Thomas Jefferson Institute
for Study of the
Western Expansion of America

Government Documents
Credit Mobilier - Testimony of C P Huntington
End of Indian Slavery in San Francisco - 1846
Executive Order Appointing Directors of the UPRR, 1864
Executive Order Fixing the UPRR Starting Point at Council Bluffs Iowa, 1864
General Railroad Law of California (1861)
Government Land Grants Under the Pacific Railroad Act of 1862
Land Grants and Mineral Rights under the Pacific Railroad Act of 1862
Legislative History of the First Transcontinental Railroad
Memorial of Asa Whitney Praying for a Grant of Land 1848
Memorial of Robert Mills, Proposing a Plan for a Railroad 1852
Memorial of the Legislature of Missouri to Congress 1849
Observations on the Report of the Committee of the Senate
Pacific Railroad Acts
PBS - The West - Cherokee Nation v. Georgia
PBS - The West - Declaration of the People of Texas
PBS - The West - Indian Removal
PBS - The West - James K Polk Message on War with Mexico
PBS - The West - Testimony of Benjamin Singleton
PBS - The West - The Annexation of Texas Joint Resolution of Congress –March 1, 1845
PBS - The West - The Dawes Act (1887)
PBS - The West - The Fort Laramie Treaty (1868)
PBS - The West - The Homestead Act (1862)
PBS - The West - The Louisiana Purchase Treaty
PBS - The West - The Oregon Treaty
PBS - The West - Theodore Roosevelt, The Conservation of Natural Resources (1907)
PBS - The West - Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
PBS - The West - Worcester v. Georgia
People's Pacific Railroad Company 1860
Report of the Select Committee on the Pacific Railroad 1856
Resolution Annexing Texas to the US
Sinking Fund Cases
Texas Declaration of Independence
Texas Ordinance of Secession
The Crédit Mobilier - Union Pacific Railroad
The Pacific Telegraph Act (1860)
Treaties of Velasco

Promoting a Greater Understanding of the Settlement of the West