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A Broader View of Canada – US Relations
A Global Strategy for Labor
After Iraq It's Venezuela - Oil Confrontation Between America and Euro Zone
Aid Coming for Nation's Lumber Industry
All Options on Table in Softwood Dispute Home
America First, NAFTA Never
American CEOs Support Citizenship Track for Illegal Immigrants
An Ohio Town Is Hard Hit as Leading Industry Moves to China
B.C. Chamber Urges NAFTA Action
B.C. Lumber Firms at Odds on U.S. Softwood Dispute
Banking on Multinationals
Big Media Interlocks with Corporate America
Boeing Fields SBINet Team
Boeing Wins Deal For Border Security
Border for Sale
British Columbia's Remedies to Lumber Dispute
Builders Testify Before Congress on Rebuilding in Hurricane Katrina's Aftermath
Bush Could Learn from Mexico's President
Bush Economic Report Praises 'Outsourcing' Jobs
Bush Slush Fund Courtesy of Canada
Bush's Pro-Corporate Agenda Crowds Out GOP Principles
Byrd Amendment
CAFTA – Ideology vs. Economic Reality
CAFTA – Politics At Its Worst!
CAFTA Briefing Packet
CAFTA on Lou Dobbs
CAFTA Vote Story
CAFTA's Big Secret
Canada – US Lumber Dispute
Canada – US Lumber Trade – What's Next – Bank of Montreal
Canada Lumber Duties May Be Used to Settle Row
Canada Mulls Duties on U.S. Goods in Softwood Row
Canada Must Make NAFTA work
Canada Sues for Return of Softwood Lumber Duties
Canada's Forests
Canada's Secret Constitution
Canada-US Lumber Trade – What’s Next?
Canadian Gift of $450 Million to Be spent by the U.S. President?
Canadian Government Should End Subsidized Lumber
Canadian Industry Softwood Lumber Negotiating Position – Confidential
Canadians Hint at Body Check on U.S. for Lumber Tariffs
Canfor Resigns from BC Lumber Trade Council as a Result of Recent NAFTA Decision
Cheap Chinese Goods Pricey in the Long Run
China & Currency Manipulation - Who's the Decider -
China and Wal-Mart Are Doing a Number on Textiles and Cotton
China Can Wait
China Threatens Nuclear Option of Dollar Sales
China's Currency Defiance
China's Wealth Woes
Chinese Girls' Toil Brings Pain, Not Riches
Clinton Supports Canada on Softwood Lumber
Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports Blasts Canada's $1 Billion Dollar Subsidy Announcement
Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports Disappointed by Repeal of the Continued Dumping and Subsidies Offset Act
Coming Up Empty
Congress Must Not Give in to Demands of Pro-illegal Lobby
Constitution Violated By Outsourcing of Judicial Decisions to NAFTA Panel System
Conversation with Clyde Prestowitz
Corporate Control of North America
Corporate Protectionism
Corporate Welfare
Corporations Have No Allegiance to USA
Crisis of the Dollar System
Currency Manipulation
Dangerously Dependent
Darfur Groups Ask U.S. Funds to Drop Chinese Oil Majors
Deals for NAFTA Votes – Trick, No Treat
Deals for NAFTA Votes II – Bait and Switch
Debtor Nation
Democracy Sold Out
Democratic Hacks Embrace Lunacy of Amnesty
Democrats Blew It on CAFTA Vote
Dereliction of Duty
Disorganized Labor
Dobbs Fires Away Against Outsourcing
Don't Be Fooled Again
Down on the Farm
Draft Discussion Paper
Duties and Dumping
Economic Integration in the NAFTA Zone
Effect of Employment of US Trade Deficit With China
Effects on Employment of US Trade Deficit – Table
Enron's Pawns – Globalization Game
Ericsson Joins Race for SBINet
Ericsson SBI-Net Vision Stresses Analytics
Exporters Angle to Profit From Katrina
Exporting America: An Interview With Lou Dobbs
Exporting America
Factories Move Abroad, as Does U.S. Power
Factories, Not Markets – Why US Multinational Firms Really Want Normal Trade with China
Fast Track to Deficits
Festering Softwood War Dominates Rice Visit
Ford to Halt Production at 10 Plants
Forest Firms Face 'Worst-Ever Crisis'
Forest Industries Associations Take on Byrd Amendment
Forest Industry Wants Investment and Energy Incentives in Next Federal Budget
Forging a Common Vision
Free Trade – Sale of US Ports – Transcript of Show
Free Trade – The Dirty Little Secret Behind the UAE Port Security Flap
Free Trade At All Costs?
Free-Trading Away America's Security – Interview with David Sirotai
Free-Trading Away America's Security
FTAA Only Helps Large US Companies At Expense of Latin American Workers
Globalization Proves Disappointing
Good Jobs – Bad Jobs – No Jobs
Government Won't Cite China on Currency
Grassroots Campaign and Lobbying
Griffin Bell Letter
Groups Declare War on Cheap Chinese Exports
Has Free Trade Protected Canada from American Protectionism?
Heat Under US White Collars
History in Focus – Empire
How CAFTA Passed House by 2 Votes
How Not to Lose Market Share and Friends
How U.S. Corporations Won the Debate Over Immigration
Illegal Aliens and Immigration
Illegal Workers - the Con's Secret Weapon
Impact of NAFTA on the U.S. Economy
Integration of Latin America
International Trade - Myth vs. Reality - Brian O Shaughnessy - 2007.pdf
Is Nothing Private Anymore?
Is Outsourcing Killing Jobs?
John Perkins – Confessions of an Economic Hit Man – III – You Tube
John Perkins – Confessions of an Economic Hit Man – IV – You Tube
John Perkins – Confessions of an Economic Hit Man – You Tube
John Perkins - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man – II – You Tube
Keep Softwood in 'Perspective' Urges Rice
Latin American Exporters See Opportunity
Law of Regional Economic Integration – Primer
Laws as Treaties
Let's Mention the Protectionist Word
Liberal Government Announces $1.5B Aid to Forest Industry, Mill Towns
Lobbying Against America
Lockheed Among Finalists Bidding On Border Contract
Lou Dobbs' – 'Exporting America' Dispels 12 Myths About Outsourcing
Lou Dobbs – Testifies Before Congress on Free Trade
Lou Dobbs – Exporting America
Lou Dobbs – Outsourcing
Lou Dobbs – The Issue of Outsourcing
Lou Dobbs's Bon Crusade
Lumber Industry Challenges NAFTA
Main Street Versus Wall Street - Asian Currency Manipulation Riles Members Of Congress
Martin and Bush Hit Stalemate in Chat Over Softwood Lumber Dispute
Members of U.S. Lumber Lobby Exposed
Mending Manufacturing
Middle Class Needs to Fight Back Now
Moving Beyond NAFTA
Myth 1: Americans Believe in Free Trade
NAFTA and Mexican Trucks
NAFTA at 10 – Undermining Sovereign and Democracy
NAFTA at 10
NAFTA at Seven
NAFTA Free Trade Commission Joint Statement – “A Decade of Achievement”
NAFTA Panel Orders Remand That Should End Countervailing Duty
NAFTA Undermines US Constitution
NAFTA's Cautionary Tale
NAFTA's Hidden Impact
NAFTA's Impact on States – State-Losses Table
Naomi Klein - The Shock Doctrine – Video
National Debt Grows $1 Million a Minute
Negotiate – If All Else Fails – Play Hardball
New Alliance
No More Border Games
No Small Change – the Economics and Politics of North American Monetary Integration
North American Monetary Union
Opportunities and Challenges in the US - China Economic Relationship - Dan DiMicco - 2007.pdf
Ottawa Giving $20M to Softwood Lumber Group for Legal Costs
Our New Diplomatic Partner
Outsourcing America
Outsourcing Study a Welcome Surprise in Budget Bill
Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish
People Want a Different Treaty
Pettigrew Says Minister to Meet U.S. Counterpart Monday
Phony Accounting and U.S. Trade Policy
PM Ready to Battle U.S. Over Softwood Lumber
President and Senate Allied With Corporate Supremacists
Province to Launch Forest Marketing Campaign
Public Citizen Pocket Trade Lawyer
Purchasing Political Power in Washington
Raytheon to Submit Bid for Border-Security Contract
Reality Check
Red China Opens NAFTA Ports in Mexico
Red Storm Ahead
Review of Dispute Settlement Understanding
Revitalizing American Manufacturing
Revitalizing American Manufacturing
Rice To Try Calming the Softwood Furor On Trip to Canada
Rights Make Might
Rumsfeld Says He 'Has Nothing But Respect' for Canadian Forces
Ruse in Toyland – Chinese Workers' Hidden Woe
Save the Workers
SBI Net Bids Move Forward
SBInet Team Build Up!
Secure Access to US Market Through Trade Agreements
Securing Access to US Markets
Senate Votes to Repeal the Byrd Amendment
Senators Announce Bipartisan Effort to Force China to Stop Currency Manipulation
Shifting Blame for Manufacturing Job Loss
Show Some Steel, Mr. Bush
Slow Boat to China - Current Currency Realties
Softwood Dispute Heats Up
Softwood Dispute Taints all U.S. Trade – Charest
Sovereign Wealth Funds - China's Potent Economic Weapon
Statement of USTR Spokesperson Neena Moorjani Regarding the Constitutional Challenge
Straight Talk
Striking Back Against Empire
Study Finds U.S. Companies Shifting Profits Overseas
Sugar Industry Letter to Bush on CAFTA-FTAA
Talking Points for Meeting with Minister of Trade
Tariff Clash With U.S. Likely Up to Courts
Teams Vie for SBINet
Terminating U.S. Jobs?
The ABCs of Free Trade Agreements
The ABCs of the Global Economy
The Aftermath of Hamilton’s “Report on Manufactures”
The Canada – US Softwood Lumber Dispute
The China Price Project Report - Peter Navarro - 2007
The Coming China Wars - Peter Navarro - 2007 – PowerPoint
The Coming Trade War and Global Depression
The Deficit Debate
The Doubtful Deals Driving CAFTA
The Facts About Trade and Job Creation
The Failure of Agricultural Deregulation
The Five Wars of Globalization
The Fleeting Charm of Free Trade
The Framing of Immigration
The Free Trade Magic Act
The Future of Manufacturing and America's Middle Class
The Hidden Cost of Free Trade
The Hidden Pages of CAFTA
The High Cost of the China-WTO Deal
The High Price of Free Trade -- NAFTA's Failure
The High Price of Free Trade
The Illegal Immigrant's Corporate Support System
The Imbalance of Trade
The Imperialism of Free Trade
The Myth of Insourcing
The Myths of Outsourcing and Free Trade
The New World Order, Incorporated
The North American Union and the Bigger Plan
The Only Solution Is Competition - An Exclusive Interview with Milton Friedman
The People's Representatives?
The People's Representatives?
The Perils of Productivity
The Poison Fruit of Free Trade
The Problem with NAFTA's Chapter 11 Has Not Been Fixed
The Problems of Outsourcing – Lou Dobbs
The Report on Manufactures
The Road Map to Nowhere
The Threat from Mergers
The Ticking Debt Bomb
The U.S. Trade Deficit
The World's Mastermind - The Hidden Face of Globalization
The Yuan is Undervalued by at least 40%
Three Firms Will Compete to Build New Border Network
Three Pillars of the British Empire
Time for a New Protectionism
Time to Axe U.S. Softwood Lumber Logic
Top Ten Reasons to Oppose the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)
Trade Wars – Appendix
Trade Deficit Hits Record $665.9 Billion in 2004
Trade Deficit Hits Record $68.5 Billion in January
Trade Deficit Hits Third-Highest Level on Record
Trade Deficit in U.S. Widens to Record $68.5 Billion in January
Trade Deficit Sets Record for 5th Year – 2006
Trade Pact with Canada & Mexico is No Threat to U.S. Sovereignty
Trade Wars
Trade With China Hurts U.S. Labor Market
Trading Away Prosperity
Trading Away US Farms
Transcript of Prime Minister Paul Martin`s Speech
Treasury and USTR Continue to Dodge China Currency Issue
Treasury Report on China Currency Policy Angers U.S. Lawmakers
Truth and Consequences of Offshoring
Two Centuries of Softwood Lumber War Between Canada and the US
U. S. Lumber Lobby a Cancer
U.S. Coalition Still Fears Canadian Weapon of Mass Construction
U.S. Congress Takes Final Action to Drop Trade Law
U.S. Corruption and Cowardice Feed the Rise of Superpower China
U.S. Delays Acting on WTO Softwood Orders
U.S. Investment in China Worsens Trade Deficit
U.S. Lumber Firms Appeal Duty Ruling
U.S. Lumber Industry Asks Court to Dismiss Canadian Action
U.S. Lumber Industry Group Challenges NAFTA Dispute Process
U.S. Lumber Lobby Sues Bush Over Trade Panels
U.S. Panel to Dole Out Duty Dollars
U.S. Policy on Immigration is a Tragic Joke
U.S. Producers Appeal Washington Decision to Axe Lumber Penalties
U.S. Racks Up Record Trade Deficit in 2005
U.S. Sawmill Jobs at Stake in Battle Over Canadian Lumber
U.S. Says Canadian Bailout for Softwood Industry 'Disappointing'
U.S. Senate Repeals Byrd Amendment
U.S.-Canadian Trade Dispute Notches Up?
Undermining Democracy – FTAA, Fast Track and Local Governments
United States Announces Intention to Maintain Control Over Internet
United States' Goal is the Total Amalgamation of North and South America
United States' Running a Trade Deficit That Averages Two Billion Dollars a Day!
US – China Trade – 1989-2003
US Investment in China
US Trade Group Unlikely to Back Bill Aimed at Punishing China for Currency Manipulation
Using Dispute Mechanism to Open World Markets
Virginia Firms Join Effort to Win Border Security Project
Warning – Stimulus Ahead
Warning Issued Over US Outsourcing
Washington Weighing Exemptions on Canadian Softwood
We're on a 'Fast Track' to Bad Trade Policy
Where the Jobs Aren't
Why Certain Trade Agreements Are Approved as Treaties
Why China Won't Revalue Its Currency
Why Chinese Currency Manipulation Matters
Why Managed Trade Is Not Free Trade
Why US Manufacturing Needs a Strategic Pause in Trade Policy
Why We Say NO to CAFTA
Women Say No to CAFTA
Writing the Constitution of a Single Global Economy
WTO Dispute Settlement is Flawed
WTO Panel Upholds Key Parts of U.S. Actions on Softwood Lumber
Yanks Call the Shots

Promoting the Principles of Genuine Free and Fair Trade