address Weaknesses in Critical Network
Information War in the 21st Century
Information Warfare - The Perfect Terrorist Weapon
Information Warfare – 2
Information Warfare – Its Application
Information Warfare
Insatiable Appetite – ACLU
Insatiable Appetite for New Governmental Powers
Inspector General Report on Intelligence Assesment Activities of the Office of Doug Feith
Intelligence Agencies Jointly Pursue Google Like Intgelligence
Intelligence and Security Committee – UK
Intelligence Funding and the War on Terror
Intelligence Oversight
Interested Persons Memo
International Corporate Governance
International Oil Transportation
Internet Points of Control
Iran - The Talk of the Town - Bill Moyers
Iran and Restructuring of the Middle East
Iran in the Eye of Storm -- Why a Global War has Begun
Iraq – Setting the Record Straight
Iraq and the Future of World Oil
Iraq and the Problem of Peak Oil
Iraq Quagmire – Mounting Costs of War
Iraq Survey Group Final Report
Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction – UK Intelligence and Security Committee
Iraq WMD – Intelligence and Assessments
Iraqi Mobile License Issues
Iraqi Oil – 2001
Iraqi Transitional Government – May 9, 2005
Iraq's Oil Sector - New Opportunities (Middle East Energy Report)
Iraq's Oil
Iraq's Reconstruction
Iraq's Weapons of Mass of Destruction
Iraq's WMDs – The Assessment of the British Government
Is the War in Iraq and Afghanistan Motivated by Oil and Financial Gain -
Is There An Impending Oil Shortage?
Is What's Good for Boeing and Halliburton Good for America -
It's All About the Oil
Its the Oil
James Madison – Leadership and Constitutionality in Times of War
Joint Inquiry into Terrorist Attacks
Joint Vision – 2020
Keeping the U.S. First – Pentagon Would Preclude a Rival Superpower
Last Stand
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights Statement
Leading Surveillance Societies in the EU and the World
Leading Surveillance Societies in the EU and World
Leaflets – Psychological Operations
Leaked Report Says German and US Firms Supplied Arms to Saddam
Legality of Military Action Against Iraq – UK Attorney General
Lessons of Iraq – Psychological Operations
Letter to Conrad - Cost of War
Libby Indictment – October 31, 2005
Libraries and the Patriot Act – July 6, 2005
Lie By Lie
Lie of the Century
Lockheed – the Weapons Manufacturer
Logistic Support for Air-Borne Assault in Island Landing Operations
Lunch With the Chairman
Made in the USA - A Guide to Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction
Major Oil Companies Operating in the Gulf Region
Making a Killing - America's Private Army and the Business of War
Management of Public Diplomacy Relative to National Security -- 1983
Managing Iraq's Petroleum
Mapping the Global Future
Mapping the War on Terrorism
Measuring National Power in the Postindustrial Age
Middle East Oil – Illusions and Reality
Middle East Oil Convergence
Military Industrial Complex - SourceWatch
Military Power of the People's Republic of China – 2005
Mind Games
Misunderstanding Iraq - Recommendations for US Policy
Munitions of the Mind
Nathan Hale Institute for Intelligence and Military Affairs™ - I
Nathan Hale Institute for Intelligence and Military Affairs™
National Backbone Internet Blocking in China
National Defense Strategy of USA
National Development Strategy – Republic of Iraq – June 30, 2005
National Intelligence Agencies – British
National Security Archive - Public Access to Cheney's Energy Task Force
National Security Consequences of U. S. Oil Dependency
National Security Whistleblower Protections The Unfinished Agenda
National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace
Net Diplomacy I
Net Diplomacy II
Net Diplomacy III
New Business of War
New Developments in Chinese Strategic Psychological Warfare
New Framework for America
New Numbers - The Price of Freedom in Iraq and Power in Washington
New World Order or A World in Disorder
No Real Threat -- The Pentagon's Secret Database
No War on Iraq - IPS Archive
NSA Report to Congress on Legal Standards for Electronic Surveillance
Nuclear Missile Deception
Oil and Mergers
Oil and War
Oil Imports
Oil Peak
Oil Security - A Top Priority for China
Oil War II, the Sequel - The Empire Strikes Back in the Caspian
Oil, Geopolitics, and the Coming War With Iran
Oil, Lust and Israeli Hatchet Men Behind U.S. Plans to Occupy Iraq
Oligarchs – The Past or the Future of Russian Capitalism
Only Winners in Occupation of Iraq
Open Letter on the Oil And Gas Wealth in the Draft Iraqi Constitution
OpenNet Initiative Internet Filtering Map
Open-Source Spying
Operations Coordination of Operations - Testimony of Wayne Parent - Homeland Security
Opinion and Order Granting Motions for Summary Judgment – ACLU vs Department of Defense
Options for Changing Overseas Army Bases
Osama bin Laden - a Dead Nemesis Perpetuated by the US Government
OSS and the Development of Psychological Warfare
Outsourcing Big Brother
Outsourcing National Intelligence
Outsourcing the Pentagon - Who Benefits from the Politics and Economics of National Security?
Oversight of Russia’s Intelligence and Security Agencies
Overview of Commercial Law in Pre-War Iraq – September 12, 2003
Part of Colin Powell's Address to the UN was Plagiarized
Patriot Act – A Legal Analysis – April 15, 2002
Patriot Act – A Sketch – April 18, 2002
Patriot Act – Analysis
Patriot Act – August 9, 2005
Patriot Act – Legal Analysis
Patriot Act – Limits the Public's Right to Know
Patriot Act – Sketch
Patriot Act – What's So Patriotic
Patriot Act of 2001
Patriot Act Reauthorization – July 15, 2005
Patriot Act Sunset – A Sketch – June 29, 2005
Patriot Act Sunset Provisions – June 29, 2005
Patriot Act Sunsets
Patriot Act Threatens Civil Liberties
Patriot Act
Patriot II – Erode Basic Checks on Power
Patriot II
PBS – Hunting bin Laden
Pentagon Cover Up - 15,000 or More US Deaths in Iraq War -
Petrodollar Warfare - Dollars , Euros and the Upcoming Iranian Oil Bourse
Petrodollar Warfare and the Iranian Oil Bourse
Phil Taylor's Web Site
Planning for and Responding to Threats to the US Homeland
Planning Scenarios – Department of Homeland Security
PMCs, Myths and Mercenaries - The Debate on Private Military Companies
Political Economy of Global Finance
Political Forecasting -- The IMF’s Flawed Growth Projections for Argentina and Venezuela
Political Warfare Executive – Secret
Port and Maritime Security – CRS Report
Potential Cost of a War With Iraq – February 25, 2003
Powell's Presentation on Iraq
Privacy and Safety - Donald Kerr - Remarks - 2007 GEOINT Symposium.pdf
Private Military Companies – 2001 – 2002
Private Military Companies – Options for Regulation
Private Military Companies and the Proliferation of Small Arms
Private Military Contractors and Counterinsurgency
Private Military Contractors in Iraq and Beyond - A Question of Balance
Private Military Corporations - SourceWatch
Private Security Contractors in Iraq - CRS Report
Privatised Spying — It’s All the Rage
Privatizing Military Training
Profiling the Small Arms Industry
Profits of U.S. Defense Contractors Newsroom The Independent Institute
Projected Iraq War Costs Soar
Propaganda Media
Propaganda Planning Process
Prospects for Iraq’s Stability - National Intelligence Estimate - 2007
Psy Ops and Iraq War
Psychological Operations
Psychological Warfare
Putin's Middle East
Rebuilding Americas Defenses
Rebuilding America's Defenses
Re-Colonizing Iraq
Reopening of Upstream Oil and Natural Gas
Report of an Inquiry into the Alternaive Analysis of the Issue of an Iraq-al Qaeda Relationship -- 2004
Report of the Inquiry into the Circumstances Surrounding the Death of of Dr. David Kelly
Report on Prewar Intelligence Assessments on Iraq – July 7, 2004
Report to Congress on Acquisition of Technology Relating to WMD
Restoring the Right to Bear ARms – Cato
Revenue Watch - Monitoring Iraq Reconstruction Funds, Contracts, Oil
Review of Intelligence on WMD
Revised Terrorist Financing Appendix C
Revised Terrorist Financing Appendix D
Revised Terrorist Financing
Revisited - The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War in Iraq
Right to Bear Arms
Role of Middle East
Russia - Moscow Eyes Oil Markets in Asia
Saddam Hussein Profile
SAFE Act – Legal Memo – Edwin Meese
Scottish and English Religious Roots of the American Right to Bear Arms
Secret Admirers - The Bushes and the Washington Post
Section 215 FAQ
Securing, Stabilizing, and Rebuilding Iraq
Seeking Truth from Justice Department – ACLU
Seeking Truth From Justice
Select Comittee on Intelligence – Report on Prewar Intelligence Assessments
Selective Intelligence
Senate Report Cites CIA for ‘Failures’ on Iraq
September 11 – the Circumstantial Evidence – Part 1
September 11 – the Circumstantial Evidence – Part 2
September 11 – the Circumstantial Evidence – Part 3
September 11 – the Circumstantial Evidence – Part 4
Shifting Targets
Smuggling Crude Oil and Oil Products
Spoils of War
Star Wars
State Control of the Internet in China
State of Civil Liberties
Steel Deals and National Security -- Video
Suicide Epidemic Among Veterans - CBS News - Video
Suicide Epidemic Among Veterans
Super-imperialism -- The Economic Strategy of American Empire
Surveillance Under the USA PATRIOT Act
Sword Play
'Syria's Intelligence Services - A Primer'
Tangled Web - The Marketing of Missile Defense 1994-2000
Technical Review of Carnivore
Terrorism –1996
Terrorism –2000–2001
Terrorist Financing
Terrorist Threat Center
Terrorists Are Not Greatest Threat to America
Testimony of Richard Clarke – March 24, 2004
Testimony of Robert A. Sunshine - Estimated Cost of US Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan
The 9-11 Truth Movement
The Balance of Powers in Government Information Policy
The BCCI Affair - 11 BCCI, The CIA and Foreign Intelligence
The Beneficiaries of Saddam's Oil Vouchers - The List of 270
The Black Sites
The Business of War
The Carlyle Group
The Case Against Saddam in Perspective: Iraq-US-Connection
The Changing Face of War - Into the Fourth Generation
The Cheney Factor
The Coming Wars
The Communications Security Establishment– Canada's Most Secret Intelligence Agency
The Consequences of War - Iraq and Beyond
The Corporations That Supplied Iraq's Weapons Program
The Costs of NATO Expansion Revisited
The Dark Side – PBS
The Dark Side - The US Intelligence Community - Interviews - PBS
The Dark Side - The US Intelligence Community - Observations and Analysis - PBS
The Dark Side - The US Intelligence Community - PBS
The Deadly Pipeline War - US – Afghan Policy Driven by Oil Interests
The Decision to Go to War – UK
The Deep Politics of Regime Removal in Iraq - Overt Conquest, Covert Operations
The Development of China's National Defense Industry in the Globalization Process
The Earth Is Square - National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
The End of the Summer of Diplomacy - Assessing US Military Options on Iran
The Enron Pentagon
The Evolution of Strategic Influence -- 2003
The Founding Fathers – A Reform Caucus in Action
The Fourteen Characteristics of Fascism
The General’s Report
The Good Oil on Iraq's Black Gold
The Gray Zone
The Hidden Costs of NATO Expansion
The Hidden Power
The Hubbard Intelligence Agency
The Imminent Peak of Global Oil Production
The Impact of the Media on National Security Decision Making
The Integration of Giants into the Global Economy
The Iran Plans
The Iraq Quagmire – The Mounting Costs of War
The Iraq Quagmire: the Mounting Cost of the War
The Major Developments in Political Warfare – 1938 -1945
The National Defense Strategy of the USA
The National Intelligence Strategy of the USA
The Nature and Scope of Governmental Electronic Surveillance Activity
The Neo-Conservative Movement
The New 'Great Game'
The New U.S.– British Oil Imperialism – Part 1
The Next Act
The Next Middle East?
The Next World Order
The Oil Connection to the War in Afghanistan
The Oil Situation after the Attack on Iraq
The Origins if the American Military Coup of 2012
The Outsourcing Bogeyman
The Patriot Act and the First Amendment
The Patriot Act
The Politics of Rage - Why Do They Hate Us?
The Posse Comitatus Act – Post 911– Time for a Change?
The Posse Comitatus Act
The President's Constitutional Authority to Conduct Military Operations
The Professional Military Services Industry - Have We Created a New Military Industrial Complex
The Quarterly Report on Measuring Stability and Security in Iraq - 2006
The Real Purpose of the American March into Central Asia
The Redirection
The Right To Keep and Bear Arms
The Role of Oligarchs in Russian Capitalism
The Secret History of America’s “Extraordinary Rendition” Program
The Single Greatest Prize in All History
The Stovepipe
The Strategic Functions of US Aid to Israel
The Struggle for Oil
The Terrorist Attack on America
The Ties that Bind - Arms Industry Influence in the Bush Administration
The U.S. Rush to War – Part 1
The UK's Intelligence Agencies
The Unit - Wikipedia
The United States and Middle East - Why Do They Hate Us?
The United States
The USA Patriot Act – ACLU
The War for Oil in Sudan – 1
The War for Oil in Sudan – 2
The War for Oil in Sudan – 3
The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil
To Be or Not to Be -- An Empire
Torture at Abu Ghraib
Truth from These Podia -- 2003
U. S. Department of Defense - Base Structure Report - 2005
U. S. Department of Defense - Joint Vision 2020
U. S. National Secuurity Strategy - 2006
U.S. Arms Sales to Turkey During the Clinton Administration
U.S. Arms Transfers and Security Assistance to Israel
U.S. Arms Transfers to Indonesia 1975-1997 - Who's Influencing Whom?
U.S. Middle East Policy and Oil
U.S. Policy in the Middle East
U.S. Propaganda in the Middle East - The Early Cold War Version
UA Honing Online Intelligence
UK Attorney General Advice to Prime Minister
Unclassified Pentagon Report on Italian Secret Agent
Understanding Power – Footnotes
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Roadmap - 2005 -2030
Unpatriotic Acts – ACLU
Unpatriotic Acts –FBI Powers
Unraveling the Known Unknowns – Why No WMD
Up in the Air
US Foreign Policy
US Intelligence Community's Five Year Strategic Human Capital Plan
US Military Operations in the Global War on Terrorism
US Military Psychological Warfare
US Military Training – Global Reach
US, India and Pakistan
USA Counterinsurgency Operations
VA Struggles With Vets' Mental Health - CBS News - Video
VA Struggles With Vets' Mental Health
Veteran Suicide - Methodology
Veterans of Foreign Wars - SourceWatch
Veterans of Foreign Wars - Wikipedia
Victory in Iraq – November30, 2005
Views of a Changing World – War in Iraq – June 30, 2003
Virtual Diplomacy Initiative
Wall Street
War and Occupation in Iraq
War and Profit - Doing Business on the Battlefield
War in Iraq: the Oil Factor
War On Iraq – Is Oil a Motive for the Military Conquest of Iraq?
War on the Earth
War Profiteering - SourceWatch
War Profits and the Vacuum of Law - Privatized Military Firms and International Law
War With Iraq – Costs, Consequences and Alternatives
Warriors for Hire
Watching Lebanon
Weapon Suppliers to Iraq
Weapons at War
Welfare for Weapons Dealers - The Hidden Costs of the Arms Trade
West Wing Pipe Dream
What Did the Bush Administration Know?
What Do Financial Markets Think of War in Iraq?
What is Information Warfare?
Where Military Rules Don't Apply
Which Country Will Be Invaded Next in America's 'War on Terrorism'?
Who Are the Contractors in Iraq?
Who Watches U.S. Security Firms in Iraq?
Why Another War
Why Did The USA Want 'Regime Change'?
Windfalls of War – Parsons Corp.
Windfalls of War – The Center for Public Integrity
WMD in Iraq – 2004
World Trade Center

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