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Judicial Interpretation

Government Documents
H.R. 446 – Supreme Court Should Base Its Decisions On the Constitution and the Laws Of the United States
H.R. 468 – Disapproval of the Consideration By Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States of Foreign Laws
H.R. 1547 – To Restore First Amendment Protections of Religion and Religious Speech
H.R. 3190 – Safeguarding Our Religious Liberties Act
H.R. 3920 – To allow Congress to reverse the judgments of the United States Supreme Court
Illinois Supreme Court – Judicial Activism, With Limits
Legislative Activism, Judicial Activism, and the Decline of Private Sovereignty
S. Res. 275 – To Affirm the Defense of Marriage Act
S. Res. 1558 – To Restore Religious Freedoms
S. Res. 2082 – To Limit the Jurisdiction of Federal Courts in Certain Cases and Promote Federalism
Terri Schiavo Bill Passed By Congress, Signed into Law by Pres. Bush
Who Will Define Marriage, the People or the Courts

Promoting a Greater Understanding of Constitutional Law