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Economic Integration
1948 Secret Memorandum on US – Canada Trade
A Regional Development Policy for North America
Beyond Free Trade in North America - Narrowing the Development Gap
Beyond NAFTA to a Canada-Europe Transatlantic Marketplace
Building a North American Community
Building a North American Community – Council on Foreign Relations
Building a North American Community - Council on Foreign Relations
Canada and a North American Monetary Union
Canada's Access to US Markets
Canada's Secret Constitution
Canadian Council of Chief Executives - North American Security and Prosperity
Chairman's Statement – Creating a North American Community
Comparing Proposals for Closer Canada – US Economic Relations
Competing Visions for the Americas
Corporate Chief Executives Plan “Deep Integration” With the USA
Dispute Settlement in the NAFTA – 2005
Economic Integration in the NAFTA Zone
Future of North America
G8 Deadline on Doha Trade Talks
G8 Leaders Seek Trade Talks Push
G8 Supports Open Energy Markets
Harmonization Handbook
Integration of Latin America
It's All Over But The Tears – Softwood Goes To Ground
Law of Regional Economic Integration in the Western Hemisphere
Lessons of European Integration for the Americas
Magna Carta of Americas
Negotiate, If All Else Fails, Play Hardball
No Small Change – the Economics and Politics of North American Monetary Integration
North American Economic Integration
North American Integration – Migration, Trade and Security
North American Integration – Back to Basics
North American Integration and Development Center
North American Monetary Union
North American Union - SourceWatch
North America's Super Corridor Coalition, Inc.
North America's SuperCorridor Coalition, Inc. - SourceWatch
Official Website of the G8 Presidency of the Russian Federation
Prospects for Deeper North American Economic Integration
Q&A – What is the G8?
Regional Economic Integration
Regional Integration
Responding to the NAFTA Challenge – Global City
Roads, Trains and Ports – Integrating North American Transport
Secret Banff Meeting of CEOs and the Defense Establishment
Securing Access to US Markets
Shaping the Future of North American Economic Space
Six Trade Corridors to the US – the Lifeblood of Canada's Economy
Strategies of North American Multinationals in the New Regionalism
Study Guide on Regional Integration – References
The Council of Canadians
The Law of Regional Economic Integration in the American Hemisphere
The North American Forum on Integration
The Role of the New NAFTA Institutions Regional Economic Integration
The U.S. and the Summit of the Americas An Update on U.S. Actions to Implement the Hemisphere's Agenda
Trade Compliance Center
Trinational Call for a North American Economic and Security Community by 2010 - Council on Foreign Relations
United North America
US House of Representatives – Trade Votes – 1998 – 2003
Vote History for US Senators and Representatives – AMTAC
What Are the Effects of Deep Integration With the USA?

Promoting the Principles of Genuine Free and Fair Trade