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Preservation of the Union

A Letter from Congressman John Reagan of Texas
A Letter to Jefferson Davis
Alabama's Letter to North Carolina
Bennett Letter
Civil War Letter From An Unknown Mother
Commander of the 5th Division of the Army of the Tennessee to a Tennessee Slaveholder
Communications between Commissioner Shorter of Alabama and Gov. Brown of Georgia
Gov. Brown's Reply to Alabama's Commissioner
Gov. Joseph Brown's Open Letter
Gov. Magoffin's Reply to Alabama's Commissioner
Gov. Moore's appointment of the commissioners
Gov. Moore's Letter to the Alabama Legislature
Letter from a Freedman to His Old Master
Letter From Fredericksburg
Letter from General George B. McClellan to President Abraham Lincoln
Letter from Henry Benning to Howell Cobb
Letter from J.L.M. Curry of Alabama to Gov. Hicks of Maryland
Letter From Private Thomas D. Newton, 8th Louisiana Infantry
Letter of Commissioner Thompson to North Carolina
Letter of President Davis to President Lincoln
Letter to George Robertson,
Letter to Kentucky from Alabama
Letter to the Secretary of War
Letters & Diary Entries
Lincoln on Slavery – 1855
Lincoln's Letter to Stephens
Maryland Fugitive Slave to His Wife
Massachusetts Black Corporal to the President
McAfee Letter – 1
McAfee Letter – 2
Mother of a Northern Black Soldier to the President
Robert E. Lee to Confederate President Jefferson Davis
William Swain Letter

Promoting a Greater Understanding of the Civil War