Abraham Lincoln Institute
Preservation of the Union

A Confederate Plan For Arming The Slaves
Abraham Lincoln's Fourth of July Address
Abraham Lincoln's Religious Beliefs
African Slavery In America - Thomas Paine
After the Civil War State of Blacks
Anthony Benezet
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Beginnings of the Miscegenation of the Whites and Blacks
Bleeding Kansas
Causes of the Civil War – A Balanced Answer
Causes of the Civil War – A North Georgia Perspective
Causes of the Civil War – The Fire-Eaters
Compromise of 1850
Dealing with Slavery
Dred Scott Case Background
Dred Scott Democratic Reaction
Dred Scott Impact of Dred Scott
Dred Scott In the Federal Judicial System
Dred Scott Introduction
Dred Scott Republican Reactions
Dred Scott The Supreme Court's Decision
Early Civil Rights Struggles School Integration in Universities
Economic History of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century – Slave Labor
Escape From Slavery, 1838
Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811 - 1896)
Houston, John Woolman's Efforts in Behalf of Freedom
Jefferson Davis' Farewell
John Quincy Adams Gag Rule Tactics
Legal Justification of the South in Secession
Lincoln Papers Lincoln Assassination Introduction
Lincoln the Realist
Lincoln's Faith in God
Lincoln's Religious Belief
Mr. Lincoln and Freedom
Mr. Lincoln's Commitment to the Founders
My Escape From Slavery
Nat Turner
Origin Of The Civil War
Ownership of Fort Sumter
Plessy v. Ferguson
Prosser Rebellion – First Major Slave Insurrection
Protective Tariffs – Benefits For The North
Reminiscences Of The Civil War
Slavery and Conversion in the American Colonies
Slavery and Exclusion Laws in Oregon
Slavery and the Beginnings of Industrialism in the American Colonies
Slavery In The Civil War Era
South Carolina Secedes – The First To Act
That Dark And Bloody Ground, The Kentucky Campaign of 1861
The African American – A Journey from Slavery to Freedom
The Alternative – A Separate Nationality, Or the Africanization of the South
The Beginnings of the European Slave Trade
The Caning of Senator Charles Sumner
The Emancipation Proclamation – An Act of Justice
The Evolution of the Slave Status in American Democracy
The First Wave of Secession
The Gettysburg National Military Park Virtual Tour
The Kentucky Sharpshooters
The Lincoln Assassination – New Information-New Meaning
The Missouri Compromise
The Myth Of The Confederacy
The Peculiar Institution of American Slavery
The Red River Campaign
The Rise of Slavery
The Work of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts among the Negroes
To Live Like a Slave
Tocqueville's North
Understanding Southern Tensions Towards The North
Was Abraham Lincoln a Christian
Women Soldiers of the Civil War – 1
Women Soldiers of the Civil War – 2
Women Soldiers of the Civil War – 3

Promoting a Greater Understanding of the Civil War