Alexander Hamilton Institute
International Trade

10th Annual Philip Murray Memorial Labor
1996 Democratic Convention
1997 Export-Import Bank Conference
2001 Catholic Social Ministry Gathering
2004 Democratic National Convention
2004 Republican Convention Rally
21 Century – Addressing Long Fiscal Challenges
23rd Constitutional Convention of the AFL-CIO
23rd SEIU Convention
32nd Annual Meeting of the Joint Advisory Group of the International Trade Centre
4th Ordinary Session of the OAU-AEC Conference of African Ministers of Trade
50th Anniversary Seminar Trade Union Advisory Committee Panel on Shaping Globalization
A Borderless World
A Call for Modern Day Patriots – June 11, 2006
A Challenge to Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
A Global Strategy for Labor
A Global System for the Next Fifty Years
A New Framework for Multilateral Development Policy
A New Partnership Against Marginalization
A New Partnership for a New Century - Sustainable Global Development in a Global Age
A New Round - When and How?
A Partnership That's Worth Protecting
A Shared Responsibility - Global Policy Coherence For Our Global Age
Address to the Italian Trade Union Delegates
Adjusting to a Globalized Economy
AFL-CIO and United Association for Labor Education Conference
AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard L. Trumka
Africa and the Multilateral Trading System - Challenges and Opportunities
AFSCME “State of Crisis - An Urgent Briefing”
After Seattle – The WTO and Developing Countries
Agriculture and the Doha Development Agenda
Agriculture’s Stake in WTO Trade Negotiations
Albert Shanker Lecture Series
Alliance for Retired Americans Prescription Drug Rally
Alliance for Retired Americans Prescription Drug Speakout
Ameirca's Fiscal Call – David Walker
America at a Crossroads – October 23, 2006 – David Walker
America at a Crossroads – October 23, 2006
America in 2017 – Making Tough Choices Today Can Help Save Our Future – January 26, 2007 – David Walker
American and Korean Interests in the Emerging Wrold Trading System
American Foreign Policy for a Changing World
American Interests
American Leadership and the World Trade Organization - What is the Alternative?
American Political Science Association Annual Meeting
American Trade Policy
America's Ability
America's Fiscal Future – March 14, 2006
America's Fiscal Future
America's Interest
America's National Commercial Interest
An Enabling Environment for Development - the Contribution of the Multilateral Trading System
Annual AFL-CIO Lawyers Conference
Annual David N. Dinkins Forum
Annual Policy Conference for Canadian Association for Business Economics
APEC 10 Years & Beyond
APEC Trade Ministers
Asia and the IMF
Association of American Law Schools
Association of Joint Labor-Management Educational Programs
Assuring America's Support for the WTO
Atlantic Conference on Central Banking
Beyond the Crossroads - Moving Forward on the Doha Development Agenda
Beyond the Financial Crisis
Beyond the Multilateral Trading System
Build Up - the Road to Mexico
Building & Construction Trades Legislative Conference
Building a Labor Movement for the Next Century
Building the Framework for a Global Electronic Marketplace
Byrd Amendment
CAFTA and Free Trade
California Federation of Labor Convention
Campaign for America's Future Conference
Can We Really Call It Free Trade
Can We Take Open Markets for Granted?
Canadian Council of Chief Executives
Canadian-American Border Trade Alliance
Capital Flows, Crises, and the Private Sector
Carl Grenier Presentation
Central American Free Trade Agreement
Challenges for the Global Trading System in the New Millennium
Changes and Challenges the Sugar Industry Today
Changes in the Multilateral Trading System - Challenges for the WTO
Charting the Trade Routes of the Future - Towards a Borderless Economy
Chicago Council on Foreign Relations
Chicago Labor Day Celebration
China Accession to the WTO
China and th WTO - Challenges and Opportunities for the Future
China and the International System
China and the World Trading System
China and the WTO - Compliance and Monitoring
China's Decision to Cancel OECD Beijing Seminar
CISL 50th Anniversary
Civil and Human Rights Conference
Cleveland City Club
Coherence in Global Economic Policy-Making - WTO Cooperation With the IMF and the World Bank
Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs
Comment on Robert Lawrence's Vision
Comments as President of TUAC
Committee - ILO Convention 182 on the Worst Forms of Child Labor
Commonwealth Club
Competition Policy
COMTD on Item C - Technical Cooperation
Conduct of International Trade Relations
Conference on Developing Countries' Interests in a Millennium Round
Conference on Prospects for a Global Economy
Constitutional Convention
Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs Initiative
Council Legislative Conference
Council of Institutional Investors
Cover the Uninsured
CSEA Convention
CTE – Opening Remarks
Cyber Cafe
Danish Shipowners' Association
December Employment Report
Decent Work and the Growing Deficit
Democracy, Development and the WTO
Democratic Development as the Fruits of Labor
Democratic National Convention
Development Committee of the World Bank
Director-General — Talking Points for OECD Ministerial
Director-General's Farewell Speech to the General Council
Director-General's Meeting With Least-Developed Countries
Director-General's Press Statement
Director-General's Report on Consultations
DOD Budget and Transformation – January 24, 2007 – David Walker
DOD Transformation Challenges and Opportunities – David Walker
Doha Development Agenda - the Role of Regional Development Banks
Doha Development Agenda
Earth Day Rally
Economic Recovery for All
Economic Strategy Institute Conference
Enzi Votes for Wyoming Sugar Beet Growers by Opposing CAFTA
Escape Clause
Europe in the World Economy
Executive Session of the Senate Finance Committee
Failure of Anti-Dumping in WTO
Federal Action Key to Stemming America’s Manufacturing Crisis
Fifth Annual Russian Economic Forum
Final Countdown to Justice
Financial Services and the WTO
Fiscal and Health Care Challenges – David Walker
Fiscal Facts and Keeping America Great – March 15, 2007 – David Walker
Fiscal Stewardship and Defense Transformation – David Walker
Fiscal, Social Security, and Health Care Challenges – January 7, 2007 – David Walker
Forum on the Working Poor
Free Trade - Ten Years On
Free Traders
From Crisis to Commonwealth - CAFTA and Democracy in Our Neighborhood
From Doha to Cancun and Beyond
From Vision To Reality - The Multilateral Trading System At Fifty
Future of Anti-Dumping
Future of US – Japan Economic Relations
G-8 Labor Leaders Presentation to the Prime Minister of Japan
GAO's initiatives to Improve Performance, Transparency and Accountability – David Walker
Geneva Week 2001
Geneva WTO Ministerial 1998
Global Unions Conference on “Making Globalisation Work for People
Global Workers Forum
Globalisation - the Impact of the Doha Development Agenda on the Free Market Process
Globalisation and the Social Market Economy
Globalization and Corporate Accountability
Globalization and North American Integration Implications for the Union Movement
Globalization and the Changing Roles of States
Globalization with a Human Face
'Globalization, State Sovereignty, and the 'Endless' Accumulation of Capital'
Globalizing Regionalism - A New Role for Mercosur in the Multilateral Trading System
Group of 77 Preparatory Committee for UNCTAD X
Holy Name Cathedral
House Passage of CAFTA-DR
How Not to Lose Market Share and Friends
How Trade Liberalisation Impacts Employment
Human Rights for Millions
ICFTU Convention
ICFTU-ORIT Congress Opening Session
ILO Report on Child Labor
Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride Rally
Impact of the Exchange Rate on the United States Balance of Trade, Economic Growth and Employment
Implementing the WTO Singapore Declaration in 1997 and Beyond
Improving Performance, Accountability in the Federal Government – January 29, 2007 – David Walker
Improving Performance, Transparency and Accountability in the Federal Government – March 15, 2007 – David Walker
In Praise of the Future
Indiana and Missouri Governors Cancelling State Employee Bargaining Rights
Indonesia Must Promote Justice and Human Progress
Industrial Union Council Legislative Conference
Intelligence Challenges for the New Millennium - A Special Look At Russia and China
International Business Conference on Global Economic Governance & Challenges of Multilateralism
International Corporate Governance Network
International Labor Communications Association
International Labour Organization
International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC)
International Trade
Interview on the Economy
IUC 2004 Legislative Conference
Japan Problem Solved
Jordan Free Trade Agreement
Jubilee 2000 National Mobilization
Labor and the Global Economy Conference
Labor Day 2000
Labor Day Address
Labor Day Picnic
Labor Day Rally
Lawyers Coordinating Conference
Leading into the Third Millennium
Libreville 2000 — Meeting of African Trade Ministers – Closing Statement
Libreville 2000 — Meeting of African Trade Ministers
Looking over the Horizon - Assessing America's Strategic Challenges
Maintaining and Consolidating What Has Already Been Achieved
Major Problems with Trade Dispute
Making Globalization Work
Making the Global Economy Work for Working Families - Beyond the WTO
Manufacturing - Key To America’s Future
Manufacturing Jobs Being Sent Overseas
March and Rally Against WTO Global Injustice
Maritime Trades Biennial Convention Paris and Bally's Hotels
Medicare – Taking Care of Your Future – David Walker
Meeting of African Union (AU) Trade Ministers
Mercosur Heads of State Summit
Minimum Wage Rally
Ministerial Conference - ILO
Ministerial Conference
Ministerial Meeting of Least-Developed Countries, United Nations
Ministerial Roundtable on Trade and Poverty in LDCs
MLK Holiday Observance Breakfast
Moore Stresses Development Role at WTO
Moore Urges Trade Package for Poorest Countries
Moving Towards Global Stability
Multinationals Will Emerge As Main Winners From CAFTA Ratification
Mutual Fund
NAFTA Legislation
National Campaign for Jobs and Income Support Founding Convention
National Conference of State Legislators
National Conference on the Millennium Round
National Council of Democratic Mayors
National Day Celebrations
National Job Crisis Is Top Issue for Working Families
National Labor – Religion Conference
National Labor College Commencement
National Press Club
National University
New Faith Baptist Church
New York University School of Law
News Conference to Protest Department of Labor Overtime Pay Cuts
NLRB Conference
No Blank Check for China Rally
North American Convergence - An American Perspective
North American Integration – Migration, Trade and Security
November Employment Report
Oberlin College Commencement
OECD Forum 2002
Official Opening of the Advisory Centre for WTO Law
On the Wall Street Rally
Open Forum on Pension Equity
Open Societies Do Better
Open Societies, Freedom, Development and Trade
Opening Day Press Conference
Opening Remarks, E-Commerce Conference, ITC
Opening Session of Sustainable Trade Day
Organizational Changes in the WTO Secretariat
Organizing Press Conference
Outcome of the World Trade Organization Ministerial in Seattle
Peolosi Address to AFL-CIO Industrial Union Council
People's Summit of the Americas
Plenary on The Social Dimension of Trade and Investment
Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace
Positive Contribution of Anti-Dumping
Post-Election Press Briefing
Premature Disclosure of Dispute Settlement Panel Reports
Preparations for the Fourth WTO Ministerial Conference
Presentation of Director-General's Annual Report to the Trade Policy
Presentation to the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee
Preserving U.S. Sovereignty in a Globalizing World
President Bill Clinton's Lunch, WTO's Seattle
President John J. Sweeney, American Political Science Association Annual Meeting
Problems with WTO
Promoting Openness, Fairness and Predictability in International Trade for the Benefit of Humanity
Proposed Fast Track Legislation
Prospects for the Developing Countries in the Next Round
Protesting Department of Labor Overtime Pay Cuts
Provost Distinguished Lecture Series
Pursuit of US Interests
Putting the Doha Development Agenda back on track - why it matters to China
Rally With Laid-Off Workers
Recent WTO Decisions
Rededication of AFL-CIO Headquarters Building
Reflections on the Global Report on Forced Labor
Reflections on the Global Trading System
Reflections on WTO Dispute Settlement
Reform and Russia’s Future
Regional Initiatives, Global Impact - Cooperation and the Multilateral System
Remarks by AFL-CIO President John J. Sweeney at the Alliance for
Remarks by Doug Bartlett Remarks - October 13, 2005
Remarks by Richard L. Trumka, Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO
Remarks by Richard Trumka - China Currency - October 13, 2005
Remarks of William Lucy
Renewal of Fast Track Trade Negotiation Authority
Reordering of the World Economy
Report of the ILO Director General
Rethinking the Global Political Economy
Retires Deserve Better Than Let Them Eat Cake Policies
Revisiting the Multilateral Trading System
Reward Work Rally at U.S. Capitol
Role of Anti-Dumping Laws
Role of Congress
Russia - The International Economy and the World Trade Organization
Saving Our Future Requires Tough Choices – August 24, 2006
Saving Our Future Requires Tough Choices – June 12, 2006
Saving Our Future Requires Tough Choices – May 1, 2006
Saving Our Future Requires Tough Choices – September 28, 2006
Saving Our Future Requires Tough Choices Today – January 10, 2007 – David Walker
Saving Our Future Requires Tough Choices Today – March 6, 2007 – David Walker
Saving Our Future Requires Tough Choices Today February 1, 2007 – David Walker
Saving Our Future Requires Tough Choices Today –February 13, 2007 – David Walker
Saving Our Future Requires Tough Choices Today –February 21, 2007 – David Walker
Saving Our Future Requires Tough Choices Today –March 9, 2007 – David Walker
Seattle - What's at Stake?
Seattle Conference Doomed to Succeed
Seattle Ministerial Conference
Second Integrated Framework Mainstreaming Seminar
Second Ordinary Session of the Conference of the African Union Ministers of Trade
Seize This Moment in History
Senate Debate on Secret NAFTA Tribunals
Senate Finance Committee
Services in a Borderless Economy
Show Us The Jobs Bus Tour Launch
Special Event at the UNDP 2002 Executive Board Meeting
Speech Notes to Legislators Assembly
Spending Is Out of Control
St. Vincent Church
State of the World Forum 2000
Status of Asbestos Negotiations
Steel Industries Priorities for the 108th Congress
Steelworkers Rally
Subsidies in the Context of China's WTO Accession
Summit of the Americas and Prospects for Free Trade in the Hemisphere
Swearing In Ceremony
Symposium on Corporate Social Responsibility
Temple Isaiah
Ten Years After Marrakesh - the WTO and Developing Countries
Textile Industry
The Academy of Management, Critical Management Studies Workshop
The Academy of Management, Critical Management
The Backlash Against Globalization?
The Backlash Against Globalization
The Bush Administration's Western Hemisphere Policy
The Case for the “Open Society” and the Role the WTO Plays
The Challenges of Globalization and the Role of the IMF
The Challenges of Globalization for Africa
The Challenges of Globalization
The Challenges of the Doha Development Agenda for Latin American and Caribbean Countries
The Coming Challenge - Global Sustainable Development for the 21st Century
The Commonwealth Club
The Complex Path Ahead
The Critical Role of CAFTA in a Freedom Agenda for the Americas
The Debt That No One Wants to Talk About – 2005
The Doha Development Agenda - Challenges Ahead
The Doha Development Agenda - Challenges and Opportunities for the Arab world
The Doha Development Agenda (DDA) Advanced Training Programme for Arab
The Economy, the War and Choosing Our Future
The Euro as Catalyst for European Reform
The Euro, the Dollar, and Their Impact on Global Manufacturing
The Federal Reserve Reality vs. Myth
The Future of International Trade in Services
The Future of the World Trading System
The Future of the WTO and Its Role in Global Economic Growth
The Future Path of the Multilateral Trading System
The G& Policy Agenda Creates Global Poverty
The Global Challenge - Opportunities and Choices in the Multilateral Trading System
The Global Economy - The Need To Act
The Global Economy Must Market Democratic Values
The Global Market - the Competitiveness of European Banks and Industry
The Great Trade Debates and What's at Stake
The Impact of Capital Mobility on Workers rights
The Importance of Quota Elimination for The Strengthening of the Multilateral Trading System
The Importance of the WTO
The Moral and Human Dimensions of Work and Workers in the Global Economy
The Multilateral Trading Regime Is a Force for Good - Defend It, Improve It
The Multilateral Trading System - Challenges and Opportunities
The Multilateral Trading System - Where Are We Headed?
The Multilateral Trading System at 50 - Meeting the Challenges of a Globalized Economy
The Multilateral Trading System at Fifty
The Multilateral Trading System in support of Africa-Led and Africa-Owned Development
The NAFTA Dispute Mechanism
The National Security Implications of Global Demographic Change
The Need for Leadership and Stewardship – February 8, 2006
The Need to Conclude Doha Talks Successfully and on Time
The Need to Rebuild America's Manufacturing Base
The New Multilateral Trade Negotiations, the European Union, and its Developing Country Partners - An Agenda for Action
The New School for Social Research
The Next 50 Years - Challenges and Opportunities For the Multilateral Trading System
The Occasion of the 17th and Final Meeting of the Textiles Monitoring Body
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
The Plight of the Working Poor
The Post-Seattle Trade Agenda
The Realities Facing Graduates
The Realities That Would Greet You If You Were Graduating Tomorrow
The Road Ahead - International Trade Policy in the Era of the WTO
The Second Summit of the Americas
The Society of Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick
The Trading System of the Future - Challenges and Opportunities
The Trilateral Commission
The U. S. Free Trade Agreement with Central America and the Dominican Republic - How Everyone Benefits
The U.S. Trade Deficit - Are We Trading Away Our Future?
The WTO - Challenges Ahead
The WTO - The Challenge Ahead
The WTO - What Is At Stake?
The WTO and Developing Countries - Priorities for Negotiations
The WTO and LDCs - Delivering a Better Future Through Trade
The WTO and the Arab world - Preparations for Doha
The WTO and the New Economy
The WTO is Back on Track
Third LDC Trade Minister’s Meeting
To Doha and Beyond - a Roadmap for Successfully Concluding the Doha Development Round
To the Labor and Working Class History Association
Toleration of Anti-Dumping Policies
Towards GATS 2000 - a European Strategy
Trade and Investment - Softwood Lumber Partners for Progress
Trade and Sustainable Development - The Doha Development Agenda
Trade and the Empire
Trade Deception – Democracy and Steel Survival
Trade Dispute Settlement System
Trade Dispute Settlement
Trade for Development – the Way Ahead
Trade in Telecommunication Services
Trade With China
Trade, Development and Democracy - the Need for Reform of the WTO
Trade, Poverty and The Human Face of Globalization
Trading Towards Peace
Transition Economies and the WTO
U. S. Government is Allowing Evasion of U. S. Canada Lumber Agreement at the Expense of U. S. Mill and Jobs
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
U.S. Conference of Mayors
U.S. Department of Labor Summit on the 21st Century Workforce
U.S. Trade Policy
U.S. Trade with China and China's Accession to the WTO
U.S.-Mexico Migration
UAN National Labor Assembly
UN Financing for Development Conference Summit-Level Opening Session
Unanswered Questions
UNCTAD XI to Deliver Clear Message in Support of the Doha Round
Union Days 2001
University of Baltimore Commencement
University of Toledo College of Law
University of Trieste MIB – School of Management
Unsustainable Trade Deficit
US Vision
USWA Lawsuit Challenging NAFTA
USWA Wheeling-Pitt Rally at Merrill Lynch
Washington National Cathedral
WEF Worker Forum
Why Cancún Matters
Wider WTO Membership
Will We Have An Economic Recovery Without A Strong U.S. Manufacturing Base?
Willful Ignorance - The Struggle to Convince the Free Trade Skeptics
Work and Family - Putting People First
Workers Memorial Day
Working Families Convocation
Working for America Institute 2001 Conference
Working Women 2000
World Economic Forum – 1998
World Economic Forum – 1999
World Economic Forum – 2001
World Rubber Conference
World Trading System
WTO African Regional Workshop on Cotton
WTO and the New Round of Trade Talks
WTO Ministerial Trade Conference for Central and South East Europe
WTO Ministerial Trade Conference for Central Asian and Caucasus Countries
WTO Negotiations - Agriculture and Developing Countries
WTO Pledging Conference for the Doha Development Agenda Global Trust Fund
WTO Public Symposium “Multilateralism at a Crossroads”
WTO Ruling
WTO Secretariat Organizes Workshop on Technical Assistance in Trade Facilitation
WTO Trade Dispute Settlement
WTO Trade Facilitation Symposium
Yale University Strike
Your Role in International Trade
Zeng Peiyan – Vice Premier of China – Video

Promoting the Principles of Genuine Free and Fair Trade