George Washington Institute
American Independence

A Shoemaker and the Tea Party
Abigail Adams
African Americans In The Revolutionary Period
American Business Corporations before 1786
An Eyewitness Account of the Boston Tea Party
Am I Not a Man and a Brother 1787
American Indians and the American Revolution
American Revolution -  British Successes in the South
American Revolution Biographies – Jane McCrea, Revolutionary War Heroine
Anne Bailey, American Patriot
Benjamin Franklin’s Plans for a Colonial Union
Birthplace of a Nation – Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pa
Boston Massacre March 5, 1770
Boston Tea Party
Boston Tea Party 1773
British Colonial Policy, 1754-1765
British Policy towards the American Indians in the South, 1763-8
Bunker Hill – The Battle of Breed's Hill June 16, 1775
Colonial Commerce
Colonial Policy of William III in America and the West Indies
Congress Officially Created the U.S. Military September 29, 1789
Constitutional Convention and the Continental Congress
Daniel Boone's Move to Kentucky by Theodore Roosevelt
Deborah Samson Gannett, American Patriot
Declaring Independence – Chronology of Events 1776-8
Declaring Independence – Drafting the Documents
Declaration of Independence
England and the American Colonies in the Seventeenth Century
Events Leading Up To The American Revolution
Federalists and Jeffersonians
Franklin's Contributions to the American Revolution as a Diplomat in France
First Fruits of the French Alliance
George Washington – Father of Our Nation
George Washington's Uniform
Greene's Southern Campaign
History of the American Flag
Intolerable Acts
Little Known Facts about the American Revolutionary War
Martyrs and Heroes
Mercy Otis Warren, Conscience of the American Revolution
Molly Pitcher
Nadir of the American Cause
New England Colonial Finance in the 17th Century
Provincial America, Commerce
Provincial America, Industry
Revolutionary War Battles
Revolutionary War Hero Brigadier General Casimir Pulaski
Revolutionary War Timeline
Samuel Prince's Letter Describing the Boston Uprising (1689)
Sarah Franklin Bache, daughter of Patriot Benjamin Franklin
Sugar Act; Stamp Act 1765
Surrender Of Cornwallis to General George Washington
The Adventures of Coloonel Daniel Boone, Frontiersman
The American Revolution First Phase
The Annapolis Convention
The Battle of Monmouth  June 28, 1778
The Battle of Saratoga September 19,1777
The Boston Tea Party, 1773
The Campaign of 1777
The Continental Army
The Marquis de Lafayette Rewarded for Revolutionary Assistance
The New Conditions of the War
The Proprietary Province as a Form of Colonial Government
The Royal Proclamation – October 7, 1763
The Summing Up Reasons, Lessons, and Meaning
The West India Trade Before the American Revolution
The Winning of Independence 1777-1783
Vincennes to Yorktown
Winning Independence at Valley Forge
Yankee Doodle Dandy, First, What Exactly Is A Yankee
Yorktown The Final Act

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