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Free Trade And Foreign Wars

The Free Trade Fallacy

Trade and the Empire


America First, NAFTA Never

Free Trade and the Politics of Toxic Waste

Manufacturing Poverty: The Maquiladorization of Mexico

NAFTA vs. Democracy

NAFTA, Revolving Doors and Deep Lobbying

Overview of NAFTA

Repression and One-Party Rule in Mexico

Resource Imperialism – Energy Policy Under NAFTA

Slush Funds, Corrupt Consultants and Bidding for Bank Business

The Hard Sell: Mexico Lobbies for NAFTA

The Politics of Sugar

Trade Pact with Canada & Mexico is No Threat to U.S. Sovereignty

"Social Dumping" in Mexico Under NAFTA

The Ghost of Protectionism Past: The Return of Friedrich List

The Myth of the Chilean Miracle

Troubled Waters: World Bank Disasters Along Kenya's Tana River

Economic Union Impossible and Access to NAFTA Arduous

Information Empires

Media Monopoly

The Info- Baron: Bill Gates and Microsoft

The Fall of the Peso and the Mexican "Miracle"

An Unhealthy Merger Policy

Fertile Ground for Demagogues

How Transnationals Buy Governments

Is NAFTA Really Law Now Or is it Unconstitutional?

Kamchatka at Risk: Gold and the Struggle for Sustainability

Media and Globalization

Mexico's House of Cards

NAFTA's Environmental Side Show

Playing it Safe

Revitalizing Antitrust

Saudi Arabia: Mercenaries, Inc.

Taming the Telecom Giants

The Fate of Russian Forests: Conflict in Washington and Cutting in Siberia

The Making of the Banking Behemoths

The Mexican Debtors' Revolt

The World Bank & NGOs

The World Bank and Russian Oil

The WTO Strikes

U.S./Canada Softwood Lumber Agreement

What Latin America Needs Most Are Home-Grown Economic Policies

When Corporations Rule the World

1991-1996 Vote Chart: Best Members of the House

A Global Constitution

Asian Multinationals Come to the Amazon

Brotherly Love

Buddy, Can You Spare $100,000?

Building a Hemispheric Social Alliance to Confront Free Trade

Canada: Business-Education Partnerships a Troubling Trend

Corporate Welfare Strategies

Definitions of Key International Trade Votes - 1991-1996

Fast Track and the Global Economy

Haiti's Latest Coup

The IMF is a Power Unto Itself

NAFTA and the States: Job Destruction is Wide Spread

NAFTA Faces Strong Court Challenge

NAFTA's Broken Promises

NAFTA's Casualties: Employment Effects on Men, Women, and Minorities

NAFTA's Footloose Plants Abandon Workers

Peru Goes Beneath the Shell

Sanctioning Burma, Sanctioning the USA

Taming the New Multinational Beast

The Campaign to Eliminate the Separation Between Banking and Commerce

The Case for Preserving the Separation Between Banking and Commerce

The Cost Of Trade With China: Women and low-wage workers hit hardest by job increases in all 50 states

The Exxon-Shell-ELF- World Bank Plans for Central Africa

The Social and Environmental Costs of Oil Company Divestment from U.S. Refineries

The Suharto-SLORC Business Connection

The World Bank and the Greenhouse Effect

Why Managed Trade Is Not Free Trade

Asia: IMF Should Rethink Policy

At the IMF, a Struggle Shrouded in Secrecy Curing Sick Economies Exacts a High Price

Autumn of the Patriarch: The Suharto Grip on Indonesia's Wealth

Canadians Wory Over NAFTA Dispute Mechanism

Corporate Welfare

Decision by U.S. and I.M.F. Worsened Asia's Problems, the World Bank Finds

DSL and the International Private "Security" Business

Economic Scene: The I.M.F. Must Go, Critics Say, But Who Will Cope With Crises?

Financial Warfare

Ford & the Nazi War Efforts Henry Ford Was No Oskar Schindler

Global Economy in Turmoil

Globalization: The Third Wave

Globalization in Crisis: The End of a "Miracle"

Globalization of the World Economy: Financial Globalization

Heads Should Roll at IMF and World Bank

'High-Rhetoric' Fight Between World Bank and the IMF

How to Support the Yen and Save U.S. Jobs at the Same Time

IMF, Desiring An Image Makeover, Plans to Hire a Public-Relations Firm

I.M.F. Resists 'Blackmail' by Russia and U.S

I.M.F., Pressing Russia on Earlier Loan Pact, Takes Time to Rule on New Cash

IMF: Still Bungling in Asia

IMF and US Response to the Asian Financial Crisis

IMF Formulas Come With a High Cost Asia's Persistent Woes Cast Doubt on Usefulness of Bailouts

IMF Funding United Auto Workers International Executive

IMF Programs Increase Poverty, Unemployment and Inequality in Latin America

IMF, World Bank: Dispensing Loans at a Price

IMF's About-Turn on Fiscal Stimulus Won't Work

International Monetary Fund 101

Is the I.M.F. Really Behind the Worsened East Asian Crisis?

Is the Price of Diamonds Too High?

Japan to Propose Global Body for Financial Supervision

Lawsuit Challenging Constitutionality of NAFTA Filed Today by Steelworkers Union in Federal Court

Lessons from the Asian Meltdown

Macroeconomic Situation and Developments in NAFTA countries

Muddled Measures by the IMF

NAFTA and the Mexican Economy

NAFTA Lawsuit Filed in Federal Court

Nigeria Deception

No More Money For Bailouts

Pentagon Warfare: The Corporate Campaign for NATO Expansion

Rank and File Teamsters Fight for Labor's Future

Recolonizing Africa

Refocusing the IMF

Speculation, Foreign Capital Dependence and the Collapse of the Southeast Asian Economies

Spending Millions, Making Billions: Foreign Military Sales Revenues and Campaign Spending

Sweatwash: The Apparel Industry's Efforts to Co-opt Labor Rights

Sweet Deal: Why Are These Men Smiling ?

The Case For Denying the IMF New Funding and Power

The Employment Impact of the Coming Rise in the U.S. Trade Deficit

The Initial Terms of IMF Loan Repayment and Its Adverse Role

The IMF: One Size Does Not Fit All

The Not-Yet Eliminated Global Landmine Industry

The Threat from Mergers

Unfriendly Giants

US and IMF Putting More Squeeze on the South?

US Government Evades Suit on NAFTA

USWA Pursues NAFTA Lawsuit Against United States

Who Wins From the Sub-Saharan Africa Trade Proposal?

World Bank Turns Up Criticism Of the IMF

1999 to be Second Highest Year for Steel Imports; Preliminary Tariffs

21st Century Strategies of Trilateral Countries: The United States

A Millennial Gift to Developing Nations

A Short History of Neoliberalism

Brazil: The Real and Global Crisis

Brazil's Bail-Out is a Time Bomb

Calling the IMF to Account

Calling on Trade Pact Escape Clause

Certifying International Worker Rights – A Practical Alternative

China's WTO Setback: A Victory for Workers

Davos Forum Founder Attacks IMF for

Democracy is in the Streets: Protesters and Police Clash, As WTO Negotiations Collapse

Developing Countries Say the Practice Could Leave Them Worse Off. But Critics Say Concessions are Unfair

Dismantle the WTO

Dumped Foreign Steel is no Boon to American Consumers

Economy: Question of individual rights versus profits raised as nations gather in Seattle

Enforcing a China Deal on the WTO

Exported to Death: The failure of agricultural deregulation

Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker Speaks Frankly About Globalization

"Free Market" Program Boosts World Poverty

Free Trade With China

G-7 Drafts Gold-Sale Plan To Cut Poor Nations' Debt

G-7 Plan for Financial Reform: What It Means for the UN

Globalization Versus Internationalization: Some Implications

Hijacking the Future

Hit by a Load of Dumped Cement from Mexico

House Presents Bills to Alter Debt Plan to Poor Nations

How the Global Economy Harms People and the Environment

IMF Denies Reports of Misappropriation of Funds

IMF Leader Says Bank Should Be Lender of Last Resort

IMF Says It Misread Severity of Asian Crisis

IMF Ventures into the Poverty-Alleviation Business

In Bulgaria, 10 Years of Misery

Indonesian Group Slams IMF, World Bank Over Bank Bali Scam

Is the World Trade Organization a Blessing or a Curse?

It's a Global Mess. What's a World to Do?

Japan's Sakakibara Hits Out at IMF, US Dominance

Key Question: Will Trade Talks Benefit the U.S.?

Maquiladoras at a Glance

Markets Are Freer Than Politicians

Mega-Mergers, Mega-Influence

Memo to Beijing: It's Time for A Time-out

Mexico – The Next Domino?

Ministerial Meeting Debates the World Trade Organization's Agenda for the 21st Century

Mugabe Says Zimbabwe

Multinationals and the World Trade Organisation

NAFTA'S Pain Deepens: Job Destruction Accelerates in 1999 with Losses in Every State

Network Dispute Settlement in NAFTA and the FTA

New NAFTA Lawsuit Against the U.S.

Noam Chomsky and the Struggle Against Neoliberalism

North American Integration

Paying IMF First Keeps Russia Poor

Power of the World's True Masters: When the Giants Play with Fire

Reform and Russia's Future

Relief on Adjustment: Creating the Conditions for More Indebtedness

Revenge of the Financiers

Russia Hotly Protests Audits Demanded by IMF for Loans

Russian IMF Loans Routed Through Offshore Company

Should We Care About the Trade Deficit

Slouching toward Seattle

Soros Urges IMF Changes

Soros Wants IMF as International Central Bank

Suspicions Rise as Aid Scandal Touches Leaders

Taming Global Finance: A Better Architecture for Growth and Equity

The Dumping, not the Response, is the Issue

The Myth of the Social Security Trust Fund

The People Meet the World Trade Organization

The 'New Economy'

The Passion for Free Markets

The Stealth Coup

The U.S. Government Privatizes the Use of Force

The Wealth Gap Widens

The WTO's Slow Motion Coup Against Democracy

Trade vs. Defense Struggle Creates New Paralysis in U.S.-Japan Policy

Unburdening the Third World

USWA Challenging NAFTA Constitutionality in Lawsuit

USWA Contests Lower Court's NAFTA Lawsuit Decision

USWA Response to NAFTA Lawsuit Ruling

West Seeks to Limit Russia Probe Damage

What WTO Means for Working Families

What's Happening to U.S. Manufacturing Jobs?

White House and IMF Give Ecuador the Cold Shoulder

Why the U.S. International Financial Position Is Not Sustainable

Women and Children – Labor Base of Mexican, North American Economy

WTO Accession Deal Must Include Enforceable Labor Rights, Real Commercial Benefits

WTO and the Environment

WTO and the Third World: On a Catastrophic Course

WTO Obstacles to Effective Toxics Controls

WTO Rules Thwart Environmental Agreements, Punish Innovation

WTO Threats to Forest Protection

20 Questions on the IMF

50 Lost Opportunities

50 Years is Enough Network

A Brief History of Transnational Corporations

A Dozen Reasons To Come To DC For April 16

A Study Says IMF's Hand Often Heavy

Africa Demands a Greater Voice at the World Bank and IMF

Against IMF "Realism"

An Effort by US to Change the IMF Is Set Back

An Empire Five Times Over

AOL-Time Warner Merger Internet Feeding Frenzy

April 16 Mobilization Builds Momentum Against the IMF and World Bank

Are Geo-Political Issues Determining IMF's Economic Agenda

Asia Must Have Bigger Voice in IMF: Japan

Asian Crisis Fund Back on Agenda

Asian Fund to Play Complementary Role to IMF

Bangkok Warned on Debt

Bankers Want IMF to Push Reforms

Booming Trade Deficit with China will Accelerate Job Destruction in Next Decade with Losses in Every State

Brazil Collides with IMF over a Plan to Aid the Poor

Brazil Repays IMF Early

Camdessus Urges Developed Nations

Campaign for Global Fairness

Canada Tries To Shut Out Citizens From Trade Dispute

Canada's Export Development Corporation and the Financing Agency Race to the Bottom

China PNTR: a Lose-Lose Deal

China's Trade Status is not a Magic Bullet

Chinese Rights, U.S. Wrongs

Close Down the Masters of Reinvention: The Case for a World Bank Shutdown

Colombia Battles to Meet IMF's Terms

Confessions of Fault Cannot Heal Pain of Economies in Transition

Corporate Mergers Skyrocket

Countries that Ignore IMF Fare Better Off - Stiglitz

Court Bars Romanian IMF Deal

Critics of Globalization Promised a Hearing

Critics Say IMF, World Bank Leave Struggling Nations Dependent

De Beers: Come Clean to Be Clean

Declining Economic Growth Rates in the Era of Globalization

Despite Global Changes, National Sovereignty Remains King

Do the 'Seattle Protesters' Have a Point?

Ecuador's Plan Likened to Putting Thin Person on a Diet

Extravagant Evil and the IMF

False Promise: Canada in the Free Trade Era

Further Opening of Borders, Poverty Reduction Key Topics at Mekong

G24 Coalition Bristles at IMF Demands

Giving the Nod to Conglomerates

Global Economic Inequality

Globalisation: The Plight Of Billions Stressed

Globalization: Valid Concerns?

Globalization, Regionalism

Great Schmoozing - Shame about the Rest

Gun Fight at the IMF Corral

Havel Urges Multinationals to Heed the 'Voices of the People'

Helping the Poorest to Get Poorer The World Bank and the IMF are beyond Reform. Shut them Down.

How Big Business Is Paying Millions to Gain Billions in China

IMF. Is Expected to Ease Demands on Debtor Nations

IMF? No Thanks

IMF Advice Will be Country-Specific: Koehler

IMF Agrees Need to End 'Mission Creep'

IMF And World Bank Absolve Self Of Blame

IMF and World Bank Cut $590 Million in Debt Relief for Guyana

IMF Announces Tighter Lending Rules

IMF Delays Debt Relief with Conditions

IMF Executive Board Establishes Code of Conduct

IMF is a Feudal Fossil, Says Report

IMF is Peddling Misery to the Poor

IMF Lifts Suspension of Sudans

IMF Reform

IMF Reveals Financial Details

IMF Says Prosperity from Globalization

IMF Set to Publish More Reports Explaining Loans

IMF 'Should Give Poor Countries Bigger Voice'

IMF Should Pull Out of Russia, Soros Argues

IMF to Give Zambia Faster Debt Relief

IMF To Provide 20 With Debt Relief

IMF Urges Industrialised Nations

IMF Will Not Impose Conditions on African Governments: Koehler

IMF Will Tighten Grip on Loans

IMF, World Bank and Debt

IMF, World Bank Face Tough Questions on Corruption

IMF, World Bank See Cooperation, Different Roles

IMF's Chief Calls for G7

IMF's Koehler Calls For Dialogue At Prague Meeting

IMF's Promise to Make HIPC Debt Initiative Work

IMF's Shock Cures Are Killing Off the Patients

Import Tax on Canadian Lumber Helps United States

In Big Offshore Oil Discoveries, Frail Visions of a Redeemed Angola

In Search of Stability and Broadly-Shared Prosperity: Reform of the International Monetary System

In the Midst of Upheaval, Yet Out of Public Sight

India Unfazed over IMF Corruption Index Move

Inside Corporate America

Is the Steel Crisis Over?

Islam's Future: The Importance of Social Sciences

Japanese Bank Mergers — Bigger, Not Better

Keep an Eye on the Monopolists

Köhler Demonstrates a Reformist Zeal

Köhler Offers Banks Role As Partners

Landmark Court Ruling Condemns

Manuel Jets Out to Propose Changes to IMF Structures

Meltzer Report Misses The Mark: Commission's Recommendations for World Bank, IMF Need Further Consideration

Multilateral Financial Cooperation and The Fight Against Poverty:

New IMF Chief Sees Broad Role in Lending to Developing Economies

Nicaragua on Track for Debt Relief

Nigerian Union Takes IMF and World Bank to Court

No Loan to Supporters of Terrorism, Says IMF

Old Battle; New Strategy

Petro-China's Failed IPO

Pie-in-the-Sky Debt Relief

Play It Again Sam:

PNTR With China: Economic and Political Costs Greatly Outweigh Benefits

Policies Destroy Forests: Internal Report Documents Bank Contribution to Deforestation

Politicians are the IMF's Real Opponents

Power Play at the IMF

Privatization And Reforms Spread Corruption

Problems in China Trade Deal Require Additional Protections

Progress in Strengthening the Architecture of the International

Protests, General Strike Paralyze Argentine Capital

Report Says IMF Reform Program

Response to Request for Comments Regarding Softwood Lumber Practices

Rise of the Corporate Nation-State

Robert Weil is the Author of Red Cat, White Cat: China and the Contradictions of "Market Socialism."

Roles of World Bank, IMF: Money Saved Should be Returned to Member States, Says Congressional Report

Runaway Trade

Russia Repays IMF Debts

Senator Says US-Canada Softwood Lumber Agreement Helps Montana's Economy

Silencing Joseph Stiglitz

Sound the Alarm Economist James Stiglitz Rips Washington's "Market Bolsheviks"

South African Bitterly Criticizes IMF Policies

Sovereignty No Match for WTO

Spoils Of War

Strained Ties: IMF Issue Divides US and Germany

Summers's Troubles

The ABCs of the Global Economy

The Boondoggle that Won't Stop, and the Corporate Money that Keeps it Going

The Burghers of Wall St. Stand Accused

The Buying of the President

The Case Against China PNTR

The Charade of Debt Sustainability

The China Trade Debate

The Colonization of the Internet

The Facts About Trade and Job Creation

The High Cost of the China-WTO Deal

The IMF: Dr. Death?

The IMF Under Attack

The International Monetary Fund Tries to Outrun Its Critics

The Joys of PNTR

The Littlest Laborers: Why Does Child Labor Continue to Thrive in the Developing World?

The Marlboro Man Rides to China

The Prague Castle Debate: A Few Questions for Mr. Wolfensohn and Mr. Kohler

The Right Role for the IMF in Development

The Role of the IMF

The State of U.S. Democracy: Wal-Mart to the Rescue!

The World Bank's Revolving Door Share Program Exchanges World Bank and Corporate Employees Multi-national Monitor

The World Trade Organization – Stop World Takeover

Third World Aims a Spearhead at Rich Club Caucus of key figures will look for a seat at developed world's table

Top 200: The Rise of Corporate Global Power – 1

Top 200: The Rise of Global Corporate Power – 2

U.S. Firms Build Export-Oriented Production Base In China's Low-Wage, Low Labor-Protection Economy

U.S. Leans on Foreign Government For Trade

UN-Business Partnerships: Whose Agenda Counts?

USA: Billion Dollar NAFTA Challenge to California MTBE Ban

USA: Spying for Free Trade

What I Learned at the World Economic Crisis

What Next for the WTO?

With Giant Media Mergers, Control of Expression In Dwindling Number of Hands

World Bank, IMF Study Ways to Select Bosses

WTO: Watershed for Alternative Media

WTO Means More Than Trade for China

1492 and All That

2000 Trade Deficit Shows Continuing Decline in U.S.

30,000 in Anti-Government Rally in Istanbul

A New Giant Sucking Sound

A Public Citizen Primer on the FTAA

A Resource War

A Tighter Hand in Doling Out Global Aid? IMF, World Bank Principles Face a New Policy Threat

Affected, but not Dominated, by Globalization

After 11 September, the US Introduced Laws that 'Mirror the Worst Excesses of Some Dictatorships'

After 20 years of global economic deregulation, poverty and inequality are as pervasive as ever

Against the Workers How IMF and World Bank Policies Undermine Labor Power and Rights

All-Time Record Trade Deficit Threatens U.S. Economic

An End to Multilateral Trade?

Analysis: Bush's Good Neighbour Policy

Another Plea for More Aid to Poor

Apec's Free Trade Struggle

Argentina's Financial Quandary Is No Surprise

Bad Trade Agreements – not a Lack of Agreements

Bearing the Burden of IMF and World Bank Policies

Before Passing Fast Track, Congress Must See Outcome of

Bethlehem Steel in Chapter 11

Bob Zoellick: Cynic, Zealot, and Opportunist

Brazil Sceptical of Free Trade Deal

Bush Backs Steel Limits

Bush Should Help Steel and Textile Industries

Bush Uses Newspeak to Hide Embrace

Bush's Trade Strategy

Bushwhacked in Timber Country

Business as Usual on IMF Bailouts

Bye Bye, Economics?

California's Engineered Energy Crisis and the Potential of Public Power

Canada Sees Free Trade in Lumber As of Weekend

Canada Timber Felled by Crisis

Canada-US Lumber Trade: What’s Next?

Canadian Lumber Agreement Set to Expire in March 2001

Canadian Lumber Dispute Escalates into Trade Squabble

Chasing the Holy Grail of Free Trade

China: Government Puts Brakes on WTO

China Aims to Perpetuate U.S. Trade Deficit

China Trade Prospects Grow Dimmer

Congressional Debate on Fast Track Misrepresented the

Corporate Domination of the Americas

Corporate Welfare for Welfare Corporations

Critics Explain How People Can Affect the IMF and World Bank

Defending the Foundation of Defense

Distorting The Record: NAFTA's Promoters Play Fast And Loose With Facts

Dubious Development: The World Banks Foray Into Private Sector Investment

Economic Slowdown Should Prompt President to Reform

Environmentalists Demand U.S. Investigate Canada's Forest Practices

Export Illusions: Most International Trade Agreements are about Investment, Not Exports

Fair Trade or Fast Track?

False Promise Canada in the Free Trade Era

False Promises via Free Trade

Fast Track To Trade Deficits: Mushrooming Foreign Debt Begs For Strategic Pause Before Approving New Agreements

Fast Track Victimizes America's Poor

Fears Over the Effect of Free Trade

Federalism, NAFTA Chapter Eleven and the Jay Treaty of 1794

Free Trade Area of the Americas

Free Trade Doesn't Always Promote Freedom

Free Trade, Deeper Democracy

From New Economy to War Economy

Gary Condit and the Multinationals

Genetic Engineering and the Privitization of Seeds

George W. Bush, Economic Nationalist?

Global Capitalism: Multilateral System in Crisis

Global Fairness and the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)

Global Greed — The 1542 Edition

Global Growth — U.S. Versus the World

Globalization And Talibanization

How Free Trade Threatens Democracy

How IMF and World Bank Policies Undermine Labor Power and Rights

How Should the Left Respond to Globalization

How Wall Street Created a Nation

IMF Adds Its Voice to Chorus of US Trade Critics

IMF and Russia Suffer Democracy Deficit

IMF Bankers Get Ready to Give Pakistan a Loan

IMF Extends Ecuador Loan

IMF In Support of Bankruptcy Plan

IMF Not Taking into Account Human Rights Issues

IMF Opposes Argentina Economy Bailout

IMF Prescription Fails to Revive Economy

IMF Short-Changes Hapless Developing Nations: Report

IMF Supports Argentine Economic Measures

IMF Unhappy with Change to Argentine Peg

IMF Warns Fewer Terms May Mean Fewer Loans

IMF, Paris Club Slammed for No Debt Write-Off

IMF, World Bank and African Economies

IMF, World Bank Count Cost of Protest

IMF's Four Steps to Damnation

IMF / World Bank Water Policies and the Price Paid by the Poor

Inadequate US Trade Data Has Policymakers Flying Blind

India — Skipping the Industrial Revolution?

Is Globalization Inevitable?

It's All Over But the Tears: Softwood Goes to Ground

Japan Sees China as Economic Threat; Is the U.S. Blind?

Legal Summary

Lies, Damned Lies, and Income Statistics

Losing the Economic Battle of Doha

Lumber Battle Cuts Across U.S. Border

Lumber Dispute Tests Free Trade

Lumber Dominates U.S.-Canada Trade Meeting

Lumber Industry Lashes Out at New U.S. Tariff

Malaysia Calls for Continued Reforms

Manufacturing Should be US Priority in World Trade Talks

Mexican Truckers Fight for US Access

Mexico: Trade in the Shadow of Big Brother

Myths of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff

NAFTA at Seven

NAFTA for the Americas

NAFTA's Investor ''Rights'': A Corporate Dream, A Citizen Nightmare

NAM Betrays Its Members' Interests With Its Free Trade

National Economies and Patriotism Are Not 'Societal

Never Say NAFTA Again?

New China Commission Tilts Toward Beijing

New Database on World Bank Fossil Fuel Projects

New Trade Negotiations Not Like to Serve America

November's WTO Ministerial Meeting Not on a 'Fast Track'

On a Fast Track to Disaster

Peru's Silver Age

Petitions to Restrict Canadian Lumber Imports

Pettigrew sees no negotiated truce ahead

Poll Shows Majority of Voters

Pressing Decisions Will Reveal if Bush Is a Free Trade

Provinces Splintered on Softwood Strategy

Push for Deeper IMF, World Bank Reforms

Q&A About Canadian Lumber Subsidies

Renowned US Economists Denounce Corporate-Led Globalization

Reshuffling Deficits Will Not Revive the Economy

Rio Tinto: Global Compact Violator PT Kelian: A Case Study of Global Operations

Romania Rediscovered

Russia Restores Ties with IMF

Selling Farmers Short In Trade Negotiations

Sharing the Benefits of Globalization More Widely

Softwood Proposals

Stanford Economist to Be Number Two at IMF

Sticks, Stones, and Trade Policy

Sudan: Oil Money Is Fueling Civil War

Sweatshops 101

Teaching About Stocks for Fun and Propaganda

Text of Quebec Agreement

Thanks for Nothing

The ABCs of Free Trade Agreements

The Academic Frauds Supporting Fast Track Trade

The American Way

The Americas Summit's Legacy

The Corporate Attack on Electronic Privacy

The Crisis in Manufacturing Is A Result of Failed Policy

The Disconnect between Productivity, Prosperity, and

The EU — U.S. Consumer's Best Friend

The Failure of the Mexico Bailout

The First Test for Bush's Trade Policy

The Free Trade Area of the Americas and the Threat to Social Programs, Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice in Canada and the Americas

The Free Trade Area of the Americas Places Corporate Rights Above

The Free Trade Magic Act In Dubious Study, First You See The Benefits Of Globalization, Then You Don't

The FTAA and the Threat to Democracy

The Great Game: Oil and Afghanistan

The IMF and World Bank's Cosmetic Makeover

The IMF's Missed Opportunity

The Impact Of NAFTA On Wages And Incomes In Mexico

The Lending Game in History

The Pentagon Gets It Half Right on Economics

The Power of Fast Tracking

The Protectionists Strike Back: Examining the Defense of Trade Restrictions on Lumber

The Real Challenge of Globalization: Securing the Lion's

The Right and US Trade Law: Invalidating the 20th Century

The Softwood Lumber Trade History Between Canada and the United States

The Struggle for NAFTA

The Trade Debate We Need Isn't Occurring

The Turkey-Mexico Parallel

The Unappreciated Euro

The War on Terrorism Precludes Free Trade As Practiced

The Wartime Opportunists on High Alert

The World's Economies Slide Together Into Recession

The World's First Corporations

The WTO, Bob Zoellick, and the Surrender of America's

The WTO's Hidden Agenda

Thousands Protest IMF-Backed Government Recovery Plan

Trade Deficits and Manufacturing Decline are the Legacies of NAFTA and the WTO

Trade With China Hurts U.S. Labor Market

Trading Away U.S. Farms

U.S. Sawmill Jobs at Stake in Battle Over Canadian Lumber

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Legal Challenge to NAFTA

U.S. Trade Policy: Serving the 'World Community' or the

U.S. Workers Must Have Fair Trade

U.S. Worried Canadian Lumber Will Flood American Market

U.S., Canada Form Group to Resolve Lumber Dispute U.S., Canada Form

U.S.-Canada Softwood Lumber Agreement

US Seeks IMF, World Bank Reform

USA: Business Wants Military Ties with Indonesia

USWA Will Petition U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Challenge To Constitutionality Of NAFTA

USWA Files Petition With U.S. Supreme Court Challenging Constitutionality of NAFTA

War and Globalization

Weyerhaeuser Lays Off 1,000 Canadian Workers Caught in Trade Battle

What Are We For?

What the Fast Track Vote Really Means

When China Last Ruled the World

When Countries Go Bust

When Free Markets Frown on Free Trade

When Free Traders Excuse Terrorism

White House, Congressional Negotiators Agree on Plan to Open U.S. Roads to Mexican Trucks

Why Mr Brown Should Not Stick to the Rules

Why the Consumer Won't Save Us

Why We Protest

Will Fast Track Worsen the Global Slump?

Will NAFTA Tiffs Ever End?

World Bank and IMF Anti-Poverty Schemes Still Rile Grassroots

Zoellick's Ignorance of Trade History Will Lead to Bad

2001 Top Seven Agrochemical Companies

A Better Way To Stabilize The Global Economy

A Clear, But Not Imminent Danger

A Dangerous Dance with China

A Day When Realism Intruded on U.S. Trade Policy

A Different IMF Agenda During the Crisis

A Global Strategy for Labor

A Housing Boom Composed of Imports Delays the Recovery

A Peculiar Form of Global Harmony

A Second Chance for Brazil and the IMF

A Street-Level Trade Debate

A Tale of Two Coups: Venezuela and Argentina

Accounting Tricks Around the Globe

Activists View Argentina's World Bank Default as Positive

Afghanistan — Aid Versus Drugs

African Monetary Fund: A Viable Option?

Agriculture Lobby Wins Big in New Farm Bill

Americans Aainst Common N.A. Currency: Survey

Americans Will Pay for APEC's Mexican Vacation

America's Empire Rules an Unbalanced World

Andean Trade Fantasies

Another Losing Season for America's Economic Team

Are the Unions Finally Wising Up on The Politics of

Argentina Is Recovering

Argentina Says It Will Skip

Argentina Doesn't Need the IMF

Argentina, IMF at Impasse on Aid

Argentina, Shortchanged: Why the Nation That Followed the Rules Fell to Pieces

Argentina's Collapse Undermines Theoretical Basis of

Argentina's Crisis Is a US Failure

Artificial Advantage in the New Economy

As Global Lenders Refocus, a Needy World Waits

As U.S. Seeks a Trade Accord, Brazilians Recall Discord

Asia's Suspect Consumption Boom

Back to the Trade Future: A Dead End

Bad News in Europe

Bad Trade Deals Have Severe Long-Term Costs

Ban on MTBE Induces Suit Using NAFTA Provision

Banks Trick Poor into Expensive Loans

Battle Lines Drawn on Free Trade Zone

Beijing Looks to Bring Neighbours Under its Wing

Bob Zoellick Misreads History

Brazil: Model Economy or Model Deadbeat?

Brazil Leader Lashes Out at IMF

Brazil on Threshold of New Era With Lula Victory

British Empire Blamed for Modern Conflicts

Bush Adopts Half Measurers on Steel Trade, but Fails to

Bush Slaps Tariffs on Steel Imports

Bush Unwittingly Makes the Case for a New Trade and

Bush's Misguided Asia Trip

Bush's Security Strategy Threatened by Economic Folly 

Canada-U.S. Lumber Trade Disputes

Canada to Review ITC Ruling and Indigenous Brief in Lumber Dispute

Canadian Softwood Lumber: What Kind of Ruling Could Emerge from a WTO Panel?

Central America Ambivalent Toward Free Trade

Central American Free Trade Agreement

Central and Eastern European Workers Struggle to Hold Their

Chad/Cameroon: World Bank OKs Pipeline

Cheney's Former Company Wins Afghanistan War Contracts

China's Economic Rise Is No Triumph of Free Markets

China's New Economy Begins on the Farm

Chomsky Blasts Forum From Brazil

Citigroup, Predatory Lending and the Credit Crunch for the Poor and Working Class

Citigroups Global Finance and Threats to the Environment

Citizens Have a Right to Determine Their Destiny

Comments on The Proposed U.S. Morocco Free Trade

Congressional Commission Finds Dangerous US-China

Conservatives' Free Trade Policies Lead to the Growth of

Corporate Capture of the Internet:

Corporate Concerns Rule

Corporate Curriculum

Corporate Power Is the Enemy of Our Democracy

Corporate Socialism

Countries Still Rule the World

Court Orders Bush Administration Must Give

Creating the Conditions for Integration

Dayton-Craig: Why the Senate Fast Track Vote Matters

'Debt Cancellation Would Hinder

Deconstructing Market Access: Whose Market, Whose Access?

Deflation: The Global Economy's Downside

Discontent as Former IMF Chief Named to UN Conference

Does Globalization Equal Westernization?

Does Globalization Help the Poor?

Don't Wait for Crisis, IMF And UN Need Overhaul

Doublespeak from Daschle on Trade Adjustment Assistance

East Timor Joins IMF and World Bank

Energy Giant Bulldozed Over Environmental, Human Rights Concerns To Build Bolivian Pipeline – With U.S. Government Backing

EU Ready to Open Door on Euro Reform

European Union Expansion and the Troubled Former Communist Countries

From Rio to Johannesburg: The Globalization Decade

False Promises on Globalization from Oxfam

Fast Track: Leaving America Naked to the World

Fast Track and Bush's Latin Fantasies

Fast Track to a Dollar Crisis

Fast Tracking Fast Track

Former Clinton Official Urges CEOs to Embrace Globalism, Reject Nationalism

Free Trade Agreements: Threads Of A Giant Continental Spider Web

Free Trade Area of the Americas: Much to Lose, Little to Gain

Free Trade "Imperialism" or Self-Defeating Globalism?

Free Traders: Left, Right, or Off the Chart?

From the Quarantine Against Greed

FTAA, External Debt and Militarization: Three Axes of the Same Project

Fund Threatens Brazilian Democracy

G8 Failing to Stop the Terror Trade


Getting Asia Out of Trouble

Global Pressures and Popular Energies

Globalisation Subversive to Africa's Development

Globalisation Cast Millions to Poverty, Says ILO Africa Boss

Globalists Now Threaten U.S. War Planning

Globalization: Good or Bad?

Globalization and American Power

Globalization and Developing Countries

Globalization and Future of Poor Countries

Globalization and Global Truth

Globalization Faces an Uncertain Future

Globalization Fails to Deliver the Goods

Globalization Is About More Than Economics

Globalization is Ripping through Peoples Lives

Globalization Made Them Do It

Globalization Proponents Are Starting to Jump Ship

Government Plan May Make Private Up to 850,000 Jobs

Great Power Conflict over Iraqi Oil: the World War I Era

Growing and Slowing

Handful of Corporate Raiders Transform Russia's Economy

Hanging by a Thread

High-School Economics: Corporate Sponsorship and Pro-Market Bias

How Attacking Iraq Weakens U.S. Security

How Microsoft Conquered Washington

How Much will Steel Tariffs Cost Steelworkers

How Trade Agreements Can Reform Japan

How Vested Interests Are Enclosing the CyberCommons and Undermining Internet Freedom

Hypocrisy is all too Evident Behind Our Compassion

IMF Agrees to Loan of $30 Billion for Brazil.

IMF and World Bank: Out of Control

IMF Bets Its Future On Brazil

IMF Blamed for Malawi Famine

IMF Denies Advising Malawi to Sell Food

'IMF Does Not Give Funds'

IMF Loan Conditions for Nicaragua

IMF Loan to Uruguay: to Save or to Enslave?

IMF Outlines New Plan for Bankrupt Countries to Restructure Debt

IMF Policies are Not Good for Nigeria, Says Ex-Director of Budget and Planning

IMF Reform Plan Makes Comeback US Eases Stand on 'Bankruptcy' Idea

IMF Repeating Asian Mistake

IMF Sounds Zimbabwe's Economic Death Knell

IMF Strong-Arming Debtors Despite New Lending Guidelines

IMF Support for Privatization of State-Owned Tobacco Enterprises

IMF Weighs Up Bankruptcy System For Nations

IMF, World Bank And Abuja

IMF's 'Consensus' Policies Fraying

IMF's Treatment of Favourite Sons Challenged

Imperialism: The Sequel

In China, Labor Unions Offer Little Protection

Increased Competition From Large Foreign Lenders Threatens Domestic Banks, Raises Financial Instability

Indian Economy: Shackled Giant or Asia's New Tiger?

Indonesian Government Urged to Stop IMF Cooperation

Indonesia's Cycle of Subservience to the IMF

Industry Attacks on Dissent: From Rachel Carson to Oprah

International Trade: When More Is Not Always Merrier

Iran: Speak Your Mind — If You Can

Iraq: the Struggle for Oil

Is Bush Using Enron-Like Tactics to Sell Trade Deals to the Public?

Is the Apocalypse Drawing Nigh for the IMF?

It's Not Just Steel

Kenya MPs Rebel Against WB and IMF

Korea's Crony Capitalism

Labor Movement Declaration Concerning the United States-Central

Lamy, Steel and the World

Latin America's Unlikely Revolutionary Folk Hero

Lessons From Argentina's Debacle

Libertarian Myths: Learning from the "Dead Hand"

Lindsey's Purge Won't Cure the Dutch Disease

Losing Command of the Sea (Part 1)

Losing Command of the Sea (Part 2)

Making the Case For Bangladesh

Making the Poor Foot the Bill

Manufacturing, Not Tourism, Should Be Mayors' Top

Manufacturing, Wealth, and National Power

Many Oppose Trade Deal

Market Share Nosedive for U.S. Industries

Memo to Germans: Be More Like the French!

Mexican Legislation Strikes a Blow Against Privatization, Secrecy

NAFTA: A Cautionary Tale

NAFTA Equals Death, Say Peasant Farmers

NAFTA Nonsense

NAFTA's Hidden Impact

Nations Talk Free Trade, But Protectionism Rises

Neither the UN nor the WTO Should Hinder US Policy

Nepal's Woes: Instability, Inequality, Insurgency

New Accord a Boon to US Leadership in FTAA

New Debt Proposal Allows Overhaul for Poor Nations

New WTO Decision on US Tax Law Could Kill the Golden

NGOs Stress Need to Reform World Bank and IMF

Nigerians to Withdraw From Accord With IMF

No Grasp: Why a Far-Reaching American Empire Will Not Serve Anyone's Interests, Least of All Ours

Not Much is Fair About Free Trade

Of Texas, Cowboys and Militant Zionists (Part 2 of 3)

Oil in Iraq: the heart of the Crisis

One World, Two Standards

O'Neill Cautions Against Forcing

Overturning the Economic Aristocracy

Pat Cox: Europe's Parliament — Why It Matters

Peru's Globalization Problem

Plundering Peter to Pay Paul

Poverty — By the Numbers?

Price of Free Trade: Famine

Privacy Protections Recede as the Purveyors of Digital Security Technologies Capitalize on September 11

Privatisation Sold as a Development Panacea

Privatization Will Be Over Zambians' Dead Bodies, Sata Warns IMF

Reforming the IMF

Reining in Exchange Rates

Republicans and Big Government

Restructuring Central Banks Creating A Foundation For Strong, Stable And Sustainable Growth

Rich Nations Are Criticized for Enforcing Trade Barriers

Saudi Texas Vs. Japanese Texas (Part 3 of 3)

Seeking Long Term Solutions for Food Crisis

Servicing Cities Interests: GATS and the Bid to Remove Barriers to Financial Firm Globalization

Short Takes a Tilt at CAP

Should Government Take IMF Seriously?

Should We Trust the French to Build Our Weapons Systems?

Single Economic Model Does Not Suit Whole World

Sizing Up Foreign Direct Investment

Sizing Up Foreign Direct Investment, Part II: Lions and Sparrows

Sluggish US Economy a Global Concern

Small is Dumb, Not Beautiful, in Trade Policy


'Soaking the Rich' Will Not Solve US Trade and Economic

Softwood Lumber Trade and U.S. Protectionism

Solomon Islands Begins Implementing IMF Demand For Severe Job Cuts

Some Establishment Breakthroughs on Trade Policy

South-South Links Can Forge Economic Shield

Sovereign Debt Restructuring:

Steel: The Empire Strikes Back

Supporting American Steel

Tariffs Meant To Pay Off At The Polls Aren't Helping On The Job

Technology Companies are Helping China build its Big Brother Internet

The Anatomy of a Deal: A Close Look at the World Bank's Plans to Privatize Ghana's Water System

The Anti-Globalists Go Anti-American

The Campaign for Compliance and Appeal Mechanisms at the European Development Banks

The Case for a South, Central Asia Trade Bloc

The Challenge of World Poverty

The Chinese Economic Challenge and Its Geo-political

The Contented Malcontent Interview: Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize-Winning Economist

The Continuing Enigma of Japan

The Disastrous Consequences of a World Without Balance

The Economic Ground Zero of Globalization

The Eight Losers of Globalization

The End of Empire

The Enron of the Developing World

The Failure of the Government to Use Its Purchasing Power to Promote Corporate Compliance with the Law

The Fanjul Power Circle: Family Interested in Business, Civic Affairs

The German Lion and the French Lamb

The Global Financial System On the Brink, Again

The Global Goodfellas at the IMF

The Gloomy State of Today's World: Globalization

The Great Stock Illusion

The Growing US Economic Integration with China

The Hague Convention and the Threat to Internet Freedoms and Consumer Protection

The High Cost of Neglecting Manufacturing

The IFI Threat to East Timorese Economic Independence

The IMF and Transparency: Moving Forward

The Last Domino

The Latest Chapter in the World Bank's Privatization Plans

The MDG Drumbeat Gets Louder

The Myths of the Steel Industry's Arguments for Increased Government Intervention

The New Global Aid-Defense Standard

The Odd Couple of Global Finance

The Other Axis of Evil

The Poison Fruit of Free Trade

The Private Government of Citigroup

The Race to the Bottom Speeds Up

The Rich World's Veto on Reform

The Root of The Problem

The Sham Of Chinese Market Opening

The Trouble With Globalism

The Twin Debacles of Globalization

The US Must Play its Part

The View From Beijing

The World Bank, Oil Development and Environmental Protection in Georgia

They Are Systematically Destroying Economies:

Thirsty for Justice

Throwing Japan to the Wolves

To Bolster the Dollar, Cut the Trade Deficit

To Make Sovereign Debt Restructuring Smoother, Not to Dictate the Terms

Trade as a Means of Wealth Redistribution to the Third

Trade Policy Without Self-Respect; Media Without a Clue

Trade Talks Bog Down, but Zoellick Doesn't Notice

Trade War Against US Escalates

Trading in Our Democracy?

Treasury Official Rejects Proposal a Day After It Is Advanced

Turkey Another Disaster in the Making?

Two Major Wars

US-Canada Lumber Dispute: Episode 2

US-Canada: A Timber War on the Horizon

U.S. Cement Producers Allege Government Inaction Violates Constitutional Rights

U.S. Economic Recovery Can Only Begin At Home

U.S. Leadership and Nuclear Proliferation

U.S. Needs New Declaration of Independence from Europe

'Uncle Sucker' and the World Trade Organization

Undermining Democracy: FTAA, Fast Track and Local Governments

US Faces Calls for Untied Loans to Help Launch East Timor's Statehood

US Launches Plan To Abolish Key Tariffs

US Trade Chiefs Propose Timber Tariffs

US Trade Deficit Begins to Attract Serious Attention

US Trade Policy: Real World Challenges Met by Fantasy

US Trade Representative Celebrates 40 Years of Failure

US-China Rivalries: Are the Real Dangers Economic and

USTR Cites WTO Panel Split Ruling on Canada Lumber Case

Wall Street Ups Opposition to IMF Bankruptcy Plan

Wal-Mart: the World's Biggest Corporation

Washington Under Fire For 'Damaging' Trade Curbs

Weyerhaeuser Offers Solution to Bring Down Lumber Trade Wall

What Is Globalization?

What Makes up the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)?

What the Multinationals Won't Tell You About Fast Track

What's Up with the Down Dollar?

When Attacking Iraq Weakens U.S. Security

When Surrender Isn't Good Enough

Who Controls the Loot?

Who Will Bail Out America?

Why Globalization Fails to Deliver

Why Latin America Stays Trapped

Why the Euro Will Fail

Why the IMF and World Bank Fail in Kenya

Will A Green Defeat Allow Us to See the World More

Will Bush Repeat Clinton's Economic Mistakes

Will Congress Investigate US Agencies' Enron Ties?

Will the World Bank Replicate Amazonian Failures in Central and Eastern Europe?

With the World's Strongest Economy, the US Should Be

World: Enron's Tactics Overseas Criticized

World: IMF Strong-Arms Debtors Despite New Lending Guidelines

World Agency Warns on Trade Imbalance

World Bank Attacks US and EU 'Hypocrisy' on Subsidies

World Bank, IMF Conditions Punish Innocent People

World Bank, IMF Threw Colombia Into Tailspin

World History and the Texan Mind of George W. Bush (Part 1 of 3)

WorldCom Says Its Books Are Off By $3.8 Billion

WTO Panel Upholds Key Parts of U.S. Actions on Softwood Lumber

Zoellick's Trade-Deal Push Could Undermine the WTO

6450 Jobs Lost in Pillowtex Bankruptcy

90-Day China Safeguard Consultation Period Expires

A Better Way to Go Bust

A Casualty of War: The Dollar

A Cruel Sea of Capital

A High-Risk Trade Policy

A Mexican Storm is Brewing

A Misguided Stimulus Package

A New Anti-Poverty Remedy for Africa? Adjustment Policies Weaken Poverty Reduction Goals, Critics Charge

A New Beginning for WTO after Cancun

A Pact on Central America Trade Zone, Minus One

A Spectre Haunts the Post-Cancun World

A Tale of Two Companies, or How Our Trade Policies are Destroying the US Economy

Africa’s GM Dilemma

African Countries Demand for Democracy in IMF, World Bank

Agricultural Trade Liberalization and Brazil's Rural Poor: Consolidating Inequality

Aid or Trade?

Air France and KLM to Merge, Becoming Europe's No. 1 Airline

All the Way with FTA?

America First

America Needs a Trade Talks Freeze

America's Interests Come Last in Cancun

AMTAC Deplores Textile Trade Giveaway to Vietnam

AMTAC Opposes CAFTA Deal Harms Domestic Manufacturing

AMTAC Urges Congressional Furnishings Caucus to Confront Threat to Domestic Furniture Manufacturing

AMTAC Urges Implementation of Special Textile China Safeguard

An Empire Built on Bargains Remakes the Working World

An Interview on Nanoweapons

An Update on Global Trends

Anti-China Campaign Hides Maquiladora Wage Cuts

Appeasing Asian Protectionists Won't Solve the North

Arab Thumbs Down on Free Trade

Are America's Farmers Turning Against Free Trade?

Argentina Sets out $100bn Debt Restructuring Plan

Argentina Struggles to Meet Debt-Relief Terms

Argentina, US Searching for New Policy Guidelines

Argentina's IMF Agreement: The Dawn of a New Era?

As China Gallops, Mexico Sees Factory Jobs Slip Away

As Protests Rise, Indonesia Weighs Exiting IMF Loan

Assessing Russia's Future

At War With Ourselves

Back to 1913?

Bank/Fund Annual Meetings Round-up

Bankruptcy System for Nations Fails to Draw Support

Battlefield Is A Showcase for Defense Firms

Bechtel: Profiting from Destruction: Why the Corporate Invasion of Iraq Must be Stopped

Bilateral Trade Treaties Are a Sham

Brazil Cuts Budget to Show Fiscal Discipline

Brazil Renews "Unnecessary" IMF Agreement

Brazil Warns On Trade Negotiations With Us

Bribe Inquiry Launched in Mobil's Foreign Deals

Britain and the Euro – Just Say No?

Britain Urges Less Political, More Critical IMF

Brown Plan to Reform Global Financial System Meets Opposition

Burying the "Washington Consensus"

Bush and Lula: A Collision of Two Worlds

Bush Ends Temporary Tariffs

Bush Gives European Union and WTO Victory on Steel

Bush Vision: A Trade-Driven Africa

Bush's AIDS Test

Bush's Latin Trade Policy Needs Reality Check

Business Week Finally Sees the Light, But Dimly

Buy America and the Berry Amendment

Buy America Procement Provision Berry Amendment

CAFTA: Free Trade vs. Democracy

Canada Source of U.S. Timber Woes

Canada's Secret Constitution

Central American Migrants Take Action on Trade and Regional Integration

Chad: Plenty of Oil to Export, But No Electricity

Chairman Hunter Strengthens Buy American Provisions for U.S.

Changing Tack, Brazil Pitches Flexible FTAA Approach

Cheap Chinese Goods Pricey in the Long Run

Cheney, Halliburton and the Spoils of War

China Controls the People by Keeping Them Ignorant

China Stiffs Bush as Its Global Ambitions Rise to New

China Surges Economically While America Falters

China Trade: High Time for a Change in US Policy

China, US optimistic about future trade relations

China vs the West Geostrategy vs Amnesia

ChinaTrade: Increasingly High Tech, Increasingly

Chinese Consumers: Penny Wise, But Not Pound Foolish

Choosing a Better World

Coffee, the Deadly Embrace

Coming to the Grocery Shelf: Fair-Trade Food

Confronting Empire

Confucius as China's Ideologue Today

Congress Must Accelerate Pressure on China Trade

Corporate Control of North America

Costa Rica May Derail US Free Trade Plans

Cronies Reap Iraqi Contracts

Crude Politics

Cultivating a Partership: Brazil Finds a Market for Exports and a Friend in China

Currency of China is Emerging as Tough Business Issue in US

Dealing with Debt: How to Reform the Global Financial System

Debt Relief Under the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative: A Factsheet

Decision Nears on Canadian Lumber Imports

Declining Unionization, Rising Inequality

Defense and Trade Policies Should Advance US Industries,

Democracy and Capitalism in India

Depressed Coffee Prices Yield Suffering in Poor Countries

Despite Free Trade Claims, Big Business Lobby's Members Shed Jobs and Amassed Wealth

Dire States

Dismal Numbers Don't Tell Whole Story, Says World Bank Africa Economist

Do as the US Says, Not as it Does

Does Robert Zoellick Deserve a Place in History?

Double Standard on Globalization

Effective Loans Require Shared Responsibility

End of Illusions

Enslaved By Free Trade

Ensuring Workers Rights As A Strategy For Economic Growth

EU Threatens Trade War Over US Tax Provisions

Europe and the Third Wave of Globalization

Exacerbation of Exploitation through FTAA

Exploding the Myth of Competitiveness

Extra! Two Reporters Get Trade Stories Correct

Failing to Deliver for Low Income Countries

Fall of the Dollar

Fighting the Globalization Flu

Flawed U.S. Trade Policy Chiefly Responsible for Losses

'Food Security' Threatens to Collapse Doha Trade Talks

For the Dollar, Double Trouble

For Whose Benefit?

Forced Smiles & State Repression Cant Hide the Victory for Global Justice

Ford Forgets One of Its Better Ideas

Foreign Aid President?

Foreign Debt - We Could Try the Thai Way

Foreign Investors Can Now Access Justice

Foreigners Exact Trade-Offs From US Contractors

Foster and Blanco Team Up to Protest CAFTA on Sugar Provision

Foul Trade

Fox Signs Rescue Package to Help Mexican Farmers

Free Trade Area of the Americas Ministerial in Miami: An Action Plan

Free Trade Between Mercosur and India: New Bonds, New Boundaries

Free Trade Is Running Out of Time

Free Trade Proponents in Disarray As Agricultural Talks

Free Trade Vs. Democracy

Free-Trade Pact Is Full of Dangers

G-7, Civil Society Press for IMF, World Bank Transparency Reforms

Genetically Modified Morals A Global Food Fight

Ghana Faces IMF Arm-Twisting

Global Balance Sheet — 1913 to 1998

Global Businesses Profit from Congo War, Groups Charge

Global Trade: The Key to a New Agreement

Global Trade Keeps a Billion Children in Poverty, Says Unicef

Globalisation Cited as Threat to US Security

Globalization = Poverty

Globalization and Its Discontents in 2004

Globalization Hits a Political Speed Bump

Globalization of Services: The Backlash Begins

Globalization's Lost Decade

Globalization's Unanswered Questions

Globalizing Economy? Not So Fast

Gone With Globalization

Good Deflation and Bad Deflation

Governors Want Political Backing for One African Currency

Halliburton Makes a Killing on Iraq War

Halliburton Milks British Nuclear Submarines for Millions

Halting American Manufacturing's Decline Requires

Hard or Soft?

Harmonisation and Coherence: White Knights or Trojan Horses

Have Poverty? Here Are Two Plans

Hawks Battle Over Fate of US Defense Industry

Health Insurance Premiums Crash Down on Middle Class

High-Tech Jobs: Another Industry Races to the Bottom

House Approves Singapore Trade Agreement

House Must Prevail in Conference on Defense Bill

How China's Propaganda Machine Works

How Do You Say Ticktock in Spanish?

How Githongo Can Keep the IMF At Bay

How Hydrogen Empowers Fair Globalization

How Not to Lose the Peace Economically

How The High Dollar Has Hurt U.S. Manufacturing Producers And Why The Dollar Still Needs To Fall Further

How to Build a Better Trade Pact with Central America

I Was Wrong. Free Market Trade Policies Hurt the Poor The IMF and World Bank Orthodoxy Is Increasing Global Poverty

I Have A Dream for the Middle East

Idaho Grapples with Downturn in Lumber Trade

IFC Decision Pending on Controversial Haiti Free Trade Zone

IMF Blames US, Others for Economy Woes

IMF Cuts Disputed Clause from Debt Plan

IMF May Ease Its Stance on Argentine Debt

IMF More Cautious over Poor Countries

IMF Policies at Root of Riots, Say Activists

IMF, Bank Move Into Middle East - Too Fast?

IMF, World Bank Join Forces with WTO

IMF's Argentinian Incontinence

IMFs Critical View on Financial Integration: Is It Real?

Immigrant Intellectuals and American Grand Strategy

In China Trade, the Joke is on the American Public, in

Income Inequality in the United States

India: Go Nuclear to Win Respect?

India's 'Look East' Policy Pays Off

Indispensable or Unworkable? The IMF's New Approach to Conditionality

Indonesia's Battle of Will with the IMF

Inequality and Corporate Power

Influential Groups Push Growing Penetration of Biotech Crops

Inherent Risks in Multi-Country Defense Programs Far

Inside the Institutions: the IMF and Poverty

International Food Wars

Interview with the World Bank's New Chief Economist

"Inverse Engagement" with Iraq and American Vulnerability

Investment Agreement in the WTO: Opening Pandora's Box?

Iraq: New Drill: Inside Giant Oil Industry, Maze Of Management Tensions

Iraq and the Armies of the World

Iraq And The Hidden Euro-Dollar Wars

Iraq Triumph and the Ghosts of Vietnam

Is China Really Moving Toward Democracy?

Islam and Women

Jordan's Sweatshops: The Carrot or the Stick of US Policy?

Jakarta's New Loans Tied to Reforms

Kremlin's Corporate Seizure as a War of Elites

Labor Rights Protections in CAFTA

Latest Trade Figures: Even Worse Than They Look

Latin America Deserves Better

Latin Bishops Launch Broadside against Free Trade Area

Lawmakers Seek Halliburton Probe

Liberalisation Makes Rajasthan's Drought Lethal

Living in China’s Shadow

Lone Sharks

Losing the Race – In Space and On Earth

Louisiana’s Sugar Industry Increases Efforts to Remove Tariffs from CAFTA Negotiating Table

Lower Import Prices Haven't Lifted Living Standards

Madison Versus Bush

Manufacturing's Importance Missing from the State of the

Mapping a New Economic Roadmap

Market-Based Policies Under Threat in Latin America IMF

Mending Manufacturing: Reversing Poor Policy Decisions Is The Only Way To End Current Crisis

MERCOSUR and the FTAA: New Tensions and New Options

Mergers and the Supersizing of Business

Mexican Garment Workers Struggle for Independent Union!

Mexico Free Trade Founders on Japan's Farmers

Mexico’s Small Farmers in a Global Economy

More Bad News for Small Farmers: Coherence between Financial and Trade Institutions

Mr. Bush and Israel's Nuclear Weapons

Multinationals Ride Wave of Water Privatization, Investigation Finds

NAFTA: A Decade of Failure

NAFTA at Ten: Who Heard the Giant Sucking Sound?

NAFTA Can Play a Key Role in Energy Security

NAFTA Decision Remanding ITC Finding in Softwood Lumber Dispute Applauded by Consumers

NAFTA No Model for Development - Reports

NAFTA's failure has cost the United States jobs across the nation

Nanotechnology Threatens America

Neoliberal Globalist Agenda Won't Ensure U.S. National

New Enhanced Regional Agreements: A Strategic Response to Post-Lome IV Trade ACP-EU Arrangements

New Evidence that NAFTA is Unconstitutional

New Life for Mercosur

New Trade Figures Explode Standard Globalization Myths

Newfoundland and the Global Debt Crisis

Nike v. Sweatshop Critic: Back to California

No Cause For War: Pretexts, Preemption and the Prospects for Peace

No Economic Panacea

No More Business as Usual with Defense Manufacturing

Nontariff Trade Barriers are Growing, U.S. Report Asserts

Not Yet the Almighty Euro

Now They Tell Us: Privatization is No Panacea

Oil Companies in Iraq: A Century of Rivalry and War

Oil Groups Eye Stake in Wake of Conflict

Oil in Iraq: The Byzantine Beginnings

On Big Media

Only Protection Can Build Developing Economies Unfree Global Markets

Our New Diplomatic Partner

Out Of Africa: Increased US Job Losses and Trade

Overseas Labor: Mother's Milk for Poor Nations

Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish

People Profit from Trade

Performing a Free Trade Juggling Act, Offstage

Pipeline's Profits May Bypass Africans

Pledging Allegiance to US Foreign Policy

Poisoned Chalice

Poor Countries Agree Common Demands in Trade Talks

Poor Countries Overlooked at World Bank, Say NGO's

Poor Mexico Farmers Boycott

Poor Nations Hit by Debt Relief with Strings Attached

Powering Down: Manufacturing Jobs Continue to Slip Away From Washington State

Preparing to Protest in Miami: Why We Oppose the FTAA

Presidential Technology Panel Warns of Impending

Privatization in Disguise

Promoting Privatization

PRSPs: Political Space at Whose Expense?

Public Money in the Pipeline

Putin: Master of the Universe?

Putin: Why Not Price Oil in Euros?

Q & A on Bolivia

Q&A: US-EU Steel Dispute

Rebuilding the Politics of Globalization

Recovery For All, Not Just For Some

Regional Trading Blocs — Too Small To Matter?

Regionalism Vs. Globalism?

Relief and Resentment as Indonesia Prepares to Graduate from IMF-Dictated Reform Programme

Religion and U.S. Grand Strategy

Report of the IMF's Conference on the Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism

Restoring America's Economic Health

Restructuring American Steel - Safeguard Tariffs and the

Rich Nations Continue to Wield Power in Global Bodies

Robin Cook: The First Casualty of War? The Globalist

Rumsfelds Old Flame

Russians Turning From Dollars to Euros

Save the Workers

Serious Flaw in US-Singapore Trade Agreement Must Be Addressed

Shooting the Money Changers

Show Some Steel, Mr. Bush

Slow Boat to China - Current Currency Realties

South America Moves Towards Trade Integration

Stakes Are High in IMF-Argentina Negotiations

Starved by the IMF

State of the Union: Tax Cuts Won't Get the Nation Where

Strangers in the Land?

Striking It Poor: Oil as a Curse

Study Documents Wal-Mart's Stingy Benefits

Suez' World Water Wars The Skirmish at the WTO Over Privatization

Sugar Industry Letter to Bush on CAFTA/FTAA

Sugarbeet Farmers on the Trading Block?

Sustainability Assessments: Tools for Effective Trade Policy in the Hemisphere

Taking Action to Challenge Communist China’s Unfair Trade Practices

Taking the Fight to Miami

Talks Between United States, Canadian Governments Stall as Softwood

Tariff on Canadian Lumber May Have Backfired

Textile/Fiber Coalition and 165 Senators and Representatives Urge Action on China Safeguard

Textile/Fiber Coalition CEOs Announce Grassroots Lobbying Campaign

Textile/Fiber/Union Coalition Leaders Mobilize Grassroots to Challenge Job-Destroying Trade Policies

The Administration's Manufacturing Plan Looks Bogus

The 'Aguas' Tango: Cashing In On Buenos Aires' Privatization

The Brazilian Swindle and The Larger International Monetary Problem

The Bush Plan: A Global-Scale Disappointment

The Business of Corruption

The Business of War: The Geopolitics of U.S. Energy Planning

The Cancun Trade Negotiations and the Global Economic Struggle

The Case for the Defence

The Consumer Guide to the Cost of War in Iraq: An Internet Reader

The Corporate Contracting Behind John Poindexters Total Information Awareness Program

"The Corporate Invasion of Iraq"

The Cost of War in Iraq: A Checklist

The Crisis in Manufacturing

The Crisis of the Globalist Project and the New Economics of George W. Bush

The Dawn of the Hydrogen Economy

The Economics of Empire: Notes on the Washington Consensus

The Economics of Empire

The Empire and the Kingdom: U.S.-Saudi Relations in Crisis — Again

The EU: A Middle Eastern Power? The Globalist

The European Challenge to America

The EU's FTAA and the Need to Oppose It

The "Everybody But Me" Principle

The Expansion of the World Bank Groups Infrastructure Agenda

The Flight to India

The Free Rider Principle: How Privilege Is Subsidized

The Future of the World in a Nutshell

The Great Brie and BMW Battle

The Growing Gap in the United States between the Rich and the Rest

The Growing Power Of Big Business

The Homes of Argentines Are at Risk in IMF Talks

The IMF and the Bolivian Crisis

The IMF and the Dollar System

The IMF Strikes Back

The IMF's Tortured Alliance with Russia

The Indisputable Case for Keeping Steel Tariffs

The Invisible Hand of the American Empire

The Military-Industrial-Think Tank Complex: Corporate Think Tanks and the Doctrine of Aggressive Militarism

The Mirage of Farm Exports

The Mood on Globalism: Is the Ground Shifting?

The Myth of the War Economy

The National Interest versus Corporate Interest

The Paradox of Free Trade

The Perils of Productivity

The Real Story on Free Trade and Jobs

The Reemergence of Balance-of-Power Politics

The Ruin of Russia

The Sound of the Soul

The South American Consensus on the FTAA

The State Determined to Own Oil and Gas

The Tricks of Trade Treaties

The U.S. Strategy for the Middle East

The U.S.-China Race

The Way Ahead

The Weak Dollar is No Cure-All

The West's Rhetoric About Foreign Aid Conceals a Greedy Self-Interest

The World Bank and the IMF:

The World's at Bechtel's Beck and Call

Three Proposals Target China's Unfair Trade Practices

Time for a Caffeine Fix

Time for the NAFTA Environmental Watchdog to Get Some Teeth

To Save American Manufacturing

Top U.S. Officials Pledge Allegiance to the World Trade

Toppled By Tariffs: U.S.-Canada Timber Feud Spotlights NAFTA's Shortcomings

Trade Brings Riches, But Not to Mexico's Poor

Trade Deficit Provides China With More Than Economic

Traders Oppose Customs Union

Transatlantic Relations — The Day After

Trans-Textil International: The Maquiladora of San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas

Turning Point for Globalization

Turning the Trade Tables

U.S, Asia Policy Needs to Address Both Security and

U.S. and China Are on a Collision Course

U.S. Contracting in Iraq Should Serve as Model for

U.S. Manufacturing Crisis: White House Talks, but

U.S. Manufacturing's Decline Is Business as Usual for

U.S. Moves to Settle Lumber Rift

U.S. Officials Misread Economic Warfare

U.S. Proposes Plan to End Lumber Dispute with Canada

U.S. Pushing for Trade Pact Deal Would Expand NAFTA Through Central America

U.S. Trade Deficit Endangers the American Economy

United Textile Industry Urges Presidential Action

Unlimited Companies: The Developmental Impacts of an Investment Agreement at the WTO

Uruguay 'Plans Restructuring of Foreign Debt'

Uruguay's Bold New Oil Policy

US: Boeing's CEO Steps Down Amid Scandal

US Backs Curbs on Capital Controls

US Backs Down over Free Trade in Americas

US Blocks Stronger African Voice at World Bank - NGO

US Firms Set for Postwar Contracts

US Free Trade Zone on Offer

US Lawmakers Tout Bill to End Export Spat with EU

US Lumber Woes Grow Despite Tariff on Canada

US Manufacturing's Steep Decline Calls for New Trade

US Maps Out Ambitious Middle East Deal

US Opening Offer for Americas Deal Ignores Farm Subsidies

USA: Greenspan Says 'Major' Increase in Immigration Could Aid Economy

US-Central American Free Trade Agreement: Leaping Without Looking?

USWA President Assails IMF Role in Damaging Economies, Raising Record Trade Deficit, Exploitation of Workers in Developing Nations

Venezuelan Move to Replace US$ with the Euro Upsetting Washington More than Saddam's Euro Conversion Last November

Vicious Circle of Trade

Vivendi, NBC Sign Agreement to Merge

Wahhabism Goes Global

Wal-Mart in China

War Spurs Fears of Another Recession Some Economists Discount Worries

Warning: Stimulus Ahead

Washington's War on Iraq is the Lynchpin to Controling Persian Gulf Oil

Water Wars

We Didn't Start the Fire: Capitalism and its Critics, Then and Now

What Are the Limits of Fair Trade?

What’s at Stake in the Miami FTAA Ministerial

When Chinese Workers Unite, the Bosses Often Run the Union

Where Free Trade Hurts

Where the heck are the Democrats on Trade?

Where's the Stick?

Who's Seeing Red in 2003?

Why Cuba Hates the EU

Why Eyes Are on Brazil A New Model of Growth

Why Globalization Critics Were Right All Along

Why Japan is Trapped

Why the WTO Is Going Nowhere

Why This War?

Why U.S. Manufacturers Should Oppose The Singapore Free Trade

Will the War Kill Globalization?

With War, Africa Oil Beckons

World: Company Is Foreign at Tax Time, but Seeks Americans-Only Work

World: Factory Farms Growing in Developing Nations

World: Murky Business in Oil

World Bank Aid for Poor Arrives Amid Protests

World Bank and IMF Announce Plans

World Bank and IMF Reform Plan 'Too Timid'

World Bank Arm May Add Human Rights to its Criteria

World Bank Chief Urges Economic Balance

World Bank Global Poverty Calculations Taken to Task An Interview with Sanjay Reddy, Coauthor of "How Not to Count the Poor"

World Bank Knew about Enron's Payoffs in Guatemala

World Bank Lends Support to Unions

World Bank Should Revamp Loans to Mining Schemes

World Bank, US Taxpayers Subsidized Enron's Corrupt

World Joblessness Swells by 20 Million

World Trade Vs. World War

World Trade's Postwar Landscape

WTO Talks Collapse

WTO to Decide U.S.-Canada Lumber Dispute

Yukos and Sibneft Merger To Cause Many Scandals

A Bittersweet Struggle

A Failed "Transition": the Mounting Costs of the Iraq War

A Global Exchange Report

A Happy Birthday?

A Nice Little War to Fill the Coffers

A Partnership for Prosperity in Latin America

A Point-by-Point List of Offshore Outsourcing Issues

A Quick Guide to the World History of Globalization

A World Without Power

AFL-CIO Section 301 Petition Against China

AMTAC Doubles Size of South Carolina Billboard Campaign to Highlight

Abandoning the Clinton Legacy

Activists Target IMF, World Bank on Their 60th Birthday

Africa Wants Bigger Say in IMF

Always Wal-Mart

Ambitions of Empire: The Bush Administration Economic Plan for Iraq (and Beyond)

American Textile Makers Mobilize Alliance of Rivals To Counter China's Share

An Elder Challenges Outsourcing's Orthodoxy

An Introduction to Section 301

Argentina Energy Crisis Spreads

Argentina Water Privatization Scheme Runs Dry

Arming Beijing?

Asean Signs Historic Deal with China

Asia Signs Up To 'New Silk Road'

Australia Pact a Win for U.S. Farm Interests

BLS Employment Figures Show Impact of Outsourcing

BLS Report Suggests Advantages For Union Members Still Strong

Beet Farmers Object to Treaty

Better, faster ways to resolve disputes must be found, Martin tells media moguls Resouce Center of the Americas

Big Business Receives Nice Returns on Political

Billions in Sanctions Authorized Unless Congress Implements WTO-Ordered Change

Bush Dumps Tariffs

Bush Report Praising Export of U.S. Jobs Blasted

Bush Tax Cuts, Trade Deficits Slam Middle Class

Bush's Pro-corporate Agenda Crowds Out GOP Principles

Business, Labor Prepare For Battle on CAFTA Deal

CAFTA from a Nicaraguan Perspective

CAFTA on Lou Dobbs

CAFTA: A Topic for Women

CAFTAs Weak Labor Rights Protections: Why the Present Accord Should Be Opposed

California Passes Bill Banning Outsourcing Government

Campesinos Vs Oil Industry: Bolivia Takes On Goliath of Globalization

Can Insourcing Trump Outsourcing?

Canada Claims US Timber Victory

Canada Launches New WTO Proceedings on Softwood Lumber

Canada Wins New NAFTA Ruling on Softwood Lumber

Canadian Lumber Agreement Nears End

Central American Sugar Sweatshops

Certified Globalization

Challenges for Bush on China Trade Abuses

Chile/Singapore Model Wont Fix Central Americas Deeply Flawed Labor Laws

China and Wal-Mart are Doing a Number on Textiles and Cotton

China and the Yuan

China Is Willing to Narrow Trade Gap With U.S. – But By Buying Best US Weapons

China Unlikely to Change Currency Policy Soon

China's Bold Displays

China's Workers

Chinese Share of Textile and Apparel Imports Largest of Any Country

Chinese Takeover of World Textile Trade

Chinese Workers Pay for Wal-Mart's Low Prices: Retailer Squeezes Its Asian Suppliers to Cut Costs

Coming Up Empty

Comparative Advantage and Competition

Competition or Massacre? Central American Farmers Dismal Prospects under CAFTA

Consumers' Concerns Regarding US/Canada Lumber Dispute

Court Ruling Prevents US Limits on Chinese Exports as Quotas End

D-Day: The End of Wars?

Dangerously Dependent

Dark Side of Free Trade

Dear Dr. Dollar

Debtor Nation

Declining Superpower Act

Democrat Candidates Still MIA on Trade

Dereliction of Duty

Developing Countries: Prepare For 'Banana Battle'

Development Gateway: Biased, Unaccountable and Overpriced?

Do Companies Have Human Rights Responsibilities?

Does Saudi Arabia Have the United States Over a Barrel?

EU-Mercosur Trade Talks Stalled

EU: Corporate Lobbying Grows

Economic Rivals Given Go-Ahead to Destroy Rest of

Effect Of Rising Trade Deficit Shouldn't Be Ignored

Every Job Loss Has a Multiplier Effect of 1.5 to 1.7

Exporting America

Fewer Conditions, World Bank Promises

Fifteen States Suffer Higher Unemployment in November

Financial Corporations and Law Firms Dominate Career Patrons list

Flipping Burgers at McDonald's is not Manufacturing

Food Security, Farming, and the FTAA and WTO

Foreign Investor Attacks After Argentine Collapse Are Cautionary Tale for CAFTA Nations

Forging a Common Vision

Fourth Straight Year Of 1-Million Job Cuts Possible

Free Trade, the Environment, and Biotech

Fueling a Crisis in Nigeria

Gephardt Blasts Bush Steel Tariff Decision

Global Lessons in Guatemala

Global Overcapacity

Globalization Threatens U.S. Standard of Living

Grinch of the Year: Wal-Mart

Growth of Multiple Job Holders Increased to 7.8 Million

Hardie Says CAFTA Harms North Dakota

Havens that Have Become a Tax on the World's Poor

Heat Under US White Collars

History in Focus: Empire

How IMF Props Up the Bankrupt Dollar System

How Many Jobs Lost? The Hotly Debated Offshore Outsourcing

How the FTAA Affects You

IMF Critics Denounce Selection of Rato as New Chief

IMF Head Quits, Setting Off Race to Replace Him

IMF Says Its Policies Crippled Argentina: Internal Audit Finds Warnings Were Ignored

IMF Says Rise in US Debts Is Threat to World's Economy

IMF and World Bank: Is Reform Underway?

IRAQ: Precarious Work in Protecting Iraq's Pipelines

Illinois Legislators Support Tariffs

Inauguration Pipeline: CED Press Release

India-Brazil: Cementing the South-South Alliance

Intellectual Deception Reveals Weakness of Free Trade

Iraq And The Hidden Euro-Dollar Wars

Iraq and the Problem of Peak Oil

Iraq: Global Security Firms Fill in as Private Armies

Is Europe Falling Behind? The Globalist

Is Nothing Private Anymore?

Is Outsourcing Killing Jobs?

It Pays to Get Tough With the IMF

Job Cuts Top 1 Million for Fourth Straight Year

Jobless Claims Up, Trade Deficit Surges

Jobless Recovery Remains Puzzle to Experts, Says Nobel Laureate

Just Who Is Violating the “Washington Consensus”?

Kuwait Documents Allege Halliburton Bribe Scandal

Large Indian Outsourcing Company Increases Profits by 39 Percent

Latin American Bishops Urge Caution On Free Trade Agreements

List of American Jobs Not Likely to Be Affected by Offshore Outsourcing

Loan Ranger

Looting as a Unification Strategy?

Losing Our Advantage

Lou Dobbs on Outsourcing

Love That NAFTA

Manufacturing Jobs Take Another Hit

Many CFOs See Another Bad Year Ahead for Manufacturing

Massive U.S. Trade Deficit Undercuts U.S. Workers

Media Corporations Give Millions, Receive Billions

Mexican Truck Saga Indicative of the Power NAFTA Wields in U.S. Politics

Michigan and Pennsylvania Have Largest Increase in Unemployment Claims

Molecular Nano Weapons - Research in China and Talk in the West

Money for Nothing and Calls for Free

Monitoring Political, Economic and Diplomatic Issues Affecting the Western Hemisphere 

More and More Good Paying Union Jobs Being Sent Overseas

Most Americans Question Benefits of Free Trade

Multinational Corporations

NAFTA 10 years Later

NAFTA Claims Nearly 5,000 Rubber & Plastic Jobs

NAFTA Lawsuit: Plaintiff's Legal Position

NAFTA Panel Decision Favors Canada

NAFTA Panel Forces International Trade Commission to Ignore US Law ITC

NAFTA Realities and FTAA Dangers

NAFTA at 10

NAFTA, Outsourcing Blamed for Job Loss in Kentucky

NAFTA: American Investors Cleaning Up While American Workers Suffer Devastating Job Losses

NAFTAs Decade of Job Losses

Nader: Corporations Have No Allegiance to USA

New Halliburton Whistleblowers Say Millions Wasted in Iraq

New Poll Shows Strong Support for Steel Tariffs

New Report Details Jobs Lost in Pennsylvania

New Study Shows Companies Willing to Outsource More Jobs

New Trade Pacts Betray the Poorest Partners

No, the Conquistadors Are Not Back.

Nobel Winners Want World Bank to Rethink Oil, Gas, and Mining Policies

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

October Mass Layoffs Push 2004 Totals to More Than 1.3

Official IMF Evaluation Finds Flaws in PRSP Process

Offshoring Raises Growing Doubts about Trade Policies

Oil Revenues Essential for Iraq's Future

Operating In a World That Champions Free Markets

Opinion pieces and speeches by EPI staff and associates. Demise of Old-Line Steel Companies Would Be Costly to U.S. Economy

Outsourcing Endangering many New Jersey Jobs

Outsourcing Study a Welcome Surprise in Budget Bill

Outsourcing U.S. Work Will Top 400,000 Jobs in 2004

Outsourcing Undermining Labor Standards Around the World

Outsourcing: Trading Away America's Future

Oxfam Welcomes Restart of Trade Talks

PA Governor Rendell Urges Bush to Keep Tariffs

PDA and Global Development

Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell Stands Up for Steel

Petition on Chinas Denial of Workers Rights

Plan Colombia Benefits US Oil Companies

Plunder and Profit

Policy Solutions to Shipping Jobs Overseas

Poverty and Development

Public Citizen Report Reveals World Bank Loans Continue to Promote Water

Re-Thinking the Role of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund On the Occasion of Their 60th Birthday

Realities Make 'Offshoring' Hard to Swallow

Rendell Has Plan For Pennsylvania Factories

Rep. Sander Levin Says He Won't Support Side Agreements

Republican National Committee Outsourced Bush

Russia: Bankruptcy Court Still a Case of "Russian Roulette"

Russia’s Oily Future

Securing Jobs, Saving Goodyear

Sen. Wyden Bill Addresses Offshoring of American Jobs

Shaking Up Trade Theory

Signing to Survive

Soaring Imports Of Oil And Chinese Goods Drive Trade Deficit To New Record

Solutions for Debt Crisis Go Far Beyond Tinkering

South America Launches Trading Bloc

South America Trade Bloc Expands

South Asia Starts Historic Summit amid "Winds of Change"

South Louisianans Fear End of Familiar Sweet Smell

Spurred by Illness, Indonesians Lash Out at US Mining Giant

Steel Industry Bankruptcies

Steelworkers Condemn FTAA as Latest Front in "Free Trade

Steelworkers Join Senate Leadership Rally on Capitol

Steelworkers Team Up With Techies and Other White Collar Workers to Stop

Study: Many Affected Negatively From NAFTA

Sugar Producers Lobby Against CAFTA

Sweatshop Watch: The Garment Industry

Switzerland Investigates Trading Companies that Profited from Saddam Hussein's Oil

Ten Ways to Democratize the Global Economy

Terminating U.S. Jobs?

Textile Industry Unites to Combat Crisis of Imports

Textile Quotas to End, Punishing Carolina Towns

Textile Trade Associations Kick Off Grassroots Campaign

The Broken Promise of NAFTA

The Challenges of Offshore Outsourcing: Understanding the Risks and Hidden Costs

The Dangerous Expansion of NAFTA Investor Protections Through the FTAA and WTO

The Emperor's Same Old Clothes - a Neoliberalist View of Trade

The FTAA and the Scourge of Sweatshops

The FTAA, the WTO, and the Assault on Public Interest, Services, and

The Future of Manufacturing and America's Middle Class

The Good vs. the Bad Europe

The Hand-Over that Wasn't: How the Occupation of Iraq Continues

The IMF and International Monetary Fun

The Imbalance of Trade

The Impact of the Softwood Lumber Agreement on Canadian Forests

The Iraq Oil Bonanza: Estimating Future Profits

The Looming National Benefit Crisis

The Made-in-the USA Niche Hangs in There

The Myth of Insourcing

The New Sino-Soviet Alliance

The Old Filling Station: A Mirror of the Decline of America

The People's Representatives?

The Permanent Kleptocracy

The Price of Free Trade

The Price of Globalization

The Rising Threat from China: Seeing is Believing

The Road Map to Nowhere

The Secret Trade Courts

The Sinister Sino-Russian “Strategic Partnership”

The Toxic Border

The Tragic Tale of the IMF in Zimbabwe.

The Trouble With CAFTA

The U.S. Occupation of Japan — Four Lessons for Iraq

The US Andean Free Trade Agreement Chokes Along

The Vanishing Link Between Free Trade and Low Prices

The World Bank and IMF at Sixty: Plus a Change?

The World Bank in the Land of Kiosks: Community Driven Development in East Timor

The “New War” of the Power-Holders of China

Thousands of Manufacturing Jobs Lost in Third Quarter

Top Off-shoring Execs Earn More Money

Trade Deficit + Current Account Deficit Continue to Grow

Trade Deficit in 2004 Likely to Set a Record

Trade Secrets

Trade War a One-sided Struggle Against U.S. Perfidy

Trade Wreck: Is More of the Same on the Way?

Trading Away Prosperity

Trading Away the Environment?

Two-thirds of U.S. Workers Feel Offshore Outsourcing is Bad for the Economy

U. S. Panel Says Canadian Softwood Imports Hurt American Woodworkers

U.S. Comes Out on Top at WTO in Lumber Row with Canada

U.S. Mexico Trade: Are We Still Connected?

U.S. Trade Body Complies With NAFTA Order On US-Canada

US 'Free' Trade Agreement is Serious

US Appeals in Softwood Lumber

US Treasury-Time for More Reform

US Wins Key Issues in WTO Softwood Lumber Appeal

US to Fight NAFTA Lumber Ruling

US to Renew Trade Focus On Latin America

United Textile Industry Demands Action On China Trade Policy

WTO Rules Against Softwood Lumber Duties

Water Privatization: The World Bank's Latest Market Fantasy

What Just One Company Can Do To the World

What is the 'FTAA'?

What the Global Economy Means to Working Families

When China Represses Workers Rights, U.S. Workers Lose Jobs

Who's the Real Grinch In This Picture?

Why America Needs to Support Free Trade

Why Fast Track Authority Must Be Repealed

Will Pushing Companies to Set Up Trade Unions Really Protect

Women in the Global Economy

Workers' Rights in the Global Economy

Workers' Rights

World 'Failing Poverty Pledges'

World Bank Board Disappoints NGOs over Mining, Energy Review

World Bank Challenged: Are Poor Really Helped?

World Bank Corruption May Top $100 Billion

World Bank Delays NGO Consultations

World Bank Loans to Andhra Pradesh: Financing Bloodshed and Impunity?

World Bank Rebuked for Fossil Fuel Strategy

World Bank Researchers Find Truth, But to What End

World Bank Resumes Lending for Big Dams in India

World Bank, IMF and Armed Conflicts: Helping Peace or Creating the Conditions for War?

World Bank, Pentagon: Global Warming Red Alert

World Commission Says Globalization Can and Must Change

$162 Billion From USA to China in 2004! -

11th Hour Deal Paves Way for Trade Pact Passage

275,000 Homes Lost: Builders Testify Before Congress

A Bitter Pill for Sugar Beet Farmers – Part 1 Powerful Lobby Takes Aim at President Bush's Proposed Trade Pact

A Bitter Pill for Sugar Beet Farmers – Part 2 Powerful Lobby Takes Aim at President Bush's Proposed Trade Pact

A California Community Coalition Took on Walmart and Won

A Citizen's Guide to the World Trade Organization

A Hard Look at the Softwood Lumber Dispute

A Tale of Two CAFTAs

A Vote for CAFTA-DR is a Vote for Agriculture

Aderholt Deal Keys CAFTA Passage

Administration Trying to Build CAFTA Majority Vote by Vote Clash in House With Democrats Takes On Added Status

African Business in Push for Trade

Agenda for a Strong Manufacturing Base

Agriculture Trade Surplus Goes South

Aid Coming for Nation's Lumber Industry

Alabama - Down on the Farm

All Options on Table in Softwood Dispute

Ambassador's Comments Over Softwood Lumber 'Out of Line,' Harper Says

American Families Are Hungry Too; CAFTA-DR's Passage Questioned

American Jobs": CAFTA Makes Baby Step in Senate Finance Committee

American Lumber Group Worries That Canadians Are Over-Taxed

Analysts: Trade Deal Would Cost Taxpayers

Anatomy of a Vote

Angry Canada Suspends Softwood Talks with U.S.

Anti-CAFTA Groups Suggest Inside Deals Swayed Votes

APEC Debates Greater Free Trade at Summit

B.C. Chamber Urges NAFTA Action

B.C. Lumber Firms at Odds

B.C. to Net $300 Million from Softwood Duty Cut

Back of the Line

Baucus Votes No to CAFTA Over Sugar

Be ready for free trade in clothing and textiles

Beet Growers, Cattle Industry Split on CAFTA

Beetlemania Hits Softwood Lumber Dispute

Behind the falling dollar USBIC

Beijing Brushes Off U.S. Warning on Currency

Big Labor Taking a Beating

Big labor, CAFTA and the Democrats

Bishop Provides CAFTA Swing Vote

Blakes Means Business

Border Buddy's Sad

Builders Applaud NAFTA Verdict on Lumber

Burns Applauds Constitutional Challenge to NAFTA

Bush Administration Back in the Fake-News Producing Business

Bush Administration Granting Concessions to Pass CAFTA?

Bush Administration Sends Central American Trade Pact to Congress

Bush Aide Involved in Chinese Bid for Unocal

Bush CAFTA Push Nets 11th-Hour Win

Bush Looking for Support on CAFTA

Bush Officials Battle Big Sugar On Cafta

Bush Presses Canadian P.M., No Progress in Bitter Lumber Dispute

Bush Presses for 'Lasting Solution' to Bitter U.S.-Canadian Lumber Dispute

Bush Promotes Free Trade as Key to Prosperity

Bush Pushes for Free Trade in OAS

Bush Seeks Quick Action on CAFTA

Bush Seeks Solution in Timber Dispute

Bush Sends $2.57 Trillion Budget Proposal to Congress

Bush Tells Canadian Prime Minister It's Time for a 'Lasting Solution' in Bitter Lumber Dispute

Bush Tells Canadians Lumber Fight Can't Go On

Bush Touts CAFTA at Meeting of Latin American Nations

Bush Touts CAFTA Deal After Close OK by House

Bush Touts Trade Agreement at OAS Meeting

Bush Wins CAFTA But Loses Wider War

Bush: Time for a Lasting Solution in Bitter Lumber Dispute

Bush's Free Trade Pact is a Heavy Lift

Business Coalition Applauds Senate Approval of DR–CAFTA

Business in China Means Annihilation of the West

CAFTA Advances

CAFTA and the Future of Free Trade

CAFTA Battle Expected to Shape Entire Trade Agenda

CAFTA Battle Will Be Bruising

CAFTA Boost Not Expected

CAFTA Comes Under Fire By Some GOP

CAFTA Controversy Continues to Loom

CAFTA Could Start Trend With Other Nations

CAFTA Debate Centered on Effects of Globalization

CAFTA Faces Uphill Battle

CAFTA for the Multinationals

CAFTA Gets US House Approval

CAFTA House Vote Tastes Bitter

CAFTA is a Mistake Repeated

CAFTA is a Sour Deal for Sugar Industry

CAFTA May Ruin US Sugar

CAFTA Moves Forward June 15, 2005

CAFTA Opposition Grows

CAFTA Reflects Democrats' Shift From Trade Bills

CAFTA Signed into Law

CAFTA Squeaks by Senate, By Tiniest Margin Ever for Trade Bill in History

CAFTA To Require Central America Investments: World Bank

CAFTA Vote Critical To Sugar Industry's Future

CAFTA Vote ''Sticks'' on Sugar Issue

CAFTA Voting Irregularities

CAFTA Will Cause Widespread Harm to Workers in the U.S. and Central America

CAFTA Will Promote Trade and Democracy

CAFTA, China and the Carolinas

CAFTA: A Job Killer

CAFTA: Bad for Working Families

CAFTA: Ideology vs. Economic Reality

CAFTA: Ideology vs. National Interests

CAFTA: Last Nail in the Coffin?

CAFTA: New Front in Freedom Fight

CAFTA: No Deal, Please

CAFTA: Politics At Its Worst!

CAFTA: The Classic Outsourcing Agreement

CAFTA: the Night of the Vote


CAFTA's Big Secret

CAFTA's Close Call A Warning to US Policy Makers

CAFTA's Covert Opponent: China

CAFTA's Environmental Politics

CAFTA's Influence Needs Explanation

California Passes Bill Banning Outsourcing Government Work

Calling On All Canadians To Boycott American Goods

Can CAFTA Save Textile And Apparel Producers?

Canada - US Softwood Lumber

Canada Announces $1.2B in Lumber Aid

Canada Backs Down on Trade Retaliation

Canada Cancels Lumber Talks with the U.S.

Canada Claims Major Win in Softwood Case

Canada Claims Small Victory in Lumber Dispute

Canada Claims Victory After Lumber Ruling

Canada Claims Victory in Dispute with U.S. About Softwood-Lumber Tariffs

Canada Claims Victory in Softwood Fight

Canada Claims Victory in Softwood Lumber Dispute with U.S.

Canada Claims Win in Latest World Trade Ruling on Softwood Dispute

Canada Considering Trade Tariffs on U.S. in Escalating Softwood Lumber Dispute

Canada Considers Imposition of Duties on US Imports

Canada Considers Retaliatory Tariffs in Lumber Dispute with US

Canada Considers Retaliatory Tariffs on U.S. Exports Amid Softwood Lumber Dispute

Canada Considers Retaliatory Tariffs on US Products

Canada Considers Retaliatory Tariffs

Canada Considers Slapping Tariffs on U.S. Goods Over Lumber Dispute

Canada Considers Trade Tariffs on U.S. Exports

Canada Earmarks C$1.5 bln in Aid for Lumber Sector

Canada Extremely Pleased with NAFTA Softwood Ruling

Canada Gets Softwood Dispute Win

Canada Hints at Trade War With U.S.

Canada Lumber Duties May Be Used to Settle Row

Canada Mulls Duties on U.S. Goods in Softwood Row

Canada Mulls Tariffs Over Lumber Spat, Emerson Says

Canada Must Make NAFTA work

Canada Offers C$1.5 Bln in Aid to Forestry Companies

Canada Plays China Card in Lumber Dispute

Canada Plots Next Step in Softwood Battle with U.S.

Canada Scores Big Victory Against U.S. In NAFTA ECC Case on Softwood Lumber

Canada Sues for Return of Softwood Lumber Duties

Canada Suspends Softwood Lumber Talks Over U.S.' Take on ECC's Finding on Duties

Canada Suspends Softwood Lumber Talks with the US

Canada Suspends Softwood Talks With U.S.

Canada Tells China Could Ship 450,000 bpd in 6 Yrs

Canada to Act Against U.S. in Softwood Dispute

Canada to Take Action against U.S. in Softwood Dispute

Canada Uses China's Oil Thirst as Leverage in Trade Dispute with U.S. Over Lumber

Canada Uses China's Oil Thirst in U.S Lumber Dispute

Canada Warns of Tariffs in Lumber Policy Dispute

Canada Waves a ''Big Stick'' at the US

Canada Will Take Action Against U.S. in Softwood Dispute

Canada Wins Softwood Ruling

Canada, U.S. Wage War of Words Over Lumber

Canada, US Continue to Differ Over the Impact of NAFTA Ruling

Canada-U.S. Softwood Talks End in Washington With Plans for Ottawa Meeting

Canada-U.S. Softwood Talks End in Washington

Canada-U.S. Timber Fight Continues, Despite Ruling

Canadian Briefs

Canadian Cattlemen’s NAFTA Challenge Demanding U.S. Taxpayer Compensation

Canadian Cattlemen’s NAFTA Challenge

Canadian Forestry Companies Ready to Answer U.S. Demand

Canadian Lumber is Heavily Subsidized

Canadian Trade Minister Unveils Draft Deal on Softwood Dispute

Canadians Challenge Constitutionality of NAFTA Trade Rules

Canadians Hint at Body Check on U.S. for Lumber Tariffs

Canadians, Americans Review Diplomacy and Interests

Canfor Resigns from BC Lumber Trade Council as a Result of Recent

Canfor Retools to Boost sales in Asian Market

Capitalism's Future on Trial

Central America Leaders Laud CAFTA – Farmers Worry

Central American Free Trade Agreement Approved 217-215

Central American Trade Deal Takes Step Forward in Senate

Challenge to NAFTA Trade Tribunals Fails

Children in the Global Economy

China 'Celebrates' 56 Years of Communism

China Cracks Down on Internet Users Again

China Imposes New Rules on News Web Sites

China May Sell Stake In State-Owned Bank

China Oil Demand Massive

China Plans to Build 10 Nuclear Power Plants

China Poised to Take over Global Textile Trade as Quotas End

China Says It Shut Down Internet Cafes

China Set To Sell Cars To Americans

China Severs Currency's Link to the U.S. Dollar

China Struggles With Tibetan Buddhism

China Textile Agreement

China to Pioneer ‘Pebble Bed’ N-Reactor

China Trade Cost State 37,000 Jobs

China Trying to Control Latin American Oil

China Under Pressure Over Textile Imports

China Unlikely to Change Currency Policy Soon

China Will Put NY Times Researcher on Trial

China’s Currency Policies Cost U.S. Jobs

China's Currency Change Will Have Far-reaching Effects

China's Energy Strategy Hits U.S. Shores

China's Mergers Reflect Growth Strategy

China's Program 863 - Building a Post-nuclear Super-weapon

China's Two Biggest Banks to Allow $6B in Foreign Investments

Chinese Oil Company Offers $18.5 billion for Unocal, Trumping Chevron Offer

Chinese Oil Firm Grabs Canadian Rival for £3.2 Billion

Chinese, Canadian Leaders Ignore Protestors to Toast Strategic Partnership

Clinton Supports Canada on Softwood Lumber

Close CAFTA Vote Shows Shift in Trade Politics

CNN Visits American Crystal for Report on CAFTA

CNOOC Withdraws $18.5B Offer for Unocal

CNOOC’s New Takeover Options

Coalition Applauds U.S. Department of Commerce Determination Confirming Canadian Lumber Subsidies and Dumping

Coalition Comments on WTO Decision to Uphold Duties

Coalition Deeply Disappointed In NAFTA Panel-Driven Finding of De Minimis Subsidy

Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports Applauds Reported WTO Ruling

Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports Blasts Canada's $1 Billion Dollar Subsidy Announcement

Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports Disappointed by Repeal of the Continued Dumping and Subsidies Offset Act

Coalition Urges Commerce Department to Uphold U.S. Law

Coleman Comes Out in Favor of CAFTA After Concessions on Sugar

Coleman, Kennedy Back New Trade Pact

Condemns the Murder of Top Iraqi Trade Unionist

Congress Passes CAFTA After Bush Lobbying

Congress Should Support Free Trade with Central America and the Dominican Republic

Congress Under Pressure as CAFTA Decision Nears

Constitutional Challenge of NAFTA Dispute Resolution Process

Converts for CAFTA?

Cooperative Threatened by CAFTA

Corporate Myths about Shipping Jobs Overseas

Court Battle Seeks to Save Mail and all Services from U.S. Corporate Clutches

Court Challenge to NAFTA Trade Tribunals Fails

Crapo Calls for CAFTA Amendments

Cross-Border Trade War Flares

Cutting Tariffs Will Speed Post-Katrina Rebuilding

Decisive Canadian Victory in Softwood Lumber Dispute

Defending Free Trade

Democracy Sold Out

Democrats Blew It on CAFTA Vote

Demos Say Rogers Flipped on CAFTA

Despite Proposed Cuts, Bush Budget Is Bigger

Disinformation About the Threat From China

Disorganized Labor

Dispute Puts Trade at Risk, PM Tells Bush

Dobbs Fires Away Against Outsourcing

DR-CAFTA and Sugar

DR-CAFTA Falls Short on Workers’ Rights

Dump Market Players: Central America

Echoes of Marx Infect Left-Wing Anti-CAFTA Rhetoric

Emerson Blasts U.S. over Softwood Hypocrisy

Emerson Not At B.C.’s Service

Energy Could Enter Softwood Dispute

EPI Report Shows Growing Trade Deficits With China Displaced 1.5 Million US Jobs

EU Approves P&G's Deal for Gillette

Exporters Angle to Profit From Katrina 

Exporting America: An Interview With Lou Dobbs

Exxon Passes GE to Become World's Biggest Company

Eyes Now on Whirlpool in Maytag Auction

Fair Trade Advocates Say Open Markets Could Shatter Small Farms

Farm Groups Largely Backing CAFTA-DR... With a Few Exceptions

Farm Opposition to CAFTA Growing

Farmer Appetite for Trade Waning

Fast Track to Disaster for the World’s Poor

Fatally Flawed: DR-CAFTA or the Sugar Program?

Federal Forestry Strategy Called Good First Start

Festering Softwood War Dominates Rice Visit – 1

Fewer Friends in High Places for This Lobby

Fifteen Democrats Cave on CAFTA

First NAFTA, Now CAFTA: Two Nafkas

Florida Sugar COs Automate with Eye to Imports

Florida Sugar Daddies Use Political Muscle to Stymie trade Deal

Forbes: Let's Kill All the Jobs

Forest Firms Face 'Worst-Ever Crisis'

Forest Industries Take on Byrd Amendment

Forest Industry Wants Investment and Energy Incentives in Next Federal Budget

Forestry Shares Climb

Forestry Stocks Get a Break

Free Trade at All Costs?

Free-Trade Pact Isn't So Sweet for Sugar Lobby

Friends, Foes Made Over Trade Deal

Fuming Canada Won't Talk Softwood

Get Tough with U.S. - Provincial Leaders Want Feds to End Lumber Dispute

Getting the Message on Fair Trade

Give U.S. a Fair Shake – Move Forward With DR-CAFTA

Global Democracy 2005 Conference

Globalization 101

GM Plans to Cut 25,000 U.S. Jobs by 2008

Goldman, Allianz Seek Stake in Chinese Bank

Google Gets Tangled in China-Taiwan Conflict

GOP Holdouts Made CAFTA Vote Dramatic

Greater China 

Growing Backlash on CAFTA Vote Hits Virginia Democrat

Guide Helps Bloggers Skirt China Censorship

Gutierrez, U.S. Lumber Coalition Welcome

Hardline Stance Urged in Lumber Fight

Harper Says No to Softwood Negotiations

Hayes on CAFTA

History of China vs. Christendom

Honduras and Resistance to Globalization

House Approves CAFTA in 217-215 Vote

House Gives Bush Narrow Victory on CAFTA

House Minority Leader Charges GOP Made Questionable

House Narrowly Approves CAFTA

House Narrowly Passes Free-Trade Pact

House Vote May Affect Textile Industry

How Cafta Passed House by 2 Votes

How CAFTA Will Quicken the Race to the Bottom for Central American Workers

How Sweet It Isn't: Big Sugar Sours Trade Deal

How the China Threat Was Replaced by ‘Iraqi WMD'

Hu’s on First, Cheney’s at Bat

Idaho Rightfully Cautions Congress on CAFTA

If Storm Rebuilding Boosts Prices, U.S. May Lower Tariffs

Illegal Aliens and Immigration

Intense Pressure from Residents and Union Leaders Forces

International Paper Announces Sale of Forestlands in Washington State

International Paper, Canadians Tussle Over $3.5 Billion Payout

International Seattle Coalition of Civil Society Groups Launch WTO

Is Iran Next?

Is the Sugar Lobby Losing its Influence?

Judeo-Christian Legacy vs. Chinese Behaviorism

Just the Facts: Debunking Some Myths About DR-CAFTA

Katrina Building Costs Said to Stabilize

Katrina Fuels Lumber Price Jump

Katrina Nails Timber Industry

Keep Softwood in 'Perspective' Urges Rice

Kerry Joins Efforts to Block Flood of Cheap Chinese Imports

Key Panel Backs Ban on Sweatshop Buys

Klein Says Alberta Won't Share Energy Windfall

La. Lawmaker Confident of CAFTA Kill

Labor Rights Abuses Not Just a Central American Problem

Large Indian Outsourcing Company Increases Profits by 39 Percent

Last-Ditch Efforts for Sugar Deal Fail

Latest Softwood Lumber Victory Gets Us Nowhere

Latin America Politics: Is FTAA dead?

Latin American Democracy Threatened

Latin American Exporters See Opportunity

Latin American Presidents Lobby for CAFTA

Let's Get out of NAFTA

Liberal Government Announces $1.5B Aid to Forest Industry, Mill Towns

Life Afta CAFTA

Lobbying Against America

Local Growers Bitter Over CAFTA

Lou Dobbs' 'Exporting America' Dispels 12 Myths About Outsourcing

Lou Dobbs's Bon Crusade

Lumber Aid Gives U.S. Protectionism a Boost

Lumber Dispute Strains Relations for U.S., Canada

Lumber Dispute with Canada Escalates

Lumber Industry Challenges NAFTA

Lumber Lobby a Cancer

Lumber Tariff Hurts Both U.S., Canada

Lumber Tariffs Harm Consumers

Lumber, Concrete Businesses Hope Storm Opens U.S.

Martin and Bush Hit Stalemate in Chat Over Softwood Lumber Dispute

Martin Blasts U.S. for Stand on Softwood

Martin Calls Bush and Offers Katrina Help

Martin Chides Bush Over Softwood Lumber Dispute

Martin Dismisses Criticism from Klein That Oil is Alberta's to Sell

Martin Government Threatens Potential Trade War Over Softwood Lumber

Martin Mulls Early Recall Of Parliament Over Softwood Lumber Dispute

Martin Says Canada Will Pull Out All Stops’ on ANWR

Martin Tells Bush He'll Take Softwood Lumber Dispute to U.S. Courts, Public

Martin to Call Bush on Lumber Issue

Martin Waits to Challenge Bush on Softwood War

Martin's U.S. Speech Draws Fire

Meehan's Bluff Fails, House OKs CAFTA

Message to Lawmakers: Save Manufacturing and Americas Middle Class

Mexico and Canada However Play by NAFTA Rules

More Republicans Want Sugar Fix in CAFTA fight

N.C. Posts 11 votes against CAFTA

NAFTA Dismisses US Claims of Canadian Violation of Trade Agreement Rules in Softwood Lumber Dispute

NAFTA Dismisses US Claims Of Canadian Violation Of Trade Agreement Rules

NAFTA Free Trade Commission Joint Statement - “A Decade of Achievement”

NAFTA Gives Canada The SHAFTA

NAFTA on Trial

NAFTA Panel Gives U.S. a Week to Cut Duties

NAFTA Panel Orders Remand That Should End Countervailing Duty Order

NAFTA Panel Sides with Canada in Lumber Dispute

NAFTA Panel Upholds Softwood Trade Ruling vs U.S.

NAFTA Rules in Favour of Canada

NAFTA Ruling Should End Canada Lumber Duties

NAFTA Softwood Appeals Nearing End

NAFTA Undermines US Constitution

NAFTA's Big Weakness

Negotiate, If All Else Fails, Play Hardball

New AFL-CIO Website Shows How Consumers Pay the Price at Wal-Mart

New Front in Lumber Battle

New Reports on Labor Conditions in Sugar Industry in Central America

New Softwood Deal Must Produce Certainty for Canada Says CEP

New Study Shows Companies Willing to Outsource More Jobs

No Government Hurdle to China's Buying PetroKazakhstan

No More Border Games

No, Andrew I Won't Shut Up on China

North Dakota Wheat Commission Supports Challenge to NAFTA Dispute

November Trade Figures Show Record Deficit

OAS 'Should Bolster Crisis Role'

Offsetting Lumber Subsidies and Dumping Will Not Harm U.S. Homebuyers

Oil Industry Awash in Record Levels of Cash

Oil Shale May Be Fool's Gold Extraction Hurdles Are High

Oil Will Hit $100 by Winter

Ontario Welcomes Softwood Ruling

Opposition Calls for Loans for Softwood Companies

Oregon Trail to D.C.

Ottawa Assails Cynical U.S. Trade Tactics The Globe and Mail

Ottawa Giving $20M to Softwood Lumber Group for Legal Costs

Our Canadian Spat

Outsourcing Endangering many New Jersey Jobs

Outsourcing to Continue Faster Than Once Predicted

Outsourcing U.S. Work Will Top 400,000 Jobs in 2004

Party-line Vote on CAFTA Filled with Political Drama

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Criticizes Pennsylvania Republican House

People Want a Different Treaty

Personal Data for 3.9 Million Lost in Transit

Petri Votes Against Workers, Jobs, and Constituents in

Pettigrew Says Minister to Meet U.S. Counterpart Monday

Playing Hardball on Softwood

PM Accused of Hurting Free Trade

PM Defends Government's Tough Talk on Softwood Amid Ambassador's Criticism

PM Defends Hard Softwood Stance

PM Ready to Battle U.S. Over Softwood Lumber

PM Says He'll Take Wood Issue to U.S. Court

PM Says Softwood Feud Could Imperil Other Trade Fronts

PM Should Play Oil Card Wisely

PM Warns of Potential Trade War

PM's Tough Talk Just Empty Rhetoric: Opposition

Poll Suggests Two Thirds of Canadians Want Negotiated Softwood Settlement

Possible Timberland Sale a Huge Opportunity

Potential Trade War Looms as Canada, U.S. Dispute over Lumber Tariffs Escalates

Power is Accountable to the People, Not to the Free Market

Premier Backs Get-Tough Stand

Premiers, U.S. Ambassador Discuss Lumber, Guns

Principles of Unity on Trade & Investment

Profile: G8

Profile: Organization of American States

Protectionism First, Last and Always

Razor Thin Vote Seals Fate Against More Expansion of NAFTA

Record Shell Profit Spurs Windfall Tax Calls

Red Storm Ahead

Rep. Robert Aderholt’s CAFTA Flip-Flop

Report: Global Effort Needed to Gain Chinese Workers Rights

Report: Jobs Hurt by China Trade

Representative Portman Named Next U.S. Trade Representative

Reschedule Softwood Talks, U.S. Envoy Urges

Retaliation Hinted in Lumber Dispute

Reverberations from CAFTA Vote are Still Being Felt on Hill

Revitalizing American Manufacturing

Reviving the Foreign-Aid Racket

Rice Plans to Tap Zoellick as Deputy

Rice To Try Calming the Softwood Furor On Trip to Canada

Rising Yuan to Benefit Firms That Sell to China

Ruling in Favour of U.S. Disarms Canada's Power to Retaliate in Softwood Dispute The Globe and Mail

Rumsfeld Says He 'Has Nothing But Respect' for Canadian Forces

Russia Oil Shipments to China Up 28 Percent

Sen. Frist's Decision to Delay Death Tax Repeal Vote 'Entirely

Sen. Wyden Bill Addresses Offshoring of American Jobs

Senate Approves Central America Trade Deal

Senate Committee Backs Central American Trade Deal

Senate OKs CAFTA, Battle Brews in House

Senate Panel Delays CAFTA Vote; Sugar Talks Go On

Senate Panel Endorses Central American Trade Agreement

Senate Panel Narrowly Endorses CAFTA

Senate Panel's Vote Nudges CAFTA Closer to the Starting Line

Senate Roll Call on CAFTA

Senate Supports US Backed Loans for China

Senate Votes 54-45 to OK CAFTA

Senate Votes in Favor of CAFTA

Senator Holds Key in Trade Deal Vote

Senator: CAFTA Would "Devastate" Sugar

Senior Cabinet Ministers Hint at Escalating Trade War Over Softwood Dispute

Shipping Jobs Overseas: How Real Is the Problem?

Sides Forming Over Central American Free-Trade Agreement

Signing to Save Their Communities

Simple Solution to Softwood Conflict

Slump Unlikely to Sully Sale

So Remind Us Again Why Canada Had to Sign NAFTA?

Softhead Lumber

Softwood Battle Moves from Trade Tribunal to the Courts

Softwood Dispute Heats Up

Softwood Dispute Taints all U.S. Trade

Softwood Dispute

Softwood Lumber and Fox News?

Softwood Lumber Dispute Coming to a Head

Softwood Lumber Dispute

Softwood Lumber Ruling in Canada's Favor No Break for Forests

Softwood Lumber Ruling Welcome News, But Where’s the Money?

Softwood Lumber Talks Resume With U.S. Monday

Softwood Spat Fuels Retaliation Talk: Poll

Softwood Talks End in Washington

Sovereign Corporations

Stallman Challenges Sugar Industry over CAFTA

State of the Union: Fascism with a Smile—Part I

State of the Union: Fascism with a Smile—Part II

State of the Union: Fascism with a Smile—Part III

State Officials, Sugar Industry Denounce CAFTA

Statement by Minister Peterson on Softwood Lumber

Statement of USTR Spokesperson Neena Moorjani Regarding the Constitutional Challenge

Stop FTAA — It's the Wrong Choice

Storm Clouds Gathering

Study: 24,000 Arizona jobs lost to China since 1989

Sugar Blues

Sugar Companies Urge President to Drop CAFTA Concessions

Sugar Daddies

Sugar Fix

Sugar Industry Costs Many, Helps Few

Sugar Industry Fears Being Crushed in CAFTA Fight

Sugar Industry Rebuffs Bush Concessions

Sugar Industry Rejects Import Agreement That Would Produce Ethanol

Sugar Industry Sour on CAFTA

Sugar Industry Underwhelmed By Portman Offer On CAFTA

Sugar Lobby Seeking to Bar Bush Trade Deal

Sugar Prices May Cost Chicago Candy Crown

Sugar Producers, Free Trade Advocates Clash Over Dr. CAFTA Potential Impact on the Industry

Sugarbeet Producers Hear Challenges and Opportunities for Coming Year

Swiss Bank Invests $500M in China

Taking Constitutionality of NAFTA to a Higher Court

Talk First, Hit Energy Exports Second to Resolve Canada-US Lumber War

Targeting the 15 Democratic Sellouts Who Passed CAFTA

Tariff Clash With U.S. Likely Up to Courts

Taylor’s No Vote on Free Trade Pact Goes Uncounted

Taylor's Failure to Vote on CAFTA Draws Criticisms

Tembec, Canfor Use Nafta to Seek U.S. Compensation

Texas Republican Switched Vote on CAFTA

Textile Firms Making Key Shift in Tactics


The Advantages of Imperial Finance Have Propped Up the U.S. Economy

The CAFTA Loss and Beyond

The Cost of Rebuilding

The Dictatorship of China

The Doubtful Deals Driving CAFTA

The Fleeting Charm of Free Trade

The Hidden Pages of CAFTA

The IMF and Moral Hazard

The Latest News From China on Nanoweapons

The Ortega Free Trade Fear Factor

The People's Representatives?The Rise of Disaster Capitalism in Post-Conflict Nations

The Softwood Lumber Dispute: Who Do We Really Blame?

The Softwood Lumber Saga – And On It Goes

The Truth About CAFTA

The World Prepares to Act for Fair Trade

The Wrong Trade Czar

There is No CAFTA Sugar Deal

Thumbs Up for U.S. Trade Nominee

Time to Axe U.S. Softwood Lumber Logic

Time to Get Tough in Lumber Dispute

Timeline - The Softwood Lumber Dispute

Too Many Questions, Doubts About CAFTA

Top Off-Shoring Execs Earn More Money

Top Ten Reasons to Oppose the Central American Free Trade Agreement

Trade and Manufacturing Jobs

Trade Deficit Hits Record $665.9B in 2004

Trade Deficit Hits Third-Highest Level on Record

Trade Deficit Likely to Pass $600 Billion

Trade Dispute - If You Can’t Accept Some Pain Then Don’t Complain

Trade Pact Could Boost Texas Firms

Trading Up

Transferring the U.S. Economy to China

Treasury and USTR Continue to Dodge China Currency Issue

Turning the CAFTA Loss to a Win

U. S. Intel Report: Iraq War Could Professionalize Al Qaida

U.S. Ambassador Says Canada Must Return to the Table in Softwood Dispute

U.S. and Canadian Trade Row Escalates

U.S. Appeals WTO Ruling Over Canadian Lumber Subsidy

U.S. Blocked Release of CAFTA Reports

U.S. Brushes Off Canada's NAFTA Softwood Victory

U.S. Commerce Secretary’s Comments Put NAFTA At-Risk

U.S. Considers Softwood Settlement

U.S. Considers WTO Action on China

U.S. Court Blocks Safeguard Considerations

U.S. Delays Acting on WTO Softwood Orders

U.S. Disregard of Softwood Ruling Puts NAFTA on Shaky Ground

U.S. Duty Cut Fails to Satisfy

U.S. Experts - China Will Never Be a Threat

U.S. Fires Back in Softwood Dispute

U.S. Gets Lift from WTC in Softwood Dispute With Canada

U.S. Gets Lift in Lumber Fight With Canada

U.S. Given Until Next Week to Comply With Lumber Tariff Ruling

U.S. House Approves CAFTA

U.S. Housing Advocate Wants Lumber Duties Dropped for Hurricane Reconstruction

U.S. Loses Appeal on Canadian Lumber Tariffs Ruling

U.S. Lumber Coalition Shows Desperation in Softwood Lumber Dispute

U.S. Lumber Companies Challenge Nafta in Federal Appeals Court

U.S. Lumber Firms Challenge Legality of NAFTA Mechanism

U.S. Lumber Group Challenges Nafta in Federal Court

U.S. Lumber Group Challenging NAFTA

U.S. Lumber Industry Asks Court to Dismiss Canadian Action

U.S. Lumber Industry Challenges NAFTA Dispute Process Under Constitution

U.S. Lumber Industry Files Lawsuit

U.S. Lumber Industry Group Challenges NAFTA Dispute Process

U.S. Lumber Lobby a 'Cancer': Emerson

U.S. Move To Cut Lumber Duties A "Halfway Measure"

U.S. Poised for Trade War

U.S. Policy on Immigration is a Tragic Joke

U.S. Reviewing Duties on Cement, Lumber and Steel

U.S. Says Lumber Claim Valid Despite NAFTA Ruling

U.S. Should Not Ignore the WTO

U.S. Slashes Softwood Duties

U.S. Snubs Lumber Ruling – Industry Claims Victory

U.S. Sugar Farmers ‘Facing Death by a Thousand Cuts’

U.S. Sugar Industry Finds No Comfort in the So-Called “Sugar Fix”

U.S. Sugar Industry Leading Opposition to Ratifying CAFTA

U.S. Sugar Industry Vows CAFTA Fight

U.S. Tables Tough New Proposal in Softwood Lumber Talks with Canada

U.S. Tables Tough Proposal in Softwood Talks

U.S. Thumbs Nose at NAFTA Softwood Ruling

U.S. Timber, Textile Interests Worried

U.S. Trade Ambassador Says Canada Misunderstood Washington

U.S., Canada Launch Verbal War over Lumber Trade

U.S., Canada Launch Verbal War Over Lumber Trade

U.S., Canada Trade Dispute Grows

U.S.-Canada Softwood Lumber Dispute

U.S.-Canadian Trade Dispute Notches Up?

U.S.-Chinese Trade Relations Get Trickier

Union Action on a Global Scale

United States Critical of New Canadian Lumber Subsidies

University Economists Agree: CAFTA Hurts

Unocal Backs $17 Billion Chevron Merger Bid

Unocal Board Backs Chevron Bid Over China's CNOOC

Update: CAFTA Vote Story

US - Groups Declare War on Cheap Chinese Exports

US – Canada Lumber Dispute Heats Up As Expiration Date Approaches

US Reasserts Won't Repay Canada Lumber Duties

US Says Canadian Bailout for Softwood Industry 'Disappointing'

US Sugar Fighting for Survival

US Sugar Growers Bitter Toward Cafta

US to Consult With Industry on Canada Lumber Aid

US: Wal-Mart Starts Image Boosting Ads

USA : AMTAC decries USCIT ruling fears textile and apparel

USDA Report Undermines Sugar Growers' Arguments: More Sugar

Use Cheney Visit to Push Fair Trade

Using Dispute Mechanism to Open World Markets

USTR Pledges to Enforce Labor Standards in CAFTA

Venezuela's Chavez Runs Up Debt Shunting Oil Wealth to the Poor

'Vulnerable' Dems Snub Unions, Support CAFTA

Wall Street Journal Supports Canadian Stand on Softwood The Globe and Mail

Wal-Mart CEO to Meet with Indian PM

Wal-Mart's Free Market Fallacy

Warning Issued Over US Outsourcing

Warning: Stimulus Ahead

Washington Weighing Exemptions on Canadian Softwood Lumber Duties

We Have Every Reason to Retaliate Over Softwood

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

What Is the Softwood Dispute About?

When China Owns Our Utilities

Where the Missing $9 Billion Went

White House Barters for Trade Pact Votes

White House Downplaying Martin's Threats On Oil

White House Sweetens CAFTA Bid

Why Chinese Currency Manipulation Matters

Why I Oppose CAFTA

Why the U.S. Sugar Industry Opposes CAFTA

Wilkins' Comments on Lumber Out of Line

Will CAFTA be a Boon to Farmers and the Food Industry?

Will Louisiana Sugar Cane Farmers Survive CAFTA?

World Bank Job

World's Trade and Manufacturing Centres Shift East

WTO Backs U.S. in Lumber Spat

WTO Creates Panel to Rule on Lumber Spat

WTO Panel Affirms U.S. Determination on Canadian Lumber

WTO Rejects Canadian Complaint vs. U.S. Lumber Import Duties

WTO Rules U.S. Duties on Canadian Lumber Can Stay

WTO Upholds U.S. Tariffs on Lumber from Canada

Yahoo - - China Made Us Reveal E-Mail

Yanks Call the Shots

Zambia: The Hard Road to HIPC Completion


30-Year U.S.-Canada Dispute Settled

A Balanced Approach to Trade with China

A Look at the Softwood Lumber Resolution

A Look at the WTO Meeting in Geneva

A Lumber Spat With the U.S. Might Trigger an Election in Canada

A Relationship More Dynamic Than Many Think

Abitibi, Tembec, Domtar Bonds Rally on U.S.-Canada Lumber Pact

Agreement Meets U.S. Needs

Alberta Eyes Greater Share of Oil Wealth

Another NAFTA Loss Should End Illegal Canadian Lumber Duties

Another WTO Meeting by July End

Array of Lawsuits Should End

As Jobs Leave America's Shores

B.C. Forest Industry Welcomes Emerson

B.C. Government, Industry Have Big Problems With Latest Softwood Deal

B.C. Trade Group Warns About Lumber Deal

B.C. Unhappy With New Softwood Deal, Demands Changes

B.C., Softwood Industry Have Concerns Over Deal

Battle Over Steel Exposes Europe’s Globalization Dilemma

BC Lumber Trade Council Comments on the Softwood Lumber Deal

BC Lumber Trade Council Wants More Work Done on Softwood Lumber Agreement

Beijing's Unfair Trade Practices and Military Build-up

Big Media Interlocks with Corporate America

Bitter Harvest - Pine Beetle Infestation in B.C.

Bloc Quebecois Decision to Endorse Softwood Deal

Bloc Quebecois to Support U.S.-Canada Lumber Accord

Boeing Expects to Sell China 120 Aircraft

Bravest Man Commended For Stand on Lumber Deal

Budget Deficit Drops $296B Under Estimate

Bush Slush Fund

Bush Sows Doubt on Commitment to Trade Talks

Bush Talks Free Trade With Colombian President Uribe

Bush Under Pressure from Fox

Business Groups Lament No China Trade Deal

Can Chinese Dictators Seize the World in Spite of Chinese Poverty -

Canada and US Sign Softwood Deal

Canada Appeals WTO Ruling in Softwood Case vs. US

Canada Expects Prolonged Lumber Trade Dispute With US

Canada Fumes Over US Lumber Deal

Canada Government Wins Key Support for Softwood Deal

Canada Loses Round in WTO Appeal on Lumber Duties

Canada Seeks Another Review of Softwood Lumber Duties

Canada To Fork Over $450 Million Donation to Bush

Canada Wins Final Lumber Ruling

Canada Wins Second NAFTA Decision on Softwood Tariffs

Canada, U.S. Agree on Softwood Framework

Canada, U.S. Closing in On Softwood Agreement

Canada, U.S. Lumber Deal Opposed by British Columbia Industry

Canada, U.S. Made Progress on Softwood Accord

Canada, U.S. Trade Officials Settle Wording of Softwood Deal

Canada's Liberals Say 'No' to U.S. Softwood Deal

Canada's New Ambassador to U.S. Promises Better Relations

Canadian Gift of $450 Million to Be spent by the U.S. President -

Canadian Imports Stir Dispute Between Lumber, Housing Industries

Canadian Lumber Imports Might Be Duty-Free After Ruling

Canadian Lumber Pact Would Shrink U.S. Exports, Home Builders Argue

Canadian Ministers Lament Failure of WTO Talks to Cut Farm Subsidies

Canadian-American Relations Ready for a Thaw

Canfor Boss Says Changes Jeopardize Softwood Deal

Caution Urged in Finalizing US-Canada Lumber Deal

Chávez Plays Oil Card in Nicaragua

China - Google Must Obey Our Laws

China - Millennia Without Christianity

China - U.S. Is in Wireless 'Conspiracy'

China & Currency Manipulation - Who's the Decider -

China Cracks Down on Blogs, Search Engines

China Critics Decry Web Site Censorship

China Fires New Missile

China Leader Seeks Closer Ties With U.S.

China Prepares for World Domination

China Restricts Internet Cafe Access

China Seeks to Reassure Nervous US on State Visit

China Unveils 'Secret' Space Program

China, a Trade Superstar, Accumulates Foreign Currency 

China’s Trade Surplus Hits Record High

China's Chance to Rule the World

China's Hu Comes Bearing Business Deals

China's Hu Looks to Soothe U.S. Public

China's Hu Says Relationship With Boeing 'Win-Win'

China's Strategic Advantage

Chinese Leader Hu Jintao Dines With Bill Gates

Commerce Sec. Gutierrez Calls on China to Open Markets

Common Western Misconceptions About China

Congress Must Intervene on China Currency Issue

Congress Must Not Give in to Demands of Pro-illegal Lobby

Conservatives Defend Lumber Deal Against Critics

Constitution Violated By Outsourcing of Judicial Decisions to NAFTA Panel System

Corporate Chief Executives Plan “Deep Integration” With the USA

Could Globalization Fail?

Critics Baste Softwood Deal

Critics of Softwood Deal Expect Perfection, Says Trade Minister

Cullen Slams Harper Over Softwood Lumber Deal

Cutting Losses on Softwood

DaimlerChrysler Opens New China Factory

Deadly Dealings - Missiles From China to Hezbollah

Defeat of Bill to Implement Softwood Lumber Deal Will Mean Election

Electronics Giants Aim New Gadgets at China Market

Emerson Defends Softwood Deal, Says It Won't Jeopardize NAFTA

Emerson Says No Deal Yet on Softwood Lumber

Emerson Unwilling to Revisit Softwood Lumber Deal

Emerson's Role in Softwood Proposal Stirs Debate

Enter China - A New Act in World History

Escape Clause Upsets Softwood Lumber Deal

EU Expects U.S. Moves at G8 to Help WTO Talks

EU Files Auto Parts Complaint vs. China

EU Refuses to Yield on China Status

Ex-FBI Agent Gets Deal in China Spy Case

Failed Trade Talks Usher in Uncertainty

Final Language of Softwood Deal Now Set

Five Ministers Four Surprises

Flawed Lumber Pact Would Harm Canadian Companies and Workers

Ford Motor Considers Going Private

Ford Slashes 10,000 More Jobs, 2 Plants

Ford to Cut $5 Billion in Costs, Third of Salaried Staff

Ford To Cut Up To 30,000 Jobs, Idle 14 Plants

Ford to Halt Production at 10 Plants

Ford to Offer Buyouts to U.S. Employees

Forestry Faces Tough Times

Forestry Minister Cautiously Optimistic about Canada's Softwood Lumber

France, Russia Powering China's New Navy

Free-Trading Away America's Security

Friday's Canadian Briefs

Giant Trade Gap – No End in Sight

Google Defends Cooperation with China

Google in Tussle for Digital Rights

Google to Censor Search Results in China

Guess Who Belongs to the U.S. Lumber Lobby

Harper Doesn't See Quick Softwood Fix

Harper Holding the Forest Industry at Gunpoint

Harper Says Canada Anxious for Softwood Lumber Deal but Not at any Price

History Lessons From Nazis

Home Builders Support Ending Duties

Home Sleuths Get Bird's Eye View of China Military Secrets

House - Internet Companies Give in to China

How Many Americans Are Aware of the 'Present Danger' -

Hu Calls Gates 'a Friend of China'

Hugo Chavez Builds China Ties With Oil, Gold, Technology

Hu's Visit Shows Who's In Charge

Illegal Workers - the Con's Secret Weapon

India Trade Will Help Workers

Industry Awaits Final Details for Softwood Deal

Industry Not Happy

Industry Pooh-Poohs Report of Canada-US Timber Deal

Interview With U.S. President Bush

Iran Pays Off China, Russia, France and Germany

Is China a Paragon of Peace, as Its 'Prime Minister' Describes It -

Is U.S. Love Affair with Wal-Mart Over?

It's Time For A United Defense!

Jintao's Propaganda Machine

Lack of Industry Support for Softwood Deal Leaves Taxpayers on the Hook

Large Frest For Sale on B.C. Interior — Everything Must Go

Leaders Take on US-Canada Lumber Dispute

Legal Draft of Softwood Deal May Go to U.S. This Week

Liberal Party Opposes Soft Wood Lumber Agreement

Liberals Accuse Harper of Bullying Canada’s Lumber Industry

Litigation Could Stall Softwood Lumber Compromise

Lumber Critics Want Perfect Deal

Lumber Deal - Depends Who You Talk To

Lumber Deal - What Home Buyers Should Know

Lumber Execs Talk to U.S. About Changes to Deal

Lumber Executive Confident of Softwood Deal Despite Negative Legal Report

Lumber Firms Face Taxes on Refunded Duties

Lumber Groups Sue Over Conspired Softwood Deal

Lumber Industry Wins Trade Court Ruling on Duties

Lumber Producers Could Kill Softwood Deal

Lumber Producers May Sue Canada

Lumber Rumble

Mao Disappears in Chinese Textbooks

Members of U.S. Lumber Lobby Exposed

Microsoft, Boeing to Meet With China's Hu

Middle Class Needs to Fight Back Now

Militarism and US Trade Policy

MPs Try to Rework Softwood Deal

NAFTA Ousts Most of Punitive Soft Lumber Duties

Nafta Panel Condemns U.S. Duties on Lumber

National Association of Home Builders Builders Urge Congress To Support Free Lumber Trade

National Liberals Confirm They Will Vote Against Canada-U.S. Softwood Deal

New Warning About US-Canada Lumber Trade Deal

No One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Trade Issues

Not Everyone Happy With Softwood Deal

Ontario Calls U.S.-Canada Lumber Deal 'Unacceptable - ' Warns of More Job Losses

Ontario Calls US - Canada Lumber Deal Unacceptable

Ontario Lumber Groups to Sue Governments Over Softwood

Opposition Wants to Grill Government on Softwood

Opposition Wants to Grill Gov't on Softwood

Ottawa Says Lumber Deal Built to Last

Panel Reverses U.S.-Canada Lumber Ruling

Pipelines Bring Danger Along With Wealth

PM Lands in Washington, Dismisses Softwood Critics

PM Strikes Deal with U.S. to End Lumber Dispute

Political Instability Won't Affect Effort on Lumber Talks With U.S., Says Ottawa

Post-1949 China and Soviet Russia - A Social Comparison

President and Senate Allied With Corporate Supremacists

Producers Face Challenges Despite Lumber Deal

Provinces Given Draft of Final Softwood Deal

Province's Lobby Group Sees 'No Need to Rush'

Provinces, Industry Discussing Final Draft of Softwood Deal

Quebec Lumber Group Says Softwood Accord `Improved'

Quebec Lumber Officials Hammer Softwood Deal

Reality Check

Record Seizure of Cocaine Made in China

Report - China to Cap Steel Output

Rising Tide of Imports

Rush to Reach Lumber Accord Could Have Long-Term Impact on Housing Affordability

Russia Registers Growth in Trade With China

Schumer Urges President to Convene Summit on China Trade

Senate Approves Oman Trade Deal, Sends to Bush

Senate Holds Hearings on Lumber Dispute

Senate Votes to Raise Debt Limit

Sens. Criticize Treasury on China Currency

Shares of Lumber Companies Rise Over Speculation of Restart of Softwood Talks

Softwood Agreement Clears Way for PM's Meeting with Bush

Softwood bill could force election

Softwood Clause Could Scrap Long-term Deal by Next Year

Softwood Deal Could Be Done by July

Softwood Deal Could Pinch Sovereignty

Softwood Deal Ends Dispute

Softwood Deal Gets Industry Backing

Softwood Deal Looks Uninviting

Softwood Deal Means Tax Windfall for Harper Government

Softwood Deal Would Hurt B.C. Forest Companies and Communities

Softwood Devastation Predicted

Softwood Lumber Deal Finalized in Geneva

Softwood Lumber Deal Remains Under Attack

Softwood Lumber Dispute

Softwood Lumber Top Priority, Next U.S. Ambassador Says

Softwood Truce a 'Top' Priority

Strong U.S. Government Action is the Only Way to Save U.S. Auto Industry

Substantial Benefits from China Trade?

Sun Tzu's 2,500-Year-Old 'Art of War' Guides China's Strategy Today

Ted Menzies's U.S. Connections Put Him in Line for Trade Portfolio

Tempers Flare, Talks Continue as Softwood Lumber Final Text Makes the Rounds

The Annual China Fairy Tale Report

The Devil Is In The Details

The Diplomatic Appointments

The Dirty Little Secret Behind the UAE Port Security Flap

The Framing of Immigration

The Hidden Cost of Free Trade

The Most Profitable Companies in US History Get $7 Billion in Government Giveaway

The Softwood Deal - a Broken Election Promise

The Straight Goods

This is Worst Trade Deal in Canada's History and Here's Why

Three Firms Could Veto Lumber Deal

Time for Bold Action on Trade

Top 30 Canadian Forest Companies Fight Lumber Duties in 2005

Top Washington Lobbyist Sees Chance for Talks in Canada-U.S. Lumber Dispute

Tories Want Final Softwood Draft Soon

Trade and the 2006 Election - A Complicated Picture Behind the Spin

Trade Deficit Hits $68B Record in July

Trade Deficit Hits Record $68.5 Billion in January

Trade Deficit in U.S. Widens to Record $68.5 Billion in January

Trade Gap Widens in January to Record $68.5 Billion

Trade Minister Calls Opposition Parties Anti-American for Softwood Stance

Treasury Report on China Currency Policy Angers U.S. Lawmakers

Treasury Sect. Blasts China Over Stalling its Economic Reform

Treasury's Paulson - Open China to Foreign Competition

Two-year Clause in Softwood Deal Draws Criticism

U. S. Lumber Industry Challenges Free-Trade Process

U.S. – Canada Cut Wood Deal

U.S. Appeals to WTO to Get Canada to Drop Corn Duties

U.S. Blasts China Arms Sales to Iran, North Korea

U.S. Companies May Sue Canada With Softwood Cash

U.S. Congress Takes Final Action to Drop Trade Law

U.S. Defends Use of Tariffs Against Canadian Lumber

U.S. Defense Industry Succumbs to Outsourcing National Security

U.S. Domestic Producers Lose Increasing Share of Home Market to Foreign Competition

U.S. Group Lobbies for Significant Changes in Softwood Lumber Agreement

U.S. Hardens Stance on Trade With China

U.S. Has Escape Clause Added to Lumber Deal

U.S. Home Builders Upset With Softwood Deal

U.S. Loses Court Ruling Over Byrd Law, Lumber Duties

U.S. Loses Lumber Ruling

U.S. Lumber Coalition Demands Canada Ends Its Unfair Subsidies Programs

U.S. Lumber Files Court Papers in NAFTA Challenge

U.S. Lumber Lobby Sues Bush Over Trade Panels

U.S. Lumber Producers May Use Softwood Deal Money to Sue Canada

U.S. Officials Call on Conservatives to Return to Softwood Talks

U.S. Panel to Dole Out Duty Dollars

U.S. Racks Up Record Trade Deficit in '05

U.S. Reaches Deal in Canada Lumber Fight

U.S. Trade Court Rules Softwood Duties Illegal

U.S. Trade Deficit a Threat

U.S. Urged to End Softwood Dispute

U.S. Urges New Canadian Government to Resume Lumber Talks

U.S. Warns Ottawa About Lumber Bailout

U.S. Welcomes Rise in China Currency

U.S., Canada Declare Ceasefire, Not End to Softwood Lumber Wars

U.S., Canada Reach Agreement on Lumber Tariffs, Trade

U.S., Canada Reach Deal in Lengthy Trade Dispute

U.S., Canada Sign Deal on Softwood Lumber

U.S., Canada Sign Softwood Lumber Agreement

U.S., Canada to Complete Softwood Lumber Accord Within 3 Months

U.S., China Cooperating on Military Information Exchange

U.S.-Canada Lumber Deal Upsets Lawmakers

U.S.-Canadian Softwood Dispute Still Defies Resolution

U.S-Canada Lumber Pact Seen As 'Disaster for Canada and Free Trade'

US and Russia Close to Deal on WTO Entry

US to Launch Task Force on China Trade 

US to Pursue WTO Trade Deal Even If Geneva Meeting Fails

US Trade Group Unlikely to Back Bill Aimed at Punishing China for Currency Manipulation

US Violated NAFTA in Applying Byrd Law

US, Canada Have Lumber Deal, Up to Industry Now

US, Canada Ink Deal to End Timber Row

US, Canada Reach Benchmark Lumber Accord

US, Canada Reach Lumber Deal - Canada Industry Fumes

USBIC Blasts Administration's China-First Currency Policy

Wal-Mart Girds for Showdown With New Congress on Unions, Trade

Wal-Mart in China Gets Communist Branch

What Are the Effects of Deep Integration With the USA?

Whither the WTO

Who Needs Federal Judges When You Have Canadians?

Who's Hu? - Chinese Leader to Visit U.S.

Why the US Malaise Over China?

Wilson Wants to `Fix Up' U.S. Ties

WTO Appeals Panel Rules Against US in Softwood Lumber Dispute with Canada

WTO Finds for US in Latest Softwood Case

WTO Meeting Fails to Break Trade Impasse

WTO Partially Backs Canada in U.S. Lumber Dispute, Says Previous Ruling Was Mistaken

WTO Rejects Tariffs in U.S.-Canada Lumber Dispute

A Call to the Faithful

A Native Chinese on the China Dictators' World Conquest

Adversaries Praise a Relentless Kennedy

Amero Plot Real, Says Biz Columnist Cites 'Usually Reliable' Sources in Plans for Dollar's End

An American 'Business Professor' on the 'China Wars'

An Emotional Day for Chrysler's Workers in Warren

Annual Trade Deficit Hits $764 Billion

Battle Starts Over Trade Promotion Authority

Belgian Court Deals Google a Bombshell

Big Media Hide Truth about Immigration

Bush Could Learn from Mexico's President

Bush Pushes Free-trade Policies

Bush Urges China to Strengthen Currency

Bush, China's President Hu Press North Korea on Nukes

Candidates Ignore China at Our Peril

Changes in US Trade Policy Needed to Stop Record Foreign Trade Red Ink

Chemicals Flow Unchecked From China to Drug Market

China - The Fantasy and the Reality

China - The World's Greatest Threat

China - U.S. a 'Peeping Tom' on Defense Spending

China and Russia

China Beats Germany to Take World Trade Crown

China Beijing to Buy Blackstone Stake for $3 Billion

China Blames Foreign Media for Food Scares

China Blasts U.S. Products Safety

China Cracks Down on 'Virtual Money'

China Cut Pollution Deaths from World Bank Report

China Edging U.S. in Espionage

China Executes Ex-Food and Drug Chief

China Growth Blows Past Forecasts

China Hands Out Accord at Nuclear Talks

China Is U.S.' Greatest Threat

China Killing Americans

China Opens Nuke Program to U.N., Urges Iran to Follow

China Passes Mexico as U.S. Trade Partner

China Plans Cloud-Free Olympics

China Plans New Generation of Rockets

China Seeks Talks on Space Weapons Treaty

China Seeks to Join Latin American Bank

China Slams Threat of U.S. Tariffs

China Still Big on Slave Labor, Pollution

China Surpasses U.S. in Global CO2 Emissions - Study

China Threatens Nuclear Option of Dollar Sales

China to Release Anti-Satellite Report

China to U.S. - Deal With Your Own Food Problems

China to U.S. - Halt Taiwan Weapon Sales

China Using U.S. Planes for Military

China Wants War With U.S.

China Won't Let New Internet Cafes Open

China, U.S. in Tainted Food Fight

China's Currency Defiance

China's Food and Drugs Are Dangerous

China's Hidden Agenda

China's Spies 'Aggressively' Acquiring U.S. Secrets

China's Test Seen As Threat to Taiwan

China's Warfare From a Canadian and a Chinese View

Chinese Blast Pentagon's Weapons Report

Chinese Spies Pay Off

Chrysler Group to Cut 13,000 Jobs

Coalition Builds Against Bush's Latest 'Free' Trade Demands

Commerce Department Applies New Duties Against China

Confucius, Sun Tzu, and the People's Liberation Army

Congressmen Seek Changes In “Buy America” For Textiles

Courting TILMA - U.S. Investors Eye Alberta and B.C.’s Interprovincial Trade Agreement

Daimler Open to Partial Sale of Chrysler

Darfur Groups Ask U.S. Funds to Drop Chinese Oil Majors

Democratic Hacks Embrace Lunacy of Amnesty

Dismantling Retirement Benefits

Enormous Number of Trade Barriers in China, U.S. Official Says

Eric Drexler and China's Nano-Annihilation of the United States

Ex-Mexican Prez - 'Amero' on the Way

Fast Track and Free Trade

Fast-track Sidetracks Good New Jobs

FBI's Mueller - 'China Is Stealing Our Secrets'

Florida City Tries to Ban Chinese Products

France Wants to Sell Weapons to China

Free Trade Enslaves Poor Nations

Free Trade’s Big Lie – NAFTA Has Failed to Create Quality Jobs or Close the Income Gap

Gen. Pace - China Missile Test 'Confusing'

Getting Down to Business with China

Google Censors China Criticism in U.S.

Google Wins OK to Provide Internet Content in China

Government Won't Cite China on Currency

Grass Roots Roared and Immigration Plan Collapsed

Holding China Accountable Through the Fair Currency Act

How Western Private Enterprise Contributes to the Suicide of the West

Intel Builds the Fastest Chip Ever

Is the Constitutional and Democratic West Fit for Survival -

Kissinger - U.S., China Can Form 'New Global Order'

Knowledge the U.S. Needs to Survive

Made in U.S.A. – Record Trade Gap

Main Street Versus Wall Street - Asian Currency Manipulation Riles Members Of Congress

Media Ownership

Menu Foods Still Recalling Pet Food

Monetary Causes of the Immigration Crisis

Multinationals – Globalisation's Offspring

MySpace Heavily Censored in China

National Debt Grows $1 Million a Minute

New Immigration Plan Ignores History's Lessons

No Amnesty for McCain

North Korean Nuke Crisis Could Lead to U.S., China Conflict

Oil Prices, Imported Goods Push Trade Gap to Record

Pet Food Recall - Rat Poison Found In Menu Pet Food

Poison Found in Recalled Pet Food

PRC Missile Test Backfires

Rare Tactic May Allow Immigration Votes

Rat Poison Found in Deadly Pet Food

Report - China Has No Plans for New Missile Tests

Revenue Collections Hit Record in April

Rules Hiding Trillions in Debt

Rural Chinese Riot Over One-Child Policy

Senators Unveil Bill Pressuring China on Currency

Staggering Trade Deficit Reinforces Failure of Status-Quo Trade Policy

Tainted Chinese Wheat Behind US Pet Poisonings

Taiwan President Sees Military Balance With China Slipping

The Great Trade Debate

The Pentagon's 2007 Report on China

The Problem of Freedom

Too Bad

Toyota Fears U.S. Backlash Over Gains

Trade Deficit Hits Record On Chinese Imports And Oil

Trade Deficit Sets Another Record

Trade Deficit Sets Record for 5th Year in a Row

Trade Deficit Sets Record for 5th Year

Trade Deficit Shoots Up in March

Trade Surplus Puts Pressure on Inflation in China International Herald Tribune

Treasury Secretary Paulson Warns Against Protectionism Aimed at China

U.S. Corruption and Cowardice Feed the Rise of Superpower China

U.S. Plans China Hotline as Deficit Soars

U.S. to China - 'No Arms Race in Space'

U.S. Trade Deficit for 2006 a Record

U.S., China to Discuss Tainted Seafood

US Dollar Slips as Wider Trade Deficit Signals Downward Revisions to Q4 GDP

US Senate Banking Panel OKs Forex Bill

US Trade Deficit Shrinks to 59.1 Billion Dollars

US Treasury - China Not a Currency Manipulator

USW Says Exploding Trade Deficit Demands Trade Policy Change

We're on a 'Fast Track' to Bad Trade Policy

What Does the West Know about China's Future War?

Why China Won't Revalue Its Currency

Will the Democrats Move Quickly to Re-shape Our Broken Trade Policies?

Yahoo China Loses Music Piracy Case

Zogby - Americans Worried About Chinese Goods

$256 Billion US Trade Deficit with China Sets Dubious New Record

2007 US Trade Deficit exceeds $700 billion

Arab Petrodollars Help Reduce U.S. Trade Deficit

Currency Manipulation

Ending Chinese Currency Manipulation

Sovereign Wealth Funds - China's Potent Economic Weapon

The U.S. Chamber’s Phony Rhetoric and False Claims on Trade and Competitiveness

U.S. Oblivious to Day of Reckoning

U.S. Trade Deficit Declined In 2007

U.S. Trade Deficit Recedes for First Time in 6 Years

U.S. Trade Deficit Widens

Why the US Trade Deficit Matters?

America's Leadership Deficit

An Open Letter To President Obama

Barack Obama's China plan looks like George W. Bush's

Buy-American Provision in Stimulus Bill Sets Important Precedent

Can Made in America Make a Comeback -

China Denies Charge of Currency Manipulation

China's Yuan, not the US Dollar, Is Too Cheap

Creating the Productive Economy America Needs

Day Blasts Buy American Movement

Domestic Manufacturers Continue Issue Ad Campaign with Warning on U. S. Indebtedness to China

Domestic Manufacturers Criticize Obama's first 100 Days

Domestic Manufacturers Decry Nation's Job Losses - Urge Trade Policy Overhaul as Key to Economic Recovery

Don't Go Wobbly on Trade

Economics is Where Obama is Really 'Green'

First a Manufacturing Meltdown, Now a Private Sector Jobs Meltdown -

Hopelessly Confused on Trade At the Washington Post

How You Can Still Buy American

Infrastructure Investment Best Way to Create Jobs

Manufacturing Levels Drop to Near Record Lows

Massive Job Loss in March Shows Businesses Girding for Depression

New Trade Policy Needed to Promote Manufacturing at Home

Obama Squandered G-20 Opportunity

Obama Talks Tough but Kowtows to Bankers

Obama's Excellent European Adventure - The Failure of American Leadership

Obama's Trade Fantasyland - Lack of Exports to Mercantilist East Asia Is America's Fault

Obama's Tire Tariff Decision - False Promise from a Free-Trade Administration

Penalizing U.S. Manufacturing Will Only Increase Emissions and Slow Economic Recovery

The High Cost of Health Care Reform

The Urgent Need to Revitalize U.S. Manufacturing

Trade Deficit in U.S. Increases by Most Since 1999

Trade Deficit Threatens a Double-Dip Recession, Economic Armageddon

U.S. Trade Deficit Reduction Should Be Obama's Top G-20 Priority

US Lawmakers Target China Currency Policy

Wal-Mart’s Global Sales Break Through $400 Billion



Promoting the Principles of Genuine Free and Fair Trade