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Darwinism: Scientific Inference or Philosophical Preference?
Dallas, Texas - March, 1992

Darwinism's Rules of Reasoning
Darwinism: Philosophical Preference, Scientific Inference, and Good Research Strategy
Laws, Causes, and Facts - Response to Michael Ruse
Darwinism and Theism
Theism and Darwinism: Can You Serve Two Masters at the Same Time?
Experimental Support for Regarding Functional Classes of Proteins to Be Highly Isolated from Each Other
The Process, Described Properly, Generates Complexity in Good Time
Reply to Leslie K. Johnson
The Incompleteness of Scientific Naturalism
Response to William A. Dembski
Radical Intersubjectivity: Why Naturalism is an Assumption Necessary for Doing Science
Response to Frederick Grinnell
How Incomplete Is the Fossil Record?
Response to Leslie K. Johnson - Evolution as History and the History of Evolution
Teleological Principles in Biology: The Lesson of Immunology
Response to K. John Morrow, Jr.
Reply to Michael J. Behe
X Does Not Entail Y - The Rhetorical Uses of Conflating Levels of Logic
Response to Arthur M. Shapiro - X Does implicate Y: implication and Entailment in the Creation-Evolution Debate
Reply to William A. Dembski - X and Y and Bob and Al and Ted and Carol and Alice
Doubts About Darwinism
Response to Peter van Inwagen - The Problem of Language
A Blindfolded Watchmaker: The Arrival of the Fittest
Response to David L. Wilcox - Darwin Twisting in the Wind
Reply to Arthur M. Shapiro - Tamed Tornadoes

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