James Madison Institute
for Republican Government

Historical Documents
A List of the Declaration's Signers
Alexander Hamilton – The Constitutionality of the Bank of the United States, 1791
Alexander Hamilton, Report on Manufactures
Alien and Sedition Laws
Alien and Sedition Laws – 2
Amendments to the Constitution
Amendments to the Constitution – 2
Amendments to the Constitution – 3
Bill for Establishing an Executive Department
Bill Laying Duties on Goods
Bill of Rights
Bill of Rights Drafts by Madison
Bill Prescribing the Oath to Support the Constitution
Bill to Lay, Regulate and Revoke Embargoes
Blackstone on Liberty of the Press
Commercial Restrictions
Commercial Restrictions – 2
Congress's Revision of the Closing
Decisions Involving Constitutional Principles
Declaration of Independence
Direct Taxes
Domestic Debt
English Bill of Rights
First Amendment Antecedents
Internal Improvements
James Madison Veto of Federal Public Works Bill – March 3, 1817
James Madison's A Memorial & Remonstrance
Kentucky Resolution of 1799
Letter Transmitting the Constitution - 1787
Louisiana Treaty
Madison–Jefferson Correspondence on Bill of Rights
Militia Bill
Militia of the United States
Northwest Ordinance
On the Cod Fishery Bill
On the Establishment of a National Bank
On the Post Office Bill
Organization of the Judiciary
Ovum Reipublicæ - The Congress of 1765
Public Lands
Reduction of Public Debt
Reduction of the Standing Army
Renewal of the Bank Charter
Slave Trade
Star Spangled Banner - Francis Scott Key - 1814
Thanksgiving Proclamation - George Washington - 1789
The Essex Result
The Kentucky Resolutions of 1798
The Report on Manufactures (Hamilton's Tax & Spend Economic Package)
The Republican Party Platform of 1860
The Rights of the British Colonies Asserted and Proved
The Rights of the Colonists
The Rough Draft of the Declaration of Independence
The Sedition Act - 1798
The Virginia Declaration of Rights
Thomas Jefferson – The Constitutionality of a National Bank, 1791
Thomas Jefferson The Declaration of Independence
Treaty Making Power
Virginia Declaration of Rights
Virginia Report of 1799
Virginia Resolution - 1798

Promoting the Principles of Republican Government