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Christianity Challenges the University

Scientific Tenets of Faith

Theism, Atheism, and Rationality

We Are Not Alone

Defending Darwinism: How Far is Too Far?

Evolution as Dogma: The Establishment of Naturalism Responses by Critics to Phillip Johnson.

Evolution as Dogma: The Establishment of Naturalism "A Reply to My Critics"

Conflating Matter and Mind


Darwinism's Rules of Reasoning

Darwinists Squirm Under Spotlight

Illiberal Education by Dinesh D'Souza.

Creator or Blind Watchmaker?

How to Talk to Your Kids About Evolution and Creation

Nihilism and the End of Law

The Five Crises in Evolutionary Theory

The Grand Canyon and the Age of the Earth

What is Darwinism?

Befuddled by Life's Origin

Open Debate on Life's Origins

The Fallacy of Contextualism

The Methodological Equivalence of Design & Descent: Can There Be a Scientific "Theory of Creation"?

Challenging Darwin's Myths

Evolution: a Theory in Crisis

What (If Anything) Hath God Wrought?

Why We Believe in Creation

A New Beginning: Darwin Revisionism Goes Mainstream

Darwin Under the Microscope

Darwinists Deny the Obvious

Data, Theory, and Evolutionary Phenomena

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in Biology Instruction

Is God Unconstitutional?: The Established Religious Philosophy of America

Limits of Natural Selection a Reason to Teach All Theories

Molecular Machines: Experimental Support for the Design Inference

Teaching Intelligent Design as Religion or Science?

The Deniable Darwin

DNA: The Message in the Molecule

The Origin of Life and the Death of Materialism

A Note to Teachers

Comparing Hostage-Takers

Cosmology Confronts the Creator

Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemistry of the Cell

Evolution and intelligent design

Homology - A Concept in Crisis

Intelligent Design vs. Materialism

Intelligent Design as a Theory of Information

Methodological Naturalism?

Small-Scale Evidence of Grand-Scale Design

Surviving Darwinism

The California Science Framework: How Firm a Foundation?

The Making of a Revolution

The New Design Movement

The Sterility of Darwinism

The Unraveling of Scientific Materialism

What Would Newton Do?

A New Design Argument


Converting Matter into Mind

Darwin's Public Defenders

The Incompatibility of Naturalism and Scientific Realism

Design or Designoid

Designer Genes

Earth Design Update: Ozone Times Three

Earth Design Update: Sulfur in the Core

Earth Design Update: The Cycles Connected to The Cycles

Let Schools Provide Fuller Disclosure

Methodological Naturalism?

Molecular Machines: Experimental Support for the Design Inference

Relativity—and Biblical Reliability

Science and Design

The Gorbachev of Darwinism

The Intelligent Design Movement

The Message in the Microcosm: DNA and the Death of Materialism

The Scientifically Correct Book Review of Phillip Johnson's Darwin on Trial

The Use and Abuse of Philosophy of Science: Response to J.P. Moreland

Are We Spiritual Machines?

Century of Cruelty: Making Sense of Our Era

Contesting Science's Anti-Religious Bias

Darwinism and Design

Darwin's Hostages: A decision in Kansas to question evolution dogma has given rise to hysteria and intolerance

Debate Over Evolution Hits Home in One County

Defying Darwin

Design & the Discriminating Public Gaining a Hearing from Ordinary People

Design in Nature and the Nature of Design

Dorothy, It's Really Oz

Evolution Battle Heats Up

Evolution Controversy not Caused by Religious Fanatics

Experimental Support for Regarding Functional Classes of Proteins to be Highly Isolated from Each Other

Hugh Hasn't a Clue about Kansas

Intelligent Design Theory: Why it Matters

Interview with Phillip E. Johnson by Communique

Is intelligent design a dumb idea?

Is Intelligent Design Testable? A Response to Euguene Scott

It's a Fact: Faith and Theory Collide Over Evolution

Johnson Challenges Advocates of Evolution

Keeping the Darwinists Honest

Peering into Darwin's Black Box

Ridiculing Kansas School Board is Easy, But it's not Good Journalism

Second Thoughts about Peppered Moths

Teach Evolution and Ask Hard Questions

Teach Evolution

The Church of Darwin

The Designed "Just So" Universe

The Evolution Wars: Good science encounters a bad philosophy

The Religious Implications of Teaching Evolution

The Sky is Not Falling: Did Kansas Ban Evolution?

"You Guys Lost: Is Design a Closed Issue?

A Mousetrap Defended: Response to Critics

A New Foundation for Positive Cultural Change: Science and God in the Public Square

Alien Intelligences?: Think Again

America's Obsession With Design

Artificial Life and Cellular Automata

Beliefs and Physics: Some Lessons from the Ancient Greeks

Copying the Human Script: Genome Project Raises Hopes, Fears

Creation Mythology: Defenders of Darwinism resort to suppressing data and teaching outright falsehoods

Crumbling Icons

Darwinism Defended...Sort Of

Darwin's Dirty Secret

Design as a Research Program: 14 Questions to Ask About Design

Design Interference: William Dembski Fired from Baylor's Intelligent Design center

Disbelieving Darwin–And Feeling No Shame!

DNA and Other Designs

"E" is for Evolution; "F" is for Fordham

End of Darwinism?

Evidence for Design of the Cosmos

Evolution Theater: A View from the Peanut Gallery

Evolution's next step in Kansas: Ballot box Voters join in the fray over the teaching of Darwinism

Home Alone in the Universe

How Physics is Reviving the Argument from Design

In Defense of the Irreducibility of the Blood Clotting Cascade: Response to Russell Doolittle, Ken Miller and Keith Robison

In Gods Country

Intelligence by Design: New movement presents alternative to Darwinian theory

Intelligent Design Is Not Creationism: Response to "Not (Just) in Kansas Anymore" by Eugenie C. Scott, Science (May 2000)

Intelligent Design is not Optimal Design

Irreducible Complexity and the Evolutionary Literature Response to Critics

Natural selection found in report on science education

Our "Tailor-made" Universe: New Scientific Study Begs the Philosophical Question, "Who's the tailor?"

Philosophical Objections to Intelligent Design: Response to Critics

Polanyi committee suggests compromise: Peer review committee finds Center's research legitimate

Pop Culture's Evolutionary Message: I'm an animal, you're an animal, wouldn't you like to be an animal too?

Rigid Dogma

Scientific Test for God a Valid Scientific Goal

Scopes in Reverse

Scopes Trial Symbolism Holds Today

Teaching Evolution in Kansas

The End of Creationism?

The Lynching of Bill Dembski: Scientists say the jury is out–so let the hanging begin.

The Missing Link that Wasn't: National Geographic's 'Bird Dinosaur' Flew Against the Facts

The Missing Link that Wasn't

The Robot Rebellion of Richard Dawkins A Review of Unweaving the Rainbow

The Wedge of Truth

The World of Design

Unintelligent Designs

Why Darwinism Matters

Why Judges Make the Law: The Roots and Remedy of Judicial Imperialism

Why secular scientists and media can't admit that Darwinism might be wrong.

Another Way to Detect Design?

Behe Interview in Pittsburgh

Believers In 'Intelligent Design' Try To Redirect Evolution Disputes Along Intellectual Lines

Critics Want More Facts, While Darwinists Push Their Faith

Darwin and the Descent of Morality

Darwin in the Dock

Darwin vs. Design: Evolutionists New Battle

Darwinism Under Attack

Darwins Public Defenders

Don't take God out of the Classroom

Evolution for the masses

Fatuous Filmmaking

Gods two books: Nature and Scripture

ID as a Theory of Technological Evolution

Meave Leakey Announces New Hominid Genus

PBS's "Evolution" More of the Same

PBSs Evolution series is propaganda, not science

Phillip Johnson was Right: The Unhappy Evolution of Darwinism

Science and Religion in the Nation's Capital

Should We Stop Criticizing the Doctrine of Universal Common Ancestry?

Stephen Hawking, the Big Bang, and God

Student Leads Textbook Challenge

Teaching Intelligent Design: What Happened When?: A Response to Eugenie Scott

Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher about Evolution

The Meaning of Intelligent Design

The New Creationism

The Status of Evolution as a Scientific Theory

Was Darwin Right After All?

What Have Butterflies Got to Do with Darwin?

Astronomical Evidences for the God of the Bible

Berkeleys Radical

Creationists of the World Unite!

Curriculum Controversy in Ohio

Darwin in the Classroom: Ohio Allows Alternative

Darwin or Design?

Darwinian Struggle: Is there a place in evolutionary theory for the hand of God?

Darwinism Would Love This Debate

Darwinism's Predictable Defenders

Deconstructing Darwin

Design Evidences in the Cosmos

"Design of Life" May Be Taught as Science

Design Theory: Creationist dogma or evolutionary punk rock?: Some scientists collect 'evidence' to debunk Darwin

Design vs. Darwin

Evidence for God's Existence

Evidence of God in Human Physiology– Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Evolution: Man's Excuse?

Evolution Backers, Critics Claim Victory in Science Standards

Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

Evolutionary Logic

Evolution's Logic of Credulity: An Unfettered Response to Allen Orr

Fruitful Interchange or Polite Chitchat?: The Dialogue Between Science and Theology

Hume, Kant, and Rational Theism

ID Will Win in the End

In Ohio School Hearing, a New Theory Will Seek a Place Alongside Evolution

Inherit The Spin: Darwinists Answer Ten Questions with Evasions and Falsehoods

Intelligent Design and Creationism Just Aren't the Same

Intelligent Design as a Theory of Information

Intelligent Design Battle Moves to Ohio

Intelligent Design Could Offer Fresh Ideas on Evolution

Intelligent Design vs. Darwinism: Theories in Collision

Intelligent Designs Public Defender

Is There Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God? How the Recent Discoveries Support a Designed Universe

Latest fossil find: no proof of ape-like ancestry, Wells says

Life's Grand Design

Michael Ruse is Just Confused!

Miracles and Modern Scientific Thought

More from Ohio

Nature's Diversity Beyond Evolution

Neo-Darwinism: What is at Stake?

New Astronomical Proofs for the Existence of God

Poll of Ohio Backs Teaching the Controversy Over Darwin

Quantum Mechanics, a Modern Goliath

Randomness By Design

Ruse Gives Away the Store, Admits Evolution Is a Philosophy

Teach the Controversy

Teaching intelligent design as religion or science?

The Evolution of a Creationist

The Evolution of a Skeptic

The Intellectual and Spiritual Crisis of the University

The Natural Limits to Biological Change (Neo-Darwinism Under Attack)

The Religion of the Blind Watchmaker

The Scientific Status of Intelligent Design

What Every Theologian Should Know About Creation, Evolution and Design

Darwinism Critics Have Viable View

Dismantling Darwinism

From Darwinism to Transhumanism

How Should Schools Teach Evolution?

Intelligent Design and Peer Review: A Response to Eugenie Scott and the NCSE

'Intelligent Design' vs. Evolution

Intelligent Design, Freedom, and Education

Let There Be Light: Religious Issues in the Physical Science Classroom

Reinstating Design within Science

Textbook Debate: It's All About the Evidence

The Evolution Debate: Myth, Science, Culture, Education

The Trustworthiness of Scripture in Areas Relating to Natural Science

A Case for Intelligent Design

Anti-Evolution Teachings Gain Foothold in U.S. schools

Are We Alone?

Are We Alone In the Universe?

Controversy over Life's Origins: Students should learn to Assess Competing Theories

Darwinists Eager to Avoid Debate

Doubts Over Evolution Mount With Over 300 Scientists Expressing Skepticism With Central Tenet of Darwin's Theory

Evolution: Call A Theory A Theory

Evolution Group Uses Federal Tax Money to Promote Religion

Georgia Scientists File Legal Brief in Evolution Lawsuit, Defend Open-Minded Approach to Teaching Evolution

How The Evolution Debate Can Be Won

Incorporate Controversy into the Curriculum

Intelligent Design: The new 'big tent' for evolution's critics

"Intelligent Design" Challenges Evolutionary Theory"

Intelligent Design Theory An Overview

Intelligent Design — A "Plot" to Kill Evolution?

Interview with William Dembski

Irreducible Complexity is an Obstacle to Darwinism Even if Parts of a System have other Functions A Response to Sharon Begleys Wall Street Journal Column

Is Intelligent Design a Form of Natural Theology 

Ohio Darwin Groups Enlist Help of Controversial Legal Expert

Science and Philosophy merge in professor's 'Privileged Planet'

Unable to Win Science Debate, Ohio Darwinists Turn to Legal Threats

Why Does the University Fear Phillip Johnson?

Why It's Unconstitutional to Teach "Intelligent Design" in the Public Schools, as an Alternative to Evolution

Wisconsin School Board Adopts Improved Policy Endorsing Fully Teaching Evolution, Not Creationism

A Balanced Approach to Teach Evolution

A Matter of Intelligent Design

California School District Sued for Violating Civil Rights in Evolution Controversy

Intelligent Design: Is it just Creationism Lite?

Intelligent Design Proponents Face Lawsuit, Censorship

'Intelligent Design' Taught in Pennsylvania

Reply to Henry Morris Intelligent Design's Contribution to the Debate Over Evolution  




Promoting an Understanding of the Intelligent Design of the Universe