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General Articles

Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports

US Lumber Industry Challenging Constitutionality of NAFTA – September 13, 2005

Constitutional Challenge — Backgrounder – September 13, 2005

Complaint and Petition for Review – September13, 2005

U. S. Constitution Violated by Outsourcing of Judicial Decisions to NAFTA Panel System – January 17, 2006

Constitutional Challenge Brief – U. S. Court of Appeals – January 17, 2006

Lumber Industry Challenges NAFTA

Statement of USTR Spokesperson Neena Moorjani Regarding the Constitutional Challenge

Experts Find Chapter 19 Unconstitutional

U. S. Court of Appeals Dismisses Constitutional Challenge to NAFTA Chapter 19 Dispute Mechanism

Canadian Lumber is Heavily Subsidized

WTO Has Affirmed Duties

NAFTA Panel Fails Again — October 10, 2005

Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports Outlines Status of Unfair Canadian Lumber Dispute – November 2005

Coalition Disappointed in NAFTA Panel Driven Finding of De Minimis Subsidy – November 22, 2005

Dick Thornburgh Letter — November 22, 2004

Griffin Bell Letter — December1, 2004

Griffin Bell Letter — March 22, 2005

Dick Thornburgh Letter — April 6, 2005

Coalition Supports US Government Action to Seek Enforcement of Lumber Agreement

Issue Background

Legal Summary

Chronology of US — Canada Lumber Dispute

Q&A About Canadian Lumber Subsidies

Offsetting Lumber Subsidies and Dumping Will Not Harm U.S. Homebuyers

Does Canada's Subsidized Lumber Help American Homebuyers?

American Forest Landowners

What's the Difference

United Steelworkers of America

Appeal — 11 Circuit Court Decision February 27, 2001

Appeal Brief — January 18, 2001

Brief for the US in Opposition to United Steelworkers

Court of Appeals Decision — February 27. 2001

Complaint for Declaratory, Mandatory and Injunctive Relief

Lawsuit Challenging Constitutionality of NAFTA B USWA

Lawsuit Challenging Constitutionality of NAFTA Filed Today by Steelworkers Union in Federal Court

Legal Brief — April 16, 1999

Legal Brief — October 26, 1999

Legal Brief for the US in Opposition — US Steelworkers

NAFTA Faces Strong Court Challenge

NAFTA Lawsuit

NAFTA Lawsuit - Plaintiffs' Legal Position

NAFTA Litigation

Plaintiff's Memorandum — January 11, 1999

Response to NAFTA Lawsuit Ducks Issue - The Shell Game Continues

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Legal Challenge to NAFTA

US Government Evades Suit on NAFTA

US Must Respond to USWA Lawsuit

USWA Challenging NAFTA Constitutionality in Lawsuit

USWA Contests Lower Court's NAFTA Lawsuit Decision

USWA Files Petition With U.S. Supreme Court

USWA Contests Lower Court’s NAFTA Lawsuit Decision

USWA Pursues NAFTA Lawsuit Against United States

USWA Response to NAFTA Lawsuit Ruling

USWA to Petition Supreme Court to Challenge NAFTA

USWA Will Petition U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Challenge To Constitutionality Of NAFTA

American Coalition for Competitive Trade

American Coalition for Competitive Trade v. Clinton

NAFTA & Inter-American Trade Monitor

News from the Circuits

Citizen's Legal Challenge Against MAI

Legal Challenge Launched Against MAI

MAI — Constitutional Validity in the High Court (Appendix) — 1

MAI — Constitutional Validity in the High Court (Appendix) — 2

MAI — Constitutional Validity in the High Court (Appendix) — 3

General Articles

Beyond NAFTA to a Canada-Europe Transatlantic Marketplace Issues and Prospects

Binational Panel Review Under NAFTA
Canada's Access to US Markets
Canada's Secret Constitution
Challenge to NAFTA Requires Specific Injury, Not General Assertions of Injury
Challenge to NAFTA Trade Tribunals Fails
Chapter Nineteen - The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
Congress and the Constitutional System
Consumers Respond to Thornburg, Bell attacks on NAFTA Chapter 19
Court Battle Seeks to Save Mail and all Services from U.S. Corporate Clutches
Court Challenge to NAFTA Trade Tribunals Fails
Dispute Settlement in NAFTA and the FTA

Dispute Settlement Systems
Dispute Settlement Under NAFTA
Dumping – NAFTA Chapter19 – Baker and Baker
Economic Structure of Renegotiation and Dispute Resolution in the WTO
Effects of NAFTA on Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Activity
Evidence in Support of Constitutional Challenge
Experience of NAFTA Dispute Settlement Mechanisms – March 20, 2003
Improving the Process - Dispute Resolution Mechanisms for the proposed FTAA)
Investment and Trade Disputes
Is NAFTA Really Law Now, Or is it Unconstitutional?
Legal Incentives and Domestic Rewards – Selection of Trade Disputes
Legal Perspective on North American Trade Disputes
Legal Summary – 2
Making NAFTA Better – Evolution of Chapter 19

NAFTA – Chapter 19
NAFTA – Chapter 19 – Review and Dispute Settlement
NAFTA Challenges and Decisions – Canada
NAFTA Chapter 19
NAFTA Constitutionality

NAFTA Dispute Settlement
NAFTA Dispute Settlement Mechanism
NAFTA Dispute Settlement Mechanisms – 2
NAFTA Dispute Settlement Procedures
NAFTA Illegal
NAFTA Rules Violate Press Freedom Guarantees
NAFTA Secrecy Challenged in Court
NAFTA Trade Dispute Resolution – What Are the Mechanisms
NAFTA's Hidden Impact
Negotiate, If All Else Fails, Play Hardball
Private Parties in the NAFTA Dispute Settlement Mechanisms
Report on Trade Dispute Settlement Mechanism
Restoring Competition or Granting Protectionism
Review of the Dispute Settlement Understanding of the World Trade Organization
Roundtable on Public and Private Resolution Mechanisms – 2000
Secret Trade Courts

Softwood Lumber Disputes Process
Statement by Minister Peterson on Softwood Lumber
Sugar Wars – Dispute Settlement Under NAFTA and WTO
Taking Constitutionality of NAFTA to a Higher Court
The Dispute Mechanism Established in the NAFTA and Uruguay Round
The Failure of Chapter 19
The Record of the United States-Canada Dispute Resolution Panels
Timelines for NAFTA Panel Remands and Appeals
US Coalition Still Fears Canadian Weapon of Mass Construction
USA - Billion Dollar NAFTA Challenge to California MTBE Ban
USTR - NAFTA Dispute Settlement
What's Wrong With the WTO Cases
Why NAFTA Violates the Canadian Constitution
WTO Dispute Settlement
WTO Disputes Panels Constitutionality

Promoting the Principles of Genuine Free and Fair Trade