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Patriotic Music Online


The USAF Heritage of America Band performs a patriotic public concert in Williamsburg, the 300-year-old colonial capital of Virginia.
     First, a moment of silence . . . (a photograph)
     Fanfare for the Common Man RM / ZIP / MP3
     American Salute RM / ZIP / MP3
     Amazing Grace * RM / ZIP / MP3
     Yankee Doodle/York Marsch ** RM / ZIP / MP3
     Liberty Fanfare *** RM / ZIP / MP3
     Battle Hymn of the Republic RM / ZIP / MP3
     The Last Full Measure of Devotion RM / ZIP / MP3
     This is America RM / ZIP / MP3
     God Bless America RM / ZIP / MP3
     Armed Services Medley RM / ZIP / MP3
     America the Beautiful RM / ZIP / MP3


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* There is a more standard version of Amazing Grace (bagpipes and concert band) on our Ceremonial Music site.
** Mr. Tim Sutphin and the Fifes & Drums of Colonial Williamsburg executed this wonderful performance on the march at the Air Combat Command Tattoo, an annual tradition (York Marsch is from Beethoven's March No. 1 in F Major).
*** Colonel Jay B. Welsh, USAF (Ret), wrote the narrative for Liberty Fanfare and performed it in this studio recording.


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