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BBC – 24

Fox – 24

Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell

Address to the U.N. Security Council
President George W. Bush – Official Speeches

At O'Hare, President Says Get On Board

International Campaign Against Terror Grows

President Announces Crackdown on Terrorist Financial Network

President Announces Reduction in Nuclear Arsenal

President Announces Step to Expand Trade & Create Jobs

President Announces Substantial Increases in Homeland Security Budget

President Bush Addresses the Nation

President Bush and Italian Prime Minister Discuss War Effort

President Bush Delivers Graduation Speech at West Point

President Bush Discusses Iraq with Reporters

President Bush Holds Roundtable with Arab- and Muslim-American Leaders

President Bush Meets with Chinese President Jiang Zemin

President Bush Meets with Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia

President Bush Monday Moment of Truth for World on Iraq

President Bush No Nation Can Be Neutral in This Conflict

President Bush Outlines Iraqi Threat

President Bush Pushes for Homeland Security Department

President Bush Signs Homeland Security Act

President Bush Speaks to United Nations

President Bush to Send Iraq Resolution to Congress Today

President Bush World Can Rise to This Moment

President Bush, Prime Minister Sharon Discuss Middle East

President Bush, Russian President Putin Sign Nuclear Arms Treaty

President Calls for Quick Passage of Defense Bill

President Declares Freedom at War with Fear

President Delivers State of the Union Address

President Discusses Economic Growth at John Deere Facility

President Discusses National Missile Defense

President Discusses Response to September 11 Attacks

President Discusses the Future of Iraq

President Focuses on Economy and War on Terrorism in Kentucky Speech

President Freezes Terrorists' Assets

President Increases Funding for Bioterrorism by 319 Percent

President Launches Lessons of Liberty

President Outlines Priorities

President Outlines War Effort

President Rallies the Troops in Alaska

President Rallies Troops at Travis Air Force Base

President Releases National Strategy for Homeland Security

President Salutes Troops of the 10th Mountain Division

President Says Saddam Hussein Must Leave Iraq Within 48 Hours

President Says U.S. Attorneys on Front Line in War

President Shares Thanksgiving Meal with Troops

President Signs Anti-Terrorism Bill

President Signs Defense Appropriations Bill

President Speaks at FBI on New Terrorist Threat Integration Center

President Speaks at NYPD Command-Control Center

President Speaks at Veterans Day Prayer Breakfast

President Thanks World Coalition for Anti-Terrorism Efforts

President The World Will Always Remember September 11

President Today We Mourned, Tomorrow We Work

President We're Fighting to Win - And Win We Will

President We're Making Progress

President, General Franks Discuss War Effort

President, Vice President, Sec. of State Discuss Middle East

Presidential Address to the Nation

President Outlines Strategy for Victory in Iraq

President's Priorities National Security, Homeland Security, Economic Security

President's Remarks at the United Nations General Assembly

President's Remarks to the Nation

Remarks by the President in Address to the Nation

Statement by the President in Address to the Nation

U.S., China Stand Against Terrorism

U.S.-Pakistan Affirm Commitment Against Terrorism

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BBC – Power of Nightmares

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Appropriations Hearing with Secretary Gates – Defense Contractors – You Tube

Cheney Talk of Blunders in Iraq is Hogwash - Video

Bob Woodward – Bush Misleads on Iraq – Video 

Hugo Chavez Interview with 20-20 – ABC – Part 1 – You Tube

Hugo Chavez Interview with 20-20 – ABC – Part 2 – You Tube

Hugo Chavez Interview with 20-20 – ABC – Part 3 – You Tube

Justice Department – FBI Acted Illegally – Video

Outsourcing the War in Iraq – You Tube

PBS – The Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor

Robert Greenwald – Iraq for Sale – You Tube

Washington Post – America at War: Audio and Video Archive

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