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War Powers

A Governing Philosophy Rebuffed
American Academy Scrutinizes Just War Doctrine
America's Age of Empire - The Bush Doctrine
An Imperial Presidency Based on Constitutional Quicksand
Authorization for Use of Military Force
Bush Doctrine - SourceWatch
Bush, Congress Could Face Confrontation on Issue of War Powers
Bush's New Military Policy - First Strikes, Unrivaled Power
Clash Is Latest Chapter in Bush Effort to Widen Executive Power
Congress Denied Bush War Powers in U.S.
Congress to Test Bounds of Its War Powers
Congressional Power to End a War – Louis Fisher Testimony
Constitution of the United States of America
Constitution Project – War Powers Initiative
Constitution Project – Liberty and Security Initiative
Constitution Project
Constitutional Issues Raised by Commerce, Justice and State Appropriations Bill - 2001
Constitutional War Powers of the President
Constitutionality of the Rohrabacher Amendment
Credibility and Preemptive War Doctrine
Curbing a Future President's War Powers?
Dangerous Doctrine
Executive Orders and National Emergencies
Executive Power Essentialism and Foreign Affairs
Experts Debate US War Powers as Senate Debates Iraq War - Video
Gonzales - War Powers Authorized Eavesdropping
H. J. Res. 53 - Constitutional War Powers Amendments of 2007
House Speaker Pelosi Says Bush Has No Authority to Invade Iran
Invoking Inherent Presidential Powers
Iraq and the 'Bush doctrine' of Pre-emptive Self-Defence
Jihad - How It Can Save Just War Doctrine
Join the Signers of the Declaration of Independence
Lawmakers Debate Bounds of War Powers
Lawmakers Seek Changes in US War Powers Resolution
Limited Government and the Rule of Law
Meet America's Founding Fathers
Modern Commentators on the Constitution's War Power
National Security, War Powers and the Draft - ACLU
No Checks, Many Imbalances
Post-9-11 Memo Argued for Unlimited Presidential War-making Powers
Presidential War Is Unconstitutional
Presidential War Powers
Reclaiming the War Power
Senate Target Bush's War Powers
Shooting First - The Pre-emptive War Doctrine Has Met an Early Death in Iraq
Specter to Bush - You Are Not the Sole Decider
Support for Bush War Powers Sealed Fate of Gonzales
The Backdoor to Military Rule in America
The Bush Doctrine and Just War Theory
The Bush Doctrine and War With Iraq
The Bush Doctrine
The Constitution and the Powers of War
The Dark Forces Driving Bush’s Absolute Power
The Delegation of Legislative Powers
The Elusive War Power
The End of Unalienable Rights
The Evolution of the Bush Doctrine – PBS
The Foreign Affairs Power - Does the Constitution Matter
The Founding Fathers on the Constitution's War Power
The Legality and Constitutionality of the President's Authority to Initiate an Invasion of Iraq
The Nixon Administration and War Powers Legislation
The Power to Declare War – Who Speaks for the Constitution?
The President's Authority to Conduct Military Operations Against Terrorists - 2001
The President's Constitutional Authority to Conduct Operations Against Terrorists
The President's War Powers
The Search for the Elusive War Power
The Use of Military Power in Pursuit of National Interests
The Use of U. S. Power
The War Powers Conflict and the War on Terrorism - Word
The War Powers Outside the Courts
The War Powers Resolution After Thirty Years
The War Powers Resolution Fraud
The War Powers Resolution After Twenty Eight Years
Thomas Jefferson on the Monroe Doctrine
Unitary executive theory - Wikipedia
US Constitution Annotated - War Legislation
War and Treaty Powers of the U S Constitution
War Counsel
War Doctrine of Empire
War Making Powers Granted Within the US Constitution
War Powers - Is Bush Making History?
War Powers - Original Intent
War Powers – Deciding to use Force Abroad
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War Powers Constitutional Showdown Brewing
War Powers in the Age of Terror
War Powers Resolution – 1973
War Powers Resolution – Presidential Compliance
War Powers Resolution - Presidential Compliance
War Powers Resolution – The Avalon Project
War Powers Resolution - Wikipedia
War Powers Resolution
Wheels Fall Off US War Doctrine
Whose War Powers?

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