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2005 - Textile Industry's Greatest Challenge
31,000 NAFTA-Related Job Losses Deepen Manufacturing Crisis
A Briefing on Chinese Currency - Valuation Issues and Proposed Reforms
A House Divided - Manufacturing In Crisis
AFL-CIO and USBIC Trade Summit 2006 – Video
American Economic Alert
American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition
Attention-to-Deficit Disorder - U.S. Trade Deficit Demands Long-Term Focus
Boomtown China - Opportunity and Crisis
Bush Administration Fails to Address Manufacturing Jobs Crisis
CEO Has a Cure for the Crisis in Manufacturing
Crisis in Manufacturing Is Caused by Trade Agreements and Asian Currency Meltdowns
Crisis in US Textile and Apparel Industry
Crisis in US Textiles
Crisis of the Dollar System
Curing The Job Crisis
Economic Policy Institute
Energizing Prosperity - Renewable Energy and Re-industrialization - 2008
Effects of US Trade Policies on America – Video and Audio
Exporting Jobs – When Trade Agreements Really Are Investment Agreements
Ignore at Your Own Peril - The Manufacturing Crisis in Perspective
In China's Shadow - The Crisis of American Entrepreneurship
Jobs – Savings and Income – Economic Growth and Trade Deficit Charts – AMTAC
Key Policy Points In-Depth - USBIC
Manufacturing - a Crisis Alert
Manufacturing Crisis Exposes Chinks In Republican Armor
Manufacturing Trade Index - 50 Core Industries
Mending Manufacturing
Ohio's Hidden Economic Crisis
Outsourcing America's Technology and Knowledge Jobs - 2007
Renewing US Manufacturing - 2008
Saving North American Manufacturing – Video
Shifting Blame for Manufacturing Job Loss
Soaring Imports from China Drive Trade Deficit to New Record
State of Manufacturing Base Is Cause for Concern
Tariff in American History - Wikipedia
Textile Industry Unites to Combat Crisis of Imports
The American Auto Industry in Crisis
The Bush Manufacturing Crisis
The Crisis in Manufacturing
The Importance of Manufacturing in Balancing the U.S. Trade Deficit
The Importance of Manufacturing - 2008
The Manufacturing Crisis
The Next Crisis - Too Few Workers
The Rise in Job Displacement – 1991 - 2004
The Rising Stakes of Job Loss
The Second American Party System and the Tariff – 1816-1860
To Save American Manufacturing – USBIC Plan
Trade Deficits and Manufacturing Job Loss
Trade Deficits and Manufacturing Job Loss Correlation and Causality
Testimony of Auggie Tantillo on Effects of Chinese Imports on US Companies – 2003
U.S. Manufacturing Crisis - White House Talks, but Defense Industry Walks (Overseas)
U.S. Textile Industry Crisis Deepens
U.S. Textiles - An Industry in Crisis
US Manufacturing Hidden Crisis
US Textile Industry Urges WTO to Address Textile Crisis
USBIC 's 50 Manufacturing Core Sectors
Vote History for US Senators and Representatives – AMTAC

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