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for Study of the
Western Expansion of America

Films / DVDs
1830 Railroads & Robber Barons (PC CD w-Manual)
America's Castles: The Railroad Barons DVD
Oregon Trail – Computer Game
PBS – American Buffalo – Spirit of a Nation
PBS – Andrew Carnegie
PBS – Jesse James
PBS - Lewis & Clark DVD & Book
PBS - New Perspectives on The West
PBS - The West – Video
PBS - The West – DVD
PBS – Transcontinental Railroad
PBS - US Mexican War
Shop TV Westerns
The Alamo for Sale Books and Video
The American Experience-Gold Fever
The Gold Rush
The Legend of Zorro – DVD
The Mask of Zorro – Video
The Movies Begin, Vol. 1 - The Great Train Robbery – Video
The National Geographic Online Store – Lewis and Clark 1
The National Geographic Online Store – Lewis and Clark 2
The Price of Freedom – IMAX Theater in San Antonio, Texas
The US - Mexican War (1846-1848)
Western Movies and Books

Promoting a Greater Understanding of the Settlement of the West