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A Practical Plan for Building the Pacific Railroad
Alfred A Hart and The Illustrated Traveler's Map of the Central Pacific Railroad
Alfred Hart Photographer of the Central Pacific Railroad
Building the Central Pacific Railroad of California
Building the Pacific Railroad
By-Laws of Central Railroad Company
California State Railroad Museum Foundation - Rails to the Pacific
California State Railroad Museum Foundation - The Big Four
Carleton Watkins Stereoviews
Central Pacific Railroad
Central Pacific Railroad – 2
Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History
Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History – 2
Central Pacific Railroad - Wikipedia
Charles Crocker - Wikipedia
Collis P. Huntington - Wikipedia
Constructing the Central Pacific Railroad
Crédit Mobilier of America scandal - Wikipedia
Dr Hartwell Carver's Proposal to Build a Railroad
Eastward to Promontory
Epic of the Overland
First Railroads in North America
First Transcontinental Railroad - Wikipedia
From Trail to Rail
General Railroad Law of California (1861)
Government Land Grants Under the Pacific Railroad Act of 1862
History of Railroads and Maps
Historical Handbook – Golden Spike

John Henry - The Steel Driving Man
John Henry (folklore) - Wikipedia
John Henry, Present at the Creation
Land Grants and Mineral Rights under the Pacific Railroad Act of 1862
Leland Stanford - Wikipedia
Lewis Metzler Clement – Central Pacific Railroad Pioneer
Locating the Central Pacific Railroad
Map of Railroads from San Francisco to Sacramento
Mark Hopkins - Wikipedia
Memorial of Asa Whitney Praying for a Grant of Land 1848
Memorial of Robert Mills, Proposing a Plan for a Railroad 1852
Memorial of the Legislature of Missouri to Congress 1849
Northern Pacific Railroad
Northern Pacific Railway - Wikipedia
NYPL Digital Gallery
Pacific Railroad Acts
Pacific Railroad Officially Completed on November 6, 1869
Pacific Railroad Survey Reports, 1853-1854
PBS – Transcontinental Railroad Transcript
PBS – Transcontinental Railroad
PBS – Transcontinental Railroad – Events
PBS – Transcontinental Railroad – People
People's Pacific Railroad Company 1860
Rail Transport in the United States Categories - Wikipedia
Railroad Maps Collection
Railroad Maps of the United States
Railroad Reorganization –1908
Railroad Stories
Railroad Train Robbers
Railroads Shipped by Sea
Report of the Select Committee on the Pacific Railroad
Riding the Transcontinental Rails Overland
Seventy-Five Years of Progress - The Southern Pacific Railroad (1869-1944)
Sinking Fund Cases
Southern Pacific Railroad - Wikipedia
Southern Pacific Railroad
Stanford University – History of Founding
Steel Rails and Iron Horses
The Big Four and the Dutch Flat Swindle
The Builders of the Central Pacific Railroad
The Central Pacific
The Crédit Mobilier - Union Pacific Railroad
The First Transcontinental Railroad
The Last Spike is Driven
The Origin of the Idea for a Pacific Railroad
The Pacific Telegraph Act (1860)
The Railroad Builders
The Railroad Photographs
The Separation of the Central Pacific and Southern Pacific Railroads
The Transcontinental Railroad
The Transcontinental Railroad – 2
The Way Pioneer Builders Met Difficulties
Transcontinental Railroad
Transcontinental Railroad People & Events – Collis P. Huntington
Transcontinental Railroad Transcript
Transcontinental Railroad Pictures and Exhibits
Union Pacific - History and Photos
Union Pacific Railroad - Wikipedia
Union Pacific
Wells Fargo
Western Railroads, Transcontinental, Railroad
When Railroads Were New
Where to Emigrate, and Why

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