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Government Documents
1863 Thanksgiving Proclamation
Abraham Lincoln's Proclamation Appointing a National Fast Day
Addition to the Act to Prohibit the Carrying on the Slave Trade from the United States
Additional Article of War, March 13, 1862
Additional Article to the Treaty for the Suppression of the African Slave Trade
Address from Louisiana to the Texas Secession Convention
Alabama Resolutions
Amendments Proposed in Congress by Senator John J. Crittenden, December 18, 1860
An Act concerning Free Negroes and Mulattos, Servants, and Slaves (1831)
An Act to Prevent the Importation of Certain Persons into Certain States
An Act to Prohibit the Importation of Slaves
Annual Report of Secretary of War Simon Cameron, December 1, 1862
Confederate Law Authorizing the Enlistment of Black Soldiers, March 13, 1865
Confederate States of America - Constitution for the Provisional Government
Confederate States of America - Message to Congress April 29, 1861
Confederate States of America - Proclamation of April 17, 1861
Congressional Joint Resolution Freeing Families of Black Soldiers, March 3, 1865
Congressional Joint Resolution on Compensated Emancipation, April 10, 1862
Constitution of the Confederate States – March 11, 1861
Crittenden Compromise
Declaration of Causes of Secession – SC, MS, GA, TX
Emancipation in the Federal Territories, June 19, 1862
Emancipation Proclamation American Civil War September 1862
Featured Document The D.C. Emancipation Act
Fugitive Slave Act 1850
Jefferson Davis's Proclamation Regarding Captured Black Soldiers, December 23, 1862
Joint Resolutions of Indiana State Legislature
Kansas - Nebraska Act 1854
Law Equalizing Pay of Black Soldiers, June 15, 1864
Lincoln's Appeal to Border State Representatives on Compensated Emancipation, 12 July 1862
Meeting between Black Religious Leaders and Union Military Authorities, January 12, 1865
Mississippi Resolutions Regarding Right of Secesson
NC Senate Bill – To Permit Free Persons of Color to Select Their Own Masters and Become Slaves
New Jersey Resolutions
New York Resolutions
Ohio Resolutions
Order by the Commander of the Military Division of the Mississippi, January 15, 1865
Ordinance of Nullification - South Carolina
Ordinances of Secession of the 13 Confederate States of America
Pennsylvania - An Act for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery
Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, September 22, 1862
President Lincoln's Order of Retaliation, July 30, 1863
President Lincoln's Proclamation Overruling Hunter's Emancipation, May 19, 1862
Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction, December 8, 1863
Proclamation on the Wade-Davis Bill, July 8, 1864
Proposed Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, March 2, 1861
Resolutions Adopted by the Legislature of Pennsylvania, January 24, 1861
Resolutions of the Legislature of the State of Minnesota,
Resolutions on Secession
South Carolina Declarations of Causes of Seceding States
South Carolina's Address to the Slaveholding States
State of Maine – Resolves in Favor of Harmony and Union
Tennessee Resolutions
Texas Declarations of Causes of Seceding States
The Address of South Carolina to the Slaveholding States of the United States
The Botetourt Resolutions
The First Confiscation Act, August 6, 1861
The Freedmen's Bureau Act, March 3, 1865
The Militia Act, July 17, 1862
The Second Confiscation Act, July 17, 1862
The Webster-Ashburton Treaty
The Wilmot Proviso, 1846
Treaty between United States and Great Britain for the Suppression of the Slave Trade

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