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AMTAC Opposes CAFTA - Deal Harms Domestic Manufacturing

Department of Commerce Excludes Canadian Maritime Provinces from Softwood Lumber Countervailing Duty Investigation

A New High in the U.S.-China Trade Deficit Is A New Low for American Manufacturing, Workers, and Agriculture

Agreement to Settle Canadian Lumber Dispute

AMTAC Launches South Carolina Billboard Campaign to Highlight Jobs

AMTAC Opposes CAFTA Deal Harms Domestic Manufacturing

AMTAC Urges Congress to Reject Extension of Trade Promotion Authority

Announcement of the Filing of a Secion 301 Petition on China's Currency Manipulation

Appointment of Governor Racicot as Special Representative

B.C. Condemns U.S. Trade Action

B.C. Government Statement On U.S. Softwood Bulletin

B.C. Objects To Brutal Decision

Baucas Pleased With NAFTA Ruling

BC Lumber Competes Fairly, New Studies Say

Bilateral Assistance Will Not Fix Labor Rights Abuses in C. America

Broad-Based U.S. Coalition Commends Senator Bunning For Taking Aim at Injurious Currency Undervaluation

Bush Administration Obscures Dangers of Rising Trade Deficit – Press

Bush Urged: Do the Honorable Thing – Enforce NAFTA

CAFTA Bad for U.S. Textile Industry and Workers

CAFTA Not Sweet for Sugar Families

CAFTA Won't Fix Central America's Deeply Flawed Labor Laws

CAFTA Won't Remedy Labor Law Enforcement Failures in Central America

Canada Nails Softwood Lumber Agreement

Canada Pleased With US Softwood Lumber Negative Injury

Canada Regrets New US Softwood Injury Determination

Canada Wins Key WTO Lumber Dispute

Central American Unions Speak out Against CAFTA

Central Americans Against CAFTA

Chairman Hunter Strengthens Buy American Provisions for U.S. Manufacturers

China’s Exchange Rate Changes Woefully Inadequate

China’s Rigged Currency Leads to Biggest Bilateral Trade Deficit in History

China’s Subsidized Currency Pushes Trade Deficit to New High

China’s Undervalued Currency Continues to Hurt U.S. Manufacturing and Jobs

China’s Undervalued Yuan Pushes Trade Deficit with U.S. To A Staggering $162 Billion

China's Manipulated Currency Grows U.S.-China Trade Deficit

China's Record Foreign Currency Reserves No Surprise to U.S. Coalition

Chinese Monetary Policy Ignores Concerns of Global Trading Partners

Coalition Applauds Bernanke’s Recognition that China’s Currency Undervaluation is a Distorting Subsidy

Coalition Blasts Canada's $1 Billion Dollar Subsidy – November 22, 2005

Coalition Comments on WTO Decision to Uphold Duties on Canadian Lumber – November 15, 2005

Coalition Disappointed by Repeal of Byrd Amendment – December 21, 2005

Coalition Disappointed in NAFTA Panel Driven Finding of De Minimis Subsidy – November 22, 2005

Coalition Expresses Appreciation for Legislation Addressing Currency Manipulation

Coalition Identifies China's Undervalued Currency as Unfair Subsidy

Coalition of Textile, Apparel, Fiber Production, and Labor Interests

Coalition Responds to Administration's 'Go-Slow' Policy

Coalition Sets the Record Straight

Coalition Testifies that Yuan’s Undervaluation Damages U.S. Economy and Promotes Global Trade Imbalances

Coalition Urges Commerce Department to Uphold US Law – November 15 – 2005

Coalition Urges Congress to Act Promptly to Address Competitive Currency Depreciation by Other Countries

Coalition Urges Congressional Action This Year To Address Problem of Currency Manipulation

Coalition Welcomes Dodd-Shelby Bill As a Helpful Step to Address Currency Manipulation

Coalition Welcomes the Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act of 2007

Critics Attempts at Constructive Dialogue Find World Bank Less than Engaging

Department of Commerce Finding

Department of Commerce Finds Canadian Lumber Dumped

Draft FTAA Investment Provisions Leaked: NAFTA + MAI

Even Small Import Increases Would Hurt America's Sugar Farmers

GAFTT Urges United States to Approve Textile and Clothing Safeguard Petitions

Government Relies on Faulty Trade Data for Policy Decisions, According to U.S. Coalition

International Trade Commission Issues, Under Protest, a Negative Determination in the Softwood Lumber Case

Istanbul Declaration Gains First Asian Endorsements from Bangladesh and Philippines  

Join the Union Movement

Joint Position on Softwood Dispute

Joint Statement Of Qubec And B.C. On Softwood Lumber

Latest Trade Data Reflect Negative Economic Impact Caused by Undervalued Yuan

Legislation Clarifying U.S. Trade Laws Targets Injury Caused By China’s Exchange-Rate Manipulation

Lincoln, Ross Support U.S. Lumber Industry, Demand Relief From Canadian Subsidies, Predatory Dumping

Lumber Dispute Strains Canada-US Relations

Members of Congress Call on Bush

Ministers Agree To Go Back To U.S. On Softwood Lumber

NAFTA Panel Decisions Regarding Canadian Lumber Investigations – November 2005

NAFTA Panel Declares U.S. Softwood Lumber Countervailing Duty Illegal

NAFTA Panel Fails to Identify Lumber Subsidy – October 5, 2005

NAFTA Panel Orders U.S. To Correct Flawed Softwood Anti-Dumping

NAFTA Panel Orders US to Correct Determination

NAFTA Panel Ruling

NAFTA Ruling

No Laughter in NAFTA

Pelosi Statement in Opposition to CAFTA

Peterson Statement On Softwood Lumber

Pettigrew Announces $20 Million For Lumber Awareness And Trade Advocacy Initiatives

Pettigrew Expresses Dismay At Final U.S. Lumber Decision

Pettigrew Launches NAFTA Challenge

Pettigrew To Use NAFTA To Challenge Pending US Lumber Decision

Pettigrew Welcomes Positive Interim WTO Decision On Softwood Lumber

Preliminary Countervailing Duty Determination on U.S.-Canada Softwood Lumber

Province to Launch Forest Marketing Campaign

Rubin, Cohen, Greenspan Misleading American People, IMF Protestors Say

Rush to Reach Lumber Accord Could Have Long-Term Impact on Housing Affordability

Senators Announce Bipartisan Effort to Force China to Stop Currency Manipulation

Softwood Lumber Countervailing Duty Trade Case Update

Softwood Lumber Ruling

Softwood Lumber: Minister Peterson Welcomes Second NAFTA Ruling On Threat Of Personal Injury

Softwood Lumber: Minister Peterson Welcomes Third NAFTA Ruling On Threat Of Personal Injury

Softwood Lumber

South American Trade Associations Endorse Istanbul Declaration

Statement of China Currency Coalition in Response to USTR Rejection of 301 Petition

Sugar Official Outlines Real Threat to America’s Sugar Workers

Sugar Official: When You Import Subsidized Foreign Sugar, You Export U.S. Jobs

Summit on Fair Trade in Textiles and Clothing

Support Needed for H. Con. Res. 54 and S. Con. Res. 8

Textile Industry Announces Intention to File Threat-Based China Safeguard Petitions in September

Textile Leaders to Unveil Election Year Policy Agenda

Textile/Fiber Coalition Wins Victory on China Safeguards

The Devasting Impact of China's Currency Policies

The Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) and Working Women

Thousands of Workers Urge Congress to Strengthen Manufacturing

Trade Associations Send Textile Questionnaire to South Carolina U.S. House and Senate Candidates

U.S. Alliance Assails China’s Undervalued Currency

U.S. Delegation: Canadian Government Should "Stay The Course"

U.S. Economic Relations with China

U.S. Lumber Coalition Comments on the WTO Ruling

U.S. Sugar Industry Rejects Proposed CAFTA; Favors WTO

U.S. Workers Losing to China’s Manipulated Currency

Undervalued Yuan Linked to Record U.S.-China Bilateral Trade Deficit

Unions Join with Coalition to Ensure Fair Play for Olympic

United States Critical of New Canadian Lumber Subsidies

United Textile Industry Urges Presidential Action

United Textile/Fiber Industry Seeks China Safeguard Action

USBIC Hails Introduction of Hunter-Ryan Currency Manipulation Bill

USBIC Releases Scorecard for U.S. House Members

USTR Misleads Congress on CAFTA Labor Provisions

Western Ministers Meet to Discuss Softwood Lumber Dispute

Western Premiers Joint Statement On Softwood Lumber

WTO Again Finds Canadian Lumber Subsidies

WTO Appellate Body Rules In Canada's Favour On Softwood Anti-Dumping Duties

WTO Panel Affirms U.S. Determination on Canadian Lumber

WTO Panel Decision On Softwood Anti-Dumping Determination

WTO Panel to Review Unfair U.S. Duties on Canadian Softwood Lumber

WTO Rules in Canada's Favour on Softwood Lumber

WTO Talks Collapse

WTO Upholds Duties

Promoting the Principles of Genuine Free and Fair Trade