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Judicial Tyranny Was Foreseen




Judicial Activism Law and Legal Definition

Our Judicial Oligarchy

Arresting Judicial Activism

Courting Disaster: Judicial Despotism in the Age of Russell Clark

Displacing judicial tyranny

Displacing judicial tyranny

How Congress Can Rein in the Courts

Impeachment is Cure for Judicial Activism

Judicial Tyranny

Judicial Activism - A Case for Impeachment

Judicial Activism and Self Government

"School Ruling, Court Flunks with Wrong Answer"

The Era of Judicial Activism is Not Over

The Imperial Judiciary. . . And What Congress Can Do About It

Judges versus Majorities versus Peaceful People

Trustees Or Tyrants? Activist judges are a law unto themselves

What hath Roe wrought in the intervening years?


Cokers Legacy and the Human Cost of Judicial Activism

Constitutional Government and Judicial Power

Cracked judicial pillar

Enabling act for the Judiciary

Florida's Supreme Court

If judicial activism is the means, the end is not justified

Judicial Activism on Trial

Judicial activism run amok

No Stinkin' Badges: The Case Against Judicial Activism

Opposing Judicial Philosophies Court Michigan Voters

Rule by courts

Supreme Court plays bait-and-switch in abortion cases

Supreme outrage

The Florida supreme court: democratic nonpartisans

The Supreme Court and American life

The threat of judicial activism

The Threat of Judicial Activism

U.S. Supreme Court Case - Is There Religious Freedom in America for the Amish

Judicial Activism

Who's undermining judicial credibility now?

Bush Dumps Bar Association's Role in Picking Judges

Darwinian Roots of Judicial Activism

Dead Letter Constitution

Judges should apply law - and law alone

Judging Bush's judges

Judging the future

Judicial Activism Rears it's Head Again

Judicial Activism

Keep Your Laws Off My Judiciary

No more Souters

Should ideology matter?

Supremes Conquer the PGA Its arrogance knows no bounds

What exactly is judicial activism?

What Exactly IS Judicial Activism?

Court Jesters and the pledge of Allegiance

Courts Split Decision Allows College Bean Counters

Dismantling democracy through judicial activism

Judicial Activism Reconsidered

Judicial activism run amok

Judicial activism's ugly reach

Liberals Decry Supreme Court's 'Right-Wing Judicial Activism'

Litigation: The death of democracy

Moses & Judge Moore vs. Morris Dees

Pledge furor is evidence of hostility to religion

Should judicial activism be declared "unconstitutional"?

Where Is Judicial Activism Leading Our Nation?  

380,000 Show Support for Commandments

9th Circuit At It Again

A Clashing of Principles and Jurisdictions

A Closer Look at Justice Moore, the Ten Commandments, and the Rule of Law

A Lynch Mob Gathers

A Lynch Mob Gathers: Part II

A Positive Sign in the Culture War

Americas highest court strikes down Texas statue

Anti-Christian Litmus Test

Article III, Section 2

Avoiding democracy

Bad day for the First Amendment

Beginning the Marathon Fight for Judges

Berates Court for Upholding Racial Discrimination

Beyond Fight-or-Flight

Bush Vows Bitter End Fight for Judges

Chief Justice Moore Ousted

Christian Politics: The 10 Commandments, Free Speech and Judicial Tyranny

Congress Eyes Protection of Pledge, Commandments

Court endorses wrong kind of censorship

Court Says No to Religious Gifts in School

Defending the Ten Commandments' Display

Democrats and the Owen Nomination

Democrats' Continued Pseudo-Filibuster

Democrats on the Treatment of Nominees Other than Estrada

Democrats to Court Nominees: Only White Males Need Apply

Democrats Won?t Rule Out Filibustering Justice Nominee

End of the Constitution?

Fla. Court Decision Symptom of Judicial Tyranny

FMA Introduced in Senate

Force Democrats to Stage Real Filibusters

Fortas Was Only Justice Filibustered

FRC President: Marriage Amendment is Top Issue

Ga. County Defies ACLU on Ten Commandments

Gay ruling echoes Roe v. Wade

God in the Temples of Government: Part I

GOP Backs Bill to Protect Pledge From Judges

Hijacking the Judicial Appointment Power

House Gets Bill to Fight Judicial Tyranny

How judicial activism results in the death of the rule of law in Australia

How Ted cemented filibuster

Is America God's Country, Or Not?

Judge Bork: Judicial Activism Is Going Global

Judicial Activism Favors GOP

Judicial activism influence

Judicial activism threat to common law

Judicial atheism: Separation of God and state

Judicial Payback and Litmus Tests

Judicial Tyranny?

Judicial Tyranny – 2

Left's Treatment of Nominations Isn't New

Liberals Seek to Silence Scalia

Lincolnian Judicial Tyranny

Massachusetts Gay Marriage Ruling Is Judicial Activism in Action

Massachusetts Manhandles Marriage

Massachusetts marriage ruling is judicial activism in action

Massachusetts Supreme Court Abolishes Capitalism

Massachusetts Supremes Bolster Case for 'Out-of-the-Mainstream' Judges

Moore Appeals to Supreme Court

More Democrat Duplicity ? How Long Should It Take to Consider Judicial Nominations?

Negative action at the Supreme Court

Nominee Pryor Plans to Witness Truth

Our Rulers, The Supreme Court

Pillars Of A Constitutional Marriage Amendment

Pledge of Allegiance and Judicial Activism

Put Ten Commandments in U.S. Capitol?

Reformulate the Federal Marriage Amendment

Rehnquist's Court and the Living Constitution

Remove Dennis Kucinich's feeding tube!

Roy Moore on Religion in the Public Square

Same Sex Marriage Not on Same Footing as Civil Rights

Saving The Ten Commandments

Scalia Out of High Court's Review of Pledge Ban

Senate GOP retreats from all-night filibuster plans

Senate Judicial Responsibility

Stop The Pickering Assassination

Ten Commandments? Cases Expose Flawed Jurisprudence Court Rulings Rewrite History

Ten Commandments In The Public Square

The Battle for the Constitution

The Conservative Case Against Al Gonzales

The Constitution is whatever Sandra Day O'Connor says it is

The Constitutional Defense –Gay marriage

The 'Cult of the Judge'

The Despotic Branch

The dysfunctional court

The Editorial Boards Were Wrong About Pryor

The GOP's Effort to Get Judges Confirmed

The Law of Freedom – Part 1

The Law of Freedom – Part 2

The Law of Freedom – Part 3

The Politics of Judicial Nominees

The Senate's Duty of Advice and Consent – In Their Words

The Significance of Russell Hittinger's First Grace The Erosion of Natural Law Human Events

The Supreme Court and the Culture War

The Supreme Court is not Supreme

The Supreme Court Legislates Again

The Treatment of Judicial Nominees – Dems Then and Now

The truth about Chief Justice Moore

The Women of Roe v. Wade

Time for a new Boston Tea Party

Turning judicial activism upside down

Turning Judicial Activism Upside Down

Voting on Nominations – What Leading Democrats Used to Believe

We, the people of the Supreme Court of the United States

Welcome To Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's Judicial Tyranny

What's Left When the Foundations are Gone?

Why the Left Fears Pryor

Why "Under God"?

Will GOP? Go Nuclear? on Judges?

Will Specter Chair Judiciary?

A Defining Moment: Marriage, the Courts, and the Constitution

A federal judge strikes down the Partial-Birth-Abortion Ban Act of 2003

Activists Judged

Alan Keyes Urges Congress to Restore Constitution

Alien Enemies on the Bench

An Interview with Sandy Rios

An Ominous Specter – Part I

An Ominous Specter – Part II

Another Clash on a Judicial Nominee, but the Issue Is New

Battle Begins to Stop Specter From Taking Judiciary Chair

Break Up 9th Circuit Appeals Court

Bringing justice to the people

Brown Reconsidered

Brown vs. Board of Education: 50 years later

Bush Backs Marriage-Protection Amendment

Bush Got It Right on Pickering, the Post Got It Wrong

Bush Should Employ a Litmus Test

Commandments Return to Ala. Rotunda in Different Form

Conservative Judiciary is Bush's Moral Mandate

Conservatives Brace for Supreme Court Changes

Conservatives, Pro-Family Groups Call For End to Judicial Activism

Constitution Provides Key to Protecting Marriage

Defining marriage: Who decides?

Democratic judicial filibusters likely to reach 10 by weeks end

Did Dems Delay Confirmation To Influence a Federal Court Case?

'Dire Consequences'

Federal Marriage Amendment Needed to Ward Off Activist Judges

From Dred Scott to Gay Rights: The controversy over activist judges

GOP split on memos Factions battle on strategy for Bushs judicial nominees

GOP Under Fire over Judiciary Committee Memos

Gruesome and Constitutional – On Roe and partial-birth abortion

Half a Century After Brown

Has the Counterrevolution Begun?

Hostility Grows Against Christians

Judge Roy Moore: One Year Later

Judges Must Become Accountable to the People

Judges to parents: Mind your own business!

Judges vs. Marriage

Judicial Activism

Judicial Activism and the Constitutional Amendment on Marriage

Judicial Activism Bill Introduced

Judicial Activism's Damage

Judicial activism: Judges behaving badly

Judicial Activism Undermines The Integrity Of The Constitution (Part 1)

Judicial Activism Undermines The Integrity Of The Constitution (Part 2)

Judicial Activism vs. 'active liberty'

Judicial Activism, Religious Liberty Focus of Weekend TV Special

Judicial Nominations Will Go Through

Kennedy Dodges Questions on Judicial 'Memogate'

Kennedy Gets a Pass Again

Lawmakers challenge SJC ruling

Leading GOP Senator Lays Out Plan to Beat Dem Filibusters

Making God Unconstitutional

Massachusetts Clerks Ordered to Marry Gays

Massachusetts Lawmakers Approve Civil-Unions Amendment

Memos Show Plan to Block Conservatives from Bench

Momentous Desegregation Decision's False Assumptions Half a Century After Brown – Part I

Moore Announces Bill to Permit Acknowledgement of God

More Judge Nonsense from the Washington Post

More Senate Judiciary Committee Chicanery

Nebraska Judge Overturns PBA Ban

'Now You're Looking at Jail Time'

Now, End the Judicial Dictatorship

O'Connor Praises International Law

Our black-robed rulers

Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Trials Begin

Pat Robertson Lambasts Court Ban on Pledge

Prelude to Anarchy

Pryor Convictions: Opposing judicial activism, left and right

Renagade Judges Undermine Constitution

Rise of a judicial dictatorship

Santorum Wants Senate to Investigate Democratic Nominations

Senate Kills Marriage Amendment

Senator Hatch: Provoking A Split Within Conservatism Again

Specter's Remarks Trigger Protest

Split Considered for 9th Circuit

Stemming the Tide of Judicial Activism

Supreme Court Term Bleak for Conservatives

Taming judicial activism

Ten Bills to Battle Judicial Activism

Ten Ways Income Taxes Violate Civil Liberties

The ACLU and the Declaration of Independence

The Conviction to Protect the Unborn: Arlen Specter vs. Janice Rogers Brown

The Courts End Run Around the People

The dawn of judicial activism

The Essence of Judicial Activism

The FMA: Why Amend the Constitution?

'The Judges are the Problem'

The Legacy of Judicial Activism

The Most Dangerous Branch

The Necessary Amendment

The 'Nuclear' Option is not Nuclear

The Patriotist

The Politics Of the Supreme Court

The Rise of Power

The Roy Moore Legacy: Cities Forced to Defend the Decalogue

The Supreme Court Strikes Again

The Ten Commandments and the Tenth Amendment

Three Most Important Documents

Unequal Rights

Washington Post vs. Reality on the Federal Marriage Amendment

Who Will Define Marriage, the People or the Courts?

Whom Will Bush Name to the Supreme Court?

Why Judges Make the Law

Why marriage can't be left to the states

Will Democrats Just Appoint New Obstructionists?

Will Specter Chair Judiciary? Human Events

10 Commandments Under Fire in Supreme Court

A Far Reach

Abortion debate is about judicial activism

Black robes and betrayal

Bush Renominates 20 to Bench

Bush Resubmits Judicial Nominees

Conservatives, Pro-Family Groups Call For End to Judicial Activism

Courts vs. the People: Who will define marriage?

Cruel and unusual

Defeating judicial tyranny

Democrats Vow to Block Judicial Nominees

Denver and the Bible

Disorder In The Court: Activist Judges Threaten Justice

Do Your Part to End Judicial Filibusters

Establishment of Religion and the Judicial Surreal

Establishment of Religion and the Judicial Surreal

European justice rules top U.S. Court

Excerpts from Men in Black

Execution ruling crosses line on judicial activism

'Extreme' judicial activism

Frist Caves on Filibuster Rule Change for Judicial Nominees

Hatchs Foreign-Born President Amendment

High noon for judges: Part I

High Noon for judges: Part II

High noon for judges: Part III

Judging Roe

Judicial Activism and the Death Penalty

Judicial Activism Equals Judicial Tyranny

Judicial Activism is Changing America for the Worst

Judicial Activism Rears its Head in NY

Judicial Activisms Perfect Storm

Judicial supremacists and the despotic branch

'Judicial Tyranny' Killing Terri, Group Says

Judicial tyranny

Justice Kennedy should stand for re-election

Lawless Judges

Least Dangerous Branch or Imperial Judiciary?

March 10, 2005 - Thursday

Marching to Death: The Roe-vs-Wade-Schindler-Schiavo Connection

Mark Levin: Cut the Court Down to Size

Men in black

November 12, 2003 Bush urged: Seat judges over recess

On Judicial Activism

Pryor Won't Face Senate Judiciary Inquiry

Religious Activists Bear False Witness on Sensenbrenner Immigration Bill

Scalia: Judges Should Abide By Constitution

Scalia Slams Juvenile Death Penalty Ruling

Scalia Slams 'Living Constitution' Theory

Schumer Signals 'Nuclear' War on Nominees

Senate Democrat Asks Bush to Withdraw Judicial Candidates

Senate Gives Overwhelming Approval To Marriage Protection Amendment

Senate Set for Judicial Showdown

Senate's Top Democrat Vows Shutdown

Separation Of ACLU And State

Separation of Church and State: Facts and Liberal Activist Distortions

Should Senators End Filibuster of Nominees?

Sowell on Judicial Activism

Specter Rebuffs Democrats on Judiciary Hearings

Supreme Court Ends Death Penalty for Juveniles

Ten Commandments Before High Court

Terri Schiavo Counts: Now Give Her Equal Protection

The Constitution: Artifact of American History?

The "Fifth Column" Of America's Enemies

The Justices continue their liberal social activism

The new age Supreme Court

The Slow, Horrible Death of Terri Schiavo

The Stakes are High

The Supreme Court's vexing elitism

The Ten Commandments: The Role of Religion in Modern Society

The High Court and the Incredible Shrinking Free-exercise Clause

'They Are Counting on Activist Judges'

Time to Bust the Filibusters

Triple Threat: Judicial Activism, World Government, and American Apathy

Tyranny of the Courts

We the Judges: How Judicial Activists Rewrite the Constitution

Where Law Ends, Tyranny Begins

Will Roe v. Wade be heard?

Without Firing a Shot! The real war at your Door

IRS Investigating Liberal California Church



Promoting a Greater Understanding of Constitutional Law