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Western Expansion of America

Oil Companies
A History of the Standard Oil Company
Arkansas Museum of Natural Resources State Park
BBC – Trustbusters – A History Lesson
Caddo-Pine Island Oil and Historical Museum
California Oil Museum
Drake Well Museum
East Texas Oil Museum
Healdton Oil Museum
History of the Oil Region
Illinois Oil Field Museum and Resource Center
International Petroleum Museum
John D Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Company 1863-1911
Kansas Oil Museum and Hall of Fame
KC Museum – Black Gold The Oil Experience
List of Oil & Gas Companies in North America
Marathon Oil Corporation – Our History
Offshore Energy Center - Ocean Star
Oil Lamps In American History
Oil Patch Museum
Panhandle Plains Historical Museum
Reader's Companion to American History - Oil History
Spindletop - Gladys City Boomtown Museum
Standard Oil - Wikipedia
Standard Oil Trust
Texaco - Wikipedia
Texaco Gas Stations
The Dismantling of the Standard Oil Trust
The Drake Well
The History of the Oil Industry in North America
The History of the Standard Oil Company
The Petroleum Museum
The Rockefellers
The Trust - Builder
The World of Chevron - History
Weiss Energy Hall
West Kern Oil Museum

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