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Abraham Lincoln, the American Founding, and the Principles of the Republican Party
Abraham Lincoln's War Address
Address of George Williamson to the Texas Secession Convention
Address of William L. Harris
Address to the Slaves of the United States of America
Alec Stephen's Speech to the Georgia Legislature
Author Interview with Ronald C. White, Jr
Barbarism of Slavery
Buchanan's Fourth Annual Message
Calhoun's Southern Address
Charles Sumner, The Crime Against Kansas
Commissioner from South Carolina to Texas
Cooper Union Address
Davis – Inaugural Address
Davis Leaves the Senate
E.S. Dargan, in the Convention of Alabama
Emancipation Proclamation
Frederick Douglass – What to the Slave is the Fourth of July? [excerpt]
Frederick Douglass – What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?
Fulton Anderson to the Virginia Convention
Gov. Harris's Second Message
Gov. Pickens's Address to South Carolina
Henry Benning to the Virginia Convention
House Divided Speech by Abraham Lincoln
James Buchanan Inaugural Address, March 4, 1857
John Brown's Last Speech
John C. Calhoun on the Clay Compromise Measures - 1850
John C. Calhoun, Slavery a Positive Good, 6 February 1837
John Preston to the Virginia Convention
John Surratt's Lecture
Lincoln on Slavery – 1837
Lincoln on the Kansas-Nebraska Act
Lincoln Speech in New Haven, Connecticut
Lincoln Speech on the Dred Scott Decision
Lincoln's First Inaugural Address
Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address
Lincoln's Speech at New Haven, Connecticut
Mann, Rep. Horace – Anti-Slavery Speech
Message of Governor Isham Harris to the Tennessee Assembly
Message of Jefferson Davis
Reflections on the Cornerstone Speech
Representative John H. Reagan, TX
Robert Toombs's Speech to the Georgia Legislature
Second Speech of Tennessee Governor Isham G. Harris
Slavery and States Rights
South Carolina's Address to the Slaveholding States
Thaddeus Stevens – Reconstruction Speech
The Confederate Cause And Its Defenders
The Cornerstone Speech
The Doom of Slavery
The False Prophets of American Conservatism
The Gettysburg Address
The Perils and Duty of the South
The Vindication Of The South
William Lloyd Garrison

Promoting a Greater Understanding of the Civil War