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US - China Trade
China's Changing Profile
China's Changing Trade Profile
China's Current Trade
China's Deficits Worsening for Semiconductors and Fuel
China's Deficits Worsening with South Korea and Taiwan
China's Different Trade with 1st and 3rd Worlds
China's Laptop Exports
Foreign Direct Investment in US
Japan's Chronic Deficit with China
Latest US Goods Trade
Major Sources of U.S. Tech Deficit
Mexico's Trade Imbalance with China
The Global Value of the Dollar
The India-China Trade Relationship
The Mexico-China Trade Relationship
The U.S. Share of China's Goods Trade
U.S. - China and the WTO – Technology Surge in Exports
U.S. Accumulated U.S.-PRC Trade Balance
U.S. Advanced Tech Trade with China
U.S. Advanced Tech Trade With China
U.S. Agricultural Trade
U.S. Airfreight Total Trade
U.S. and China Rely on Different Trade Information
U.S. ATP Balance with PRC and India
U.S. Auto Sector Production Sales and Trade
U.S. Goods and Services Trade With China Since 1990
U.S. Goods Ex-Im with China
U.S. Import of Manufactured Goods
U.S. Imports of Electronics
U.S. Imports of Machinery
U.S. Manufacturing Ex-Im with China
U.S. Manufacturing Trade – Unprecedented Production Shortfall
U.S. Manufacturing Trade Deficits with China and Japan
U.S. Manufacturing Trade with China
U.S. Services Trade with China and India
U.S. Share of China's Computer Exports
U.S. Surplus in Services Trade with China Remains Small
U.S. Surplus In Services Trade
U.S. Trade in Advanced Technology
U.S. Trade in Agricultural and Seafood Products with China
U.S. Trade in Autos
U.S. Trade of Manufactured Goods
U.S.-China Trade Relationship
Weak US Job Recover
Worst Ever US Losses in Current Accounts
Worst Ever US Losses in Manufactured Goods Trade

Promoting the Principles of Genuine Free and Fair Trade