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Arkansas Decision on Creation-Science

Atmosphere of Early Earth

Bias in History

Bible-Believing Scientists

Bone Disease Simulating Ancient Age

Book Review Evolution of Living Organisms

Building the Creationist Model

By Chance Alone

Center of the Earth

Changes in the Size of the Sun

Circular Reasoning in Evolutionary Biology

Continental Drift, Plate Tectonics, and the Bible

Creation and the Environment

Creation and the Evidence that Supports It

Creation and the Public Schools

Creation and the Seven-Day Week

Creation Science and the Local School District

Creation Science in Korea

Creation Science in the Classroom

Creation, Mutation, and Variation

Creation, Selection, and Variation

Creative Hand of God in the Chinese Language

Day-Age Theory Revisited

Debate at Racine, Wisconsin

Debates Generate Vigorous Response

Defects in the Jupiter Effect

Delayed Fate of the Dade Debate

Depletion of the Earth's Magnetic Field

Design in Ecology

Design in Nature

Developments in the Study of Time

Dinosaur Mania and Our Children

Do Hominid Fossil Discoveries Support Evolution or Creation

Does Entropy Contradict Evolution

Earth's Magnetic Age

Earth's Magnetic Field

Earthquakes in the Last Days

Ebla and Its Impact on Bible Records

Entropy and Open Systems

Equitable Treatment of Creation and Evolution

Evidence for Creation in Things That are Made

Evolution - A House Divided

Evolution - Useful or Useless

Evolution and Death

Evolution and Modern Racism

Evolution and the Bible

Evolution and the Human Tail

Evolution and the New Age

Evolution and the Population Problem

Evolution and the Snowflake

Evolution at the Smithsonian

Evolution is Religion

Evolution The Ocean Says No!

Evolution – the Changing Scene

Evolutionary Indoctrination in Schools

Evolutionary Indoctrination

Excellence in Science Education


Faith of the Evolutionist

Flight of Migratory Birds

Floating Rock Formations

Fossils of Archaeopteryx

Fox Thermal Model of the Origin of Life

From Evolution to Creation

Frontiers of Physics

Genetic and Linguistic Problems for Evolution

Geologic Column

Geology and the Flood

Glycolosis and Alcoholic Fermentation

Good Science from ICR A Plan for Excellence

Grand Canyon Lava Flows

Growing Interest in Catastrophism

Has the Speed of Light Decayed

Helium Escape Problem

Hitler's Evolution Versus Christian Resistance

Humanism and the Public Schools

Ice Age and the Genesis Flood

ICR Ararat Expedition - 1987

Impact of Evolution on the Humanities and Science

Impact of Evolution on the Social Sciences

Interpreting Earth History

Introducing Creationism into the Public Schools

Is Compromise Possible Between Evolution and Creation

Landscape Evolution

Language, Creation and the Inner Man

Learning and Evolution

Mammal-Like Reptiles

Man, Apes, and Australopithecines

Mankind - God's Greatest Creation

Materialism and Evolutionism

Mt. St. Helens and Catastrophism

Mutation Fixation and Macro-Evolution

Myths Regarding Radiocarbon Dating

Nature's Challenges to Evolutionary Theory

Neo-Darwinian Evolution – 1

Neo-Darwinian Evolution – 2

Neo-Darwinian Evolution

New Discoveries and New Mysteries of the Solar System

Noah and Human Etymology

Noah's Ark and the Empty Tomb

Noah's Ark Goes to Hollywood

Noah's Ark Status 1975

Noah's Ark The Search Goes On

Oil and Flood Geology

On the Origin of Biological Order

Origin of Coal

Origin of Language

Origin of Life and Chemical Evolution

Origin of Limestone Caves

Origin of Mammals

Origin of Mankind

Our Unique Planet

Paluxy River Mystery

Physics A Challenge to Geological Time

Planet Earth Plan or Accident

Probability and Order Versus Evolution

Questioning Molecular Evolution

Radiometric Dating

Recent Creation

Reconsidering Evolution

Redwoods and the Flood

Remarkable Re-Birth of Planet Earth

Revolutionary Evolutionism

Richard Leakey's Skull Discovery

Science and Technology

Science Education

Scientific Integrity

Search for Noah's Ark 1983

Significance of Creationism

Sir Edward Hoyle on Evolution

Spiritual Impact of Creationism

Springs of the Ocean

Stalin's Brutal Faith

Starlight and the Age of the Universe

Supreme Court Decision and Its Meaning

Tenets of Creation

The Ascent of Racism

The Gospel of Creation

The ICR Scientists

The Moon A Faithful Witness in the Sky

The Paluxy River Tracks

The Recapitulation Theory

The Separation of Church and State

The Stars of Heaven

Theistic Evolution and the Day-Age Theory

Thermodynamics and Entropy

Thermodynamics and the Origin of Life - Part II

Thermodynamics and the Origin of Life

Vanishing Case for Evolution

What is the Meaning of 'Day' in Genesis

World-Wide Flood

Worldwide Traditions of a Primordial Paradise

Young Age for the Moon and Earth

Young Earth

Biblical Creation - The Logic Behind the Account

Creationism and the 1990's

Daniel and the Scientific Method

Design and the Brain

ICR Graduate School

Students and Evolution Education

The Greenhouse Effect and the Christian

Uniquely Human - The Ability to Think About Thinking

Voyager II Supports Creation

Were Grand Canyon Limestones Deposited by Calm and Placid Seas?

Adam and the Animals

Collapse of the Big Bang Theory

Columbus and His Creator

Ecology and Creation

Fish and the Genesis Flood

Genesis According to the Miao People

Modern Scientific Discoveries and the Bible

Patterns of Speciation

The Changing Definition of the Term Species

William Jennings Bryan and Evolution

'Natural' Selection Versus 'Supernatural' Design

Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation and the Big Bang Theory

Does the African Eve Theory Explain the Origin of Modern Humans?

Does the Plasma Model Explain the Origin of the Universe?

Excessively Old Ages For Grand Canyon Lava Flows

Has Noah's Ark Been Found?

Ice Cores and the Age of the Earth

ICR Museum of Creation and Earth History

What is Pantheistic Evolution?

What Schools Teach Creationism

Creationism and Flood Geology

Creeds and Creation

Design in the Monarch Butterfly

Gaps in Fossil Dating

Greenhouse Effect and Pre-Flood Days

Is the Earth's Magnetic Field Evidence for a Young Earth?

Is There a Connection Between Technological Advance and Christianity?

The Origin of Conceptual Thought in Living Systems

Were Dragons Actually Dinosaurs?

Atheism - The New State Religion

Darwin's Teaching of Women's Inferiority

Ice Core Drilling and the Age of the Earth

Integrating Science and Faith

Star Formation and Genesis 1

The Genesis Account

The Search for Transitional Fossils

Tree Rings and Biblical Chronology

What is Geocentricity?

What is Gravity?

A Young-Earth Creationist Bibliography

Carl Sagan's View of the Universe

Changes in School Standardized Testing

Climate and Environmental Issues

Could Adam Really Name All Those Animals?

Design in Infant Nutrition

Diatoms - Jewels of the Sea

Nature of Science and Scientific Theories

Petrified Forests of Yellowstone

The Female Monarch Butterfly

A Creationist-Based Field Trip

Answering the Critics of Noah's Ark  

Answering the Critics of Noah's Ark – 2

Are There New Stars and Planets Forming Today

Cooling of the Ocean After the Flood

Did America's Forefathers Believe in a Creator

Evidences for a Young Sun

Should the Bible be Taught in Public Schools?

The Gish - Max Amarillo Debate

Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?

Darwin and the Galapagos Islands

Global Warming and the Flood

Homo Erectus Fossil Skulls

Natural Selection - A Creationist's Idea

Origins Beliefs Among American Science Teachers

Scientific Naturalism

The Consistency of Signs and Creation

The Floods of Noah and Gilgamesh

Where's the Water?

Young-Earth Conference on Radioisotopes

Christianity - A Cause of Modern Science

Creation and Quantum Mechanics

Creationist Based Science Education

Earthquakes and the End Times - Confronting an Urban Legend

Laws and Standards - Do They Evolve

Neocreationism - A More Accepted Creationism

Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth

Scientific Roadblocks to Whale Evolution

The Declining Power of Post-Flood Volcanoes

The Young Faint Sun Paradox

Do Biologists Have to Choose Between Biology and the Bible

Do Genetic Mutations Produce Positive Change

Evolution is Biologically Impossible

Is There Evidence of Chemical Evolution in the World

Polystrate Trees and Coal Seams of Joggins Fossil Cliffs

RATE Group Prepares Status Report

The Global Flood of Noah's Day

The Search For New Planets

A Visual Presentation of Creation

Do Plants Fit in With 'Survival of the Fittest'

Does Chemistry Support Creation

Einstein's Gulf Between the Concrete and Abstract

Experiments in Stratification

Jerusalem's Unique Climate

The Mysterious Polonium Radiohalos

The Scientific Case Against Evolution Part I

U-Th-Pb Mineral Dating in Doubt Were Neanderthals Human?

A Creationist Overview of the Human Genome

Created Kinds and the Curse

Darwinism and Laissez Faire Capitalism

Effect of Darwinism on Morality and Christianity

Evolution is Religion - Not Science

Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect

How Did Dinosaurs Become Extinct

Intelligent Design and Darwinism

PBS Evolution Video Series

Seven Years of Starlight and Time

The Scientific Case Against Evolution Part II

Anthrax Bacteria

Does the Universe Have a Center?

ICR Scientists

Is There Evidence to Support an Accelerated Decay Hypothesis and A Young Earth?

Natural History Musuem of Great Britain

Origin of Avian Salt Glands

Radiohalos and Accelerated Decay

Stem Cell Research

The Secret Behind the Propaganda of Evolution  

Christian Colleges and Creationism

Darwin and the Voyage of the Beagle

Design in Photosynthesis

Dinosaurs and Sea Dragons

Do Polar Ice Cap Ages Fit With Creationism?

Does the Bible Support the Theory of Progressive Creationism?

Geological Time Scale in Question

God's Invisible Attributes in Creation

How Was Niagra Falls Formed?

RATE Data Supports Young World

What Does Dr. Spock Say About Darwin and Morality?

A Jumble of Dinosaur Bones

A Lack of Experimental Documentation

Chemistry and Evolution

Chirality and DNA

Science, Education and the Subject of Origins

The Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance

Was Charles Darwin Psychotic?

Stem Cell Research Greasing the Slippery Slope to Godlessness



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