Alexander Hamilton Institute
International Trade

ACHA Rebuttal to Senators
American Steel Producing Community letter to President Bush
Alliance for Responsible Trade letter to Ambassador Zoellick
American Sugar Cane League
BC Coalition for Sustainable Forest Solutions
Carl Grenier
Consumers Express Position on Softwood Lumber Negotiations in Letter to Congress
Consumers Respond to Thornburg, Bell Attacks on NAFTA Chapter 19
Fast Track Will Not Help Economic Recovery, National Unity - EPI
Letter Encouraging House to Oppose Oman FTA Agreement
Letter from Noam Chomsky
Letter to Bush
Letter to Congress Urging Vote Against Legislation Granting Permanent Normal Trade Relations Status to China - AFL-CIO
Letter to Robert Zoellick - Section 301 Petition - 2004
Letter to President Bush
Reform of NAFTA Chapter 19 Dispute Process
NAFTA Attack By Former Atty. General Griffin Bell Uses Revisionist History
Open Letter from CFIB on Softwood Lumber Dispute
Sample Letter to US Trade Representative
Sugar Industry Letter
The Protectionists Strike Back Examining the Defense of Trade Restrictions on Lumber
U.S. House Letter to President Bush re: Chinese Textile Industry
U.S. Senate Letter to President Bush re: Chinese Textile Industry

Promoting the Principles of Genuine Free and Fair Trade