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Mines and Ghost Towns
Active Mines in Colorado
Alaska's Gold
Ashcroft Ghost Town
Atlas Mining Company
Ballarat Ghost Town
Big Bear Lake- Discovery of Gold
Black Hills Mining Museum
Bodie, California
Boom Towns & Relic Hunters
Bringing Look-ups of Mining Camps
Calico Ghost Town
California as We Saw It
California Ghost Towns
California State Mining and Mineral Museum
Capt. Sutter's Account of the Gold Discovery - 1848
Colorado Ghost Town Tours
Colorado Ghost Towns – Mining Camps
Colorado Lore, Legend and Fact
Copper Mining Gallery Tour
Copper Nevada
Coppertown USA
Creede Underground Mining Museum
Cripple Creek, Colorado Gold Mining In The World's Greatest Gold Camp!
Crystal Gold Mine Underground Tours-Kellogg, Idaho
Discovery of Gold in California as Viewed by New York and London
Discovery of Gold, by John A Sutter - 1848
Earthworks - US Mining
Economic Impacts of proposed Changes in US Mining Laws and Public Lands
Ghost Towns
Ghosts Towns of the Southwest
Gold Mine Tours
Gold Mining in North Carolina
Gold Rush Chronology 1846 - 1849
Gold Rush Chronology 1850 - 1851
Gold Rush Chronology 1852 - 1854
Historic Argo Gold Mine Mill and Museum
Historical Gazette Cracker Creek Mining District
History of Mining in Arizona
History of Yukon Gold Miners
Hydraulic Gold Mining
Idaho Mining Association History
Independence Ghost Town
Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park – Klondike Gold Rush
Leadville, Colorado
Manuscript Resources – Mining
Mining - Wikipedia
Mining and Geology
Office of Surface Mining - Wikipedia
Old Colorado City Historical Society
Phelps Dodge Phelps Dodge Mining
Railroad Mining Ghost Town Antiques
San Francisco Gold Rush Banking - 1849
The Bisbee Museum
The Cariboo Gold Rush
The Cripple Creek History Site
The Discovery of Gold in California
The Gold Rush Chronicles
The Mining History Association
Visit California Gold
World Museum of Mining

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