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International Trade

Agencies & Organizations
U. S. Government Agencies
Organizations Which Support Free Trade
Organizations Which Support Fair Trade

Agencies & Organizations

Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

European Union (EU)

European Central Bank

European Parliament

Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

North American Free Trade Association (NAFTA)

Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD)

Organization of American States

World Trade Organization

U. S. Government Agencies

White House

National Intelligence Council

U. S. Congress

U. S. Department of Commerce

U. S. Department of State

U. S. Export—Import Bank

International Trade Administration

U. S. International Trade Commission

U. S. Trade Representative

U. S. Supreme Court

Organizations Which Support Free Trade or Managed Trade

American Consumers for Affordable Homes

British – American Business Council

Brookings Institution

Business Coalition for U. S. Central American Trade

Business Roundtable

Business Week

Canadian American Business Council

Cato Institute

Center for Strategic and International Studies

Consuming Industries Trade Action Coalition

Council on Foreign Relations

European – US Business Council

Federal Reserve Bank of New York



Institute of Economic Affairs

Institutional Investor

International Business Council

International Chamber of Commerce

New England Canada Business Council


New York Times

The China Business Review

The Chinese Central Government's Official Web Portal


Trilateral Commission

U. S. – Arab Business Information Network

U. S. – ASEAN Business Council

U. S. Chamber of Commerce

U. S. – China Business Council

U. S. – China Economic and Security Review Commission

U. S. – Taiwan Business Council

U. S. – Thailand Business Council

Washington Post

World Economic Forum 

Organizations Which Support Genuine Free and Fair Trade

Agribusiness Freedom Foundation

Alliance for Responsible Trade

American Agriculture Movement

American Center for International Labor Solidarity (Solidarity Center)

American Economic Alert

American Engineering Association

American Federation of Labor—Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)

American Fiber Manufacturing Association

Americans for Fair Trade

American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition

American Mold Builders Association

American Sheep Industry Association

American Sugar Alliance

American Textile Machinery Association

American Yarn Spinners Association

Amnesty International

Alliance for Responsible Trade

Alternatives for the Americas

Buy American

Center for Corporate Policy

Center for Research on Globalization

Chinese Currency Coalition

Citizen Trade Campaign

Coalition for a Prosperous America

Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports

Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras (U.S.)

Common Frontiers


Development GAP

Economic Policy Institute

Fair Trade Federation

Fair Trade Labelling Organizations International

Fifty (50) Years is Enough

Florida Fair Trade Coalition

Friends of the Earth

Garuda International

Global Alliance for Fair Textile Trade (GAFTT)

Global Exchange

Global Trade Watch

Hemispheric Social Alliance

Human Rights Watch

Institute for Policy Studies

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

International Conference of Free Trade Unions

International Federation of Alternative Trade

International Forum on Globalization

International Labor Rights Fund

John F. Henning Center for International Labor Relations

Lou Dobbs Tonight

Multinational Monitor

National Family Farm Coalition

National Cotton Council

National Council of Textile Organizations

National Farmers Union

National Labor Committee

National Textile Association

National Network of Immigrant and Refugee Rights

Northern Textile Association

Polaris Institute

Public Citizen

Rescue American Jobs Foundation

Sierra Club


Sugar Association

Sweatshop Watch

The American Cause

The Association of Georgia’s Textile, Carpet and Consumer Products Manufacturing

The Carpet and Rug Association

The Council of Canadians

The Development Group for Alternative Policies

The Red River Valley Sugarbeet Growers Association

Third World Network

Tooling and Manufacturing Association

TransFair USA

Transnational Institute

United Auto Workers (UAW)

United Auto Workers International

United Paperworkers International Union

United Steelworkers of America

US Business and Industry Council

U.S. / Labor Education in the Americas Project

Wal-Mart Watch

Promoting the Principles of Genuine Free and Fair Trade