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Debates – Part I
Darwinism – Debate Between Phillip Johnson and William Provine – Video
Darwin and Design
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Kansas Deletes Evolution from State Science Test
Phillip Johnson – William Provine Debate
Provine-Johnson Stanford Debate
Should Evolution Be Taught in Schools?
Teleological Evolution, The Difference It Doesn't Make
The Firing Line 1997 — Creation-Evolution Debate
The Role of Natural Selection in Macroevolution Theory
Uncommon Knowledge Debate with Jonathan Wells – Video
Debates – Part II
Advocates of 'Intelligent Design' Vow to Continue Despite Ruling
Banned in Biology Class - Intelligent Design
Breathtaking Inanity' - How Intelligent Design Flunked Its Test Case
Censoring God
CNN Interview with John Calvert
Dover Intelligent Design Decision Criticized as a Futile Attempt to Censor Science Education
Fanning the Controversy Over 'Intelligent Design'
Judge Bans Teaching Intelligent Design
Judge Rules Against Pa. Biology Curriculum
Kansas Education Board Backs Doubting Darwinism
Kansas Mulls Redefining Science
Kansas State Board Votes to Teach Intelligent Design in Schools
Kansas to Take Up Evolution, Creationism
Origin of the Specious - Why Do Neoconservatives Doubt Darwin?
Tension Percolates at U of M over Intelligent Design
U.S. Judge Rejects Intelligent Design
University to Teach 'Intelligent Design' as Myth
Vatican Astronomer - Intelligent Design is Not Science
Wisconsin City Allows Teaching of Creationism

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