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Watching the Courts

The laws of the nation are only as just and as effective as the judges entrusted with their interpretation.  Unfortunately, far too often corrupt and incompetent judges make a mockery of justice in their very own courtrooms.  Some legislate from the bench, favoring their own political agendas over the rule of law.  Others take advantage of their positions of power, violating the rights of those who look to them for justice.  Still others preside over cases in which they have a conflict of interest, refusing to recuse themselves from court proceedings. 


A core component of Judicial Watch’s mission is to monitor our nation’s judiciary and to educate the American people about its operations.  Through the following programs, Judicial Watch has taken the lead in countering judicial activism and abuse.  As one Judicial Watch client noted in an interview with the Pasadena Star News, “The name of Judicial Watch means something in the courtroom.”


v      Judicial Activism -- Learn more about elements of Judicial Watch’s public education campaign to counter the dangers of judicial activism.


v      Judicial Financial Disclosure -- Search Judicial Watch’s archive of financial disclosure reports for all Supreme Court justices, appellate court and district court judges is available. 


v      Judicial Monitoring Project -- Learn how JW’s Judicial Monitoring Project is transforming the way justice is served.

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