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America Today - Dangerously Vulnerable
Economy In Crisis - Creating Awareness of Our True Economic Condition
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Vital American Economic Issues – Problems, Solutions, Myths and Facts
 General Articles

A Call To Arms

A Colossus With Weak Knees

A Sinking Ship Full Steam Ahead

America and The Dollar Illusion

America Defeated In Economic War

America is Bleeding to Debt and Losing Ownership and Control of the Country

America Is No Superpower

America Is Preparing Kids For The Future As Servants 

America Now Dependent On Others For Its Standard of Living

America Now Extremely Vulnerable

America Selling Out

America Selling Out – Foreign Control of US Corporate Assets

America Today - Dangerously Vulnerable

America Today - Fighting Three Wars While Industrially Collapsing!

American Sovereignty at Risk

America's Four Major Wars

America's Has Been Economy

America's Superpower Status Coming To An End

Are We Blind? Can't We See What Is Happening To Us?

Aren't We Fooling Ourselves?

Arithmetic Reveals Alarming Employment Situation

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Blind Faith In The Status Quo

CAFTA – Free Trade Funds US Global Competitors

China Acquiring Vast Global Resources

Clearing Economic Delusion

Common Sense Planning

Congress, Demand That These Practices Stop!

Could We Be Losing Our Minds Could We Lose Control of Our Thinking

Crippling American Economic Independence

Declining Superpower Act

Destined To Fail

Dirty Words Protecting America, Protecting Our Future

Dollar Dethroned By Red Ink 

Dollar Drain - Can We Remain a Superpower with a Collapsing Currency?

Economists Are Using the Wrong Principle for Free Trade

Fact NAFTA, CAFTA, and Other Free Trade Arrangements Like WTO Are Destroying America

False Prosperity

Foreign Company Mittal Steel Acquiring 15% of US Steel Industry

Foreign Takeover Of US Steel Firms Should Raise Alarms

Forget Iran, Americans Should be Hysterical About This Nuking the Economy

From First World to Third World

GAO Chief Warns Economic Disaster Looms

GDP Growth Dramatically Overstates The Entire US Economic Picture

General Motors is on the Ropes, Should Americans Care?

Going To Economic War With Failed Intelligence

Harsh Reality

How Can America Restore Its Industrial Self-Sufficiency

How Presently Used Statistics Are Misleading And Deluding America

How The Trade Deficit Affects You

How We Lost the Panama Canal to China Through Intrigue and Greed

Is The US Becoming A Banana Republic

Lessons From Our Past Should Guide Our Future

Look at the Facts – Our Economic System No Longer Allows Us to Compete

Major Economic Problems Facing the United States

Major Problems Facing Our Country Today - And Some Solutions

Major Problems Facing Our Country Today

NAFTA and CAFTA in Perspective

Negotiating Away Our Sovereignty

New US Treasury Secretary Paulson Concerned About Protectionism But Finds Nothing Wrong With The US Trade Deficit

Our Hollow Victory

Our Prosperity is an Illusion Supported by Debt, Deception and Imports

Outsourcing True Impact

Potential Solutions To Major Problems Facing Our Country

Profiteers Find That Free Trade Is Still An Easy Sell

Rustbelt America, Creating The Newest Banana Republic

Santa Claus is Chinese -- Why China is Rising

Selling Out - $1.3 Trillion of American Companies Sold to Foreign Corps

Summary of America's Current Economic Condition

The Cost of Living Beyond Our Means & Understanding the effects of the Trade Deficit

The End of Dollar Hegemony

The Great American Job Sellout

The Harsh Truth About Outsourcing

The High Cost of Neglecting Manufacturing

The Japanese Miracle

The Jobs Question

The Manufacturing Factor – A History of America's Economic Ascension

The Prohibitively High Cost of Outsourcing

The Real Cost Of Free Trade To America's Freedom (Part I)

The Real Cost Of Free Trade To America's Freedom (Part II)

The Russians Are Coming

The Underlying Rot of the US Economy

The US May Have Already Lost Its Edge In Science And Technology

The World Trade Organization Six Key Disastrous Points

The World Trade Organization Yielding US Sovereignty

Their Own Economic Reality

Timeline of Industrial Growth

True Impact Of Recent Chinese Currency Revaluation

U.S. Falling Behind Across the Board

Understanding the Trade Deficit

US Cement Industry 81% Foreign Owned

US Employment Growth Not Part of Global Economy

US Is Heavily Dependent On Imports

Wake Up America - Can't We See What Is Happening To Us?

Watching the Economy Crumble

We Can't Win The Iraq War

What Has Caused Our Economic Crisis?

What Has Caused Our Economic Crisis? – 2 

What Is Our Government's Economic Plan

When Americans No Longer Own America

Who Are Our Politicians Representing

Why is Nothing Being Done?

Why We Can't Compete

Why You Should Care About Protecting US Manufacturing


Promoting the Principles of Genuine Free and Fair Trade