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A Brief History of the U.S. – Canada Softwood Lumber Dispute
A Broader View of Canada – US Relations
A Constitutional Challenge To The WTO
A Failed Transition
A Fair Globalization – Creating Opportunities for All
A Future Without Child Labour
A Regional Development Policy for North America
A Resounding No
A Tale of Two Systems
Adverse WTO Decisions
Alcoa High Tech Sweatshops in Mexico and Honduras
Alcoa Joint Venture with Chinese General
Alcoa Sweatshops in Honduras
Alliance is Growing
Alternatives for the Americas
American Job Losses
American Multinational Companies Are Profiting from Chinese Currency Manipulation - Richard Trumka - 2005
Americas Future Trade Policy
An Empirical Analysis of US Trade Policies – Softwood Lumber
Analysis of Draft Investment Chapter
Annual General Meeting – 2000
Antidumping and Antitrust Reform in the NAFTA – Beyond Rhetoric and Mischief
Antidumping at 100 years and Counting
Arnecom Auto Parts Workers in Nicaragua Under Attack
Backgrounder on Lumber – 2003
Balance of Trade - Bill Moyers
Bankrupting Democracies
Bankrupting Steel
Barnstable Fiscal Impact Report
Baucus Introduces Bill to Distribute Duties
Behind the Shine at Shell
Betrayals on Deals Made in Exchange for Trade Votes
Better Look at the Table
Beyond NAFTA to a Canada-Europe Transatlantic Marketplace – Issues and Prospects
Beyond the Hype – Steel and Lumber Disputes
Big Media Interlocks with Corporate America
Bingaman Report
Bishop Peanut Deal
Blood and Exhaustion – Toys Made in China
British Columbia Lumber Dispute Remedies
Broadening Support
Broken Lives -- Behind U. S. Production in China
Building a North American Community – Council on Foreign Relations
Building a North American Community
Building Support for Free Trade
Bush Administration Policy Bulletin
Bush Foreign Policy Revolution
Bush Record on Jobs
Bush Record on Shipping Jobs Overseas
Byrd Amendment
CAFTA Annotated Labor Chapter
CAFTA Benefits Agribusiness Over Farmers
CAFTA Briefing Packet
CAFTA Damage Report Tracks Results of CAFTA Vote in Key Districts
CAFTA Goes to House
CAFTA Liaisons
CAFTA Missed Implementation Date
CAFTA's Debt Trap
CAFTA's Impact on U. S. Ethanol Market
CAFTA's Projected Impact on U. S. Sugar
Canada – 1996 Country Commercial Guides
Canada – US Lumber Trade – 2001
Canada – US Lumber Trade – What's Next – Bank of Montreal
Canada – US Softwood Lumber Trade Dispute Timeline
Canada – US Softwood Wood Lumber Dispute
Canada – US Trade Issues
Canada and a North American Monetary Union
Canada Cuts – US Buys
Canada Repeatedly Proves Lumber Industry is Not Subsidized
US – Canada Softwood Lumber Dispute
Canada's Access to US Markets
Canada's Appeals at NAFTA and WTO
Canada's Largest Law Firms
Canada's Secret Constitution
Canada's Win at WTO
Canada-US Lumber Trade – What’s Next?
Canadian Government Should End Subsidized Lumber
Canadian Industry Softwood Lumber Negotiating Position – Confidential
Canadian Softwood Lumber Agreement
Canfor Annual Report 2003
Causes and Consequences of the Trade Deficit – An Overview
Central Americans Speak Out
Changes and Challenges in the Sugar Industry
Changing Structure of International Trade
Chapter 11 is Broken Up Into Three Sections
Chart Showing US Dollar Exchange Rate for the Yuan - 2005 - 2007
Child Labor Report
China – US Trade Issues – CRS Report
China – US Trade Issues – 2006
China – US Trade Issues
China and the States
China Can Wait
China Currency Coalition Points to Worsening Trade Imbalances During 2007
China Escalates Dollar Purchases to Depress Value of Yuan
China in the Red – PBS
China Manipulates Its Currency — A Response is Needed
China Offers Alternatives
China Trade Deficit
China’s Currency - Economic Issues and Options for US Trade Policy - 2008
China's Anti-Dumping Laws
China's Currency - A Summary of Economic Issues - 2007
China's Currency Manipulation and US Trade
China's Surplus - the Real Numbers - 2005
China's Surplus - the Real Numbers
Chinese Currency Manipulation Fact Sheet
Chinese Oil Company and Unocal
CNN Visits American Crystal for Report on CAFTA
Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports Outlines Status of Unfair Canadian Lumber Dispute
Coleman Sugar Deal
Comments of Dewey Ballantine LLP Concerning Review of the Dispute Settlement
Comments on Coalition Proposal
Commerce Department Lumber Determination
Comparing Proposals for Closer Canada – US Economic Relations
Competing Visions for the Hemisphere
Competition Policy in Canada
Comprehensive Migration Policy Reform in North America
Conduct of International Trade Relations
Conflict Among Nations
Congress and the Constitutional System
Congressional Voting Records on Trade Agreements
Congressman George Miller Report on Wal-Mart
Congressman Miller's 2004 Report
Constitutional Analogies in the International Legal System
Constitutionality of NAFTA
Corporate Influence in the WTO
Corporate Lobby
Corporate Protectionism
Corporate Welfare
Costly Trade With China - Millions of US Jobs Displaced
Creating Value in a Digital Era
Crisis in Manufacturing Is Caused by Trade Agreements and Asian Currency Meltdowns
Crisis in Manufacturing
Crisis in US Textiles
Crisis of the Dollar System
Current Status of Softwood Lumber Dispute
Davos Diary 2006
Deals for NAFTA Votes – Trick, No Treat
Deals for NAFTA Votes II – Bait and Switch
Declining Job Quality – Here to Stay – AFL-CIO
Defects in Trade Settlement Process
Deliberate Indifference to Protect Workers' Rights
Dialogue on Globalization
Discussions or Negotiations – 2
Discussions or Negotiations
Dislocated Workers in North Carolina
Disney in China
Disney Store Survey
Disney's Children's Books Made in China
Dispute Settlement Update – January 14, 2005
Dobbs – Outsourcing
Does the WTO Matter
Down on the Farm
Dumping – the Bogeyman of Lumber IV
Economic Analysis of Softwood Lumber Dispute
Economic Integration in the NAFTA Zone
Economic Perspectives
Economics of Fascism - Wikipedia
Economist Honored
Effect of Employment of US Trade Deficit With China
English Deal
Enron's Pawns – Globalization Game
Epidemic of Unfair Trade
EU Opens New Front in Trade War
Exporting Jobs – When Trade Agreements Really Are Investment Agreements
Factories, Not Markets – Why Multinational Firms Want Trade with China
Fair Cuuency Act of 2007 - H. R. 782
Fake Sugar Deal
Fast Track Passage – 1997
Fool Me Twice
Forced Labor
Foreign Liabilities are Rapidly Increasing, Especially to Foreign Central Banks
Forestry Paper
Free Trade Agreements
Free Trade Delivers More Immigrants
Free Trade in Canadian Softood Lumber
From Democratic Dualism to Political Ralism
From Senators to the President
From the Failure of the WTO at Seattle
FTAA Unveiled
Future of North America
Future of the Japan – Canada Economic Relationship
Gerlach – CAFTA Deals
Germany and Industrial Tariff Reductions
Global Constitution of Failed States
Global Economy – NAFTA and CAFTA
Global Free Trade Agreements
Global Governance – Enhancing Trilateral Cooperation
Global Governance and the WTO
Global Technology Revolution
Global Trends 2015
Globalism and Canadian Federalism
Globalization and Trilateral Labor Markets
Globalization, American Wages and Inequality
GMO Dispute
Goals and Challenges for US Trade Policy
Good Jobs Disappear
Goodyear and Bridgestone Tire Production in China
Government to Government Discussions
Grassroots Campaign and Lobbying
Grassroots Lobbying
Greening the Trade in Trees
Greening the Trees
Harmonization Handbook
Has Free Trade Protected Canada from American Protectionism?
Hayes – CAFTA Deals
Hidden Entitlements
High Cost of Free Trade
History of US–Canada Dispute
House Report on NAFTA – A History
How Fair is Fair Trade?
How Unions Help All Workers
Human Cost Behind Bargain Shopping - Video
Human Cost Behind Bargain Shopping
Impact of Chinese Currency Manipulation on the US Economy and National Security
Impact of Steel Tariffs
Impact of US – Canada Trade Dispute
Impact of Wal-Mart on Rural Communities
Independence is Not a Option in Foreign Policy
In-depth Softwood Lumber Dispute
Inglis – Barrett – CAFTA Deals
Institutional Improvements to the WTO
Integration of Latin America
International Capital Mobility
International Law on Investment
International Mergers
International Trade – 2001
International Trade and the Bay Area Economy
International Trade
Investment – CAFTA Analysis
Investment and Trade Disputes
Investment Protection at all Costs
Is Wal-mart Good for America – PBS
Is Walmart Good For America?
Issues and Effects of the Byrd Amendment – September 2005
Job Creation or Destruction – Labor Market Effects of Wal Market Expansion
Knowledge and Human Capital
Labor Standards and CAFTA
Latinos Report
Law Firms with International Offices
Law of Regional Economic Integration in the Western Hemisphere
Laws as Treaties
Lear in Honduras
Legal Perspective on Trade Disputes
Lessons for Free Trade Area
Lessons from NAFTA – the High Cost of Free Trade
Long Term Solutions to Lumber Dispute
Looking for Mickey Mouse's Conscience
Lost Leverage
Lost Manufacturing Jobs Under President Bush
Lou Dobbs – Exporting America
Lou Dobbs – The Issue of Outsourcing
Lumber Dispute
Lumber Imports from Canada – CRS Study – 2001
Lumber Imports from Canada – CRS Study – 2003
Lumber Imports from Canada
Lumber Trade War
Making the Links
Managing the Trade Deficit
Managing the Trading System
Manufacturing in America
Mapping the Global Future
Meeks – CAFTA Deals
Meeting with Federal Minister
Members of Congress Call for End to SLA
Memorandum to the New Prime Minister
Minnesota Job Exports
Most Favored Nation
Myth Verses Reality – CAFTA
Myth Verses Reality
NAFTA and Lumber Dispute
NAFTA at Five – School of Real-Life Results, Report Card
NAFTA Chapter 11
NAFTA's Cautionary Tale
NAFTA's Seven Year War
Nailing the Homeowner
Naomi Klein - The Shock Doctrine – Video
National Farm Union Opposes CAFTA
National Forests and Mill Closures
Nation's Economic Woes
Need to Switch Positions
Negotiations Off the Track
New Alliance
New Balance Goes to China – Inside the New Corporate Order
New Canadian Subsidies for Timber Industry – December 1, 2005
New Opportunities in Global Economy
New Washington Rules for Lumber Disputes
NGO Statement on Softwood Lumber Dispute
NGOs – Business and International Investment
Nicaragua IMF Paper
No Concern Over US Over Softwood Ruling
No Small Change – the Economics and Politics of North American Monetary Integration
North American Economic Integration
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
North American Free Trade and Garment Industry
North American Integration – Back to Basics
North American Monetary Union
Official US Trade Policy Agenda – 2005
Offshoring Issue Guide
Ohio Job Exports
Ohio's Hidden Economic Crisis
On the Wrong Track: IMF Interventions
Opportunities and Challenges in Doing Business With China
Options for Regulating the Development of Superstores
Our World is Not For Sale
Paper Tiger Hidden Dragons
Paradigm Shift or Paradigm Twist?
Pax Consortis in an Age of Interdependence: The Challenge for Japan
Pennsylvania Job Losses
People's Guide to the WTO and the FTAA
Pocket Trade Lawyer – January2006
Politics of Oil – The Center for Public Integrity
Power and Decision-Making in the WTO
Power Politics in the WTO
Professional Protectionists – The Gains From Free Trade
Proposal for a Center for Study of Political Activity
Pros and Cons of Free Trade Agreements
Prospects for Deeper North American Economic Integration
Public Citizen Pocket Trade Lawyer
Public-Private Partnership and the IMF
Pulling Punches
Purchasing Political Power in Washington
Putting a Smiley Face on the Dragon – Walmart as a Catalyst to US - China Trade
Q&A World Economic Forum 2006
Q&A World Social Forum 2006
Real History of Free Trade
Record on Trade Deals in Congress
Regional Economic Integration
Regional Integration
Regulatory Vacuum and Job Offshoring
Relationship Between Trade
Reshaping US Policy in Middle East
Resolving the North American Subsidies War
Response of FTLC
Restoring Competition
Review of Dispute Settlement Understanding
Revisiting NAFTA - Still Not Working for North American's Workers
Revitalizing American Manufacturing – 2005
Revitalizing American Manufacturing – 2003
Revitalizing American Manufacturing – 2004
Revitalizing American Manufacturing  – Crisis
Roads, Trains and Ports – Integrating North American Transport
Roger Milliken 20th Century American Leaders Database
Russia's Accession to the WTO
Say No to CAFTA
Secure Access to US Market Through Trade Agreements
Selling a Cheaper Mousetrap
Senate Approves CAFTA
Shaping the Future of North American Economic Space
Shifting Blame for Manufacturing Job Loss
Shopping for Studies
Shopping for Subsidies – Walmart
Six Trade Corridors to the US – the Lifeblood of Canada's Economy
Softwood Dispute Timeline
Softwood Lumber – Next Phase
Softwood Lumber Countervailing and Anti-Dumping Duties
Softwood Lumber Imports – The 1996 U.S.-Canada Agreement
Softwood Lumber Imports from Canada – CRS – 2005
Softwood Lumber Imports: The 1996 U.S.-Canada Agreement
Softwood Lumber Negotiations
Softwood Lumber Trade Dispute
Softwood Lumber
Softwood Lumber–2
Solis Statement-CAFTA
Sovereignty Debate
State Job Loss Report
State of Working America
State-Provided Health Insurance Programs
Steel Deals and National Security – Video
Steele and the State
Stewart and Stewart Analysis of WTO - Consistency of Ryan-Hunter Bill - 2006
Stopping Giveaway of Canada's Forests
Straight Talk
Strategies of North American Multinationals in the New Regionalism
Striking Back Against Empire
Structural Adjustment in Latin America
Struggle for Worker's Rights in Mexico
Sugar Industry Petition
Suspension Agreements
Taiwan in the WTO
Taking Trade and Culture Seriously
Talking Points
Tariffs and Economic Development
Textiles Job Losses
The ABCs of the Global Economy
The Aldonas Solution
The Andersonville Study of Retail Economics
The Bush Record on Shipping Jobs Overseas
The Causes and Consequences of Wal-Mart's Growth
The China Currency Coalition
The China Currency Exchange Rate Problem - Facts and Policy Options - 2005
The China Price Project Report - Peter Navarro - 2007
The Choice
The Comimg China Wars - Peter Navarro - 2007.ppt
The Cost of Trade With China
The Cost of Trade With China
The Costco Challenge – An Alternative to Wal-Martization
The Development of China's National Defense Industry in the Globalization Process
The Economic Impact of Locally Owned Businesses vs. Chains
The Economic Viability of the Florida Sugar Industry
The Economics and Politics of Financial Modernization
The Effects of Chinese Currency Manipulation on American Industry and Manufacturing - Doug Bartlett - 2005
The Effects of Wal-Mart on Local Labor Markets
The Failure of Chapter 19
The Five Wars of Globalization
The Future of Conflict Management Between Canada and the US
The Gains from Trade - How Big and Who Gets Them
The High Price of Free Trade – NAFTA's Failure
The Impact of China’s Accession to the WTO
The Impact of NAFTA on the U. S. Latino Community
The Impact of NAFTA
The Influence of Big Business on the Rise of Adolf Hitler – A Historian's Debate
International Chamber of Commerce - Wikipedia
The Law of Regional Economic Integration in the American Hemisphere
The Man Who Said No to Wal-Mart
The Micro-Economic Impact of IMF Structural Adjustment Policies in Mexico
The Moment of Truth
The National System of Political Economy – 1909
The Price a Cheap Suit
The Price of Free Trade
The Problem with NAFTA's Chapter 11 Has Not Been Fixed
The Protectionists Strike Back
The Real Pirates of the Caribbean
The Real Wal-Mart Facts
The Red River Valley Sugarbeet Growers Association
The Role of Institutions in Economic Change
The Softwood Dispute – Where We're At and Where We're Going
The Softwood Lumber Dispute
The Softwood Lumber Saga
The Tragic Impact of China's Unfair Trade Practices - Richard Trumka - 2005
The Wal-Mart You Don't Know
The Water Barons – A look at the World's Top Water Companies
The Water Barons – The Center for Public Integrity
The World Bank – Its Role, Governance and Organizational Culture
The World Bank and the Attack on Pensions in the Global South
The WTO, The US Constitution, and Self-Government
Time-to-Choose – Good Jobs and Strong Communities or NAFTA Times Ten
To Save American Manufacturing – USBIC Plan
Toolbox No Recovery Without Middle-Class Jobs
Towards the Implementation of Strategic Trade Policies (2001-06)
Track I and II
Track II Negotiations
Trade and Manufacturing Jobs – AFL-CIO
Trade Deficit
Trade Deficits and Manufacturing Job Loss
Trade Disputes and Lumber Price Volatility
Trade Equalization and Regional Disparities in Canada
Trade Picture February 10, 2005
Trade Protection
Trade Remedies and WTO Dispute Settlement
Trade Remedies
Trade Threats – Trade Wars
Trade Vote Deal Making
Trade Wars Appendix
Trade Wars
Trading Relationship Based on Free Trade
Transforming Politicas in a Digital Era
Tree Trade and Liberalization
Two Centuries of Softwood Lumber War Between Canada and the US
U. S. - Jordan Free Trade Agreement -- Worker Rights
Understanding the US-China Balance of Trade
Unintended Consequences of Steel Imports
United States-Canada Softwood Lumber Dispute - Wikipedia
US – Canada Trade Dispute Timeline
US - China Trade - 1989 - 2003 - State by State Tables
US - China Trade - 1989 - 2003 - State by State
US – China Trade – 1989 – 2003
US Blocked Release of CAFTA Reports
US Coalition Steps Up Pressure
US Coalition Still Fears Canadian Weapon of Mass Construction
US House of Representatives – Trade Votes – 1998 – 2003
US Indebtedness to China and Japan - 2007
US Industry - Worker Coalition Assails China's Monetary Policy of Undervaluing Currency - 2005
US Laid the Lumber to Canada
US Lumber CVD
US Lumber Industry Proposal
US Manufacturing and the Impact of China
U.S. – Middle East Trade Area
US Senate Approves CAFTA
US Senate Debate – Australia Free Trade Agreement
US Strategy
US Sugar Industry Rejects Proposed CAFTA
US Trade Balance - International Picure - 2008
US Trade Deficit
US Trade With Mexico
US Wins Key Issue
US-Canada Forest
US-Latin America Relations
US–Taiwan Free Trade Agreement
Variable Export Levy
Voting Records on Trade Issues – U.S. House
Voting Records on Trade Issues – U.S. Senate
Wal-Mart – The High Cost of Low Price
Wal-Mart and Country Wide Poverty – 1
Wal-Mart and Country Wide Poverty – 2
Wal-Mart and Health Care
Wal-Mart and Wages
Wal-Mart Community Impact Facts
Wal-Mart Cost to Taxpayers Facts
Wal-Mart Dungeon in China
Wal-Mart Gender Facts
Wal-Mart Girds for Showdown With New Congress on Unions, Trade
Wal-Mart Health Care Facts
Wal-Mart Pay Gap
Wal-Mart's Reliance on Chinese Imports Costs U_S_ jobs
Washington State Foreign Imports – Lumber
We the People of Europe
Weapons Spending Tops $1 Trillion
Weyerhauser Proposal
What Exactly is GATT?
What Is Wrong with NAFTA
What's Wrong with the WTO
What Should Canada Do
When 2,500 People Chase Their Davos Moment
When Bad Things Happen to Good Laws
Who Will Pay the US Debt?
Why Bill Gates Believes the World is Flat
Why Certain Trade Agreements Are Approved – 2001
Why Certain Trade Agreements Are Approved – 2002
Why NAFTA Violates the Canadian Constitution
Why the Trade Deficit is So Large and Why It Matters - Peter Morici - 2005
Why There is Never Peace in International Trade
Why We Say NO to CAFTA
Will CAFTA Affect Immigration
Will CAFTA Be a Boon to Farmers and the Food Industry
Will CAFTA Be a Boon to Farmers
Wisconsin Job Losses
Women Say No to CAFTA
Women's Rights – Workers' Rights – AFL-CIO
World Bank and IMF Promises
World Economic Forum
Wrestling with Wal-mart
Writing Points for Comments
WTO – Citizen's Guide
WTO – Whose Organization Is It?
WTO and Dewey Ballantine
WTO Comes to Dinner
WTO Criticisms
WTO Dispute Settlement is Flawed
WTO Disputes Panels Constitutionality
WTO's Appellate Body

Promoting the Principles of Genuine Free and Fair Trade