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Jihad vs. McWorld


Stateless Corporations: Lords of the Global Economy


Faulty Analysis Makes Bad Economics

Leaked Report Scores World Bank Poverty Assessments

The World Bank & NGOs

Disarming the Markets

Ken Silverstein

More (or Less) on Globalization

OECD Multilateral Agreement on Investment – Fact Sheet

The Exxon-Shell-ELF-World Bank Plans for Central Africa

The IMF Is a Power Unto Itself

"'Transnational Corporate Bill of Rights' - Negotiations for a Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI)"

UNCTAD Sounds Warning on Globalization

What's New About Globalization?

Who is James Wolfensohn?

Anger as Bank Tries to Rule Carbon Trade

Asia: IMF Should Rethink Policy

At the IMF, a Struggle Shrouded in Secrecy Curing Sick Economies Exacts a High Price

Avoiding War Over Natural Resources

Bad Reception

Bank Admits HIPC Conditions Wrong

Decision by U.S. and I.M.F. Worsened Asia's Problelms, the World Bank Finds

Economic Scene: The I.M.F. Must Go, Critics Say, But Who Will Cope With Crises?

Eras of Power

Giant Corporations, Dwarf States

Globalization in Crisis: The End of a "Miracle"

Head of World Bank and Anglican Bishops Disagree

Heads Should Roll at IMF and World Bank

'High-Rhetoric' Fight Between World Bank and the IMF

I.M.F. Resists 'Blackmail' by Russia and U.S

I.M.F., Pressing Russia on Earlier Loan Pact, Takes Time to Rule on New Cash

IMF: Still Bungling in Asia

IMF and Others Spar on Success of Asia Policy Recipes

IMF and US Response to the Asian Financial Crisis

IMF Formulas Come With a High Cost

IMF, World Bank: Dispensing Loans at a Price

IMF, World Bank Officials Differ On Response To Crisis

IMF's About-Turn on Fiscal Stimulus Won't Work

Japan to Propose Global Body for Financial Supervision

Labor, Industry and the Bank in Indonesia

Lessons of the Asia Crisis

Let's Develop Humane Global Investing

Muddled Measures by the IMF

No More Money For Bailouts

One Year Later, Asian Economic Crisis Is Worsening

Refocusing the IMF

Risky Business: The Grasberg Gold Mine

Stop Demonizing Globalization, and Learn to Manage It

The Financial Monster that Tried to Eat Australia

The IMF: One Size Does Not Fit All

The New Global Economy Takes Your Order

To G-7: " Stop Preaching"

What's So New About Globalization?

Who's To Blame For Negative Impacts

World Bank Calls in Fraud Team

World Bank Decries Stingy Donors

World Bank Memo Depicts Diverted Funds

World Bank Turns Up Criticism Of the IMF

71 Nations Look to Block Free Trade

A Better System in the 19th Century?

A Fund of Wisdom Rediscovered

A Human Face for Globalization or Neo-Colonialism?

A Millennial Gift to Developing Nations

A World of Difference in Trade Views

Africa's Potential Water Wars

Aid to Poor Could Miss Targets and Stall, World Bank Reports

Brazil's Bail-Out is a Time Bomb

Calling the IMF to Account

Caught in a U.S. Civil War

Circus in Seattle

Davos Forum Founder Attacks IMF for "Human Disaster" in Asia

Egyptian Writer Slams IMF, Donors

Euro Will Increase

Fight for Sudan's Oil is Killing Civilians

Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker Speaks Frankly About Globalization

"Free Market" Program Boosts World Poverty

From Bretton Woods to the MAI: Finance and Silence

G-7 Drafts Gold-Sale Plan To Cut Poor Nations' Debt

G-7 Plan for Financial Reform: What It Means for the UN

Global Economic Crisis, Neoliberal Solutions, and the Philippines

Globalization Agenda Threatens Market System

Globalization and the Maquiladoras

Globalization Further Weakens Poor

Globalization Versus Internationalization: Some Implications

Hold On to Your Phone Bill, It's Merger Time

How the Global Economy Harms People and the Environment

ILO Wins Place in Economy Debate

IMF and World Bank Come in for Criticism

IMF Chief Urges Establishment of an IMF Council

IMF Denies Reports of Misappropriations of Funds

IMF Faces Fresh Pressure for Internal Reform

IMF Leader Says Bank Should Be Lender of Last Resort

IMF Says It Misread Severity of Asian Crisis

IMF 'Scheme' for Debt Relief

IMF Will Never Be Popular

IMF, World Bank Face Mounting Attacks

In Bulgaria, 10 Years of Misery

India Presses for Fairer Voting Rights in IMF, World Bank

Indonesia: World Bank OKs Loans - With Conditions

Indonesian Group Slams IMF, World Bank

It's a Global Mess. What's a World to Do?

Japan's Sakakibara Hits Out at IMF, US Dominance

Mark Malloch Brown, a World Bank Vice President, to Head UNDP

Markets Are Freer Than Politicians

Meet Globalization's Doubters Partway

Mega-Mergers, Mega-Influence

Memo Misfire

'Merge or Die'

Mergers Sweep the Auto Industry

Militarism and MAI

Mugabe Says Zimbabwe Might Soon Cut Ties With IMF

No to Global Investment Treaty

Noam Chomsky and the Struggle Against Neoliberalism

Officials of Harvard Program that Aided Russia are Probed

Paying IMF First Keeps Russia Poor

People vs. Markets as Another Bailout Flounders

Petrodollars Behind the Chechen Tragedy

Problems Plague World Bank Asia Projects

Reflections On Camdessus' Exit

A Short History of Neoliberalism

Russia Hotly Protests Audits Demanded by IMF for Loans

Russian IMF Loans Routed Through Offshore Company

Soros Urges IMF Changes

Soros Wants IMF as International Central Bank

Suspicions Rise as Aid Scandal Touches Leaders

Taking the World Bank's Measure

Taxation and Social Progress

The Angolan Civil War Part 1: Oil

The Banking Jackpot

The Demand for Lifeboats

The Global Merger Wave: Consequences for Developing Countries

The Loose Cannon at the World Bank

The Official News From he World Poverty Front Is Gloomy

The Passion for Free Markets Exporting American Values Through the New World Trade Organization

The Road to a Better World

The Role of Trade Unions in a Global Economy

The Scoop Takes On the WTO

The Threat of Globalization

The Threat of Globalization

Top 10 Reasons to Shutter the WTO

U.S. Will Urge IMF To Scale Back Role

UN Releases Proposals for Reform of Financial Oversight

Unburdening the Third World

Unemployed Can't Bank on Stiglitz: More of the Same From the World Bank

Unions Say Globalisation's Worst Is Yet to Come

West Seeks to Limit Russia Probe Damage

World Bank: Growth Forecasts Lifted

World Bank: Projects 'Fail' the Poor

World Bank Aid Strategy Flawed Says Stiglitz

World Bank Beats Breast for Failures in Indonesia

World Bank Economist Felt He Had to Silence Criticism or Quit

World Bank Estimates 200 Million 'Newly Poor'

World Bank Fighting Poverty in the Dark

World Bank Puts Off Vote on Tibet

World Bank Reverses Position on Financial Controls and on Malaysia

World Trade or World Domination?

WTO and the Third World: On a Catastrophic Course

$1.25b World Bank Loan Hits Snag

A Call to Action in a Global Economy

A Dozen Reasons To Come To DC For April 16

A Fork in the Road to Riches

A Job On the Line

A New Politics Born of Globalization

A Study Says IMF's Hand Often Heavy

A World Bank Marketplace of Ideas

Africa and Globalization

Africa Demands a Greater Voice at the World Bank and IMF

Africa Should Mull Oil and Diamond Union

Africa Urged to Fight Globalization

After Seattle: Understanding the Politics of Globalization

An Effort by US to Change the IMF Is Set Back

Aninat Tells of IMF Lending Rule Changes

Another One Bites the Dust Collateral Damage in the Battle for the Bank

Anti World Bank, IMF Activists Say

AOL-Time Warner Merger Internet Feeding Frenzy

Are Geo-Political Issues Determining IMF's Economic Agenda?

Asia Must Have Bigger Voice in IMF: Japan

Asian Crisis Fund Back on Agenda

Asian Fund to Play Complementary Role to IMF

Author of World Bank Report Resigns in Protest of Muzzling

Author of World Bank Report Resigns in Protest of Muzzling

Bangkok Warned on Debt

Bankers Want IMF to Push Reforms as World Recovers

Blueprints for Redesigning the World Bank

Bolivian Water Project

Brazil Repays IMF Early

Business Climate a Whirlwind of Mergers

Call to Align Global Policy on Competition

Camdessus Urges Developed Nations

Can World Bank Lend Money

Can World Economy Help Poor?

Chad Oil Project Nears Decision

Chase Manhattan to Buy J.P. Morgan for $36 billion

China Slams World Bank "Politicization," High Borrowing Costs

China Withdraws from World Bank Project

Coalition Calls for Investigation Exxon/Mobil Merger's Environmental Impacts

Colombia Battles to Meet IMF's Terms

Concentration Requires Regulation, Says UNCTAD

Confessions of Fault Cannot Heal Pain of Economies in Transition

Confessions of the Washington Ideologues

Corporate Mergers Skyrocket

Countdown to Free Trade Areas Has Begun

Countries that Ignore IMF Fare Better Off - Stiglitz

Court Bars Romanian IMF Deal

Critics of Globalization Promised a Hearing

Critics Say IMF, World Bank Leave Struggling Nations Dependent

Davos: Alpine Lookout on the World's Economy

Debt Relief: IMF is on the Right Track

Debt Relief Alone Not Enough For LDCs

Delays and Compromise Over World Bank

Despite Global Changes, National Sovereignty Remains King

Development: A Leopard and Its Spots

Dhaka for Restriction – Free Global Labor Market

Discrimination And Poverty Likely Bedfellows

Don't Bank on It: Factions at The World Bank Argue

Downfall of an Economic Experiment

East Timor's Resource Curse?

Economic Regression in Third World Due to External Problems

Economic Tension in Spotlight as Chinese Farmers Storm Government Office

Emerging Markets Are Back. Thanks, IMF

End to Privatization of Global Water Resources Sought

Ex-IMF Boss Says Financial Leaders Complacent

Extravagant Evil and the IMF

Fair Trade – Small Change, Big Difference

FDI to Exceed 1 Trillion Dollars

Fischer Warns of Imbalance in Growth

Following the Evidence Trail to Development

For Latin America, Globalization Has Not Been Paying Off

G24 Coalition Bristles at IMF Demands

Globalisation: The Plight Of Billions Stressed

Globalization: the Truth

Globalization & Governance

Globalization Offers Unstable Ground for Foreign Investors

Globalization, Done Right, Is What Developing Countries Want

Globalization's 'Death' Is Premature

Goal of Halving Poverty by 2015 Attainable but Difficult, Progress Uneven

Goal Post Changes Point to Middle East Water Conflict

Groups Plan Boycott of World Bank Bonds

Growth Is Good for The Poor

Gun Fight at the IMF Corral

Havel Urges Multinationals to Heed the 'Voices of the People'

Helping the Poorest to Get Poorer

I.M.F. and the World Bank Blueprint

I.M.F. Is Expected to Ease Demands on Debtor Nations

ILO Report Says Globalization Causes Job Losses

IMF? No thanks

IMF Advice Will be Country-Specific: Koehler

IMF Agrees Need to End 'Mission Creep'

IMF And World Bank Absolve Self Of Blame

IMF and World Bank Cut $ 590 Million in

IMF and World Bank Pressure to Repay Loans Exacerbated Logging

IMF and World Bank to Examine the Effect of Aid

IMF Announces Tighter Lending Rules

IMF Delays Debt Relief with Conditions

IMF Director Promises Reforms

IMF Executive Board Establishes Code of Conduct

IMF Executive Board Establishes Code of Conduct

IMF is a Feudal Fossil, Says Report

IMF is Peddling Misery to the Poor

IMF Lifts Suspension of Sudan’s Voting and Related Rights

IMF Reform

IMF Reports World Growth Accelerating After Setbacks

IMF Reveals Financial Details

IMF Says Prosperity from Globalization

IMF Says Prosperity from Globalization

IMF Set to Publish More Reports Explaining Loans

IMF 'Should Give Poor Countries Bigger Voice'

IMF Should Pull Out of Russia, Soros Argues

IMF 'to Predict Strong Rise in Global Growth'

IMF To Provide 20 With Debt Relief

IMF Urges Industrialised Nations to Open up Markets

IMF Will Not Impose Conditions on African Governments: Koehler

IMF, World Bank Face Tough Questions on Corruption

IMF, World Bank See Cooperation, Different Roles

IMF's Chief Calls for G7 Summit Shakeup

IMF's Koehler Calls For Dialogue At Prague Meeting

IMF's Promise to Make HIPC Debt Initiative Work for Zambia Remains Unfulfilled

IMF's Shock Cures Are Killing Off the Patients

In Big Offshore Oil Discoveries, Frail Visions of a Redeemed Angola

In Mozambique, a Less Than a Helpful Hand

In Search of Stability and Broadly-Shared Prosperity

In the Andes, Echoes of Seattle

In the Midst of Upheaval, Yet Out of Public Sight

India Unfazed over IMF Corruption Index Move

Inside Corporate America

Irian Jaya Declared Independent

Joseph Stiglitz Interview

Keep an Eye on the Monopolists

Kenya: Protests Against World Bank-Driven Land Reforms

Köhler Demonstrates a Reformist Zeal

Köhler Offers Banks Role As Partners

Labour Warns Against Over-Excitement in Trade Liberalisation

Landmark Court Ruling Condemns

Learning Network Dissolves North-South Barriers

Mahathir Concerned Over Emerging World Monopolies

Manuel Jets out to Propose Changes to IMF Structures

Mineral Riches Fuel War, Not the Poor

More Form than Substance: Press Coverage of the WTO Protests in Seattle

Moving Toward a Movement?

New IMF Chief Sees Broad Role in Lending to Developing Economies

New IMF Vision to Focus on Poverty Reduction, Globalization

Nicaragua on Track for Debt Relief

Nigerian Union Takes IMF and World Bank to Court

Nile River Politics: Who Receives Water?

No Loan to Supporters of Terrorism, Says IMF

Oil Giants Once Again Accused of Abuses

Oil Riches, and Risks, in Tiny African Nation

Old Battle; New Strategy

Opening Up to Criticism

Outside Review Panel to Monitor IMF Work

Palestinians Given $12 Million World Bank Grant

Pie-in-the-Sky Debt Relief

Play It Again Sam: The IMF and World Bank Are at It Again

Politicians are the IMF's Real Opponents

Poor Countries Have to Build the Fundamentals for Growth

Poor Should Look Beyond World Bank

Poorest Countries Left Behind by Trade Boom

Power Play at the IMF

Prague Gets Ready for Protests

Prague Prepares for Siege

Privatization And ‘Reforms’ Spread Corruption

Progress in Strengthening the Architecture of the International Financial System

Protest in Prague: Opinions on Globalization are Shifting

Protesters Aren't Alone in Doubts About Globalization

Protests, General Strike Paralyze Argentine Capital

Put Poor Nations Online to Crack Poverty, Pleads World Bank Chief

Reforming the IMF

Remedies for Globalization's Side Effects

Report of the Panel of Experts – Sierra Leone

Report Says IMF Reform Program

Russia Repays IMF Debts

Seattle, One Year Later

Seattle, the Sequel

Shaukat Reiterates Plea to Allow Debt Repayments through Government Expenditures

Silencing Joseph Stiglitz

Soros: Euro May 'Disintegrate', Currency Markets Are Not Always Rational

Sound the Alarm Economist James Stiglitz Rips Washington's "Market Bolsheviks"

Spoils Of War

Statement on Ravi Kanbur's Resignation as World Development Report Lead Author

Stiglitz and the Limits of 'Reform'

Strained Ties: IMF Issue Divides US and Germany

Summers Urges World Bank Reform

Summers's Troubles

Tensions Spark Over Ecuadorian Oil Attacks

The Burghers of Wall St Stand Accused

The Casualties of Globalism

The Charade of Debt Sustainability

The China Syndrome

The Cyber Tigers

The Development Numbers Say Economic Globalism Has Failed

The Domino's Effect

The Global Divide, From Davos...

The IMF: Dr. Death?

The IMF Stumbles

The IMF Under Attack

The IMF's Dirty Dozen

The International Monetary Fund Tries to Outrun Its Critics

The Littlest Laborers

The Nationalist Groundswell in Brazil

The Power to Banish Poverty

The Prague Castle Debate: A Few Questions for Mr. Wolfensohn and Mr. Kohler

The Right Role for the IMF in Development

The Solution to Rising Gas Prices: Antitrust Action

The Way Ahead for Asia

The World Bank as the New Evangelist

The World Bank Must Realize Water Is a Basic Human Right

The World Bank’s Social Reconstruction

The World Trade Organization: Stop World Takeover

There is More than National Pride at Stake in the Battle to be Boss of the IMF

Third World Aims a Spearhead at Rich Club

This is Where Our Money Goes

Top 200: The Rise of Global Corporate Power

Toward a New Internationalism

Travelling Salesmen of Diplomacy

Trustbusters: A History Lesson

UN Chief Blames Rich Nations for Failure of Trade Talks

UN Takes The High Ground, in Protecting Mountains

United States Goes Global: The Control of Pleasure

US Rejects Europe's Choice of IMF Head

US Report Seeks to Curtail Roles of World Bank, IMF

US Snubs Germany by Rejecting IMF Candidate

"Vehicle Brand Owners" Will Dominate the Industry

Venezuela Will Grant Oil Concessions in Disputed Essequibo Region

Wanted: Intelligent Protesting

Water Conflict in Middle East

Water Wars Not a Worry for World's Top Dam Expert

Welcome to the World's Biggest Bank

What I Learned at the World Economic Crisis

What We've Won

Wider Gaps Between Haves and Have-Nots By Year 2015, Says US Intelligence

Will It Be Business As Usual at the World Bank?

With Giant Media Mergers, Control of Expression In Dwindling Number of Hands

With Seattle in Mind, Police Show Strength at New Jersey I.M.F. Rally

Wolfensohn Defends World Bank Loans

Wolfensohn Unbound

World Bank Admits It Was Naïve On China

World Bank Apologises for Failure of Education Projects in Nigeria

World Bank Blames Blanket Aid Conditions on Reform Failure

World Bank Calls for More Aid

World Bank Calls for Stronger Social Policy in Latin America

World Bank Chases Mirage of Empowerment

World Bank Chief Takes a Swipe at Non-Governmental Groups

World Bank Chief Warns Indonesia On Militias

World Bank Closing the Curtains on its Critics

World Bank Criticizes Itself Over Chinese Project Near Tibet

World Bank Dilutes Report

World Bank Gets Satisfactory Results

World Bank In Trouble?

World Bank Looks at Graft Blacklist

World Bank Not to Seek Phasing Out of Units

World Bank Offers Aid on Oil Cost

World Bank Says Structural Adjustments Hurt the Poor

World Bank Schemes Cost 2.6m their Homes

World Bank Stages Intellectual

World Bank to Ease Malawi of 43 percent of its Debt Burden

World Bank to Give

World Bank to Stop Pushing Poor to Pay for Health Care, School

World Bank, IMF Study Ways to Select Bosses

World Bank, United Nations Enhance Partnership

World Bank, Worst May Be Over for Africa

World Development Report Fails to Put Own Recommendations into Action

Worldwide Mergers & Acquisitions, 1980-1999

Yes to Globalization, But Protect the Poor

1492 and All That

30,000 in Anti-Government Rally in Istanbul

A 'Crisis Of Legitimacy' Facing World Trade Meeting

A New Giant Sucking Sound

A Plan for the World Trade

A Public Citizen Primer on the FTAA

A Tighter Hand in Doling Out Global Aid?

Aceh: Megawati's Toughest Test

Activists Plan Boat Convoy

African Insurance Initiative Aims to Boost Trade

Africans Query World Bank, IMF Governance Mantra

Against the Workers

Aid Donors Advised to Reward Good Governance

Algeria's Economy: The Vicious Circle of Oil and Violence

Amnesty Focuses on Globalization

Analysis of the Final Ministerial Declaration of the 4th Ministerial Conference of the WTO in Doha

Anarchism and the Anti-Globalization Movement

Angola's Wealth: Stories of War and Neglect

Another Plea for More Aid to Poor

Anti-Globalization, Pro-Peace?

Argentina's Crisis, IMF's Fingerprints

Argentina's Financial Quandary Is No Surprise

At WTO Talks, Protesters Will Be Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind

Australia Bows to East Timor Over Oil and Gas Rights

Azeri-Iran Dispute Deepens

Back to Borders

Bank Private Sector Arm under Fire

Behind Ethnic War, Indonesia's Old Migration Policy

Blocking the Terrorists' Funds

Boiling Oil

Brown Urges New Deal for Poor

Bush Encourages Resolution of Conflict

Business as Usual on IMF Bailouts

Caribbean Urges EU to Review Imports Regime

Caspian Security Under Threat

Central Asia's Great Game Turned on its Head

China Braces for Impact of Membership in WTO

Clean Text for WTO Ministerial; Dirty Slap in Face of Africans

Collapse in Coffee Prices Hits Struggling Farmers

Competing Over Competition Policy

Cooperating Over Competition

Cornered Rebels May Lash Out in Cabinda

Critical WTO Meet Begins Today Amid

Curbing the Corrupt

Deeply Divided WTO Faces Moment of Truth

Dehydrating Conflict

Developing Countries Face Uphill

Developing Countries Flex Their Muscles

Developing Nations Determined to Be Heard

Dirty Laundry Multinational Banks As Bagmen for Global Crime Syndicates

Dispatch From Doha

Doha: A Shade Worse Than Seattle?

Doha: Saving WTO, Killing Democracy

Doha and The Crisis in Global Trade

Doha Is Coming: Further Briefing on the GATS

Doha Spells Disaster for Development

Doha to Johannesburg

Doha, the Economic Frontline

DRC: Mixed Reaction to UN Report on Resource Exploitation

Enron's Rise and Fall

EU Merger Rules Presented for Review

EU Slams Nauru over Money Laundering, Still Wary on Philippines

EU Stance on Environment Threatens New Trade Round

European Timber Trader Linked With Liberian Arms Trafficking Companies

Facing WTO Life Sentence

Fairer Globalization

Financial Havens Call Uneasy Truce in Tax Battle With Industrial Powers

First, Do Not Harm

Follow the Money and Follow It Fast

Follow the Money to Citibank

FTAA "Draft" Text Made Public Today

Gateway Independence: Only Skin Deep?

GATS, Trade Liberalisation and Children's Right to Health

Global Capitalism: Multilateral System in Crisis

Global Financial Taskforce 'Needs Overhaul to Fight Terrorism'

Global Witness Director Speaks on Timber And Sanctions

Globalization And Talibanization

Globalization Seen a Threat to OIC Move for Islamic Common Market

Globalization Is Not New Vision

Growing Evidence of a Swiss Cover-Up

Growth-Orientation: Not by Fiscal-Monetary Mix Alone

IMF Adds Its Voice to Chorus of US Trade Critics

IMF and Russia Suffer Democracy Deficit

IMF Bankers Get Ready to Give Pakistan a Loan

IMF Extends Ecuador Loan

IMF In Support of Bankruptcy Plan

IMF Not Taking into Account Human Rights Issues

IMF Opposes Argentina Economy Bailout

IMF Prescription Fails to Revive Economy

IMF Sets Up New Unit to Spot Crises Earlier

IMF Short-Changes Hapless Developing Nations: Report

IMF Short-Changes Hapless Developing Nations: Report

IMF Softens 'Offensive' Policy

IMF Supports Argentine Economic Measures

IMF Unhappy with Change to Argentine Peg

IMF Urges 'Global Action' on AIDS

IMF Warns Fewer Terms May Mean Fewer Loans

IMF, Paris Club Slammed for No Debt Write-Off

IMF, World Bank and African Economies

IMF, World Bank Count Cost of Protest

IMF, World Bank Plan to Hold Meeting in Ottawa Next Month

IMF's Four Steps to Damnation

Imperialism and Empire

In an Empty Cup, A Threat to Peace

In Trade, Business as Usual Won't Do

Indonesia's Wars Over Riches

Is Globalization Inevitable?

Israel Faces Water Crisis

It's Not About "Free Trade"

Japan, EU Agree to Block Farm

Let's Launch a New Trade Round to Fashion a Better World

Liberian Timber Profits

Lifting Trade Barriers Will Help Bring

Link Between War And Oil

Mainstream Economists Deny Basic Facts About Poverty

Malaysia Calls for Continued Reforms in Global Financial System

'Marshall Plan' for Africa Approved by the EU

Media Industry Moves to Eliminate and Weaken Ownership Rules

Merger Endgames

Money Laundering

Money Laundering

Moscow Gets New Tool for Money Monitoring

Muddying the Waters

Nauru Defends Pacific Tax Havens

Nauru Defends Pacific Tax Havens

Negotiators Extend WTO Conference

New Cure For Battered Commodity Producers

'New Development Agenda' in Doha?

'No End in Sight' to Corruption

No. 2 Official of the IMF to Step Down by Year's End

Occidental Petroleum's Cozy Relationship With Colombian Military Turns Fatal

Oil Adds Fuel to Unrest

Oil Money Supercharges Sudan's Civil War

Oil Rigged

'Ongoing Exercise in Learning' at World Bank

Plunder of Resources Rising in Indonesia, a Report Says

Police Break Up Protests Against IMF and Golkar

Potentially Massive Oil and Gas Find in Tibet

Privatisation of Water Not "Pro-Poor", NGOs Warn

PRSPs Just PR Say Civil Society Groups

Push for Deeper IMF, World Bank Reforms

Rebels Warn Against 'Blood Oil'

Redirecting Globalization for Benefit of the Masses

Reinventing the IMF

Renowned US Economists Denounce Corporate-Led Globalization

Restrictions Cost World's Poor Billions a Year

Review of the Sierra Leone Diamond Certification System

Rich Nations Can Remove World Poverty as a Source of Conflict

Rich Nations Have Been Too Insensitive to Poverty

Rich Picking

Rightd: US Oil Giant Sued Over Human Rights Abuses in Indonesia

Russia Escapes OECD Money Laundering Sanctions

Russia Restores Ties with IMF

Saddam's Oil & Taylor's Timber

Saudi Stability on Borrowed Time

Shell Game: Citibank Attacks Money-Laundering Regulations

Shell Game: Citibank Attacks Money-Laundering Regulations

Shell Loses N880bn to Ogoni Crisis

Shell Sues Nigerian villages

Slow Progress in War on Corruption

Soldiers Surrender Weapons But Repeat Demands Over World Bank

Some Win Some Lose

South Korean Farmers Stage Violent Anti-import, Anti-WTO Protest

Stanford Economist to Be Number Two at IMF

Steps to Tackle International Fraud Discussed at OECD Summit

Storm in a Precious Teacup

Sudan Civil War Becoming War Over Oil

Sudan Government Tops List of Those Causing Agony for Oil

Swiss Probe Illustrates Difficulties in Tracking Al Qaeda's Cash

Targeting Rich-Country Protectionism

Tax Havens Act to Avoid Sanctions

Tenders: World Bank Under Spotlight

Terrorism, Organized Crime, Money Laundering

Thanks for Nothing

The Charge of the Trade Brigade

The Dirt on Money Laundering

The Failure of Development

The Globalizer Who Came In From the Cold

The Looting of Congo

The New Geography of Conflict

The Oil Bhind Bush and Son's Campaigns

The Turkey-Mexico Parallel

The Value of IMF Forecasts

The World Bank’s Foray Into Private Sector Investment

The World Bank’s Foray Into Private Sector Investment

The World's Economies Slide Together Into Recession

The WTO and Developing Countries

The WTO's Hidden Agenda

Thicker Than Blood

Third World Needs Help, Not Talk

Thousands Protest IMF-Backed Government Recovery Plan

Threat of Terrorism Leaves Trade Summit Plans in Doubt

Tiny Pacific Island Is Facing Money-Laundering Sanctions

Towards a 'Free Trade Area of the Americas'

Trade in Trouble

Transcript from Globalizing Freedom and Prosperity

U.S. Banks and the Dirty Money Empire

Uganda, Sanctions and Congo-K: Who is Who in Uganda Mining

UN Panel on Congo Exploitation Calls for Embargo Against Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda

UN-Australia Deal Is Near on Timor Oil and Gas

Unfair Trade Creates Breeding Ground for Terrorism

US: Confronting Conflict in West Africa

US Changing Course?

US Seeks IMF, World Bank Reform

US Seeks to Ease G7 Concerns over Hands Off Stance on Global Economy

US Urges UN to Ban Liberian

Venezuelan President Near the Edge

Vital Ore Funds Congo's War

Walker’s World – Economics Defining Politics

Water, the Looming Source of World Conflict

What Are We For?

What’s Behind Nigeria's Military Shake-up?

When Countries Go Bust

When Globalization Harms the Poor

When the Predators Come Knocking

Why Mr Brown Should Not Stick to the Rules

Why We Must Open the Meetings of the IMF and World Bank Boards

Why We Protest

World Bank and IMF Anti-Poverty Schemes Still Rile Grassroots

World Bank and IMF to Work with Africa Together

World Bank Awards Its First Poverty Reduction Support Credit

World Bank Backs Commodity Hedging

World bank Calls for Halving World's Poverty

World Bank Intensifies Trade Work, But Cancels Conference

World Bank Plans to Lift Veil on Projects

World Bank Presses Inquiry on Economist Who Dissents

World Bank Renews AIDS Challenge to African Leaders

World Bank Report to Defend Globalization

World Bank Says Terrorist Aftershocks 'May Kill 40,000 Children'

World Bank Should Stop Acting Like a Loan Shark

World Bank, Globalization and Poverty

Would Buying Sudan's Oil Undermine Peace Efforts?

WPP: World Propaganda Power

WTO Chief Insists Doha Ministerial Talks Still On

WTO Confirms Drugs Deal

WTO Meeting to Stay in Doha After US Backing

WTO Promises "Development Round"

Zimbabwe's Resource Colonialism Threatens Peace Process

$1.4 Billion Global Settlement Includes Penalties and Funds for Investors

100m More Must Survive on $1 a Day IMF and World Bank Told to Stop Peddling Discredited Policies

A Blue Curse on the Corn

A Critique of the World Bank Water Resources Strategy

A Different IMF Agenda During the Crisis

A Dision of Dystopia

A Free Press is Crucial in Overcoming Global Poverty

A Guide to Who's Who, What's What at Summit

A Modest Proposal for Media Reform

A Second Chance for Brazil and the IMF

A Street-Level Trade Debate

A System Corrupted

A Thankless Job

A Tough Corporate-Reform Bill Sails Through

Accounting Tricks Around the Globe

Activists View Argentina's World Bank Default as Positive

Adebayo Adedeji: Creating the Conditions for Integration

Afghanistan Aims to Revive Pipeline Plans

African Finance Ministers Call

African Monetary Fund: A Viable Option?

African Voices in the Streets of Washington

Agreement On US 3.2 Billion Gas Pipeline Project Signed

Agricultural Subsidies in Rich Countries: Barriers to Fair Trade for Africa

Aid Groups Pan G7 Debt-Relief Plan

Aid Irrelevant Unless Rich Countries Cut Subsidies

Americans and Vietnamese Fighting Over Catfish

America's Empire Rules an Unbalanced World

An IMF Critic Sets Up Project to Rethink Development Policy

Annan Urges Third World

Anthrax, Drug Transnationals, and TRIPs

Apartheid Victims Sue Global Corporations

APEC: A Fruitless Exercise, Again

APEC Pact Heavy on Terror but Light on Trade Reform

Argentina Doesn't Need the IMF

Argentina- Globalization Forum Discusses “Dream” of a Latin America Without Neoliberalism

Argentina Is Recovering

Argentina Says It Will Skip International Loan Payment

Argentina, IMF at Impasse on Aid

Argentina, Shortchanged Why the Nation That Followed the Rules Fell to Pieces

Argentina's Crisis Is a US Failure

As Global Lenders Refocus, a Needy World Waits

As Oil Riches Flow, Poor Village Cries Out

As the Earth Warms, Will Companies Pay?

As U.S. Seeks a Trade Accord, Brazilians Recall Discord

Asian States Battle over Caspian Wealth

Bad for Business

Bad News in Europe

Bakassi: 'Yaounde Has the Might, Will for War'

Balkan Oil War

Balkan Oil War

Bank Declaration of Human Rights

Bank Plans Private Sector Shake-Up

Bank Staff Criticize "Thought Police"

Battle Lines Drawn on Free Trade Zone

Beijing Looks to Bring Neighbours Under its Wing

Belgian Buyer in Protested Peru Privatizations

Berlin and Paris Agree to Cap EU Farm Spending

Big Media Mergers Raise Big Doubts

Big Merger Could Hinder Push for Change in Industry

Big Tobacco

Black Gold

Boosting Trade Within Africa

Border Factories Hit Hard By Recession, Winds of Trade

Botswana Cuts Bushman Services

Brazil Increasingly Unenthusiastic about US FTAA Proposals

Brazil Leader Lashes Out at IMF

Brazil on Threshold of New Era With Lula Victory

Brazil Spies on Amazon Loggers

British National Grid and Lattice in Tie-up

Brussels "Tougher than US on Merger Control"

Bubble Capitalism

Building Egypt's Future

Bullet Proof

Bush: Corporate Confidence Man

Bush Seeks Aid for World Bank, Conditionally

Buying and Selling: Trade Leads to Greed, Hunger

By the Numbers

Campaigners Make Push For Corporate Responsibility Law

Can George Bush Bite the Hand that has Fed Him?

Canadian Company Found Guilty

Capitalism Must Put Its House in Order

Capitalist Crisis and Corporate Crime

Caribbean and Central America Press for Co-operation

Caribbean Tax Haven Offers Assistance

Cashews and Nutty Policies in Mozambique

Cellphones and Strife in Congo

Central America Ambivalent Toward Free Trade

Central American Free Trade Agreement

CEOs Say Environment, World Communities, and Terrorism All Affected By Big Business

Challenging The Export-Oriented Optimists

Changing the Model: IFI Policies and the Failures

Cheney's Former Company Wins Afghanistan War Contracts

China's New Economy Begins on the Farm

Chomsky Blasts Forum From Brazil

Citigroup: Bankrupting Democracy

Citigroup Under Fire for

Citigroup, Heal Thyself

Citizens Have a Right to Determine Their Destiny

Coffee Companies Under Fire as Millions Face Ruin

Companies Guilty of Greenwash May Soon be Found Guilty in Court

Company Ethics? They're Not Our Business

Consolidation or Competition for Financial Regulators?

Controversy Continues to Dog Major World Bank Projects

Corporate Bribery on the Rise Worldwide

Corporate Reform: A Ship Sailing Nowhere

Corporate Rights Come With Corporate Obligations

Corporate Secrecy Oils the Wheels of Poverty

Corporate Socialism

Corporations Gain Access to Mayors as Sponsors of Conference

Corporations Invent People to Rubbish Their Opponents on the Internet

Corruption and Good Governance

Corruption Corrodes Development Banks

Countries Still Rule the World

Court Orders Bush Administration Must Give

Cultivating Poverty: The Impact of US Cotton Subsidies on Africa

'Debt Cancellation Would Hinder

Deconstructing Market Access:Whose Market, Whose Access?

Deflation: The Global Economy's Downside

Delegates Gather in Bali to Prepare for August Earth Summit

Democracy in Communication

Denial and the Ravaging of Cyberspace

Designed by Committee

Development-Argentina: Anti-Globalization Forum Opens Here

Discontent as Former IMF Chief Named to UN Conference

Dissent and Alternatives

Does Globalization Help the Poor?

Don't Let America Bankrupt International Bankruptcy Reform

Don't Wait for Crisis, IMF And UN Need Overhaul

DR Congo Wins World Bank Aid

Earth Summit Urged to Focus on Africa

Earth Summit Will Not Only Fail to Tackle the Ecological Crisis; It Will Make It Worse

East Asia Free-Trade Area Before 2010

East Timor Joins IMF and World Bank

Economic Progress, Environmental Setback

Ecuadorians Elect Former Coup Leader As President

Employees, Unions Want Say in Bank Merger, Acquisition

Enron 'Cash for Access' Hits Labour

Enron Footprints Revive Old Image of Caymans

Enron, WorldCom, Vivendi-Universal and Others

EU Agrees to Historic Expansion Eastwards

EU Agrees to Step Up Dirty Money Fight

EU Alleges Mob Ties to Tobacco

EU Alters Merger-Review Criteria

EU Court Boosts Foreign Mergers

EU Court Reverses Merger Restriction

EU Ready to Open Door on Euro Reform

EU Recommends Free Trade to 77 Poor Countries

EU to Maintain Tough Merger Rules

EU's Turn to Act on Reform

Explosive Revelation – 1

Explosive Revelation –2

Export Credit Agencies Explained

Exxon Under Fire in Indonesia

ExxonMobil-Sponsored Terrorism?

F.C.C. Rules on Ownership Under Review

Fast Tracking Fast Track

Fate of Public Services

Fawlty Towers Globalization

Fighting the Privatization of Health Care in El Salvador

First Meeting to Discuss Draft International Convention Against Corruption

Fixing Argentina: Whose Job Is It?

For NEPAD, Trade Would Eclipse Aid

Forced Transparency

Ford Motor Is Linked to Argentina's 'Dirty War'

Forget Pretence, Poverty's Just Over the Fence

For-Profit U.S. Schools Sell Off Their Textbooks

Free Trade According to US

Free Trade Agreements: Threads Of A Giant Continental Spider Web

Free Trade Area of the Americas: Much to Lose, Little to Gain

French Oil Giant Accused of Myanmar Abuses

From Rio to Johannesburg: The Globalization Decade

From the Quarantine Against Greed

FTAA, External Debt and Militarization: Three Axes of the Same Project

Fueling War

Fund Threatens Brazilian Democracy

Funding Terror: Investigating the Role of Saudi Banks

G8: Failing Model of Global Governance

Gap Hit By 'Sweatshop' Protests


Ghana Water Mission Urges Further, Open Debate

Ghanaians Contest Bank-Backed Water Privatization

Girona Declaration - From Rio to Johannesburg

Global Anti-Corruption

Global Greenbacks

Global Insecurity

Global Pressures and Popular Energies

Global Trade Is Against Developing Nations

Globalisation Cast Millions to Poverty, Says ILO Africa Boss

Globalisation Must Not Harm People

Globalisation Subversive to Africa's Development

Globalism's Discontents

Globalization: Good or Bad?

Globalization and Developing Countries

Globalization and Future of Poor Countries

Globalization and Global Truth

Globalization and Militarization

Globalization Cures Poverty

Globalization Faces an Uncertain Future

Globalization Fails to Deliver the Goods

Globalization for Whom?

Globalization for Whom?

Globalization Has to Take Human Rights into Account

Globalization Hits the Poor Most

Globalization in an Aging World

Globalization Is About More Than Economics

Globalization Made Them Do It

Globalization Proves Disappointing

Globalization Threat to Bush Towns

Globalization's Last Hurrah?

Government Plan May Make Private Up to 850,000 Jobs

Growing and Slowing

Growing US Need for Oil From the Mideast Is Forecast

Growth Slowed in Poor Nations, Says Report

Haiti's Not-So-Free Zones

Handful of Corporate Raiders Transform Russia's Economy

Hanging by a Thread

Heavy Surf & Tsunamis

Help To End War in Africa

Hidden in the Mountains

HIPC Has Not Delivered

Hope in a Handful of Euros

How Bush Stumbled On Steel

How Microsoft Conquered Washington

How Offshore Havens Helped Enron Escape Taxes

How Paradise Lost a Radical Public-Private Venture

How The Rich Elude The Tax Man

Hun Sen to Sue Global Witness for Defamation

Hypocrisy is all too Evident Behind Our Compassion

ILO Annual Conference Adopts New Measures to Tackle the Challenges of

IMF Agrees to Loan of $30 Billion for Brazil.

IMF and World Bank: Out of Control

IMF Bets Its Future On Brazil

IMF Blamed for Malawi Famine

IMF Crisis Plan Torpedoed

IMF Denies Advising Malawi to Sell Food

'IMF Does Not Give Funds'

IMF Loan Conditions for Nicaragua

IMF Loan to Uruguay: to Save or to Enslave?

IMF Outlines New Plan for Bankrupt Countries to Restructure Debt

IMF Policies are Not Good for Nigeria, Says Ex-Director of Budget and Planning

IMF Presses World to Scrap Farm Subsidies

IMF Reform Plan Makes Comeback US Eases Stand on 'Bankruptcy' Idea

IMF Repeating Asian Mistake in Argentina, Says Stiglitz

IMF Sounds Zimbabwe's Economic Death Knell

IMF Strong-Arming Debtors Despite New Lending Guidelines

IMF Weighs Up Bankruptcy System For Nations

IMF, World Bank And Abuja

IMF's 'Consensus' Policies Fraying

IMF's Treatment of “Favourite Sons” Challenged

Imperialism: The Sequel

Impunity for Multinationals

In a First, EU Court Overturns Commission's Antitrust Decision

In China, Labor Unions Offer Little Protection

India: Politics of Starvation

Indian Economy: Shackled Giant or Asia's New Tiger?

Individuals Struggle to Hold Corporations Accountable for Abuses

Indonesian Government Urged to Stop IMF Cooperation

Indonesia's Cycle of Subservience to the IMF

International Coalition of Groups Delivers Letter Protesting Pre-Paid Water Meters

Iran Receives New World Bank Loan

Iraq and the New Great Game

IRS Says Offshore Tax Evasion Is Widespread

Is This America’s Top Corporate Crime Fighter?

Is World Bank Starting to Understand Growth?

Kaunda Calls for a More Humane IMF, World Bank

Kazakhstan: Oil Money Threatens to Make Killing Fields

Kenya MPs Rebel Against WB and IMF

Key Company Assets Moving Offshore

Korea Main Beneficiary of Globalization

Latin America's Unlikely Revolutionary Folk Hero

Laying the Groundwork for Cancun: Another Doha "Success"

Leading International Environmental Organisations Unite to Take Action for Corporate Accountability

Lebanon Wants UN to Settle Water Dispute

Lessons From Argentina's Debacle

Liberian Leader Again Finds Means to Hang On Taylor Exploits Timber to Keep Power

Lifting All Boats: Why Openness Helps Curb Poverty

Main Development from WTO Talks is a Fine Line in Hypocrisy

Major Oil Companies Among Largest Transnational Corporations

Making the Case For Bangladesh

Making the Most of a Scandal

Making the Poor Foot the Bill – IMF Policies and the Looting of Brazil

Managers Blamed Over UN Agency Crime Ring

Many Oppose Trade Deal

Marcos’ Missing Millions

Meat Production is Making the Rich Ill and the Poor Hungry

Mexican Legislation Strikes a Blow Against Privatization, Secrecy

Milwaukee City Council Endorses

Mineral Wealth Fuels Africa's Most Protracted Wars

Mining Companies on Trial

Ministers Set to Block Murdoch's TV Hopes

Money Laundering By US Banks

Monopoly Capital and the New Globalism

Morals of the Brothel

Mounting Pressure to Liberalize Services

Much-Hyped AGOA Faulted Scheme

Multinationals' Bribery Goes Unpunished

Murdoch Security Chief Linked to Anti-Competitive Actions

Murdoch To Duel With Blair on Euro

NAFTA: A Cautionary Tale

NAFTA Equals Death, Say Peasant Farmers

NASD Suspends 2 Executives of First Boston

Nation's Countryside Struggling From Bad Policies, Lack Of Support

Nations Talk Free Trade, But Protectionism Rises

Neoliberal Policies Big Loser in Bolivian Elections

NEPAD: The Plan in Fashion

Nestle Insists on Ethiopia Refund

New Accord a Boon to US Leadership in FTAA

New Debt Proposal Allows Overhaul for Poor Nations

New Report Lists the Most Enron-like Companies

New WTO Chief Plans Rules to Limit Corporate Influence on Trade Negotiations

Next Enron Wave: A Flood of New Rules

Nigerians to Withdraw From Accord With IMF

Nigeria's Economy Dominated by Oil

Odd Industry Out

Oil Factor Could Be Tipping Point in Venezuela

Oil inflames Colombia's Civil War

Oily Diplomacy

Omnicom's Troubles Raise Broader Questions About Acquisitions

One For The Ages: Congress Rewards Corporate Tax Evaders With Our Money

One World, Two Standards

O'Neill Cautions Against Forcing Solutions on Poor Countries

Our Fruit, Their Labor and Global Reality

Overseas Aid is Money Well Spent

Parliamentarians Gear Up to Increase Scrutiny of World Bank

Peru: Grassroots Activism Has Domino Effect

Peru's Globalization Problem

Pipeline Politics Taint US War

Pipeline Rage Fails to Deter World Bank

Plan Puebla-Panama: The Next Step in Corporate Globalization

Plundering Peter to Pay Paul

Plutocracy and Politics

PPP: Plan Puebla Panama or Private Plans for Profit?

Price Fixers Caught in $15 Million Power Sting

Price of Free Trade: Famine

Privatisation Sold as a Development Panacea

Privatization Will Be Over Zambians' Dead Bodies, Sata Warns IMF

Privatization, TNCs and Democracy

Profits Over people: New PAHO Report

Profits vs. Public Interest

Protectionism: Africa's Perennial Headache

Protectionism Made in the USA

Protests Against Development Hit Central America

Real Cost of a Cup of Coffee

Real Impact Of New Poverty Analysis Uncertain

Rebel With a Cause

Recent Storms Expose Tax Havens to Light

Reforming the IMF

Resentment Rises In South America; U.S. Free-Market Economics Are Targeted

Rich Nations Are Criticized for Enforcing Trade Barriers

Rich, Poor Countries Split Over How to Assess Globalization's Impact at UN Summit

Ricupero, Two LDC Ministers Debunk US Zero Tariff Proposals

Russian Water on Troubled Soils

Scholars Suggest Alternative Routes to Globalization

Seize the Moment for East Asian Economic Integration

Senator Says Merrill Lynch Helped Enron 'Cook Books'

Senator Slams Merger Agreement

Senators Question AT&T-Comcast Merger

Senators Say Oil Executives' Memos Indicate Collusion

Servicing Citi's Interests: GATS and the Bid to Remove Barriers to Financial Firm Globalization

Shell Oil and the Politics of Hype

Should Government Take IMF Seriously?

Single Economic Model Does Not Suit Whole World


Solomon Islands Begins Implementing IMF Demand For Severe Job Cuts

South-South Links Can Forge Economic Shield

Spain: Tax Havens Stymie Judge Garzón's Investigations

Strange Boardfellows

Study Warns of “Water War” in Middle East

Success Claimed in Terror Funds Crackdown

Sudan and Russia Forging New Ties Around Oil and Arms

Survey Shows Opposition to Radio Consolidation

Swedish Central Banker Supports IMF Bankruptcy Plan

Tax Haven Hall of Shame

Telecom, Tangled in Its Own Web

Ten Planet Trashers: Why Corporate Accountability Matters

Texas Firms Line Up US Aid in Peru

That Silly Inequality Debate

The Case for a South, Central Asia Trade Bloc

The Case for Localization: The Logical Alternative to Globalization

The Challenge of World Poverty

The Contented Malcontent

The Disastrous Consequences of a World Without Balance

The End of Empire

The Enron of the Developing World

The G8 and Everyone Else

The Global Cost of Crony Capitalism

The Global Financial System On the Brink, Again

The Global Goodfellas at the IMF

The Gloomy State of Today's World: Globalization

The Hidden Dimensions of Globalization: What is at Stake Geoculturally

The Industry Needs a Ruling in Favor of Truth, Not Nike

The Last Domino

The Lure of African Oil

The Militarization of West Africa

The Mirage of Progress

The Naked Lobbyist

The Odd Couple of Global Finance

The Old 'New Partnership'

The Other Axis of Evil

The Power of Corporations Towards Good Governance

The Pressure Is On to Play the Oil Card

The Real Reasons For Hunger

The Rich World's Veto on Reform

The Root of The Problem

The Scandal That Has Left the Credibility of American Politics in Shreds

The Short Arm of the Law

The Significance of the European Social Forum

The Ten Worst Corporations of 2002

The Trouble With Globalism

The Twin Debacles of Globalization

The US Must Play its Part

The White Stuff

The World Bank Defends Its Record on Human Rights

There Is No Invisible Hand

They Are Systematically Destroying Economies: An Interview with George Monbiot

Thirsty for Justice

Those Sweet Trips to the Merger Mall

Three Ad Competitors Unite to Conquer

Timber Resources Fuelling Conflict

Titans of the Enron Economy – 1

Titans of the Enron Economy – 2

To Make Sovereign Debt Restructuring Smoother, Not to Dictate the Terms

Trade Hypocrisy: The Problem with Robert Zoellick

Trade Not the Solution: Mbeki

Transparent Corruption

Treasury Chief Accuses World Bank of Harming Poor Countries

Turkey – Another Disaster in the Making?

Turkish Oil Project Raises Human Rights, Governance Concerns

Turning the Tide: It’s Time to Fight the Enronization of the Media

U.S. Plan Aims to Stem Pipeline's Flow of Trouble

UN Takes Swing at Crooks Who Steal Aid for the Poor

UN to Rule on Moroccan Oil Deal

UN War Crimes Courts Embroiled in Corruption Charges

Uncle Sam's Crude Solution: Our Expensive, Deadly Role as Global Oil Police

UNCTAD Trade and Development Report Throws Washington Consensus into Doubt

US and Argentina Fight Over Honey

US Court of Appeals Scraps Cable-broadcast Cross-ownership Rule

US Faces Calls for Untied Loans to Help Launch East Timor's Statehood

US Groups Moving to Tax Havens Face Curbs

US Launches Plan To Abolish Key Tariffs

US Oil Company Unocal Liable for Human Rights Abuses in Burma

US Oil Still Pours From a Mideast Barrel

US Treasury Chief Pushes More Foreign Aid Grants

USA: Cracking Down on Corporate Crime, Really

Villagers Beg World Bank for Logging Plans

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, Oxfam

Wall Street Ups Opposition to IMF Bankruptcy Plan

War Inflates Cocoa Prices but Leaves Africans Poor

War on Terrorism Has Oily Undercurrent

Washington Under Fire For 'Damaging' Trade Curbs

Water a Precious Tradable Commodity

Water in Private Hands

Western Sahara: Numbered Days

West's Greed for Oil Fuels Saddam Fever

What Makes up the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)?

What's Wrong With the Oxfam Trade Campaign

When Exploration Rights Meet Human Rights:

When Surrender Isn’t Good Enough

White House Financial Crisis Policy “Incoherent"

Who Controls the Loot?

Who Really Pays to Help US Farmers?

Why Globalization Fails to Deliver

Why the IMF and World Bank Fail in Kenya

Will Congress Investigate US Agencies' Enron Ties?

World Agency Warns on Trade Imbalance

World Bank Agrees With US Treasury On Aid Results

World Bank And IMF Reform Vital To End Poverty, Says UN

World Bank Anticipates Global Upturn, Urges Increased Help to Poor Countries

World Bank Arm Denies Green Claims

World Bank Attacks US and EU 'Hypocrisy' on Subsidies

World Bank Censured Over Drive to Reduce Poverty

World Bank Chief, NGOs Wrangle Over Access

World Bank Continues to Back Polluting Incinerators

World Bank Pushed to Open Up TNC Arbitration Process

World Bank Rejects Controversial Gold Mine Project

World Bank Ups Its Lending

World Bank Urged to Pay for its "Mistake" in Mozambique

World Bank, Critics See Troubling Poverty Trends

World Bank, IMF Conditions Punish Innocent People

World Bank, IMF Threw Colombia Into Tailspin

World Bank, in Report, Defends Its Use of Aid

World Bank's Corporate Fossil Fuel Welfare Kings Revealed in New IPS Study

World Court Rules for Cameroon in Prolonged Oil-Land

World Economic Forum: UN Leader To Warn of Dangers in Wealth Gap

World Economic Forum Survey of 25,000 Citizens across 25 Countries

World Forum Ends With a Warning from Annan: Forget the Poor at Your Own Risk

World Spank

WorldCom Says Its Books Are Off By $3.8 Billion

Wounded Investment Banks Invite Takeover Speculation

WRI Identifies Business Opportunities Serving the World's Four Billion Poor

Writing From the Inside, an Economist Says the World Bank Is Failing Its Mission

WTO Trade 'Wisdom' Challenged at ILO Meet on Globalization

Xerox Admits India Pay-offs

Zim’s Love/Hate Relationship with IMF

Zoellick Faults World Bank on Trade Assistance

Zoellick's Trade-Deal Push Could Undermine the WTO  

A Better Way to Go Bust

A Cruel Sea of Capital

A Mexican Storm is Brewing

A New Anti-Poverty Remedy for Africa? Adjustment Policies Weaken Poverty Reduction Goals, Critics Charge

A New Beginning for WTO after Cancun

A Pact on Central America Trade Zone, Minus One

A Rough Row

A Shared Vision: The EU Water Policy and European Water Corporate Interests

A Spectre Haunts the Post-Cancun World

A Tax Shelter, Deconstructed

A Wilful Blindness

Activists Call for Moratorium on Turkish Pipeline

Africa Activists Denounce Bush's "Malign Neglect"

African Countries Demand for Democracy in IMF, World Bank

Africans Head for WTO with Low Expectations

Africans to Disclose Details of Oil Deals

Africa's War on Terror Targets Poverty

After 26 years, UK Food Group Squeezes Poverty-stricken Guyana for £12 Million

After Trade, a Mess over Investment

Agricultural Trade Liberalization and Brazil's Rural Poor: Consolidating Inequality

Air France and KLM to Merge, Becoming Europe's No. 1 Airline

All the Way with FTA?

America First

Amnesty for Offshore Tax Evasion Ploys

Anger in East Timor as Australia Plays Tough over Gas Reserves

Angola: Oil - Curse or Cure-All?

Anti-China Campaign Hides Maquiladora Wage Cuts

Arab Thumbs Down on Free Trade

Argentina Sets out $100bn Debt Restructuring Plan

Argentina Struggles to Meet Debt-Relief Terms

Argentina, US Searching for New Policy Guidelines

Argentina's IMF Agreement: The Dawn of a New Era?

Arrest of IMF Employee Points to Cover-up

As China Gallops, Mexico Sees Factory Jobs Slip Away

As Regime Crumbles, Battle for Oil Begins

At Foreign Firm, Only Cambodia's Abject Need Apply

Australian Firms Eye Spoils of War in Post-Saddam Era

Bank Silent on Corporate Corruption in Lesotho

Bank/Fund Annual Meetings Round-up

Bankruptcy System for Nations Fails to Draw Support

Beware War, Greed and Nationalism, Warns Roy

Beyond Petroleum, Or Beyond The Pale?

Bhopal Gas Victims to File Appeal in US Court

Big Oil and James Baker Target the Western Sahara

Big Oil's Dirty Secrets

Bilateral Trade Treaties Are a Sham

Biotech Mergers: Cash Talks Louder Than Technology

Blind Eye on Africa: Human Rights, Equatorial Guinea, and Oil

Bolivia: Recuperating Natural Resources, Rebuilding a Nation

Brazil Cuts Budget to Show Fiscal Discipline

Brazil Renews "Unnecessary" IMF Agreement

Brazil Warns On Trade Negotiations With Us

Bribe Inquiry Launched in Mobil's Foreign Deals

Britain Looks Abroad for Nurses

Britain Urges Less Political, More Critical IMF

British Workers Count The Cost Of Globalisation

Brown Plan to Reform Global Financial System Meets Opposition

Burying the "Washington Consensus"

Bush and Lula: A Collision of Two Worlds

Bush Vision: A Trade-Driven Africa

Bush's AIDS Test

Business Audience Hails Lula Speech

Business Meets Its Match

Business Targeted for Rights Abuse

Busting the Water Cartel

Call on WTO to Adopt Rules for Inclusive Decision-Making in Cancun

Can Oil Ever Help the Poor?

Cancun: A Battle for Life

Cancun Ministerial — Rough Edges and Loose Ends

Cancun's 'Ghost' to Haunt New Trade Talks

Candidate for Production Job Is a Retired Shell Executive

Central American Migrants Take Action on Trade and Regional Integration

Chad: Plenty of Oil to Export, But No Electricity

Chad-Cameroon: Oil and Poverty Reduction Don’t Mix

Changing Tack, Brazil Pitches Flexible FTAA Approach

Channels of Influence

Chinese Economy's Underside: Abuse of Migrants

Choosing a Better World

Church Groups Launch Global Corporate Code of Conduct

Citigroup Yields to Pressure from Environmentalists

Coca-Cola Plant Must Stop Draining Water

Coffee Experts Say Growers' Only Rescue Is Quality Excellence

Coffee, the Deadly Embrace

Coke Adds Life?

Coke and Pepsi Vandalize the Himalayas

Coming to the Grocery Shelf: Fair-Trade Food

Communities Give Shell 2-Week Ultimatum

Confronting Empire

Corporate America, Come Home!

Corporate America's Most Wanted

Corporate Bill for Slavery

Corporate Conquistadors in Cancun

Corporate Slush Funds for Baghdad: Plugging Iraq into Globalization

Corporates Take Toll on Rights and Environment, Says Amnesty

Corporations Are People, Too

Costa Rica May Derail US Free Trade Plans

Cotton Becomes a Litmus Test

Countdown to Cancun

Countdown to Cancun

Coup on Tiny African Islands Felt in Texas Oil Offices

Cronies Reap Iraqi Contracts

Crops on Steroids

Crude Politics

Cultivating a Partership

Currency of China is Emerging as Tough Business Issue in US

Davos and Porto Alegre Pursue Identical Aims, Says WEF Chief

Davos Braces for Anti-Capitalist Protests

Davos Elitist Club Snubs Africa

Deal Reached over Cheap Drugs for Poor Nations

Dealing with Debt: How to Reform the Global Financial System

Debt Relief under the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative

De-Globalizing Justice

Déjà Vu All over Again?

Delay of Pipeline Construction Pits Citigroup Against Pristine Forest

Depressed Coffee Prices Yield Suffering in Poor Countries

Despite Free Trade Claims, Big Business Lobby's Members Shed Jobs and Amassed Wealth

Dire States

Dirt and Diamonds in Elf Trial

Dismal Numbers Don't Tell Whole Story, Says World Bank Africa Economist

Do as the US Says, Not as it Does

Does US Bank Harbour Equatorial Guinea’s Oil Millions in Secret Accounts?

Don't Trust Technocrats

Don't Worry Canada, We Still Want Your Oil

Double Standard on Globalization

Drug Giants ‘Next Tobacco’ Warning

Dyncorp Rent-a-Cops May Head to Post-Saddam Iraq

Economic Costs of AIDS

Economics Without Tears

Ecuador: Texaco Leaves Trail of Destruction

Edge of the Empire

Effective Loans Require Shared Responsibility

Elf Was 'Secret Arm of French Policy'

End of Illusions

Enslaved By Free Trade

Escravos Crude Pipeline Blown Up

Ethnic Militants Threaten to Blow Up Oil Facilities

EU Backs Poor Farmers' Seed Use

Exacerbation of Exploitation Through FTAA

Exploding the Myth of Competitiveness

Fair Play? Not Always In Fair-Trade Treaties

Felling Asia's Forests

Foreign Debt - We Could Try the Thai Way

Foreign Investors Can Now Access Justice

Foreigners Exact Trade-Offs From US Contractors

Foul Trade

Four Banks Adopt IFC Agreement

Fox Signs Rescue Package to Help Mexican Farmers

Free Trade Between Mercosur and India: New Bonds, New Boundaries

Free Trade Helps a Tiny African Country - With a Price

Free Trade Is Running Out of Time

“Free Trade” Takes a Dive in Miami

Free-Trade Pact Is Full of Dangers

Free Trade vs. Democracy

G-7, Civil Society Press for IMF, World Bank Transparency Reforms

Genetically Modified Morals: Global Food Fight

Ghana Faces IMF Arm-twisting

Global Businesses Profit from Congo War, Groups Charge

Global Trade: The Key to a New Agreement

Global Trade Keeps a Billion Children in Poverty, Says Unicef

Globalisation Cited as Threat to US Security

Globalization = Poverty

Globalization Fight Continues

Globalization Hits a Political Speed Bump

Globalization of Services: The Backlash Begins

Globalization to Azeris Means Oil and War

Globalization's Lost Decade

Globalization's Unanswered Questions

Globalizing Economy? Not So Fast

Goodbye, New World Order

Government's Green Agency Invests Millions in Companies That Pollute

Governors Want Political Backing for One African Currency

Greenpeace Protest Closes Esso Pumps Across UK

Groups Say US Plan Erodes Africa's Sovereignty

Halliburton Makes a Killing on Iraq War

Hard or Soft?

Harmonisation and Coherence: White Knights or Trojan Horses?

Have Poverty? Here Are Two Plans…

Hopes for WTO Deal on Cheap Medicines

House Approves Singapore Trade Agreement

How a Plan for the World's Biggest Pipeline Threatens to Wreak Havoc

How Githongo Can Keep the IMF At Bay

How to Build a Better Trade Pact with Central America

I Was Wrong About Trade

I Was Wrong

IFC Decision Pending on Controversial Haiti Free Trade Zone

Illegal Timber Trade Undermines Cambodia-UN Aide

Illegal Timber Trade Undermines Cambodia-UN Aide

IMF Appoints New Chief Economist

IMF Blames US, Others for Economy Woes

IMF Cuts Disputed Clause from Debt Plan

IMF May Ease Its Stance on Argentine Debt

IMF More Cautious over Poor Countries

IMF Policies at Root of Riots, Say Activists

IMF Report Cites Errors in Handling of 3 Crises

IMF, Bank Move Into Middle East - Too Fast?

IMF, World Bank Join Forces with WTO

IMF’s Critical View on Financial Integration: Is It Real?

IMF's Argentinian Incontinence

In the Pipeline: More Regime Change

India Opposes Talks on Investment Rules

India Winning Higher-Status Jobs from US

India's Global Ambitions

India's 'Look East' Policy Pays off

Indigenous Struggle in Ecuador Becomes a "Cause Beyond Control"

Indispensable or Unworkable? The IMF's New Approach to Conditionality

Indonesia Calls on Europe, US to Stop Importing Illegal Wood

Indonesian Loggers Called Terrorists

Influential Groups Push Growing Penetration of Biotech Crops

Inside the Institutions: the IMF and Poverty

International Food Wars

Internet Used to Spread BioPharm Crops

Interview with the World Bank's New Chief Economist

Investment Agreement in the WTO: Opening Pandora's Box?

It's an Anti-Social Contract

Jakarta's New Loans Tied to Reforms

Japanese Spirit, Western Things

Jordan's Sweatshops: The Carrot or the Stick of US Policy?

Just Don't Do It

Keep Investment Pacts Off Cancun's Agenda

Kremlin's Corporate Seizure as a War of Elites

Labor Rights Protections in CAFTA

Largest Ever Seizure of Illegal Wood in UK

Latin America Deserves Better

Latin America Deserves Better

Latin American Projects Honored at Conference on Globalization and Equity

Latin Bishops Launch Broadside against Free Trade Area

Lawmakers Seek Halliburton Probe

Lawsuit Challenges Bush Factory Farm Rules

Lay of the Land

Let's Insist: Africa's Oil Must Benefit Africans

Levi's Last US Workers Mourn Loss of Good Jobs

Liberalisation Makes Rajasthan's Drought Lethal

Liberia: Guinea Flouts Arms Embargo

Lifting the Natural Resource Curse

Living with the Enemy

Logging Strips Indonesian Forests Bare

Lone Sharks

Making Services Work for Poor People

Making Trade Fair

Making Trinkets in China, and a Deadly Dust

Making Water Work for Development

Many Arab Countries Face Serious Water Shortage

Mapuche Lands in Patagonia Taken Over

Market-Based Policies under Threat in Latin America – IMF

Married to the Mob

Media Consolidation and Corporate Power

Media Giants Get Slapped

MERCOSUR and the FTAA: New Tensions and New Options

Mergers and the Supersizing of Business

Metered to Death: How a Water Experiment Caused Riots and a Cholera Epidemic

Mexico Free Trade Founders on Japan's Farmers

Middle East Water Wars

More Bad News for Small Farmers Coherence between Financial and Trade Institutions

Multinationals Ride Wave of Water Privatization, Investigation Finds

Multinationals Should Face the Same Rules No Matter Where They Set Up Shop

NAFTA No Model for Development - Reports

National, International Dimensions of Trade on the Agenda in Brazil

Navy, Shell Beef Up Security

Neo-liberal Nicaragua: A New Banana Republic

Nestlé 'Breaking Code on Baby Milk for Third World'

Nestlé U-Turn on Ethiopia Debt

Nike v. Kasky: Corporations Are Not Persons

Nike v. Sweatshop Critic: Back to California

No Economic Panacea

Nontariff Trade Barriers are Growing, U.S. Report Asserts

Now Corporations Claim the Right to Lie

Now They Tell Us: Privatization is No Panacea

Odious Rulers, Odious Debts

Oil: Blessing Or a Curse?

Oil Boom Enriches African Ruler

Oil Exploration Off Sahara Stirs Debate on Ethical Investments

Oil Giants Get Slick with Bid for New Image

Oil Groups Eye Stake in Wake of Conflict

On Big Media

Only Protection Can Build Developing Economies

Operation Renounce War Booty

Overseas Labor: Mother's Milk for Poor Nations

Panel Finds Manipulation by Energy Companies

'Pay for Destruction', Indigenous People Tell Corporations

Peaceful Protests Puts Focus Back on IMF

Performing a Free Trade Juggling Act, Offstage

Pipeline's Profits May Bypass Africans

Pledging Allegiance to US Foreign Policy

Ploughing for Peace

Poisoned Chalice

Poor Countries Agree Common Demands in Trade Talks

Poor Countries Overlooked at World Bank,

Poor Mexico Farmers Boycott

Poor Nations Hit by Debt Relief with Strings Attached

Powell Hesitant to Impose Sanctions Against Mexico

Preparing to Protest in Miami: Why We Oppose the FTAA

Presidents Call for Inclusive Globalization, Less Poverty

Private Water, Public Good

Privatization in Disguise

Progress and Setbacks in Combating Corruption

Promoting Privatization

PRSPs: ‘Political Space’ at Whose Expense?

Public Money in the Pipeline

Q & A on Bolivia

Rebuilding the Politics of Globalization

Reclaiming Cinco de Mayo

Relief and Resentment as Indonesia Prepares to Graduate from IMF-Dictated Reform Programme

Report of the IMF's Conference on the Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism

Reps Order Shell to Pay Ijaw $1.5 Billion Compensation

Resisting Globalization The South American Consensus on the FTAA

Rich Nations Continue to Wield Power in Global Bodies

Rocky Road for WTO at Cancun

Rumsfeld’s Old Flame

Run-Up to Cancun: WTO’s Singapore Issues Caught in a Sling

Russians Seek New Tax Havens as Cyprus Cleans up

Set Fair for Trading

Shell Oil Accused of Harming Communities

Shell Ordered to Pay Compensation for Environmental, Economic Damage

Shooting the Money Changers

Sibneft Merger Looks Dead

Signing Up to Corporate Citizenship

South America Moves Towards Trade Integration

Stakes Are High in IMF-Argentina Negotiations

Stalling the Big Steal

Starved by the IMF

Strangers in the Land?

Striking It Poor: Oil as a Curse

Stumbling Towards Disaster: The Trade Charade

Suez' World Water Wars

Sugar Industry Threatens to Scupper WHO

Swiss Aid Group Keeps Watchful Eye on Chad Pipeline

Taking Stock: Unions Join Fight Against Offshore Corporations.

Taking the Fight to Miami

Tax Inquiries Fall as Cheating Increases

The Bush Plan: A Global-Scale Disappointment

The Cancun Democracy Challenge

The Flight to India

The Free Rider Principle: How Privilege Is Subsidized

The Future of the World in a Nutshell

The Growing Power Of Big Business

The Homes of Argentines Are at Risk in IMF Talks

The IMF's Tortured Alliance with Russia

The Invisible Hand of the American Empire

The Mirage of Farm Exports

The Mood on Globalism: Is the Ground Shifting?

The Myth of the War Economy

The New Gulf Oil States

The Paradox of Free Trade

The Real Story on Free Trade and Jobs

The Roaring Nineties: A New History of the World’s Most Prosperous Decade

The Ruin of Russia

The Sound of the Soul

The State Determined to Own Oil and Gas

The Suits Inside the Battledress

The Tricks of Trade Treaties

The United States of Television

The Water Crisis Is Taking A Toll Worse Than Any War

The Way Ahead

The West's Rhetoric About Foreign Aid Conceals a Greedy Self-Interest

The World Bank and the IMF: Hidden Makers of the Global Trade System?

The World's at Bechtel's Beck and Call

The WTO under Fire


A High-Risk Trade Policy

They Made a Mess of Nigeria...

Thinking Small: Globalization and the Choice of Technology

Time for a Caffeine Fix

To Be or Not to Be at Cancun

Trade Brings Riches, but Not to Mexico’s Poor

Trade Imbalances

Traders Oppose Customs Union

Transnationals Urge Flexibility from Rich Nations

Transparent Corruption

Trickling Away ... A Life and Death Commodity

Turning Point for Globalization

Turning the Trade Tables

UN: War, Drought Devastates Afghanistan

UN Makes Water Point

UNCTAD Report Shows Global Slowdown Having Very Uneven Impact on Developing World

Unlimited Companies: The Developmental Impacts of an Investment Agreement at the WTO

Unocal to Ask US Court Again to Dismiss Pivotal Human Rights Case

Unspinning The Globe

Uruguay 'Plans Restructuring of Foreign Debt'

Uruguay's Bold New Oil Policy

US Abstains in the War on Tobacco

US Backs Curbs on Capital Controls

US Backs Down over Free Trade in Americas

US Consumers Help Finance Liberia's Bloody Regime

US Economic Folly Should Worry Us All

US Firms Set for Postwar Contracts

US Free Trade Zone on Offer

US Lawmakers Tout Bill to End Export Spat with EU

US Maps Out Ambitious Middle East Deal

US Official to Discuss Trade as Africa Hopes to Talk AIDS

US Opening Offer for Americas Deal Ignores Farm Subsidies

US Quest for Oil in Africa Worries Analysts, Activists

US Blocks Stronger African Voice at World Bank - NGO

A Critical Analysis of the Proposed Investment Treaty in WTO

USAID Forges a New Model for Development Assistance

US-Central American Free Trade Agreement: Leaping Without Looking?

USWA President Assails IMF

Venezuela: The Other Side of the Story

Violence Cripples Nigeria's Oil Output

Vivendi, NBC Sign Agreement to Merge

Wal-Mart in China

War Could Be Big Business for Halliburton

War Spurs Fears of Another Recession Some Economists Discount Worries

Water and Power: The French Connection

Water Could Be Source of Future Conflicts

Water Industry's Cash to Political Campaigns Helps Fuel Effort to Privatize

Water Shortages 'Foster Terrorism'

Water Tap Often Shut to South Africa's Poor

Water Wars

We Didn't Start the Fire: Capitalism and its Critics, Then and Now

What Are the Limits of Fair Trade?

What Oil Can Do to Tiny States

When Chinese Workers Unite, the Bosses Often Run the Union

Where's the Stick?

Who Said Anything About Rice?

Why a Derailed WTO Ministerial Is the Best Outcome for the South

Why Eyes Are on Brazil

Will the War Kill Globalization?

Will the World Bank Go Green?

With War, Africa Oil Beckons

Workers Falling Behind in Mexico

World Bank Aid for Poor Arrives Amid Protests

World Bank and IMF Reform Plan 'Too Timid'

World Bank Arm May Add Human Rights to its Criteria

World Bank Bashes Bloated, Burdensome Aid Donors

World Bank Chief Urges Economic Balance

World Bank Global Poverty Calculations Taken to Task

World Bank Knew about Enron's Payoffs in Guatemala

World Bank Launches Initiative To Help Rural Poor With Increased Lending, Lobbying

World Bank Lends Support to Unions

World Bank Should Revamp Loans to Mining Schemes

World Bank Supports Community-Driven Development in Bangladesh

World Forum, Back in Davos, Confronts Slow Growth

World in Drier Straits

World Joblessness Swells by 20 Million

World Trade's Postwar Landscape

World Water Crisis Due to Leadership Inertia

Worldwide Mergers and Acquisitions: 1980 - 2001

WTO Ignores Calls for Democratic, Inclusive Processes for Cancun

WWF Ditches Oil Company Shares in Ethical Move

Young People Leading the Way on Fairtrade

Yukos and Sibneft Merger To Cause Many Scandals

A Haven Right Here on Earth

Abandoning the Clinton Legacy

Activists Target IMF, World Bank on Their 60th Birthday

Africa: Diminishing Water Resources

Africa Wants Bigger Say at IMF

African States Call for More Say in IMF

African Water Ministers Call for Better Nile River Cooperation

Africa's Dangerous Treasure

Always Wal-Mart

An Elder Challenges Outsourcing's Orthodoxy

Annan Calls for Development Push

Argentina Water Privatization Scheme Runs Dry

As Threats to Oil Facilities Rise, US Military Becomes Protector

Asean Signs Historic Deal with China

Asia Signs Up To 'New Silk Road'

Australia 'Bullying' East Timor over Oil Revenue

Australia Casts a Shadow over East Timor's Future

Australia's Offshore Oil Grab in the Timor Gap

Bank Review: ‘One-Size Fits All’ Solutions Persist

Barren Justice

Bhopal 20 Years On: Polluted Water, Chronic Illness and Little Compensation

Bolivia’s Referendum About More Than Gas

CAFTA: A Topic for Women

CAFTA from a Nicaraguan Perspective

CAFTA’s Weak Labor Rights Protections: Why the Present Accord Should be

Cameroon Activists Accuse World Bank of Double Standards over Pipeline Project

Campesinos Vs Oil Industry: Bolivia Takes On Goliath of Globalization

Caspian Region Likely to Remain Critical for Foreseeable Future

Certified Globalization

China Set to Flood the World With Chips

China/Iran: Beijing Looking To Tehran to Fuel Its Booming Economy

China's $45 Billion Bank Headache

China's Banking System a Ticking Time Bomb

China's Demand for Energy is Reshaping Power Structures Around the World

China's Economy in 2004: Dimming or brilliant?

China-US: Double Bubbles in Danger of Colliding

Coke’s Killers; Soft Drink Giant to Review Union Deaths

Colombia's Oil Pipeline Is Paid for in Blood and Dollars

Competition or Massacre?

Conservatives Use Oil to Keep Heat on Mideast

Countries Sharing Mekong Brace for a 'Water War'

'Curse of Oil' Highlights Fragility of African States

Dark Side of Free Trade

Deadly Thirst

Dealing with Joel Bakan’s Pathological Corporation

Developing Countries Prepare For 'Banana Battle'

Development Gateway: Biased, Unaccountable and Overpriced?

Do ‘Water Wars’ Still Loom in Africa?

Do Companies Have Human Rights Responsibilities?

Doha Is Not Dead Just Yet, But What Exactly Has Been Saved?

Dominican Republic: US Trade Pact Fails Pregnant Women

Dragon Seizes Market Share

Drug Industry Scandal a 'Crisis'

Dumping Crude

Durban's Poor Fight For Clean Air

ECOSOC/BWI Meeting: Joint NGO Statement

Ecuador Free-for-All Threatens Tribes, Trees

Equatorial Guinea: Unravelling the Coup Plot

EU: Corporate Lobbying Grows

Farmers Starved of Cash, Says MP

Fewer Conditions, World Bank Promises

Foreign Tax Havens Costly to US Study Says

Forget China's Rosy Economic Scenario

Fueling a Crisis in Nigeria

Gabon: Unrest Forces Temporary Closure of Canadian Oil Site

Gimme Shelter From Taxes

Global Wake-Up Call for Australia

Globalization: Europe's Wary Embrace

Good Advice Gets a Bad Name in South-East Asia

Green Finance Campaign Bags Citigroup

Guatemala: Supermarket Giants Crush Farmers

Havens that Have Become a Tax on the World's Poor

How Much Did Straw Know and When Did He Know It?

Humble Argentine Pie for IMF

IMF and World Bank: Is Reform Underway?

IMF Critics Denounce Selection of Rato as New Chief

IMF Head Quits, Setting Off Race to Replace Him

IMF Policies Spread AIDS, Groups Charge

IMF Questions

IMF Says Its Policies Crippled Argentina: Internal Audit Finds Warnings Were Ignored

IMF Says Rise in US Debts Is Threat to World's Economy

In Quest for Energy Security, US Makes New Bet: on Democracy

India-Brazil: Cementing the South-South Alliance

Irrelevant? OPEC Is Sitting Pretty

Israel: Caterpillar Should Suspend Bulldozer Sales

It Is Time for a True Development Trade Round

It Pays to Get Tough With the IMF

Jobless Recovery Remains Puzzle to Experts, Says Nobel Laureate

Kept Awake by the Politics of Fear

Landmine of a Decision

Latin American Indigenous Movements in the Context of Globalization

Law and Disorder, Corporate Style Operating In a World That Champions Free Markets

Liberia and Sierra Leone: Rebuilding Failed States Executive Summary and Recommendations

Lift Timber Sanction On Liberia: South-Easterners Urge the UN

Loan Ranger

Middle East Conflict Killing the Holy Water

Multinational Corporations Reap Profits from Child Labor in India's Cottonseed Farms

NAFTA at 10

New Trade Pacts Betray the Poorest Partners

Nigerian Oil Region Insurgents Prepare for Armed Battle

Nile States Hold 'Crisis Talks'

No, the Conquistadors Are Not Back: It's Just Wal-Mart

Nobel Winners Want World Bank to Rethink Oil, Gas, and Mining Policies

Not in Their Backyard

Official IMF Evaluation Finds Flaws in PRSP Process

Oil and Corporate Recklessness in Nigeria’s Niger Delta Region

Oil and Gas Impasse Sours Relations

Oil Driving US Move on Sudan

Oil, Guns and Money

Plan Colombia Benefits US Oil Companies

Plunder and Profit

Poor Prospects for Trade Talks Cloud Davos

Port Harcourt Gang Warfare Picks Up Pace

Privatizations: The End of a Cycle of Plundering

Public Citizen Report Reveals World Bank Loans Continue to Promote Water Privatization

Questions and Answers with David Dollar

Rato Says IMF Needs To Make Its Advice More Effective

Realities Make 'Offshoring' Hard to Swallow

Really Bad Trade News Obscured by Distractingly Bad News on Other Fronts

Rebel Leader – Voice for the Masses, or Skilled Opportunist?

Red Lights Flashing for China's economy

Replacing US in Asian Export Market

Re-thinking the Role of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund

Running Out of Oil - and Time

Rush for Natural Resources Still Fuels War in Congo

Rwanda Army Masses on Congo Border

Shaking Up Trade Theory

Shell Admits Fuelling Corruption

Shell Unable to Shake Off Troubled Ogoni Legacy As Dispute Over Pipeline Deepens

Small Coffee Brewers Try To Redefine Fair Trade

Spurred by Illness, Indonesians Lash Out at US Mining Giant

Straw: We Did Know of Africa Coup

Switzerland Investigates Trading Companies That Profited from Saddam Hussein's Oil

The Broken Promise of NAFTA

The Chad/Cameroon Oil Pipeline One Year On

The Esperanto of Money

The Logs of War

The Next Great Wall

The Price of Globalization

The Real Impact of Shell’s Work

The Secret Trade Courts

The Toxic Border

The Trouble With CAFTA

The Undeclared Oil War

The US Andean Free Trade Agreement Chokes Along

The World Bank and IMF at Sixty: Plus ça Change?

Trading Away the Environment?

UK Accused of Failing to Act on Firms Named in UN Report

UN Urged to Reaffirm Liberia Timber Sanctions

Unsafe Practices Kill Timorese Worker

US and France Begin a Great Game in Africa

US and IMF Putting More Squeeze on the South?

US to Renew Trade Focus On Latin America

US Treasury-Time for More Reform

US, China Are on Collision Course Over Oil

Venezuela: Chavez Dumps Monsanto

Water Conflict Chronology

'Water Factory' Aims to Filter Tensions

Water Privatisation Fails to Fulfil Its Promises

Water Privatization: The World Bank's Latest Market Fantasy

Water Wall

WEF: Snail's Pace on Social Issues

What Just One Company Can Do To the World

When is a Market Economy Not a Market Economy?

Why Africa Keeps Fighting Over Oil

Why Say No to FTAA

Why the United States Supports the State of Israel

Workers Face Uphill Battle on Road to Globalization

Workers Left Sterile by Pesticide Seek Justice

World Bank Board Disappoints NGOs Over Mining, Energy Review

World Bank Challenged: Are Poor Really Helped?

World Bank Corruption May Top $100 Billion

World Bank Delays NGO Consultations

World Bank Loans to Andhra Pradesh: Financing Bloodshed and Impunity?

World Bank Rebuked for Fossil Fuel Strategy

World Bank Researchers Find Truth, But to What End?

World Bank Resumes Lending for Big Dams in India

World Bank, Pentagon: Global Warming Red Alert

World 'Failing Poverty Pledges'

A Bad Deal on Free Trade

A Beautiful Day?

A Trade Union Guide to Globalisation

A Concise Guide to the Multilateral Agreement on Investment

Agriculture Prices Decline, Devastating Countries

AIDS Patients See Life, Death Issues in Trade Pact

Americas Leaders Fail to End Free-Trade Stalemate

An Exercise in Stalemate?

Bhagwati, Globalization and Hunger

Bringing Business Back Ashore

CAFTA Falls Short on Economic Arguments

Can Debtors Be Choosers?

Can Free Trade Be Fair Trade?

CBI Chief Claims Davos Hijacked by NGOs

Chirac's Taxing Idea

Coca-Cola Faces Campus Boycotts over Colombia Murders

Congo Looting Keeps East Awash in Guns

Congo Plans to Clamp Down on "Blood" Mineral

Democratizing the World Bank and IMF

Don't Blame Wal-Mart

Dutch Arrest Suspected Arms Trader

Ethics, Poverty Take Center Stage at Davos

EU Blesses Wolfowitz as Next World Bank Chief

Fight for Oil Wealth Fuels Violence

Free of Quota, China Textiles Flood the US

Globalization Is Not Made in the West

Gold Keeps War in the DRC on the Boil

Green Imperialism: Wolfowitz, Wars and the Wearing Down of Sovereign States

IMF Accused of Exacerbating Famine in Niger

IMF Presses Case for Gold Sales to Help Relieve Debt Burden of Poorest Countries

Internal Audit Faults World Bank's Biggest Projects

Leaders Fail to Agree on Free Trade Talks

Like the US, Mexico Feels Wal-Mart Era

Little Hope for Americas Free Trade Plan

No Trade Deal at Americas Summit

Nobel Prize Winner Joseph Stiglitz Speaks on Globalization

Oil Giant Admits Nigeria Aid Woes

Oil Rules Nigeria

Protesters mass to confront Bush

Rioters Shatter Bush's Hopes of Forging Free Trade Coup

Riots Mar Americas Summit Opening

Rocky Mountain High Finance

Russia and Globalization

Shadow of Wolfowitz Hangs over WTO amid US-EU Bargain Fears

Spinning the G8

Staff Accuses World Bank of “Cooking the Books”

Ten Ways to Democratize the Global Economy

The “Green” Promises of CAFTA

The Collapse of Globalism – 2

The Collapse of Globalism – 3

The Ethical Revolution Sweeping through the World's Sweatshops

The G8, the World Bank and the IMF: Debt, Aid and Trade Implications

The New Protectionism?

The Perils of Bribery Meet the Open Palm

The Politics of Water in Bolivia

The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

The Robber Baron's Party: Let's Bring Tea

The Ugly American Bank

The Wolfensohn Era at the World Bank: A Decade of Contradictions

The World Bank Will Spread Misery and Deprivation Whoever Is in Charge

The Collapse of Globalism – 1

Trade And Globalization

Trade Deficit Hits Third-Highest Level on Record

Tunnel Vision on Corruption

Two Fingers to America (Hugo Chavez's Venezuela)

UK Ignored UN Report on Looting in Congo, Say MPs

US Dominates World Bank Leadership

US Investigates Increased Imports of Chinese Apparel

US Pushes for Americas Trade Zone

Wal-Mart Welfare: How Taxpayers Subsidize the World's Largest Retailer

Why Wolfowitz?

World Bank Facilitates Transport of Illegally

World Bank Job

America The Bankrupt, GAO Head Takes Fiscal Show On The Road To Warn Of Trouble Ahead

Central bankers Head to Jackson Hole Meet

Economics Symposium Jackson Hole 2006

Global Equity Meltdown Costs Investors $2 Trillion

Human Costs Rising in Inflation Battle

US Could Be Going Bankrupt

Why a Global Economic Deluge Looms

Bank Run Or Stealth Bailout?

Dollar Deception - How Banks Secretly Create Money

Financial Bankruptcy, the US Dollar, and the Real Economy

Global Private Equity Thought-leaders to Speak at the Middle East Conference

Government Guarantees Northern Rock Deposits

Market Meltdown - The End Of A 300 Year Ponzi Scheme

Microsoft Faces Fresh Anti-trust Probes

Multinationals – Globalisation's Offspring

National Debt Grows $1 Million a Minute

Prepare for Prolonged Turmoil, Says US Treasury Secretary

Putin Calls for New Financial World Order

Spread of Banking Panic Forces Ministers to Guarantee Savings

The Quick Fix - A Non-Inflationary Solution To The Federal Debt Crisis

Thinking Outside The Box - How A Bankrupt Germany Solved Its Infrastructure Problems

U.S. Heading For Financial Trouble?

US Housing Market Crash to Result in the Second Great Depression

A Sea of Unwanted Imports

After the Economic Crisis, the Fleecing?

Alarm Bells in 1999 Ignored

America's Economic Crisis Is Beyond The Reach Of Traditional Solutions

Angry UAW Members Lash Out at Southern Senators

Another Way Around The Credit Crisis

April Fools - The Fox To Guard The Banking Henhouse

As More Companies Seek Aid, 'Where Do You Stop?'

At Summit, Proposals but Few Concrete Steps

Bailing Out Detroit - How Much Is Enough -

Bailout Bedlam - Robbing the Taxpayers to Save the Banks

Bailout Debate - How the Big 3 Came Apart and How to Fix Them

Bailout Lacks Oversight Despite Billions Pledged

Bailouts Are Bankrupting Our Country

Banks Promise They Won't Use Bailout Money for Pay

Big Business Transfers Its Loyalty, Money to the Democrats

Big Three CEOs Flew Private Jets to Plead for Public Funds

Boehner Demands Fed Identify Recipients of Loans

Bush Changes Mind, May Save Auto Giants

Bush Defends Free Market Amidst Crisis

Cheney - It's 'Herbert Hoover' time

China Becomes America's Largest Foreign Creditor

China Passes Japan as Biggest U.S. Treasuries Holder

China's Economic Bailout

Chinese Automakers May Buy GM and Chrysler

Citigroup Cutting 53,000 Jobs Worldwide

Citigroup May Get Government Rescue, Investors Say

Citi's 'Slow, Grudging Nationalization'

City Council - Detroit Needs $10-Billion Bailout

Congress Examines $700 Billion Bailout Plan

Credit Default Swaps - Derivative Disaster Du Jour

Day Two - Automaker CEOs Grilled on Capitol Hill

Deficit Sets A Record

Dems Seek Auto Aid as Treasury Shifts Rescue Focus

Detroit Gets Access to Bailout Funds

Detroit's Tough Road to Recovery

Deutsche Bank Woes Said to Persist on Credit Bets

Disaster Capitalism - State of Extortion

Dodd Facing Fresh Political Firestorm

Don't Count On A Detroit Bailout

Dubai Partner Sues MGM Mirage over City Center

Fannie and Freddie - Giving Away the Farm

Fed - Household Debt, Net Worth Post Declines

Fed Announces New U.S. Mortgage-Support Program

Fed Defies Transparency Aim in Refusal to Disclose

Fed Holds First Auction for 84-day Loans

Fed Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion

Federal Deficit Could Hit $1 Trillion This Year

Fifty Billion at Stake after Wall Street Broker Bernard Madoff Is Arrested over World’s Biggest Swindle

Financial Crisis Tab Already In The Trillions

Financial Meltdown - The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History

Finger-pointing Begins as Senate Nixes Auto Vote

Florida Elite Loses Its Juices

For Investors, Trust Lost, and Money Too

For Madoff Investors, Big Returns Trumped Concerns

Former UBS Banker Pleads Guilty to Aiding Tax Evasion

Fraud Suspect's Friends Shocked, Investors Fearful

Free Market Ideology Is Far from Finished

Fund Fraud Hits Big Names

GE Wins FDIC Insurance for Up to $139 Billion in Debt

GM - The Threat of Bankruptcy

GM Asks Germany for $1 Billion Credit Guarantee

GM Failure Could Fracture the Industry

GM Reports $2.5B 3Q loss, Says Running Out of Cash

GM, Chrysler Bankruptcies Would Cause Turmoil for U.S. Economy

GMAC Files with Fed for Bank Holding Status

GOP's Shelby Leads Conservatives Against Bailout

Government Unveils Bold Plan to Rescue Citigroup

Governors May Seek $100 Billion in U.S. Social Aid

Grading Paulson's Bailout Plan

Guns, Safes and Treasuries - America’s Top Sellers

Hedge Funds Are Victims, Raising Further Questions

In Crisis, Opportunity for Obama

Inhofe - Cancel the 'Blank Check'

Investor Furor Over $50 Billion Scam

Investors Scramble to Find Out If They've Been Wiped Out by Ponzi Scheme

Irate Congressman Demands Resignation of AIG CEO

Is General Motors Worth Saving -

It's the Derivatives, Stupid

James K. Galbraith - A Bailout We Don't Need

Jewish Circuit's Faith Is Shaken

Job Losses Soar, Jobless Rate at 14-year High

Jobless Rate Bolts to 14-year High of 6.5 Percent in October - 240,000 Jobs Cut

Lawmakers Send Big Three Back Home Empty-Handed

Let Detroit Go Bankrupt

Let the Lawsuits Begin - Banks Brace for a Storm of Litigation

Lobbyists Swarm the U.S. Treasury for a Helping of Bailout Pie

Main Street Before Wall Street

Mayors of Philadelphia, Phoenix Seek Bailout Share

Meltdown and Bailout - Why Our Economic System Is on the Verge of Collapse

Now is the Time to Resist Wall Street's Shock Doctrine

Obama - 'Millions of Jobs' in Danger Next Year

Obama Introduces His Economic Team

Obama Names Volcker to Head Panel on Reviving Economy

Obama Outlines Rebuilding Plans to Create Jobs

Obama's Chicago Boys

Officials Refuse to Provide Details on Secret Previous Bailout ABC News

Prince Alwaleed Loses 19% of Wealth on Global Slump

Putting the Federal Back in the Federal Reserve

Republicans to Detroit - Drop dead

Rubin Protégés Change Their Tune as They Join Obama's Team

Saudi Prince to Increase Citigroup Stake to 5%

Senate Roll Call on $14B Auto Bailout

Senate Roll Call on Financial Bailout Package

Senate Roll Vote on $14B Auto Bailout

Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama Leads Opposition to Big 3 Bailout

Senators, Bankers Clash Over Bailout Fund

Shelby Favors Changing Automaker Management Teams

Shrinking Wall Street to Cost New York 225,000 Jobs

Sovereign Wealth Funds Switch from Western Investments

Standing Accused - A Pillar of Finance and Charity

States Face Deeper and Deeper Cuts to Balance Budgets

Take a Load Off Fannie - Bailout or Nationalization for the Mortgage Giants -

Thanks But No Thanks - What Lincoln Would Have Said to Paulson's 7 Billion Ransom

The Bailout - Bush’s Final Pillage

The Collapse of a 300 Year Ponzi Scheme

The Establishment Lives -

The Fed Now Owns the the World's Largest Insurance Company - But Who Owns the Fed -

The New Trough

The Secret Bailout of JPMorgan - How Insider Trading Looted Bear Stearns and the American Taxpayer

The Subprime Trump Card - Standing Up to the Banks

The Wall Street Bailout - Why Politicians Can't Be Trusted

Tribune Co. in Debt, Could Be Flirting with Bankruptcy

U.S. Bails Out Citi with $20 Billion Capital Guarantees

U.S. Housing Market Boom and Crash Engineered by the Government

U.S. Pledges Top $7.7 Trillion to Ease Frozen Credit

US May Lose Its 'AAA' Rating

US Seeks 300 Billion Dollars from Gulf States

US Sen Shelby Rips Bush Admin Wall St Bailout Plan

US Senate Roll Call Vote on Wall Street Bailout

Wag the Dog - How to Conceile Massive Economic Collapse

Wall Street Bailout - Making a Deal With the Devil

Wall Street Cheers Citi Rescue

Wall Street Legend Arrested on Fraud Charges

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